Jillian Michaels Poses Nude at 40: ‘I Look Better Now Than I Ever Have’

06/18/2014 at 06:00 AM ET

Jillian Michaels Poses Nude in Shape
Courtesy Shape

Talk about baring it all.

Posing nude in the July/August 2014 issue of Shape magazine (on newsstands Wednesday), celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels, who recently turned 40, came clean emotionally about getting older. “I won’t lie. This birthday was hard. I thought, ‘Oh, my God, am I halfway through my life?'” said The Biggest Loser coach.

But it turns out this might be her sexiest decade to date. “When I think back on my 20s and 30s I look better now than I ever have. Yes, I’m older, but I’m also wiser, and that’s a more intrinsic type of beauty,” she adds.

To accompany the series of arty nude close-up shots of her unbelievably sculpted biceps, abs, back, and glutes, the star, who told PEOPLE that she hates working out, shared toning tips and a few confessions.

Jillian Michaels Poses Nude in Shape
Courtesy Shape

Calling her abs “the best part of my body,” Michaels tells the magazine, “I know I’m lucky because when I’m in decent shape, they tend to get toned really quickly.” She relies on several types of plank poses (such as side, extended and imbalanced) held for a full minute to strengthen her midsection.

To work the back, Michaels likes the Superman move, which involves lying facedown with arms by your sides and slowly lifting the upper and lower body off the floor. “Metaphorically speaking, [having a strong back] means I can carry a lot of responsibility on my shoulders — and I do — for my family, friends, and fans,” she says.

Jillian Michaels Poses Nude in Shape
Courtesy Shape

Whether you’re hoping to feel more confident at the beach this summer or you’ve been given orders from your doctor to bump up your cardio, Michaels seems to think that the most crucial reason to work out is the one that gets you off the couch.

“There are so many good reasons to exercise. It doesn’t matter how profound or superficial your motives are, as long as it’s something that matters to you.”

Michaels also had a special message for women about a perk of building muscle that’s not often discussed: “It’s important for women to have overall strength, because when you feel physically powerful, it transcends into every facet of your life.”

—Lexi Dwyer

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Showing 71 comments

jeff on

ahhh first off that is not nude.
Second…what a skank.

Flo on

She always looks mad.

Gwen on

She is sooo unfeminine

Shea on

I have always found her very annoying.

Me on

A little moisturizer goes a long way. Just sayin.

Marcie on

I LOVE Jillian and think she looks amazing. Her quote at the end of the article is so true. There is nothing wrong with being a strong woman both inside and out.

Skiiy on

Could celebs stop “gracing” us with their body parts. They are no more special than the rest of us. It’s just some of have the class to only share those things with special people, not the world. Maybe she’s not as confident as she thinks so she needs validation from the world. I don’t find her pretty, she’s got a hard look and she’s a les which is disgusting. That too needs to be kept private.

Nikki on

I think she looks great. I know I look better toned but I wouldn’t want to be as sculpted as she is, not everyone can pull that off.

Anonymous on

OMG I cannot believe how many of you are so negative.
Ever heard the old saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all”
She looks good for 40 and works hard on her body. If that is what makes her happy then good for her.

lc on

She is annoying and a know it all. I also don’t find her attractive.

Wrongchoice on

She’s a joke! She never had children naturally, because she didn’t want to “ruin” that body, I would like to see her body after a kid or two stretches out that stomach. Can’t stand her!

Chad on

Dude looks like a masculine lady, or is it lady looks like an a dude

pat on

Of course she looks good, its her job, She gets paid to be in shape, Most people don’t have the amount of available hours in a day to workout like she does. However, give her the credit she deserves, it still takes discipline.

hogey on

she is one angry looking lesbo

guest on

She looks amazing and has come a long way from what she used to look like……I admire her for all of her hard work.

Anonymous on

Other people have to work all day, than go home and have to clean and cook and take care of their kids. She has nothing else to do, she works in that business and probably has help at home. Its easier for her to be in that kind of shape, than for the rest of us, who have to sneak some time in.

Amanda on

She is just repulsive to me.

manomer on

You can be in shape just like that and work outside the home and have a family. Quit making excuses. People do it all the time, it is hard, but almost anyone can be in shape (barring any health issues). No excuses. Get up at 5 am and workout, don’t grab fast food, if you don’t have time due to activities with kids then have quick meals at home that aren’t loaded with fat. I don’t know about her personality but she looks good, not b/c she has a million hours in the day but b/c she works hard to look good and she knows if she wants to get paid she has to look good. You can be in shape people. You make your own excuses. – Mom of 2 kids

sandy on

not what I want in a man .lol

Mr G on

I know nothing about this woman so I can be objective about her looks since I know nothing about her character or personality. She looks hot for 40 and is definitely in great shape. My suggestion to all these woman with negative comments is to stop criticizing her and get to the gym yourself. Obviously, you’re either fat, out of shape or both because you have no idea what it takes to get in that shape and stay fit. Ok…that is all. Back to your box of donuts and Oprah.

Julian Assange on

lol Mr. G

OY. on

I don’t normally comment on posts, but I cannot believe the negative comments on here. You must be incredibly unhappy with yourself by spending your time commenting on an internet post calling her a “les” or “too masculine.” Seriously, does that create any good for anybody or yourself? Also, what does sexuality have to do with someone’s body type…?! We all have different bodies. Whatever makes someone happy, let them be, and keep your negative comments to yourself.


She is absolutely beautiful!

whocares on

GAG. Can’t stand this biotch

Michelle on

Wow such mean comments. She looks great, if maybe even a little muscle-y but still obviously in shape. All you meanies, I wonder if we do a close up of your bodies, what comments we could make?

HC on

Did anyone notice there isn’t a mole, freckle, spot on her skin? That is unnatural, which tells me extreme photoshopping occured. If you are going to embrace your body, embrace it as it REALLY is.

Tracy B on

It’s not hard to be THAT in shape when you refuse to carry a child because you don’t “want to destroy your body”. She makes me sick. She is a trainer, who bought children with her lesbian lover… who cares what she looks like..

Karolina on

She looks fantastic, not just for a 40 yr old but for any age! Yes, she has a bit more time (I would think) to dedicate to fitness as she has to be in shape to make money … but I think every person has the ability to be in shape…put in the time to eat well, splurge only occasionally and exercise consistently. Personally, I love her DVD’s and use them when I don’t have time to make it to the gym and they are fantastic! Love Jillian!

Diane on

Good for her! I just wish the media would stop putting such emphasis on how ‘incredible’ it is when a woman has a fabulous body at 40.
We don’t suddenly fall apart the second we hit 40. There are plenty of us out here who eat healthy, exercise, and take good care of our bodies.
We may not be 25, but we can still be hot.

Anna on

I’m not sure why everyone is getting in such a tizzy over the fact she didn’t want to “ruin her body” by having kids. That’s entirely her prerogative, just as it is/was yours to have kids. I think she looks fantastic, and whether it’s her job or not, it definitely takes dedication to look like that. She still had to work hard to achieve it.

Dick on

gag!!! I think I am going to be sick…

Skiiy on

To OY: Sorry to disappoint you Mr/Ms always positive, never negative (must be nice to be so perfect), but I am not incredibly unhappy that I am not a LES or TOO MASCULINE. I am a normal hetero feminine female and find her disgusting. This is a comment board, people can say whatever they want. If you don’t like it, tune in somewhere else.

Sam on

Definitely a HOT one.

Pam on

Yuck! Manly!

Anonymous on

Wow all you negative nancys get over yourselves. I think she looks really good for 40! If I looked like her I would not hesitate to pose. And I love her quote at the end, so very true. Maybe you negative nancys should get your a$$es of the couch and move it

Jeannie on

She looks great. Wish I had her motivation and energy. I would be posing nude too if I looked that good!

Natasha on

she looks so HOT,God her wife is lucky….

Lara on

You are a bunch of haters. So what if she is gay? So what if she decided not to bear any children? The point is she is such a positive and responsible individual and just wants people to be healthy and happy. There is nothing wrong with that. Why can’t you be happy for her? This is a good thing, she wants to share her knowledge and her happiness with the world. We need more positive and happy people in this world because as I can see from these comments, you are so negative. Let’s see how far any of you negative individuals get in life.

g33kymommy on

I love all of you people basically hating on her. She’s absolutely gorgoues, in shape, and a caring mother. Who gives a damn if she’s a lesbian? It’s not like she’s knocking on your door trying to convert you or shoving it in your face. Hell, I didn’t even KNOW she was until I saw a picture of her with her partner, and I’ve been using her work out video’s for years. Get over yourselves.

Elle on

Why so much hatred for her? I use her workout tapes religiously and she has helped me get so shredded.

K on

You make time to exercise, just like you make time for everything else. If you dont have 15-20 min once in a while, change your schedule. You’re life already sucks. You can exercise with kids. I do yoga. My videos are anywhere from 7- 15 min long. I can do one, or six. I make the time. Most women I know have time to talk on the phone, buy coffees and watch tv with chips, but dont ever have time. Ya right.

Ron Striker on

She’s looks very delectable on the cover. I wish she was into guys.

KR on

Before you judge her for comments in the media, consider the context. She didn’t have biological children not because she didn’t want to ruin her looks. She has endometriosis and it would have been very hard on her system. Before you judge a person, take a walk in their shoes. Or hey, maybe get off the couch and go to the gym

Jen DC on

Y’all some haters, LOL!

I love Jillian. She knows her mind, she has her opinions and she’s not afraid to voice them or defend them. Obviously, that offends many people (apparently here). I’m sure she’s been told the same crap I’ve been told: You’re angry (nope, just intent and ambitious). You’re aggressive (and why shouldn’t I be? If I were a man…). You should smile more (ugh. This is my face; deal with it). Blah blah blah. But for all that criticism and attempts by others to hold her back or to get her to “change” or to be more “feminine” (read: sit down, shut up), she’s highly successful and seems happy. I love her. I think she’s great.

And I’m with her: I hate working out. But I love a good suffer-fest and I love the fact that, also at 40, I don’t look it. Better shape now than at 25.

Ava on

She looks fabulous! I’m a few years younger, but wish I could look like that (minus a few muscles 😉

Magic Mike on

I like her, but her body is a bit too muscular. I like women to look like women – curvy, soft… Toned is fine, but not to the point where their muscles are larger than mine. Bring back the era of Monroe, Loren, Welch, Bardot!

Anonymous on


A.J. on

Man with boobs.

man on

Not my cup of tea, and btw for girls there is no way shape or form a 40 year old looks better than a 20 year old.

Flo on

Big opinion of herself, looks mad all the time., not a fan.

sigh on

odd, i have grown to love my body AND respect myself as i’ve gotten older. i guess she’s halfway there…

tellinit on

She looks great and fit!!!!! Haters…..ugh!

tellinit on

@ Man….you are an idiot to make a comment like that.—“there is no way a 40 year old looks better than a 20 year old.”
Your stupidity makes you sound like a dumb ass 20 year old.

KaaJaa on

Good for her – she looks great and motivates me!!!

guest on

I would have appreciated it if all this came at 40 after having children. Really undermines the women that have and can’t look that way and to then say it’s better than my 30s. Say that I’m better than before having kids then I can say yea that’s an accomplishment

Rebelky on

Hmm—- Women insulting women-be ashamed. Is she intense? Yes. Is she crazy/motivational regarding fitness?Yes. However, she is also a mom, lover, daughter, friend, trainer & strong, independent woman.Support/not jealousy is best served cold lol

Angela on

Such negative people….she exercises and eats right, helps others get off their butts. How can you put her down? Because when you are a secure, healthy person you do not put others down. I would like to see any of your bodies…I can only imagine

barbarac102 on

This has nothing at all to do with being jealous. I worked out for many years but to be so prideful is just plain ugly! So glad you are in love with your looks. Nothing wrong to think well of yourself and keep it to yourself.

Really ? on

Really ? Why does her sexual orientation matter ? Why do people feel the need to bring it up when slamming her body type ? I personally think she looks great. Comments like “at least I’m not a les” really shows one’s ignorance.

Michelle on

She looks awesome!

jose cruz on

good for her she looks fantastic, and I think if you are proud of what you have show it, this is not a nude photo anyway, just for showing your back, hello

Gg on

She looks great but always seems so angry. I hate when people someone looks good for their age. They act like you become a hag as you age. It has to do with taking care of yourself and genetics. Some people actually look better as they age. I’m in my 40’s and I look and feel better then in my 20’s but I also take good care of myself.

blackdog on

She/he?? looks pretty rough. Nothing feminine about her/it. It’s good to be healthy & fit (i’m an athelete myself) but on an aesthetic note, this is one ugly person.

JIM on


JIM on


George Bush on

She does have a good body, fit but not too bulky and still curvey.

Guadalupe Phanord on

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Jeremy Largen on

Gerri Nie on

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