Snow Day Recipes: How To Make Freshly-Fallen Snow Treats

01/21/2014 at 05:10 PM ET

Snow Day: How To Eat Freshly-Fallen Snow Recipes
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Yes, sigh, another winter storm is dumping epic amounts of snow all over the East Coast this week.

While the slow-moving weather system is bound to cause huge traffic delays, slippery sidewalks and post-shoveling muscle aches, it’s also bringing something we can actually look forward to: Snow treats.

All you need is a few handfuls of freshly fallen snow and some ingredients from the pantry, and you and your kids can turn a bad winter storm into a sweet snow day. We’re talking sweet snow creams, maple-snow candies and real snow cones.

Disclaimer: These recipes are all null and void in case of yellow snow. (Because, seriously. Yuck.)

Snow Day: Snow Cream Recipe
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SNOW CREAM (Makes 4)
While it’s still snowing, place a large mixing bowl outside to collect the fresh flakes. When the bowl is full (or you’ve gathered about 8 cups of snow), stir in ½ cup sugar and 1½ tsp. vanilla extract (or to taste). Stir in about 1 cup milk, until you’ve reached the desired consistency.

Snow Day: Maple Taffy Recipe
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MAPLE SNOW CANDY (Makes about 8)

1. While it’s still snowing, place a clean baking sheet or cookie sheet outside to collect the fresh flakes. When the sheet is full, pack down the snow and allow it to fill up again. Pack down one more time.

2. In a small saucepan, heat 1 cup of real maple syrup over medium heat until it boils (or a candy thermometer reads between 235F and 245F).

3. Take the pan off the heat and drizzle the syrup over the packed snow in long strips. Let the syrup strips cool and become firm for 3 to 5 seconds. Pull the candy strips out of the snow, and eat while still a little warm.

Snow Day: Snow Cone Recipe

In a small saucepan, boil 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water, until the sugar has completely dissolved. Let cool to room temperature.Then add your favorite unsweetened juice, sports drink, instant coffee, or any colorful flavor you like. Once completely cool, drizzle it over scoops of fresh snow.

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Showing 29 comments

Jen on

Is this snow that has been gathered after having fallen from a pollution-free sky…cuz, um…YUCK.

Iri on

I like the links to the People Premium healthy recipes in the middle of a story about treats that are based on sugar.

Aria on

Pollution laden snow treats…no thanks!

Anonymous on

Is this for real? Yuck!

Anonymous on

Pollution is not one of the ingredients called for in these recipes, is it?

Chad on

@those talking about pollution

What do you think you breathe 24/7?

Gigi on

This is as hilarious as the How to Look Cute in Cold Weather feature they did earlier this week. I think the editors at this magazine have completely lost their marbles. And have NEVER lived in cold climates. Who eats snow…except maybe dogs???

Gigi on

Chad, just because we breathe it doesn’t mean we have to eat it, too. Do you keep a rain barrel outside and drink the water you collect?

jackie on

Thank you so much for the wonderful memories!!!!!! Best thing I have seen, in a very long time!!!!! The maple syrup sounds yummy!!!!!

Kate on

I do my snow cream different…I got my recipe from Paula Deen a few years ago and it is amazing and so simple! I do the 8 cups of snow, 1 can of sweetened condensed milk, and 1 tsp of vanilla.

Hollyberry on

Remember fresh flakes not the ones with yellow on them…LOL

Elle on

I’m a Vermonter, and we definitely do make treats out of freshly fallen snow. Eating “Sugar on Snow” is something I look forward to every winter.

Marcia on

don’t eat the yellow snow

Liz on

This is a bad idea. They tell you not to eat snow if you are stranded for hydration because your body has to heat it first and can cause hypothermia. There can be bacteria and it shoud be melted before connsuming.

mitchg on snow tastes like urine.

joan719 on

Imagine what this ‘fresh fallen snow’ has traveled through to finally land in your bowl?! Goodness, no!

mmmmikkimac1 on

One of the biggest waste of time, space, etc., to pay someone to actually do this, take photos, write the article, bad enough to post online

MaryMRevis on

Even understanding that snow may be freshly fallen and untouched…given whatever residue chemicals/contaminants or pollution the snow “picks up” on the way down? ..nah..I’ll pass thank you.

E. Lee on

Go outside and get a glassfull of the cleanest snow you can possibly find. Take it inside, let it melt, thenhold it up to the light. Eat up my friends.

Doc on

Duh ? Never eat snow unless you melt it down and boil it. As white / clean as it looks, it is still contaminated !

Doc on

Bad idea. No matter how white / clean sonw may look, it is still – contaminated !


I am a 73 yr. old male and when I was a kid my Mother would gather up some fresh clean snow and make it into a sweet treat not a thing wrong with it.

Jennifer on

Just make sure that the freshly fallen snow is NOT brown or yellow.

Anonymous on

Don’t use milk and sugar, use condensed milk and vanilla!

Anonymous on


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Zack on

HATERS GONNA HATE……..(i agree you do breathe in pollution same thing as eating it to me)

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