Giada De Laurentiis Opens Debut Restaurant in Las Vegas

06/03/2014 at 04:45 PM ET

Giada De Laurentiis

Courtesy Giada De Laurentiis

Giada, the first restaurant launch by celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis, is set on the Vegas strip in a two-story space big enough for 300 diners. But the telegenic star is hoping that despite the size, her customers will feel like they’re having dinner with her in her home.

“My goal for this restaurant is to be able to share a part of my life, my culture and my family with every guest. I want each person to feel like they’re entering my home, receive a big welcoming hug and enjoying a fantastic Italian meal,” De Laurentiis told the Las Vegas Sun.

She told PEOPLE in February, “With Italian restaurants everywhere [in Vegas], I need to find a way to make [mine] all my own. So I’m finding some unique and fun ways to create not just great ambiance and food, but a fun show.”

The restaurant opens Tuesday in The Cromwell, a boutique hotel run by Caesars that was formerly Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall and Saloon. The entire venue is filled with Giada-approved touches, including art from her personal collection, family photos, a hand-blown glass chandelier in rose gold (her favorite color) and even quotes that sum up her philosophy, such as “Eat a little of everything, but not a lot of anything.”

Sticking to that second part might be tough now that we’ve seen the menu, which De Laurentiis posted to Instagram on Monday. It’s delivered in a glam leather binder and is filled with the hearty-yet-fresh Italian dishes, many passed down from relatives, that have become the Everyday Italian star’s trademark.

Appetizers include a dramatically tossed fritto misto made with shrimp, calamari and shaved fennel.

Not surprisingly, De Laurentiis offers eight different kinds of pasta, much of it made in-house, like a pea pesto tortellini and a spaghetti with lemon and shrimp, both of which were served at the opening party.

And though she’s known for her healthful recipes, De Laurentiis, who’s shown here plating a strawberry tart, knows her audience and has not overlooked that classic symbol of Sin City indulgence: the roving dessert cart. “I’m building these beautiful pink-and-gold carts to stroll through the restaurant. We can do all sorts of flambés and fun stuff that people can see, and then it becomes a show and people want it to come to their table and they will order dessert,” she told PEOPLE earlier this year at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. “That is my [goal]—to not allow people leave without a bit of sweetness in their life,” she added.

—Lexi Dwyer

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Showing 29 comments

kelli on

Yay! I am totally going to eat there next time I go to Vegas!! I just love Giada’s recipes.

Pam on

She’s gorgeous and I bet her food is delicious!

guest on

Who cares? this woman is the BIGGEST control freak and I cannot stand to watch ANY of her cooking shows! She looks the the Joker form the batman series and her giant head is 10 times too big for her size….

whatever on

I wonder if John Mayer assisted in any way.

Gina on

I can’t wait to try out her restaurant 🙂

Anonymous on

Good for her.

I like SOME of her recipes – not all. I am put off by her effervescent- smile- with- the- teeth-look. Sometimes her ‘Chompers’ are too much to look at during her 1/2 hour show. Someone take out 30 teeth to calm her toothy, bottom’d jaw- under bite, in a more relaxed position.

bitsy on

this woman grates on my nerves every time she opens her mouth. i would love to see her go all ape$hit just once, instead of always grinning like she is on something.

anne miler on

born with a silver spoon in her mouth

Anonymous on

I like her, but she has to put the heavy Italian accent on every Italian word she speaks!! C’mon, she grew up in California. It just gets old and show-offy after awhile.

rubblebubblecake on

Oh brother, another Italian who thinks she is just the greatest cook ever to roam the earth. Please. I bet I can cook better than this giant headed tw**, and I’m not even Italian.

ChickletTeeth on

I wonder if the BJ Queen is handing out BJs with every purchase? Paging Drake! Paging John Mayer!

Anonymous on

I will one day go to Vegas just to go to her resturant. She has worked hard for this, so all those with nasty things to say, kepp them to yourself!

Midwestmom on

Why the hate, people? Congrats to Giada.

George Bush on

I would like a taste of the dish that gave her her start, a blowjob!

Sam on

Giada is gorgeous and I love watching her show. I cannot wait to try her restaurant.

Sam on

To George Bush-You are a hateful and jealous pervert. Hate to be you. But then again, you probably already hate being you.

George Clooney's Latest Beard on

Huh…I wonder if her husband knows who else has seen what she’s cooking.

ruby on

Seriously, people really want a restaurant in Vegas?? TV chef so lame. #moneyhungrytalentlesschef

guest on

I call her Giardia. I cant stand the sight of this woman….something about her is not right.

George Bush on

Teeth and teets is all she is.

Tag on

Will try her restaurant to taste someday!

Guest on

After the live Thanksgiving show with Alton Brown, Flay and Barefoot Contessa, she turned me off. Very silly and self absorbed…ridiculous. For those who criticize her Italian pronunciations, it’s first language…should she say words incorrectly because she lives in California?

Midwestmom on

you know what’s sad? When we, as a society, want to attack a woman and have nothing legit to complain about, attacking her sexually always happens. these comments are full of it. And it makes me wonder who exactly is driving these attacks. Giada’s restaurant is taking over for Paula Deens’s that was closed. Sounds like Paula’s team or sons have come here to spread the hate.

BTW- Giada has dated her husband since her very early twenties, years before she married him. She is a committed wife and mom.

And women can be attractive, talented, and smart! We don’t lose our brains just because we apply lipstick and curl our hair!!!

Mary on

I like Giada, I wish I lived near to Vegas, someday I would like to go to Vegas to visit the restaurant. Her recipes are unique.

julie on

She must need the money.


Hey Giada……I’m broke and unemployed, care to hire me??

Anonymous on

Giada is a great cook, her recipes of food must be delicious.

Jinko on

Cannot bear to see her huge bobble head, the Great White shark teeth, the parrot beak that touches her upper lip when she does her death rictus smile, her squinchy eyes, her man hands and condescending manner, the over-pronunciation of Italian words, the grossly huge bites of food she shoves into her maw, and let us not forget the non-stop boob flashing. Wish she’d go away. Far, far away. How about Italy or Sicily.



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