Patrick Schwarzenegger Opens Blaze Pizza Restaurant in L.A.

05/02/2014 at 10:57 AM ET

Patrick Schwarzenegger at Blaze Pizza
Raha Lewis

You may have seen Patrick Schwarzenegger frolicking by the ocean or hanging out recently with his actor-turned- politician-turned-actor again dad, Arnold Schwarzenegger, at movie premieres.

But the 20-year-old college student and former model has also been hard at work putting together his latest business venture: a location of build-your-own-pie chain Blaze Pizza.

The restaurant, located at The Grove outdoor shopping mall in L.A., had a line three stores down on Thursday, only one day after its grand opening. “Today we have free pizza all day,” Schwarzenegger told PEOPLE, adding that his mom, Maria Shriver, was there helping to make sure everything ran smoothly.

Though he was happy to receive advice from his parents, Schwarzenegger raised the money for the project himself. “We went around and did a raise of capital,” he says. “It’s been my responsibility to oversee everything. I’m the owner, founder, pizza maker, pizza lover and anything else you want to throw on in there.”

Blaze is, essentially, a Chipotle-model for pizzerias: the customer walks down an assembly line choosing everything for a custom-made pizza, from the type of dough — “We have a gluten free option,” Schwarzenegger says — to the type of sauce, cheese, and an array of toppings that include pepperoni, roasted peppers, artichokes, mushroom, olives, chicken, onion and garlic.

Once you choose your toppings, the pizza is cooked in three minutes in an 800-degree wood-fired oven. The entire process, from lining up to taking the first bite, takes less than ten minutes.

Schwarzenegger says Blaze’s pies aren’t as filling as other pizzas on the market. “I’m not really going to have to put extra time at the gym because this pizza is super thin. I’ve eaten five of these in the last two days,” he says, laughing. His favorite pizza is the “regular crust with our red sauce and ovaline mozzeralla cheese. Then I put [on] sausage and pepperoni. I’m a meat lover!”

Patrick Schwarzenegger at Blaze Pizza
Raha Lewis

“The most expensive pizza is $7.95,” he adds. “We wanted everybody to come have a pizza, get a drink and pay with a ten dollar bill.”

Father Arnold wasn’t able to show up for free pizza day, but his business acumen has been a part of the younger Schwarzenegger’s life since he was a kid.

“My dad would have me go and run his charity booth at his body building contest in Columbus, Ohio when I was 8 years old,” he says. “I would sell a poster for $50 and learn ‘How much did that cost?’ and ‘What’s the wholesale, what’s the retail?’ … I’ve always been into [an] entrepreneurial lifestyle. [My dad] encouraged me and so does the rest of my family with everything I do.”

—Raha Lewis

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Ileane on

great idea!!! and from such a young guy!!! WTG!! I hope they come east!!

Sunny on

Sounds like the perfect spot for stoners. “Let’s blaze one and then go to blaze pizzeria.”

Anonymous on

Great idea! Think this would do great in any college town.

chloe on

damn. now I want pizza.

Lindsey on

Wow! It is nice and refreshing to see someone young doing something like this. He isn’t just hanging out letting his parents foot all of his bills while partying it up with his buddies every night.

Kristen on

Seems like he liked the episode of Seinfeld enough to actually do it. Kramer had the same idea back in the 90’s 🙂

shania on

This article makes it sound like this was his idea, but it wasn’t…Blaze Pizza is a franchise that was started by the owners of Wetzel’s Pretzels in 2012

Anonymous on

Patrick’s names might be stated as owner/operator but you can be sure his financial backing came from Parents

Jaymeson on

This is a franchise he bought, it’s not his original restaurant, there are already NINE of these Blaze Pizzas in CA, more are popping up all over the USA. Google “Blaze Pizza” and read all about the chef that started it and owns the rights and is selling the franchises, you have the money he sets you up with the whole she bang establishment, hilarious Patrick here is acting like this is his own idea and he started ti up, he’s the money and the name for this location, that’s all.

wei do on

Better than those chemical enhancedpizzas pizza slut is selling

V on

This idea already exsists in the OC. It’s a franchise called “Pieology.”

debra40 on

what a scam. it’s not even his idea. he is not the founder. it’s a chain. he bought a franchise. He went around and did a raise of capital? what does that mean? Instead of going to the bank for a loan, he probably went to friends of his parents for money. I can’t see him being there all day; every day running the business.

ann on

Great entrepreneur. Must be like his father. Germans love food.

ann on

Better he makes money off this than a government job we have to pay for. Enough of those, for sure…………..

Susan Bushinski on

It’s nice to see a celeb kid doing something positive, whether his original idea or not. Especially a Hollywood kid, and a Kennedy-Shriver that’s not the outcome of alcohol or drugs gone bad

Noordivo Kaursingh on

Awesome idea
like father like son Great

Desertheat on

It’s great to see him running with this idea. BTW. This was an idea put on by Cramer on one of the Seinfeld shows. so, it really isn’t really Patrick’s idea, but it is his “brass ring:” and all the good fortune to him.

Jimbo on

What a joke. This article is a complete lie. If Patrick even said any of this BS then he’s a bold face liar. Rick & Elise Wetzel founded Blaze and every recipe was developed by Brad Kent. Patrick’s mommy is a financial backer of Blaze, not franchisees. Patrick hasn’t worked a day in his life & probably never will. That’s the perk of being half Kennedy half Schwarzenegger. Go back to the beach & quit pretending you’ve done anything.

Ricky on

i have been a pizza maker since 2000 i have worked at many of the best pizza places in san Francisco They make the pizza with a press (making the pizza quality of bake the same as frozen) and they cook it in a gas fire oven (taking away all the benefits of using a fire oven that a wood fire oven gives you like moisture ) looks like the McDonald’s of pizza

Anonymous on

Come on ,get real,This chump ain’t worked a day in his life, while hanging at the beach,chasing Miley or just getting that fat allowance from the Terminator,this dude don’t have any idea whats involed in running a real pizza joint,I know, I’ve been a real pizza man since I was 10.I’m 64 now.You got to be marrird to those ovens and that cat is way to wild to stay in that joint,but God bless anyway ,this is a start I guess.Lebron owns a few of these joints,you can have one to for the right price.

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