Beer Fridge in Olympic Village Opens Only With Canadian Passport

02/11/2014 at 02:57 PM ET

Canadian Olympics Beer Fridge
Courtesy Molson Canadian

Olympic super-athletes: Congrats on those medals! Now let’s crack open an ice-cold brewski and celebrate.

We’ll just raid this beautiful red fridge filled with cans of Canada’s finest … hey, wait. It’s locked!

To toast the achievements of Canadian athletes — and only Canadian athletes, unless they’re feeling philanthropic — Molson Canadian (a beer company partially owned by Coors) has installed a Canadian-flag-red refrigerator in the Canada Olympic House filled with its sweet, sweet mass-market lager. The catch: You can open the fridge and grab a free beer only by scanning a Canadian passport, reports USA Today.

McKayla Maroney is not impressed (and she’s not even there!). Neither is Ashley Wagner.

If any of you non-Canadian Olympians are really jonesing for a Molson, remember you can brandish any country’s passport to get into Quebec, where you can get a 24-pack for about $20 (Canadian dollars, of course).

The rest of you can watch this video starring the fridge while your Canadian friends are getting a nice buzz on.

—Marissa Conrad

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Agi herself tried out the French-cut jeans with the zipper in front, and quickly found several problems: Some plastics tore away from stitching, others wouldn’t bend and all fogged with perspiration. The ideal material proved to be a vinyl supplied by a bookbinder. The steam was eliminated with a series of vents behind the knees and in the crotch. “They’re no hotter than polyester pants,” claims Agi, “and if you wear them with tights, they won’t stick to your legs.”

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Showing 39 comments

Anonymous on

Go Canada!

Guest on

Need to drown their sorrows…

L on

Last I checked, a few hours ago, Canada was leading the medal count. I’m pretty sure they’ll be using it to celebrate and not “drowning their sorrows”! 😉

N on

Bitter Americans cannot handle that we are the talk of the Olympics!

Anonymous on

Awesome ! Maybe that is why are winning a lot of

Diane on

Awesome ! Maybe that’s why we are winning some

Sonia on

This fridge is so friggin’ cute! I need one in my house.

Gn on

Unfortunately no US based company is giving anything free to American citizens, even if they did they would try adding a Obamacare/Koch Brothers donation fee to it then go on Fox News to say how Obama was forcing them to support citizens.

Tracy on

The whole point (and you can check the Molson Canadian website to confirm this) is to seek out a “Canadian friend”. It’s not meant to be just for just Canadians. Watch the Molson beer fridge commercials.. Takes a min of your time and doesn’t make this article look like it was written by someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about.
Why didn’t you do fact checking first before explaining about how 2 nobodies are “not impressed”? FACT CHECKING!

Crystal Newman on

This article is horribly written. Watch the video then you will understand the point of the fridge.

Mike Livingston on

My Canadian friends would drink for

Carrie on

I love this idea- but then isn’t it like bribing people to become friends with Canadians? 😉

Daggybee on

The whole point to the fridge, is to say that Canadians are friendly,…so, how about making friends with a Canadian and they will scan their passport and share a beer with you! Not mean spirited, but of course the media had to interpret it that way

kate on

I tip my hat to Molson’s. This has to be the single coolest marketing strategy I have ever seen! Good on them for putting a fridge in the village!!!! We Canadians are super nice and would gladly share a drink with those who would like to get to know us!
Well done. Keep up the amazing work Canadian athletes! Drown you sorrows…no…Celebrate because you’re at the Olympics… ABSOLUTELY!

Danny on

Wow People, how nice of you to take a beautiful, fun idea and make it sound selfish and rude. (“Canadians, and Only Canadians”). Check the video and try to understand the purpose of this.

Heather on

Poorly written article – it almost seems quite passive aggressive.

Canada604 on

Wow, what a horribly written article?! What does this have to do with the McKayla Maroney or Ashley Wagner? Quit trying to make the “not impressed” thing happen again!

Also, this brand of beer can be purchased all over Canada and some beer stores in the US, not just Quebec!

Dee on

This is way cool! Canadians are known for the friendliness……what a great way to show it!!

Anonymous on

GO CANADA!! Proud Canadian!! Why don’t the Americans try making friends with other countries, then they can have some beer!

Anonymous on

Hello Canada, we need one of those beer refrigerator’s over here in Seabeck, WA
thank you,
I know all canadians are friendly already, and having a beer on Molson with a canadian would be fantastic!!!

barb on

Canada’s # 1 ! Way to go.

Goggles~a~Pisano on

Go team Canada…GO TEAM EVERYONE!

del on

This story is nearly a week old. Way to stay on top of things,!

Goggles~a~Pisano on

Someone pass Heather a Canadian. The true Olympic spirit is about lovin on one another ❤ ❤ ❤

Dulce Mae on

Go Canada! Love the commercial, truly shows how most Canadians are giving and that we try to extend kindness! How pathetic that Americans try to twist things into something it’s not!
Shame on People Mag for this article for turning it negative. Americans are rude and sore losers, case in point –>Ashley Wagner!!

Goggles~a~Pisano on

Find a Canadian. Down a Canadian. Let’s be friends! #befriend #sportsmanship #brotherhood #peace

michelle on

I don’t like beer but I think it is a wonderful idea of encouraging friendship between country’s . Find a Canadian and get to know them over a drink. Canadians have always been known as friendly and this shows why. The Olympics are a perfect venue for this fridge with all of the different country’s in one place.

A on

Identity theft made easy!

A on

Identity theft made easy!
(sorry for the re-post, first didn’t seem to take).

Ginger from Montreal on

Love the video. So wish I had come across one of those fridges during my travels abroad so I could treat a gang of strangers to a beer. Such a cool (and refreshing) idea!

hm on

Americans are so arrogant then you wonder why other countries dont like us…GO Canada

karenlwalker on

Go Canada Go!

Sandy on

Cool! And we always share!

Anonoymous on

Lighten up…..this is all fun! Your article needs a proof reader…..

sandra walker on

And probably the most valuable point..most Americans have a hard time handling the alcohol level in Canadian Beer…so go prime your livers, find a Canadian friend and have at ‘er!

Steph on

Woo hoo! Go Canada! Although you are a week behind on the story.

Rob Corrigan on

American stupidity never seizes to amaze me.

mel on

i am sure we are generous enough to invite are new friends ” other countries” in for a pint or two.. were canadian , not greety