Kristen Stewart Indulges in Grilled Cheese and Spicy Vodka Cocktails In N.Y.C

03/21/2014 at 01:41 PM ET

Kristen Stewart In NYC
Craig Barritt/Getty

For Kristen Stewart, there’s nothing like a peppery cocktail or two to chase down dinner.

On Thursday night, the actress — dressed casually in jeans and a tee — was spotted at Beauty & Essex, a popular restaurant on New York City’s Lower East Side. She ordered up house favorites like the grilled cheese, smoked bacon and tomato soup dumplings, made with five different cheeses “for maximum melty cheese goodness,” chef Chris Santos told PEOPLE.

But the Twilight star didn’t eat alone.

“It appeared to be a family night out as Kristen came in with her dad and another woman,” said a source. “She was very laid back and was especially nice and polite to their server.”

After a round of the dining spot’s signature cocktail, the Masterly Touch (made with vodka, lemon-thyme nectar and Campari pearls), the actress requested a different libation that packed some heat. So Beauty & Essex’s mixologist created a custom drink for her, made with vodka, muddled cucumber, jalapeños, lime, simple syrup and a splash of Grand Marnier.

Beauty & Essex Grilled Cheese Dumplings
Courtesy Beauty & Essex

“It was a hit with Stewart and she drank a few of them,” the source added.

Want to try her custom cocktail for yourself? Shake one up tonight:

Kristen Stewart’s Spicy Vodka Cocktail
Makes 1

1½ oz vodka
½ jalapeno, muddled to a pulp
5 cucumber slices, muddled
4 lime wedges, muddled
1½ oz simple syrup
¼ cup lime juice
Splash of Grand Marnier

Add all the contents to a cocktail shaker, and combine. Add ice and shake again. Strain over fresh ice in a rocks glass, and serve.

—Nancy Mattia

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Showing 23 comments

Kerri on

I thought she was a vegetarian.

guest on

Oh Lord, here we go.

ange on

one day, she will come out as a lesbian

Sam on

So sweet that her family visited her in NY. Hope they catch a Broadway show together. Live a little Kristen but go easy on salty food and cocktails.

alva on

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Cacci on

…..”she was especially nice and kind to the server”…..makes her ok in my book

Anonymous on

Does this girl ever wash her hair? It always looks dirty.

kristen drinks, too on

This isn’t a big deal, except her fans try to act like she’s pure and never does anything. This is the biggest joke. She’s the opposite of pure and she sure likes to get her drink on. Too many examples to ignore it now.

1. Drinking beer daily last summer while working on SM.
2. Stumbling out of the wine bar, leaning on Alicia.
3. Doing shots with fans on her epic road trip.
4. Doing tequila shots in Los Feliz at El Arco, March 2013.
5. Vodka and shots at TAO, Sundance, Jan. 2014
6. Drunk with fangirl in NY March, 2014.
7. Drinking red wine at a birthday party in January, 2014.
8. Too drunk to pose with fan in NY, Eduardo, he took a pic of her blowing past him and getting into an SUV.

Rachel on

Serious drinking going on…

guest on

Must have learned the heavy drinking from Pattinson.

Wow!! on

wtf? to the poster “Kristen drinks too”….stalker much? One of those psycho Twihards, huh? You know way too much about her life. I’m so embarrassed for you!!

Elle on

Hey, kristen drinks, too:

Are you an abolitionist? Have you ever been 23? No one cares about a word you posted.

1) Drinking every day? Really? You have pics of her drinking EVERY DAY?? Put up or shut up.

2) Stumbling? Or freeze frame shots of her friend escorting her away from the paparazzi? And blinking in the glare of flashing lights at night.

3) Shots on an epic road trip — sounds fun. I’m a couple of years older than Kristen and I work, so unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of taking such an “epic road trip.” If you had friends, maybe you could do that too. But you’re too busy scouring the ‘net for anything and everything Kristen Stewart.

4) Tequila shots in Los Feliz, March 2013. A whole year ago. From a story that originated on Hollywood Life, that bastion of truth. And again….who cares? Right, you do, since you have dates of her drinking memorized.

5) Vodka shots at Sundance. Ever celebrate anything in your life? Of course not, that was rhetorical. See my answer to #3 above and your apparent lack of/disdain for friends and good times.

6) Drunk with a fangirl? Yet again, who cares. And source please.

7) Red wine at a birthday party??? OMG THE HORROR! Yet again, make some friends. You may realize that wine at a birthday party is hardly offensive or wrong for anyone above the legal drinking age, which she is.

8) Too drunk to pose with a fan because she rushed past him. Right, she also had a flight home after a day of press.

So congrats. You listed a whole FOUR times in a one-year period (March 2013- March 2014) in which you claim she is a drunk. LOL. Either you have some weird view that drinking FOUR TIMES in one year is some kind of scandal, or you have no friends and have never had a good time in your life. Which if course is the answer, since you are nonstop obsessing and posting about Kristen Stewart. Stay pressed. She owns your sorry life and that is evident to anyone who reads your pathetic comments.

patty on

had i blown it and lost RPatt’s i’d be drinking too!

Margaret on

Hey Kristen , are you happy? You look ever so happy on the photo! Have a good time, life is short.. Margaret

jelina on

I have to try that drink 🙂

Just a fan on

To Kristen’s drinks to much, In all them times you posted it was said by fans that they didn’t see her drink anything but water. Get it right and so what if she has a drink or 2 she don’t drive after words and the guy she wouldn’t take a pic with just said she was drunk because she wouldn’t stop.

PR for patts on

Normal people are starting to ask, why the attack on the young woman? Why so much aggression from pattinson team?!? ! Much much aggression and lie of fan pattinson! . Arrogant and discourteous behavior is only seen in patts and his team, which is all over the site all articles. @Anon, kristen drinks, too, Rachel
The person who is everywhere and lie about Stewart is from pattinson team. She uses 99 names and gives a lot of comments on HL and E. It is very scary, what people has pattinson around his.

Nomal People on

Normal people are counting the days when her LOSER fans will leave Rob alone and when their intense jealousy and envy of him will finally die and switch to anger and disappointment to their cheater queen for failing their hopeless fantasies.

Move on grannies and go find a person with some morals and who does something admirable to worship.

Kopel on

I think it’s funny that an obvious Robert Pattinson fan is trying to paint Kristen as the alcoholic when Pattinson has been plagued by “he drinks too much” rumors since Twilight premiered. He’s been spotted at more bars and clubs in one year than she has in 4. His second home was practically Chateau Marmont and No Vacancy for the past year. And you recount the few times she had a drink in a year and suddenly she’s a drunk??

Get help.

Kopel on

@Normal People

Lol a Robert Pattinson fan posted a negative comment on an article having to do with Kristen Stewart, and you’re wondering when HER fans are gonna leave him alone? The entire Pattinson fanbase needs psychiatric help.

Helen on

How lovely that Kristen hung out with her Dad in NYC.

Pattinson’s fans are hilarious. He is always papped bleary eyed and coming in or out of dumbass Hollywood celeb spots where people go to feel important. Shame on Kristen for having a few drinks with her Dad after a meal.

Rpattz fans, grow up, you are the height of desperate! Being so concerned with Kristen 24/7 shows us that you are terrified that you will wake up some morning to your worst nightmare 😉

Sarah on

“Griilled cheese, smoked bacon and tomato soup dumplings, made with five different cheeses” That looks so good. Why did I skip lunch?

okay, but on

yall are missing the real story…like her finally coming out with her girlfriend alicia. y don’t u dig into that?

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