This Frappuccino Is The Most Expensive Drink Ever Ordered at Starbucks

05/28/2014 at 11:41 AM ET

Most expensive Starbucks drink
Courtesy ACIFH

Meet the Sexagintuple Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappuccino: a 128-ounce Starbucks milkshake with 60 shots of espresso, three kinds of drizzle and a sprinkling of protein powder.

The caffeinated monstrosity rang up at $54.75 — a new record for the most expensive drink ever served at the coffee chain. Best of all, it didn’t cost the customer a cent.

How it went down: A Starbucks aficionado named Andrew walked into a Starbucks carrying a 1-gallon glass and told the baristas he wanted to create a delicious, totally drinkable beverage that would break the previous (known) record of $47.30. The latter, the Quadriginoctuple Frap, contained a mere 48 shots and a mishmash of ingredients.

“The $47.30 guy put in two bananas, strawberry, matcha powder, pumpkin spice, and lots of other things that probably don’t go well together and definitely don’t go well with 40 shots of espresso,” Andrew told Consumerist. “They help raise the price, so I can’t fault him for the strategy, but I didn’t want to go that route.”

Most expensive Starbucks drink
Courtesy ACIFH

Instead, he and the store’s baristas, who good-naturedly went along with the plot, did the math and concocted the Sexagintuple Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappuccino, a whipped-cream-topped monstrosity made with 60 shots of espresso; mocha, caramel and hazelnut drizzle; and protein powder.

How did the drink — which contained about 4.5 grams of caffeine — taste? “I gotta say, it was delicious,” Andrew said, though he drank only about a third and saved the rest for later. (For those of you wondering how safe any of this is: Drinking 10 grams of caffeine could prove fatal; Andrew was probably just jumping off the walls.)

So how did our record breaker swing not paying for his Frankenstein creation? Since he’s a Gold member of the company’s loyalty program, he’s entitled to one free drink after his twelfth purchase. This is one way to get your money’s worth!

—Nancy Mattia

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Amy on

Stunts like this will kill the loyalty program. While it was creative, the media attention that it’s garnering will just give every other consumer the bright idea of redeeming some outrageous drink order as their free one. Thus causing Starbuck to no longer render this profitable.

amycuso on

I said the same thing. They should definitely only allow the sizes they carry, for a start.

Teresa on

I have got to remember this when I get my free drink!!

Anonymous on

This guy cheated: They charged him for a venti but they should have charged him for a personal, in which case he’d have gotten the 10-cent cup discount.

Anonymous on

This is a great stunt for the program because most people wouldn’t actually do this and yet here we are talking about Starbucks.

MEgan on

Bloody sugar it is…

Mary on

Don’t like coffee of any kind, have never stepped into a Starbucks. All those shots would keep me up all night, yuck.

Anonymous on


Thanks on


Heather on

This is dumb.

Hocker on

“drinking 10 grams of espresso could prove fatal”
If this was true there’d be a lot less people in the world.

True on

Just yesterday I was complaining about a small Starbucks latte that cost me a whopping $5.15.

Nikki on

Umm…I am quite sure that Starbucks got a lot more then 54.75 worth of publicity (free marketing) out of this. Don’t worry it won’t kill any loyalty programs.

Colin on

10 grams of espresso could be fatal? Come on people. 10 grams of espresso is approximately one third of a fluid ounce. If that could kill, millions of Americans would of died this morning alone. I think you meant 10 grams of caffeine. Let’s use our heads here, and maybe learn the metric system.

Anonymous on

I hope he paid with his man-card, because he isn’ t allowed to carry one anymore.

Anonymous on

Going to ruin the program for everyone

Terri on

Looks like a chocolate shake to me

Anonymous on

I don,t lke coffee never drank it & neveer ben in a strbucks

Alan Wallace on

Does Starbucks pay royalties to the estate of P.T. Barnum?
If not, why not? They’ve based their entire business model on his marketing insights.

valerie on

i like Dunkin Donuts myself-but that looks really good!

George J. on

Fools and their money are soon parted!
The apparent recession and lack of money seems to parallel the lack of water and drought in California.

Sarah on

That no longer appears like a coffee, it looks more like a chocolate milkshake supreme with whipped topping, sauce, and nuts. I like Starbucks, its a good treat every now and then. But that is too much. Way too much of…everything.

Marisa Beatriz on

As someone who watches their weight, just reading that made me cringe. Their venti is enough to send my calorie count wayyy up, but this?

Lyle on

@ Amy
Stunts like this do nothing but give Starbucks millions of dollars of free advertising. They love it! For the few hundred already over priced drinks they end up giving away because of this story, they are reaching millions of people who are now craving something creative to drink.

Anonymous on

Is it bad that I think this looks So good (calories and all)? :-\ Lol

Annie on

Did he have tachycardia or just nervous and jerky after all that caffeine ?

Annie on

Did he get tachycardia or was he just nervous and jerky ?
Not only caffeine but a ton of sugar.

exit82 on

Just like the hoarders killed couponing- this is the death of the loyality program- I bet within a month Starbucks will put a $5.00 limit on the free drink

Anon on

no wonder we’re fat

Imad on

Dude should clip his nails to start.

Jeremiah on

Somebody is going to be up for the next couple of weeks….

Anonymous on

That’s for sure a real heart attack. Good reason to sue starbucks.

PT on

Get the credit card ready for the whopping price!

Richard on

You’re kidding. What a pig. Things like this are why the rest of the world wants to blow us up. Can’t stand Starbuck’s coffee. Way too strong. That thing he ordered looked like the dog got sick. Give me my Mickey D’s or Dunkin’ anytime

Whocares on

I think this guy is a Genius. Do you really think Starbucks is going to go broke because someone, Got a drink they would charge way too much for anyways. Let’s be real they are not hurting on profits. And if they were worried about it. I am sure the Good people of Starbucks wouldn’t of allowed it. Most of us wish we could do the same.” Loyalty program” it’s called money.

DKat on

I guess if I brought in a slop bucket, I could easily beat the cost of that drink, easily. But then, what is the point? I’m not going to be able to drink it all myself. A venti will do just fine. Why not just try to see how creative you can be with a venti…that would be more impressive. They do make a ‘Trenta’ size; which I’ve had used a couple time to make my Iced Trenta Cafe Americano’s. But my local Albertson’s Starbucks now won’t make it; due to some lame “management” decision. Really!?! That’s dumb…I’m paying for it.

Jenn V. on

Being diabetic, I’d probably go into a coma…………lol Imagine the lawsuits that could be put against them. But do you really want to take that chance no matter how goods it sounds or tastes ?

Moon on


Vicki on

A good publicity stunt for overpriced bitter coffee. Thank goodness, there is always Tim Horton’s (next time you are in Canada, stop in). And the ingredient is “macha” not “matcha”.


Starbuck’s sucks.

Marco Mattea on

Americans are so disgusting and have a ridiculous sense of entitlement. Here in Italy we only order espresso or a cappuccino (which can only be drunk at breakfast) or iced coffee at a café. If you order anything else, people think you are nuts.

Anonymous on

Honestly, the guy who ordered this drink is a disgrace, and the barista who made it should at least be written up. The largest size for a frappuccino is a venti which is no where close to 128 oz; it is basically one-fifth of that. Also, there is no way that 60 shots of espresso would fit in an iced-venti cup. I know that 18 shots fit in a hot-venti cup, and i believe it is close to 20 that fit in an iced-venti cup. I think the free drinks should be limited to sizes that Starbucks actually have.

lola on

voooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooov 😀

lola on


David on

What on earth is “protein powder”.

Scottilla on

” (Good thing: drinking 10 grams of espresso could prove fatal.)”

10 grams = less than a tablespoon

frank evitts on

wont go to starbucks they wont allow you to carry and too expensive 5.00 coffee

Jamie's Esthetics on

Reading done of the comments makes me laugh out loud! Apparently most have never heard of customer service? I know… it’s not normal these days, but, Starbucks gives out alot more then $50 wirth of free coffee in a day! If you’re not happy with a drink you’re served, they’ll remake it… if you complain they’ll work to resolve your issue, often giving you free product! Starbucks isn’t getting rid of the loyalty program and they certainly aren’t going broke.
There’s got to be more exciting things to piss and moan about in this big bad world besides how stupid you think this article is or was!

JDuff on

Starbucks is way overrated! My money runs on Dunkin! 🙂

TJ on

Does anyone wonder why we are nation of obese unhealthy gluttons?

Jeff Waligora on

Good thing it was free …. but considering the price Starbucks charges …. he probably paid for it with his previous purchases.

Anonymous on

@Jeff Waligora
Considering that the rewards program is based on the number of transactions instead of the amount spent, you never know. If he usually drinks coffee, then he could be spending about $2 per cup, and he would get refills for free. Simply using his gold card for his free refills would count as a transaction.

yy zhang on

today,i brought a red Middle Age / Elder

cynsation on

Our extremism and greed is taking away or limiting alot of programs like couponing. Why do some people have to mess it up for everyone else? Starbucks will now probably put a price limit on the “free drink” loyalty program, although by the time you buy 12 Starbucks drinks you have more than paid for your “free drink” so Starbucks didn’t loose anything but they will definitely put an end to costly drinks being”free” in the future.

amy on

caffeine is measured in mg = milligrams

10 grams = 10,000 milligrams

ergo, yeah, this amount COULD prove fatal.

Bailey on

This is absurd. Starbucks has now released a new policy, specifically because of this, that specifically does not allow this kind of stunt any longer.

Sydney on

I’m going to break this record.

jerry on

That Andrew is so fat for that description.

Sharyn Altreche on

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