Exclusive: Get the First Look at Paula Deen’s New Cooking Network

07/22/2014 at 06:00 AM ET

Paula Deen
Courtesy Paula Deen

Have you outfitted your iPad with a butter-proof case yet? We recommend something sturdy if you’re one of the Paula Deen fans logging in Tuesday to access Deen’s new online cooking network.

Pre-registration for The Paula Deen Network is now open, gaining you 14 free days of Deen cooking demos, decorating tips, game shows and more when the network officially launches September 24. (After the trial, subscriptions are $7.99 a month.)

“You never know what unexpected moments will happen [on camera], whether we have some surprise guests to my dogs, pigs and goats running through the kitchen,” Deen tells PEOPLE.

She’s not kidding — in this exclusive clip, the Southern chef kisses a pig and bleats like a goat (several times) before showing the audience how to make blueberry limeade.

Deen is certainly ready to move forward from her rocky break with Food Network last year, and seems confident that her viewers are, too. “I am just so thrilled to take my fans on this amazing adventure,” she tells PEOPLE.

Her new network lineup includes One Dish, Three Ways, a Pictionary-like game called Sketch Your Supper and a health-conscious show called Paula Cooking Light.

“I’m a Southern girl, so of course I love me some butter, but moderation is key,” says Deen, who was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. “There are so many delicious recipes that you can tweak to be more healthy while still tasting just as yummy!”

Up next for the chef: opening Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, this fall.

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Showing 99 comments

Deborah on

I sure miss you and your family’s shows I can’t afford another bill

Flo on

Find her voice hard to listen to

Sharon on

She needs to try to get back in the good graces of Food Network because a lot of folks can’t pay that. I know I won’t and I really like Paula.

Anon on

How can one cook carry a whole network, seems a bit illogical to me. It’s not worth the time/money for me

mandy on

Oh please…her exaggerated southern drawl is more irritating then ever. She comes off so phony and annoying…haven’t missed her at all!!

ds on

cant afford to pay for it

LeSigh on

So…for the cost of Netflix streaming or Hulu Plus, you get access to three or four cooking shows, all featuring Paula Deen? That’s a really poor return for your dollar, when you consider how many shows and movies the other two services offer. Why not actually work with Hulu or Netflix to have them feature her content? I bet either company would see a small surge in subscribers, due to the fact that their $7.99 is buying way more than access to Paula Deen’s new show(s).

Ruthie on

I hope the restaurant n Pigeon Forge is a helluva lot better than Lady and sons! Since we’re in Knoxville I’ll give it a shot after the tourists are long gone. But it gets one chance only to impress. If it’s as high priced as the Cherokee Casino’s restaurant you can forget it.

Russ on

Good for Paula to bounce back….hope it works as folks need to be REALLY loyal to pay as much as netflix for a one man show.
That said I wish her all the success

Anonymous on

I am surprised she doesn’t have anyone SERVE THE PLATES FOR HER

MrMonkee on

To all of you complaining that you can’t afford it, one less pack of cigarettes or one less six pack of beer a month and you have it covered.

Ralph on

She should go work for her “sons”… she’s not relevant any longer, and we certainy don’t need costly, reagade bigot shows. Shes annoying.

Rudy on

Ina (the contessa)cooks with more butter and grease than Paula yet you don’t attack her.
Julia Childs would be proud of Paula if she lived today.
Give Paula a little breathing room will ya.

Rudy on

a lot of haters commenting here, so sad.

Lp on

I like Paula, but if Oprah is having a tough time making a network work, the chances of Paula’s succeeding seem slim. Hope I’m wrong.

Anonymous on

Nobody really cares anymore about P, Dean….

Betsy on

Of course Paula kisses a pig! She is a money mongering, greedy pig herself-where’s the shock value? Never enough money to be made off of the backs of the working class, huh, Paula? Disgusting, and yet, the sheeples keep filling her coffers! Sad, very sad…

Anonymous on

I went to her restaurant in savannah. Did not like the food.
The price was a little high, but not outrageous..ok for tourist prices, but the food was not worth eating in my opinion.

rick on

We,ve all had quite enough of P. Dean….. Please get her off the airways…..

Cheryel on

I love Paula Deen, but am low income so can not afford to pay to watch her. Best wishes go out to her though….

Becky on

Happy for her!!!

John Roberson on

I guess the African American racists, LGBT, and other select bias groups in America could not use their reverse hate against those who are real Americans and truly believe in family values in America!!!!!!!

John Roberson on

of course, you delete my post, because you only want posts that demean Paula Dean. That is the mean spirited people you liberals are and you continue to suppress an yreal debate.

Barb on

Good luck Paula, love you and your recipes and tips. Also miss your Bobby’s show on network. Bring them both back people and get over it!

Carol on

I love Paula Deen and her sons and wish them all much success after the treatment she received from the Food Network. There are many people like me that will keep up with her on her website pauladeen.com because we can’t afford to pay another bill each month. God bless you Paula and good luck.

Mike on

Like a real Southerner—She doesn’t know when to quit, and God loves her for it!

Bob on

God bless you, Paula. Wishing you all the success that you can get.

Bess on

good for you, Pula, best of luck!

Anonymous on

Wash your hands first.

Krotch Hamilton on

Cant STAND that racist b*&^h or anybody that would pay to watch that hog woman.

Krotch Hamilton on

hideous racist hog woman

nancy on

I was struck by three things:
1. She kissed her grandkids after kissing a goat and a pig.
2. She referred to the recipe as blueberry lemonade, when it was limeade.
3. I never saw her wash her hands after handling the animals and before she started the recipe!

Helen on

Needs better material since this is like watching a video of someone’s family. I found it boring now to pay for this? I do not think so. Have a cable bill and do not need to add his to my monthly expenses. I wish her luck.

bill on

I can’t wait to quit my job and follow this more closely !!!!!!!!

Jani Sores on

Seriously on TOP of a cable bill, server data charges (ATT), and wifi; mow a separate charge JUST to see her cook? No way I cn afford this luxury ! I have Netflix for the same deal, and have a lineup of shows to choose from. An act of desperation on her part

Anonymous on

Disgusting Racist Pig!!

Stephanie on

Ewwww! She’s been handling animals and then preparing food without washing her hands!!!

Gail on

With prices of everything rising, I have to squeeze every penny I can. After food and gas (I’m a college student on a fixed income and have to go to the library to get online or go to a friends house), I will have to hold on to my $7.99 a month but I wish you well.

Royce on

I like her show but will not be paying $ 7 plus dollars per month for the very limited content – this business venture will head south before the butter is melted

Carolyn on

It never amazes me, how damn mean people are. I wonder if any of the people who left mean comments ever really read, or heard the FULL story, or the out come of the case, not the public flogging, or assumptions. Just like the media, they tell all of the juicy sensationalized parts, then they leave out the “real” issues, and if it doesn’t come out the. Way they hoped, they forget to report on what really happened, or the outcome was, leaving the public to think the worst of a person. Shame on all of you that cast those stones! Look at yourself next time, before you post on another.

Anonymous on

I haven’t watched the Food Network in 6 years. It is a pathetic excuse for a cooking network,

metoo on

Why won’t this woman go away…?!?

lamont parker on

LMBO!!! She is desperate and Reaching….just sit back and enjoy your money…. 15 minutes are GONE!!!!!

BK on

She wants the BIG money directly from her mindless fans. LOL I would do it, too!!

Tom Binns on

Paula, so glad you’ve bounced back from all of the negativity. I’ve always enjoyed your shows, your boys and all of your southern cooking. May I recommend a statement to the press? “BITE ME!”” You are and always be a wonderful chef and southern belle.

Jim on

Why does Paula tell us she’s making lemonade, when it’s limeade that she made?

June on

How is ONE woman, not a very good cook, going to to hold a “network” together 365?Where isa value for the rice she’s charging on top of all the fees that go with it? I doubt Julia Child would be able to give a year’s worth of programming, worh this price.

charlotte on

Would never pay a dime for her anymore. lost so much respect.

June on

OMG she doesn’ wash her hands !

Guest on

I wish her good luck on her come-back but I’d never make anything she’d cook. Way too fattening and unhealthy.

Cindy on

I will record it and play it back in the evening after work.
That’s when I always watched her, Glad you are back, have made many of your meals and my family loves the variety opposed to ” what are we going to eat tonite ” that is worth $7.99 right there.

Linda on

So happy for Paula ! Looking forward to the new network …well worth it!!!

Linda on

There i no one as good as Paula and her family n tv. Please come back! I won’t watch the food network without her. Missing you……..

John Rabey on

I would love to join but being on Social Security I have to watch my pennies carefully. Both my parents were from Savannah and when watching Paula on her last TV show I noticed that I cook almost the same way with the exception that my father had a touchy stomach, we didn’t use the pepper or a lot of the spicy ingredients that Paula uses. I’m sorry to say a “Good Bye” to a fine lady and an southern chef.

Paula Deen hater on

stay in retirement!!!!

Cora on

I wish her the very best of luck. I stopped watching FoodNetwork the day they dumped her. Although I liked many of their programs I couldn’t get past how they threw her under the bus.

sophie1150 on

Paula, hope you come back stronger than ever. The Food Network was so wrong to drop you. Wishing the best to you.

claudia satiago on

I love Paula, she was one of my favorites on food network
but unfortunately i can’t pay for it.

charman11 on

Can’t stand her. to phony ya’ll.. lol

Ulla on

Paula-loose the Farah Fawcett locks, the false eyelashes, get rid of the

Loose the Farah Fawett locks, the false eyelashes, get rid of the Chiclet teeths and, please take off all hose diamond rings whenyou cook.It was disgusting to see you mix dough with your hands and then handle chicken and “stuff” sticking to our rings (aside rom the fact that it is totally inappropriate to wear that much “bling” at once. Plesase….

Steve Zarbaugh on

I can’t believe all of the negative remarks.I wish her the best . My wife and I have eaten at “The Lady and Sons ‘ a few times and everything I’ve had there was absolutely fantastic. As to being racist,I doubt that she is as racist as the people who hollar the loudest.

Anonymous on

Why is this world so full of hate? People don’t have a clue just how pathetic they are when they are calling out others all the while having the most hateful of hearts and minds themselves, Carolyn is so right on, people need to start taking a look in the mirror FIRST before they start talking crap about others , THERE ARE ALWAYS THREE FINGERS POINTNG BACK WHEN YOUR POINTING THE FINGER AT SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!!!

Marianne on

THERE ARE ALWAYS THREE FINGERS POINTING BACK AT YOU WHEN YOUR POINTING THE FINGER AT SOMEONE ELSE, these folks that are spewing hate, don’t have a clue that THEY are the one’s who look and sound like racist, evil people! To: Paula I wish you the best of luck, Iam so proud of you for holding your head high and moving forward !

aselden12 on

I love Paula Deen! Glad she is doing her wonderful cooking for us all to see again. She was the best on FN. I do not watch FN since they did her so wrong!! You go Paula and great success to you!!

Chuck on

I hope it goes down in falme cant take her at ALL.

Joe on

This woman and her whole family are the biggest bunch of fakes I have ever seen. I don’t think she was treated fair in her last downfall but how can someone like this keep making a comeback? Her and her family are as bad as the Kardashians.

Minna on

ewwwee…she didn’t wash her hands before making the lemonade…gross.

Minna on

yuk, she didn’t wash her hands before making the lemonade.

Anonymous on

Let’s see: For $9 you can get hundreds of seasons of TV shows and many,many movies on Netflix or you can watch Paula Deen make out with her livestock. Hard choice.

Julie on

Paula so glad to see you back dear. Keep moving forward, God is on your side and so am I. Love your prior shows and will enjoy this one too.

Vicki on

Thanks for handling the goats and pigs and NOT WASHING YOUR HANDS! I’m out…….

Ramon on

Mrs. Dean,
for the most part it’s relevant when it comes to food because those who prepare food must have your trust and must feel your love for cooking and for the food you prepare is stronger than the hate you may bare for the individual who may/will be eating it…
I find that thoughts or one’s mindset is an important ingredient in preparing food, and food is a comfort and you must feel safe to have that.
I could never eat her food because I do not trust the true nature of her feelings and that she might not add that feeling as an ingredient?
One thing I know, stupid people can become smart people but how does a smart people becomes stupid!
Haven’t said that, I feel that everyone one of us have done something stupid in our life time or something we may have regretted so a second chance is not unheard of and as a several generation American I have a lot to be thankful for and forgiving someone is not a hard thing for me…
Good luck Paula

PS my grandmother’s grandfather was 14 years old when freed from slavery, and his father was 46 years old.


I really miss Paula and have been at Paula’s restaurant several times. I hope she comes back to the Food Network. Love her recipes.

jen on

7.99/month. That’s getting close to what Netflix and others are charging, and you got a whole lot more. But then I wouldn’t watch her for free. I am not going to pay for phony and annoying. I give it 6 months, if that, to last. No thanks, she burned herself out with that big, irritating voice of hers.

Hugh Jassol on

Laughing like a deranged hyena while she dips an ear of corn into a gallon of melted butter? And that way-over-the-top phony southern accent? She is as false as false gets. No thanks, she turns my stomach.

Susan on

Really enjoyed not having her face planted all over the news. She needs to slowly go away.

jen on

Would rather spend the 7.99 on someone who cannot even afford a bagel and a hot cuppa than give that windbag a dime.

Hugh Jassol on

So, I just put some berries, sugar and lime juice into a blender, mixed it with water and poured it over ice! See what a great chef I am? Anyone who would pay $7.99 a month to watch this garbage is completely out of their mind.

John Wayne on

It is called the “Yall Suck Channel)

Jim Singleton on

What a shame she is charging for a subscription. Surely there are other ways of getting back on the air. The price we are already paying for Uverse is high enough. Sorry but we are not adding to that bill. Hopefully Paula will find a better way.

Tim on

It’s amazing the same ppl who review her as racist give a constant free pass to Oprah,Obama,Al,Jesse,Chris Rock,Chris Tucker,Halle Berry,Most Rap Artist,Steve Harvey & on & on who are TRUE racist.

Tim on

Can I drop Bet & Oprah racist network & pick this up for the same price??

Michael Lagana on

Did everyone FORGET how RACIST she is !

Bernyce on

Paula – you turn people off with your overexaggerated southern drawl.

“youall” is too much.

shieroc on

Okay she was just handling animals kissing them and petting them and did not wash her hands before making food/drinks. that’s kinda nasty.

Geno on

This woman is over the top “fake” Wash your hands before preparing food too. Who wants to watch her home movies or for that matter, who wants to watch her at all. You alllllllllllllllllll.

david on

I really have a problem with this whole issue. Here we have a millionaire that is a bigot and calls out our African American Community but somehow and someway she is back on the Internet for a fee. If a black or hispanic persona did the same regarding the caucasian race, we would never see them again. This is our America, a country where your friend and family and those that are not cordial to those other than white can make a comeback. I truly believe that once something comes out of someone’s mouth it can never be changed because that is the way they were raised and live in our society. As a Latino, we too have suffered the same rhetoric hat Ms. Paula has said in front of the media in our country. I only ask this of you, when will things change and when will those that have millions continue to make a comeback? Instead, they should just pack it up and go away and live by their own standards.

Rosemary on

After handling the pig and the goat and before making the lemonade, it would have been nice if Paula washed her hands.

DorisBrooks on

I am so happy for Paula. She can once again share her tremendous energy. The lady was rail roaded over something so trival as mis using a word.

Mike on

Hi y’all. It’s time y’all for y’all to pay thru the nose agin’ for my lard and butta res’pees, y’all. Now here comes my two sons, Bubba and Dubba, y’all. Y’all come back now, y’all hear. And spend more money, y’all. Y’all.

beecgarmer on

Soooooooo glad u r back…..God is beautiful!

Houcasey on

I hope she takes her son with her. It was be even nicer if she took Guy Fierri as well and at least half of the restaurant review programs.

Fred on

enough of her “yuall” just retire for good.

Cheryl on

Im excited to see Paula making a come back. She has done alot for people that everyone does not realize. Welcome Back southern Girl !

Carol Ann Narozniak on

YAY Paula!!!!!!
I just got through watching you, Jamie and Bobby on The Today Show. You were great. I have closely watched your progress over the last year and am so proud of you and your family. I’ll be taking part in your new network. By the way, I haven’t looked one time at the Food Network. Since they “divorced” themselves from you. I’m ashamed of the way they treated you. You Go , Paula! You have so many of us who support you!!!

parlievousfrancis on

If I can drum up $2.99 or $4.99 + Tax to pay for a People rag every week flaunting the mishaps of the Kardashian Family, surely I can find the $7.99 monthly subscription price for Paula who’s adding something of value to my life.

Anonymous on

why dont the world just kiss paula where the sun dont shine and keep ur rotten comments to u self she is a person who give her all to us in her cooking knowledge back when she was born and where she was raised alot of peop;le didnt use the african american peop;le the same as us white people so move on and lave he alone

my company on

You may find yourself limited to long shots until you can get those passing movements working. Use at least 4-5 upgraded mobs against enemy buildings and vehicles. Of course, that’s gotta to be our primary stat in terms of Prep Sport Fantasy Football.

Kelley Flemmings on

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