Kris Jenner Is Releasing New Kardashian ‘Kollection’ Cookbook

07/21/2014 at 03:27 PM ET

Kris Jenner: Kardashian Family Cookbook
Courtesy Gallery Books

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have dinner with the Kardashians, well, you’re a little bit closer to finding out.

Kris Jenner is releasing her first cookbook, In the Kitchen with Kris: A Kollection of Kardashian-Jenner Family Favorites (available Oct. 21), which will feature her personal recipes and entertaining tips.

“I finally got so tired of sharing my recipes one-by-one with everybody that asked, that it just made sense to do a book and put it all together,” she told E!’s Giuliana Rancic.

Fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians may not recall seeing the soon-to-be-grandmother of four doing much cooking in her kitchen, but Jenner says her recipes are the ones her family has always favored.

“I make a really mean grilled cheese sandwich so Mason and Penelope love my grilled cheese sandwiches,” Jenner said, according to International Business Times.

No details yet on whether her famous children will make appearances in the pages — fingers crossed that we see dishes like Kim Kardashian’s Koconut Kream Pie or Kourtney’s Karamel Kappuccino — but it’s clear that they had a hand in shaping the book. “I think that what I love so much about our life is that we love to celebrate, we love tradition,” Jenner said.

“[Cooking] is almost like the way that I calm down. Some people do things to relax, they’ll go play golf or have a sport. Me? I’m in the kitchen,” she said. “Nothing makes me happier, so I hope I can share that with everybody else.”

Tell Us: Are you excited to try Kris Jenner’s recipes?

—Ana Calderone

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Showing 70 comments

Amanda on

so its just a book of phone number for places to make a reservation, I have that already it’s called a phone book! Saved myself some money!

Lisa on

OH GOODY! Another way for them to make MORE money. I highly doubt that she even knows how to cook….

Anonymous on


cathie on

Seriously? Oh, no, I forgot – nothing is ever serious if you use “K” instead of “C”. Is she going to tell us where to buy all those “to-go” containers she serves all her food in? That’s all we EVER see. I doubt she’s “Kooked” anything since, well, FOREVER. Can you just say “Kash Whore” and be done with it?

lucy j on

Krappy Kooking…Enough with the “K” KRAP!

Sam on

You think they could afford a better Photoshopper. Clearly, they grabbed her face from another photo shoot and just plopped it on this.

Kristin on

So she had her personal chef write down the recipes her family enjoys. Haven’t seen her show in forever but all I ever remember her standing in her kitchen pretending to cook was pasta. This will be a best seller *eye roll*.

AnnG on

When does this grandma whip up those grilled cheese????????

Studio Boss on

Could her face be anymore airbrushed on that cover?

Anonymous on

Is there more to making a grilled cheese than I have been aware of? I’m confused? Is there a special cheese I should be using? Special butter or bread? Oh I know it must be the pan. Maybe my pans are not expensive enough. lol

Diane on

Waste of money…sorry I only Eat Clean anyhow…

diane on

never saw her cook at all.. is she really cooking?

Ms Q on

You’ve got to be kidding me?! I’ve never seen her cook on her show. I’ve only ever seen personal chefs prepare her meals. Kris Jenner is starting to look a bit desperate for recognition. She should have written a book about wine considering that she always seems to have a glass in her hand….

Anonymous on

She wouldn’t know what a home-cooked meal was if it came up and
bit her on the @ss. What a joke. Don’t buy it.

Ladybug on

She wouldn’t know what a home-cooked meal was if it came up and bit
her on the @ss. What a joke. Don’t buy it.

John on

This woman is loathsome. Please do not buy her book. It’s a shame I can’t register my distaste for her and her entire family without clicking on this article, thereby giving it some heft in online media but that’s how it works now. A click is a click. Therefore, let me reiterate. Kris Kardashian is a revolting excuse for a mother, a wife and, indeed, a human being.

jeannie on

People Magazine has become an adult comic book. Who believes that dingbat cooks ?

Barb on

I’m embarrassed to tell anyone I watch this show. But I have seen most episodes and I have never seen anyone cooking. They go out a lot and if they eat in, there is always a personal chef.

And her claim to fame, is a grilled cheese sandwich? Does anyone need a “recipe” for that???!!!

Anna M. on

Wow….she will stoop to any level to make a buck……

Jessica on

Didn’t we see them taking a cooking class at some point on their show? And now, she’s experienced enough to write a cookbook? What a joke!! Gosh, Kris- are you tired of felon Teresa Giudice cornering the cookbook market?? Money Monger Kris strikes again! Hopefully, no one will buy it- and if they do, shame on them for buying into the Kartrashian trap.

Anonymous on

Yes, cause when I cook I but on my mostly white long-sleeve turtleneck….even the cover looks fake.

Jen on

What’s up with the mostly white turtleneck….usually cooking requires heat and moving…..not sure the book cover works Kris!

Kim on

That’s funny. I bet she has a personal chef that cooks for her every day. I am pretty sure she does not even wipe her own butt.

Kat on

Since we know it isn’t their house, I assume it isn’t her food. I hope this book does worse than Pippa Middleton’s “Celebrate,” which is on sale in your nearest clearance bin.

Kellie on

Jus when I thought I’d seen every possible stupid thing from a Kardashian…

Jay on

They only think of money and more money.

They hell never cook! oh pls!

Me on

Grilled Cheese? Give me a Break!!

allie on

Oh, another way to make more money and get their name in the news.
I doubt if she ever cooked anything…I certainly hope no one buys it!!



Lindy on

A grilled cheese sandwich…geeze..any moron with the intelligence of a gnat can make a sandwich. What next..a line of toilet tissue called Kartrashian Krap??????

whatever on

sure she cooks and sure I’d want to eat anything this old POS makes – most of her daughters are covered in cellulite

Debs626 on

As if this bimbo has ever cooked a day in her life!!! lmao!

Nica on

With all the people they have on payroll, you’d think someone would have suggested a real action “cooking”‘ shot for the cover instead of pretend slicing a pepper in perfect hair & make up. No credibility whatsoever and clearly just another cash grab.

cee vee on

Kardashian Krap

Mr Awesome on

The book is called Blak Kok & Sauce

Jerry on

She’s not even cutting the red bell pepper properly on the cover!!!!

bettyann on


Guest on

I know because making grilled cheese sandwiches is so difficult it needs to be in a cookbook. Next they’ll be putting Kim’s farts in jar and selling them, too.

Donna on

This is one cooking I am not curious about IN THE LEAST. Enough of this pitiful excuse for a family…I am sure the book is a giant waste of paper and time….maybe, one of these days, these people will just go away…I say take up a collection to send all of them on a one way flight into space.

Liz on

Jealous much people? You only wish you had their money.

heather on

A grilled cheese? a think a 4 year old could manage cooking up a grilled cheese.

No one believes this chick cooks. NO ONE!

Lp on

Kris Jenner should learn from fellow pimp momma Kate Gosselin (whose disasterous attempt at cookbook writing included a recipe for boxed Mac & cheese with canned tuna). This is truly a joke.

JoAnn on

Why would we be jealous of a family that makes their money off the base of a sex tape? I just feel sorry for them. No one seems happy. ill gotten gain is bad karma….”

guest on

Was her head put on someone else’s body on that cover? Enough with the words that start with K already. This woman, and I use that term loosely, is going to start trademarking anything that starts with K.

If you’re a Kardashian/Jenner, are you required to only wear black & white?

Anonymous on

Here are some recipes!!!
how to stir up gossip
how to mix a marriage
how to blend a bunch of b.s

vk on

here are a few recipes!
how to stir up gossip
how to mix marriages
how to blend b.s

Terri on

Really, a recipe for grilled cheese? I bet she doesn’t even make them herself. And enough of the ‘K’ crap. Must there be a story on this ridiculous family every day?

gues on

Ug, On every episode the are eatin “take out” or they have a private chef come in and cook for them This is such a joke. I could not believe she really thinks, she cooks!

The Realist on

The only book she should be writing is how to expose all my daughters and make money off of them with black guys. Cook book? it’s a joke right?

MrsWidlak on


Marisa Beatriz on

She has a chef at home and I doubt she can cook her way out of a paper bag. Has she even cooked a meal in her entire life? Idk who would actually buy this crap. What won’t these **** do for money?

LYN on

KO KRAP!!!!!!

NoDoubt! on


guest on

Please, please go away you KASH KOW

Audrey on

Can we PLEASE STOP with the Kartrashian articles? They are not news or article worthy. ENOUGH.

Twiggy on

Please….Doesn’t this woman ever get the message that people are tired of her and her greedy family? Just wait, though…There will be idiots who will actually buy this krap.

sandy on

Based on an interview she did with The New Potato website, in which she shared what the K’a like to eat, there is no way that I would be at all interested in a cookbook from her. “Boring and blah” is the kindest thing to say about their food habits and preferences; check it out for yourself.

kay on

Kardashian Kollection: Kris Kleans up & Kooks in her Krazy, Kooky Kitchen!

K’mon? Do we REALLY Knead this??

Recipes that made the Kut:
Ketchup, Kellogs Cereal, Kraft Mac & Cheese, Kiwis, Knishes, Kielbasa (for Kim), KFC (for Kanye), Kebabs, Kale (for Kendall), Kettle Corn, Knockwurst (for Kourtney), Krispy Kremes (for Rob), Kipper& Kraut, Key Lime Pie, Kit Kats, KupKakes (for Kylie), Krackers, Kookies, KoKo Puffs (for Khloe), Kool-Aid (also for Kanye) Krack (for Lamar) & Karbs (also for Rob).

To Kleanse your pallet: Unlimited Kamikazi’s (for Scott & Kris!)

(Kardashian Kollection Knives – in your back – sold desperately at K-Mart “North West” of KalabASSas, KA.)


fran attaway on


Janice Ruth Core on

LOL…i have never seen her actually cook…Its either Delivery, Restaurant or her ow Private Chef..that is truly hilarious….This is a story Cris is telling herself …

bubbles on

Youre running out of options…soooo we just make s*** up now right… LOL

Aspen on

I find it hard to believe that any of the karTRASHians could even boil water, much less prepare a meal. Wonder how long it took her to ‘create’ a grilled cheese sandwich? Mason probably had to show her how. These fame whores are ridiculous.

guest105 on


amyinoaktown on

$$$$ is all this family sees. i think i can make a mean grilled cheese on my own.

amyinoaktown on

People Mag must not be reading the reviews…they have WOW for what is trending now on this story…it has ZERO wows….mostly 😦

Nikki on

Kim can cook>? fingers crossed that we see dishes like Kim Kardashian’s Koconut Kream like to see that…all the times they never show kris cooking..the food is served to them, and im sure the chef is making it..anything for a show…grilled hope she comes up with something a little harder to make than that..what next PBJ

keri on

Does this krusty ho even cook? She’s just trying to continue the gravy train. Please…

Carol on

How about “This is how the Kardashians Krushed American Hero Bruce Jenner”

Maggie on

Thanks for the laugh. I will be sure to miss this one. Can’t believe you keep promoting these awful people who wouldn’t be “celebrities” without you and E! Please make them go away

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