Jennifer Lopez’s Birthday Cake Features Life-Size Jennifer Lopez Riding a Lion

07/25/2014 at 03:26 PM ET

Jennifer Lopez Birthday Cake
Courtesy SamiCakes Boutique

We’re calling it: Jennifer Lopez‘s birthday cake is the wildest dessert of the year. (Maybe the wildest dessert ever.)

The confection, which stretched almost five feet long and was served at a star-studded bash in Southampton, New York, featured Lopez in her infamous green Versace dress cozying up to a lion — fitting for the Leo, who turned 45 on July 24.

Owner Samantha Brooks of SamiCakes Boutique pulled together the cake in less than two days, creating the lifelike elements out of coconut-cream-filled lemon cake covered in fondant and modeling chocolate.

Lopez’s party planner contacted Brooks with the idea of incorporating a lion into the cake, and the baker produced six sketches before they settled on this version — which won out over cake-Lopez straddling the lion or crossing her legs over the beast.

About 60 people were on the guest list for the party at Mediterranean restaurant Nammos, according to a source, including Khloé Kardashian and her boyfriend French Montana, Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, Brian Atwood, Fat Joe, Russell Simmons, Andy Cohen, Scott Disick and Lopez’s mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, her sister, Lynda, and her longtime manager, Benny Medina.

Brooks says she bought tulle and airbrushed a replica of the Versace dress to use as a model for the cake, which was hand-painted. “I’m literally outside in the dark spray painting tulle to replicate Versace.”

But the work was well worth it: “Apparently [Lopez] said it was delicious!” Brooks says. “She loved it.”

—Marissa Conrad, with reporting by Ana Calderone

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Showing 65 comments

Carrie M on

That is a fugly looking cake.

Deanna on

The FUGLIEST cake EVER!!!!!

Deborah on

Tacky…just like her.

Vixyn on

That is possibly one of the ugliest cakes EVER! And yeah, it looks like she’s “riding” it alright; more like humping it. That baker should get some glasses and take some decorating classes to boot!

Kathy on

Happy B-day gorgeous Jennifer. You are the most beautiful most talented most humble person i have ever seen.

Sean on

What a beautiful cake, very original. Jennifer deserves the best. Love to see her with her friends having fun. Life is short and why not enjoy it to it fullest. Happy Birthday Jennifer.

whatever on

cheap, like the birthday h03

Rosa on

a beautiful cake for a classy and beautiful lady. Love it. Your are the best , Jennifer.

Melody on

I never saw a cake like this, very funny and original . Wow. We, love you Jennifer. No wonder you are so beautiful and classy because you live life to the max.
Hope you always continue loving life, after all we only live once.

Adam on

@ vixen. That baker is an incredible artist!! Google her work, then shut your mouth!! If you haven’t got anything good to say……it’s called manners!!!

Fan on

Sorry, but that cake is really bad. It looks nothing like her or her dress & the position is just beyond vulgar. If I was SamiCakes, I would NOT want to be advertising that I was responsible for this mess.

Anonymous on

It looks like animal on animal to me. Hello J Lion.

dee on

Doesn’t look anything like her.

Anonymous on

There are kids everywhere living in poverty and it is so disappointing to see money wasted like this. Shame on her.

Cat on

Ugliest cake ever ! I’d be so embarrassed to serve that to my guests !

Wendy on

This is creepy!

Anonymous on

a lion and a cougar

Lexie on

Trying to be polite here, but why didn’t she just have a normal cake. A pretty normal cake. This cake is just…(trying to think of a less than nice word)..weird.

Katie on

Reminds me of Steel Magnolias when the father of the bride gets the rear end of the armadillo cake. Ha. Did they eat this?

That's...nice on

Is the owner of the bakery “Sami” a 4 year old? Because that is a horrific paint and modeling job.

nathalie on

It’s awful, totally tacky.

Cynthia S. on

Hmmm 45….gettin’ up there Jen….time flies when you’re having fun eh ?

Martinez on

She has always been ghetto and tacky and growing older hasn’t changed that one bit.

smith on

That cake makes me a little uncomfortable…lol

MomC on

I did take the time to look at the other cakes this baker has produced. They are fantastic! I like Jenn, I like the other SamiCakes, but not this. First of all, it does look somewhat lewd. The placement of the body on the lion is just wrong. Actually, the whole Jennifer figure looks wrong. The lion itself is just stunning. My guess is that it was just too rushed a job

Michael Christopher on

WOW what a cool looking cake! and she pulled that off in two days!!! I will be hiring her for my next event!

Great work! Nice find JLO!!!!

DaisyMoon on

Very ugly cake…looks nothing like her…it’s bordering on obscene…she looks like she’s doing something she shouldn’t to a lion??


Mommy on

so ugly, just like the birthday girl

Anonymous on

This takes pure talent. To be able to create art by baking is amazing.

Ann on

Oh, you meant THAT kind of lion riding! Cheeky monkey! 😉

Jbop on

The Lion Is Beautiful…

Marsha on

Dang! I was going to go with a supermarket two-layer chocolate with frosting and sprinkles for my par-tay. But THIS is so much more what I had in mind!
Thanks J Lo!!

Kim on

Proving yet again: money cannot buy good taste. Awful and narcissistic for one price! Brilliant!

Bernadette on

I appreciate this because I know it’s a lot of work. I’ve done a few cakes with fondant and bruised muscles in my arms. No joke.

Awwshucks on

“Please give my tail a rest….”

Chris Thompson on

This is the worst cake I have ever seen, I’m sure the price tag was huge and does anyone in her J Lo’s camp realize it looks like she is humping the poor Lion, personally I think the face looks more like Victoria Beckham, it’s a shame the cake designer is not as talented as J Lo!

Missriss on

Oh…. You are all cake artists! I missed that memo! So you all know how easy it is to create one of the most famous faces in the world on a lifelike lion, out of cake, in 2 days. Smh. It’s CAKE people! Take a look at the entire 5 foot creation. Pretty damn impressive to my eyes, especially when the specifications made by the customer were met. Haters.

Holly on

The cake is tacky and doesn’t even look like her.

Anna on

I would love ass slice 😛

Chris Thompson on

We I looked at the website of the cake designer and the work is beautiful, so I have to ask, what happened here?

Nope on

I don’t get it. Is she butt-effing that lion?

Also, if she does eat that cake than next years cake will have to be molded with much MUCH larger ass.

Chris on

Pretty sad comments out here about JLO and Cake designer ! Guess never realized how many talented people are out there! Don’t knock the. Person who made the cake , she was asked to do it like that! Just take a look at her website!!!!Then see if more nasty remarks are made!

rubyovertherainbow* on

This cake doesn’t even look good.

Carl Mape on

Ghetto low class but what do you expect from J. Lopez?

Anonymous on

Really JL, Khloe Kardashian? Thought you had more class than that!

JAG on

Ok ..let’s be real…
#1) It looks nothing like her
#2) I don’t know how much this cost to make (I assume it was expensive) but however much it cost, I’ll pay double to haul it away and never see you make another like it.
#3) The lion is a subliminal message meaning she lie down with anyone to get some new testosterone.
#4) How full of yourself can you be? You are definitely NOT still Jenny from the block and you haven’t been back to that block in forever.
For such an attractive Latina to be so vane makes you all the more unattractive.

Sandy on

Calling her ghetto and tacky because her name is Lopez sounds like a racial slur.

Jeanette Soto on

You are gorgeous Jennifer Lopez! Happy Birthday to a talented performer, mother and all around lovely woman.

bex on

Why do I have to be able to do any better before I call this out as being an ugly cake??? I’m not saying that the artist didn’t do a good job with what time she had and whatnot, but the concept itself is just weird and weirdly executed. Just… bizarre. It’s strange what some people spend money on. Maybe she has so much money she just doesn’t know what a bad idea looks like anymore? But I mean, it’s not like they were really stretching the imagination here. She’s a Leo, ookay. Lion, check. She’s J-Lo, so let’s identify her in one of her stranger fashion decisions and place her somewhat obscenely behind the lion so we can accentuate the other thing most people know her by- her butt. It’s just… weird. smh.

Theresa on

Have to give that a HIDEOUS vote.

Pat on

Wow, Brooks and her crew must have worked nonstop to complete this cake. While I am not a fan of the pose, and I don’t think it looks like Jennifer, it is certainly an amazing feat, especially for the amount of time given. Jennifer and her crew need to get organized ans plan events more than “less than two days” in advance!

ohmy on

What the yuck ??? Clearly it should have been either Jennifer or the lion . The combination looks like a cornucopia of pooh colors.

Ginger on

I think the people who have said that it’s tacky don’t mean the cake as much as they mean that it’s tacky for someone to think so much of themselves that they order a cake like this one. Had someone ordered the cake for Jennifer Lopez as a gift or surprise it would be one thing, but this is such an egotistical display that it’s tacky and really pretty sad.

Heidi on

Thats hideous to have a lifesize cake to look like you se really is an ignorant arrogant person she is two faced.

Karen on

The cake is so UGLY and gaudy go figure

asliceofadvice on

While I admire Sami for taking the challenge of creating this cake.

A few lessons to be taken away from this are
1) Don’t sketch up a design that you and your team can’t make in that short of time. If you made 6 mock up drawings, it’s up to you as the cake artist to steer the planner to the design you feel most comfortable making.

2) This “cake” must be 90% faux. I would guess JLo is a mannequin with modeling chocolate and styrofoam for for most of the lion. If this was all cake it would feed 500+ people

3) Sami got caught up in the moment of making a cake for a “celebrity”.

Be careful what you wish for! The bad press from this cake may outweigh the 100 great cakes before this.

Diane on

This is exactly the kind of self aggrandizing BS I would expect of Jennifer Lopez.
She really is a legend in her own mind, isn’t she?

natalie on

trying to be polite here, but the cake does not look at all like Jlo, it just has no resemblance of her at all!! also how very weird that she “oked” a cake of herself, isn’t that rather igotistical? i would never want a cake of me… jus sayin..

Ollie Z on

Just wanted you to know I really like your perfume, it has a very nice feminine fragrance. I hope hope you have more perfumes in the near future. Be well.

____88 on

The lion is because she is a LEO Retards!! omg some of u idiots have no imagination..smh

veronica on

that is just Ugly !! does not look like her At All!! LOL how embarrassing.

Sheri on

Deborah….totally agree. This is almost as tacky as as she is. Almost but not quite.

Anonymous on

Jenny from the bloxk all the way ….

Arlie Magruder on

Hitnaimb on

Encuentro que no sois derecho. Soy seguro.

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