The Girl Scout Cookie Receives Its Gluten-Free Badge

01/28/2014 at 01:59 PM ET

Girl Scout Cookies New Gluten-Free
Courtesy Girl Scouts of America

Girl Scout cookies are going gluten-free.

Don’t panic, no one is messing with the original recipe of the classic Thin Mint or Samoa. But with the rise of Americans adhering to no-gluten diets, the Scouts realized it was time to introduce a new G-free cookie to the family.

The new bite-size, certified gluten-free Chocolate Chip Shortbread is made with a blend of rice and tapioca flours, cornstarch and potato starch. The recipe also contains real butter, real chocolate chips and pure cane sugar — so no artificial flavors or colors, high-fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils, like most of the cookies in the Girl Scouts’ collection.

For its debut year, the G-free shortbread is only available in 20 test markets. (Find them here, along with information about National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend on Feb. 7-8.) If it’s popular enough with buyers, the cookies will roll out in more areas next season. That means if you’re in one of the lucky regions this year, we’re counting on you to buy all the boxes you see, Hoarders-style.

Along with their gluten-free offering, the Girl Scouts are also introducing a new Cranberry Citrus Crisp cookie, which taps into the whole-grain trend — it’s packed with 9 grams of whole grain, real cranberries, and no high-fructose corn syrup.

Tell Us: Will you buy the new gluten-free Girl Scout cookie? 

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Catherine on

I would try it if they sold them where I live. I did order a box of the cranberry ones.

Diana S Fetterman on

Now I wish they would make sugar free cookies for the diabetics among us.

Brooke on

HOLY CRAP!!!! I can buy girl scout cookies this year!!!Awesome to see them doing GF

Beckie on

My daughter’s selling GS cookies for the first time this year and she’s had LOTS of requests for G-free cookies. Unfortunately, they’re not available here. The cranberry one sounds interesting too, but we don’t have that one either.
They used to have a sugar-free lemon one. Alas,it’s no longer available.

jenn on

it can’t possibly be as good as my tag-a-longs!! LOVE THOSE!

Stylista on

As a former Girl Scout and an adult diagnosed with Celiac disease, Hooray!!!! So glad. GF is more than just a fad, for those of us with a true allergy it’s hard to be left out. Now I can be included and support the scouts.

holly on

Gluten free..when will this fad diet be over?

Anonymous on

If they could stop raising the prices and shrinking the packaging every year, that’d be great.

Jenny on

If they could stop raising the prices and shrinking the packaging every year, that’d be great.

nicole on

wish I could get these for my neighbours 2 yr old son. he’s so sweet and I know he would love them. thanks girl scouts.

Anonymous on

Celiac is the latest made up disease. wake up sheeple

Tani on

Celiac is the latest fad disease. Wake up sheeple.

Jessiqua on

I wish people was jump off the gluten-free bandwagon. The fact is that only a tiny percentage of people with celiac disease need to eat a gluten free diet. The rest of the folks avoiding wheat and gluten are just doing it to follow another diet fad. I have no problem with the Girl Scouts adding a gluten-free cookie to its line-up so that people with a genuine diagnosis of celiac disease can enjoy a sweet treat too. But the rest of us should just stick to the regular cookies.

Heidi on

I will absolutely buy these, through my daughter in Orange County, CA, since not selling this year in Arizona, YET!
Several of my family members, struggling with auto-immune
diseases, have gone gluten-free, and I just asked the girl-scouts in my area last year to please beg the organization to create, bake, and sell a cookie we can all enjoy…Look delicious and cannot wait to try them!

Ita on

This is awesome!! And to all those people saying gluten-free diets are a fad or only for those with celiac disease, you also need to consider all the people with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. It’s a very common disease, and a gluten-free diet is recommended. I’m sure other people have good reasons not to eat gluten. Don’t judge!

Corrie on

Gluten free May be a fad for some people, but why should that bother anyone? As a person with celiac, I actually like that non-celiacs are jumping on the bandwagon. It makes food companies create more gf food for me to try! And celiac is not a made up disease. Before I was diagnosed (with a blood test and and endoscopy) I was very sick and malnourished from the damage to my small intestines. Now I don’t eat gluten and I am back to health. Why would anyone say it is made up?

Nana on

I still want my shortbread cookies.

Cyndi on

Hi everyone,

My daughter is selling these here in PA and, did you know, that as a girl scout, the girls have access to a website where they can send out e-cards for online order taking?

If you know someone that is selling as them about the site for the girls. My daughter uses it, however hasn’t had any online orders come through yet though.

This might be a great way for you to get these great gluten-free and cranberry citrus cookies that may not be available in your market…

Just a suggestion.

Kate on

God I hate these food trends. Maybe 1% of the “gluten free” posers out there actually medically need to be. For a decade it was no carbs. When I was a small child my mother and her friends were all about something that involved wheat germ and brewer’s yeast. Americans are so fickle about food. There is no magic bullet besides putting the fork down and moving more.

Brian on

Whatever. The best cookie in my book will ALWAYS be the Thin Mints.

Kate on

Yawn, another food fad. I guess everyone is sick of no carbs now. When I was a child, my mother and her friends were all into some fad involving wheat germ and powdered brewer’s yeast unsuccessfully mixed into water. Maybe 1% of the gluten free crowd have an actual medical need. It would make more sense for the Scouts to offer a sugar free version for diabetics.

Debera Gambee on

Ya know..for ME..jus give me the original cookies that taste great..I’ll be happy..if I want to save a few calories /fat I just wont eat the 2nd helping of cookies LOL

Barbara Melinek on

terrific news

Elaina on

hey it’s me Cassie and tracy i love selling cookies and candy

Elaina on


Charli on

The samoa cookies are my absolute favorites! It’s nice that they went gluten free for those who need it.

Wayne H. Konetzki, MD on

“Real Butter” almost always contains artificial food coloring unless the company using it specifically requests that it be dye-free.

Suev on

So excited to see Gluten Free cookies!! My husband was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue in 2006. And I have been cooking and baking gluten free since then!

Suev on

Gluten free is NOT a fad diet! And @ anonymous Celiac is NOT a made p disease! My husband was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue in April 2006 after losing 40 pounds in two months!

carabu on

It’s a shame they are $5 a box and you only get a few cookies. Too pricey, GS!!!! I can bake more delicious GF cookies for a lot less $$$$$$$.

Brent G Thomas on

WHAT we dont have them here in nebraska plus savanha or lemon what the deal here!

Sue on

Hopefully there are no soy ingredients either. That’s a mistake many gf food manufacturers make. Soy is also a common allergan. For many, excluding gluten but adding soy is of no help – we still can’t eat it! Nonetheless, way to go Girl Scouts!

dan on

cookie monster says yummmm coookieeeees
cookie monster definitely try them.

Guest on

Why not try…doesn’t hurt anyone. Girl Scout cookies have to get into this century with so many on Gluten Free diets. I’ll look forward to buying them.

dee bihm on


chuck on

There must not be enough Diabetics for the makers of Girl Scout Cookies to make sugar free cookies! Until they take the time to include Diabetics in their cookie sales, I will refrain from purchasing Girl Scout Cookies. Gluten free cookies???? Hmmmmm

Charles Ewing on

Will not buy gluten free..

Mandy on

I’m sick of the people who don’t suffer from every other disease out there wants to throw off on people that do. Until you’ve watched your mother lie in a hospital near death for a month because ever food she intakes comes right back out at both ends. Yes I said a month! back then Celiac wasn’t as common as it has become now. Just because you don’t have it, or because your small un-educated brain can not accept that such a disease exists, does not make it reality, just makes it a reality for your small deluded little self. There are many benefits to eating gluten free although still not always a tasty diet it has been proven to help children with autism (oh wait because you or child doesn’t suffer from it that must not exist as well right???) it also helps in thyroid disease, cancer patients under going chemo, and many other things that ail us. Open your mind and you might learn something.

Anonymous on

To those saying it is the new fad it isn’t. There are those suffering from celiac’s disease and people do have wheat allergies. I am allergic to wheat so it is nice to have gluten free options.

Anonymous on

Sorry, now if they go Paleo I’ll buy some.

Caitlin on

My 11 year old daughter has celiac. I asked her how she felt about it. She said she wouldn’t risk eating them because they were probably made on shared equipment and many Celiac’s are lactose intolerant and can’t have the chocolate chips.

Stacy Malinow on

I started a petition 2 1/2 years ago asking the Girl Scouts to sell a gluten free cookie. Glad they finally heard our voices. Just wish they were offered in more markets.

Marie on

I’ll buy Gluten free!!!

Sherry on

Not worth it – bought and was excited – i’ve eaten one – not worth the money ;(

Coloradokayaker on

It’s about time. I will buy the gf cookie for my household but unfortunately people like me that have celiac disease also have other food issues such as allergies to rice and tapioca. Potato starch is a junk flour so maybe the cookie manufacturer could have used almond or coconut flour. I suppose if you are eating a cookie anyway, it doesn’t matter what other junk is in it!

Jodi on

As someone diagnosed with Celiac Dz I am appreciative to see this option out there for those of us that need it. To the uneducated people referring to us as “Steeple” and claiming that we have hopped on a “fad diet bandwagon”… do some research. After you have been sick beyond belief for years only to find that it was your food that has been making you that way is far from imaginary. Celiac is as Autoimmune Dz where your body is essentially attacking itself when you ingest anything containing gluten. Gluten is not bad for all people but for celiacs it is life threatening. Try suffering from a serious bout of Gluten Ataxia for even a short period of time and then come back and tell me it is all in my head.

YES!!!!! on

YES!!!!!! I WILL DEFINITELY BUY, but Texas did not make the ‘test’ list!!!! PLEASE BRING THEM TO TEXAS (Dallas).

4daplanet on

The disease the GS’s could help eliminate with cookie recipe’s is orangutang extinction disease caused by the clear cutting of Indonesian rainforests to plant palm oil plantations. Enjoy your deforestation, global warming extinction cookies!

Jodi on

Spellcheck…”sheeple” …

Denise on

I was disappointed, not very good.

Jess on

Gluten free is NOT just a fade diet. I love me some bread but it’s not the same bread it was long ago. Frankenwheat and Wheat Belly are both good books to get informed with.

Shawn Pugel on

I would totally buy these cookies!!! I have a son with Downs and celiacs. He is so disappointed that they do not have these cookies in Boise, Idaho

Nana of Celiac's on

Fad diet??? Really??? I have a 7 yr old granddaughter who has gone thru a year of hell! First being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes then a few months later being diagnosed with Celiac. How is this a fad diet for a 7 yr old? Since changing her diet she has done great, but give her a regular piece of bread and she is in severe pain…are you telling me a child can fake this? I also have an 80 yr old aunt who spent months in and out of the hospital before they diagnosed Celiac. Gluten free products are very expensive but you have to do what you have to do.

Rhumba on

Well that is one step. I love how people are super excited that there is a gluten free cookie but fail to notice that it is made with GMO corn starch and GMO Soy filled chocolate. So whoopie they made a gluten free cookie but failed to realize that all of the other ingredients are crap.

Marci on

I would try them if they are GMO free as well.

Kim on

We got a test package of these in VA. In my opinion they didn’t taste very good at all. The cranberry citrus cookie is good. Nothing will beat the Lemonade cookies. Kids love those things

CatWomyn on

Sorry to the Diabetics out there but sugar-free Girl Scout Cookies have never been very popular (and not because of taste). Most diabetics buy the other cookies, not the sugar-free cookies.

Linda on

I will buy the GF cookies if I can find them.

LL on

Actually, gluten free is NOT a diet fad. Celiac disease is a serious auto-immune disease where the ONLY treatment is a gluten free diet.

Before you make comments please educate yourself.

I did buy some GF Girl Scout cookies this year. I am so thrilled to finally have a great treat while the rest of the family enjoys the classic GS cookies!

therealestatecafe on

We have the GF cookies in Raleigh and I have to say they’re pretty darn good for GF! They’re a little more pricy than the regular cookies, but you get a lot in a package. The Cranberry Crisps are a big hit here as well, hopefully next year both cookies come back :).

Lori on

Can’t wait! We’ve missed Girl Scout cookies since my husband was diagnosed 6 years ago with Celiacs. Thank you!!!$

betsy on

so happy as i love there cookies but have celiac.
no i can buy them agen

Tamra on

Many people with auto-immune diseases find that a gluten free diet alleviates symptoms. Worked for me. The only time I have antibody attacks now are when I accidentally eat gluten. I love how people who obviously don’t have health issues feel the need to judge others for wanting to feel better.

Lynn on

The GF Girl Scout Cookies are delicious!

Anne on

We have them here, and if they weren’t $5 a package they’d be my new go-to cookie. I think that, as with everything else, whether you like them or not is a matter of taste. I think they taste great, and I disagree with the person who said there are only a few in the package – there are as many as any other variety of Girl Scout cookie. So, not as many as Oreos but still proportional to the other cookies.

Tracy on

I would totally buy them! My mom has been Gluten free for years and I know that she misses them!

Cathy on

Unfortunately, corn (GMO) and potato starches and rice flour are just as bad as wheat. You can make your own delicous chocolate chip cookies using almond and/or coconut flours with no sugar and no other bad carbs. Look up the Wheat Belly blog for recipies that are truely healthy. Not this crap.

Becky Taylor on

Yes I would buy them! I am gluten free I would love to see the thin mints be offered gluten free as well. as they are my FAVES!

Dottie on

Finally!! Hope they make it down south.

Anonymous on

Their newest money maker, because that’s what’s it all about. Using kids to make loads of money.

Anonymous on

yes definately

Christine on

We are happy to see the gluten free cookie option. My daughter peddles these cookies each year for her troop and nobody in my family (including her) can eat what she sells since we have Celiac Disease. Of course, we’re not in the “test market”, but we hear that they taste fairly good. Worth a try!

Lynn on

Well I am one happy camper. Hope they are in our area

barbara on

my grandadaughter sells girl scouts I have been selling cookie but I have come across no sugar free ones anywhere ,,but do you still make them please let me know how and where I could buy

Cindy on

Fantastic! I just wish they sold these here where I live. I would buy them in a heartbeat.

To address those of you who are still in the dark-ages calling this diet a “fad”, I don’t know what else to say other than gluten-free is here to stay and it is anything but a “fad” for those of us who have Celiac disease (which I can assure you is a “real” disease and not a “trend/fad”) and those who suffer from gluten intolerance which is also not a “fad”.

What other disease in the world is mocked and disbelieved as much as this one? None, because diseases are not funny, and neither is this one.

Gloria on

Today I found girls selling Girl Scout Cookies. First time in about 4 years—but when I asked for Gluten Free cookies they told me this area did receive any???? Why did they not get any in Idaho? I would have bought several.

Anna on

I might have just gotten teary.. So happy to see this!

Bobbi Smith on

Where or how can I oder gluten free shortbread cookies & other flavors?

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