Kim Kardashian Swears Off Carbs, Then Goes to an Italian Restaurant

08/06/2014 at 12:38 PM ET

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner at La Scala
Courtesy Kim Kardashian

She might be blowing up her social media feeds with concerns about losing the last of her postpartum weight, but that didn’t stop Kim Kardashian from going with her sister Kylie Jenner to the pasta temple La Scala Beverly Hills Tuesday night.

The sisters, who were joined by reality TV producer Carla Dibello and pal Shamari Maurice, looked cozy in their banquette with what appears to be two soups and two pasta dishes (and seemingly no alcohol in sight).

“Ughhhh is trying to make me eat carbs!” Kim captioned the above shot, after posting her strict diet plan on Twitter earlier in the day.

La Scala is something of a Kardashian hangout: Kim’s been a frequent patron (and even stopped by after her bridal shower), and Kris Jenner has said it’s as one of her go-to spots in Los Angeles. One of its most famous dishes is the chopped salad, which they’ve been serving to Hollywood glitterati long before the grab-and-go lunch chains got into the act. We can’t help but wonder if that was also part of Kim’s order?

But despite her initial gripe about her little sister, the reality star did post this sweet shot from the meal, captioning it “#SissyLove.” Maybe some pasta improved her mood?

Now, all this talk about Italian food is making us hungry, so we’re off to make ourselves a delightfully high-carb lunch.

—Lexi Dwyer

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Showing 27 comments

sarah on

Kim K is sooo full of herself…doesn’t she remember what the hell she said just a few hours earlier…all that goop she has injected into her face must be seeping into her ummmm brain….just saying!

Madison on

There she goes again with that fish like Joker face. Hint Kim: try running around taking care of that baby all day…that might help you shed the last 10-15 lbs., but we all know that’s not happening.

belinda on

Her younger sisters are so much prettier than her. She needs to get a grip and worry more about her daughter and family life. What a bimbo disgusting excuse for a parent!!

Guest on

So sad to see Kylie, who was perfect go and get cosmetic surgery and make her chin smaller and lips fuller. She now looks like a fish and she is just a young girl. SO SAD. She was perfect and now not so.

lindsay on

Kylie looks so bad. So sad. She is too young to look like that. She is scary.

Anonymous on

Never have a seen women more self-obsessed and in love with themselves than the Kardashian women.

murphy on

Hungy, hungry hippo

Sad on

It is really sad young girls and women will see a seemingly beautiful looking person constantly complaining about her weight, unnecessary diets, food, etc. and will look in the mirror thinking “if she isn’t happy with herself how could I possibly?” The worst part is that really what she is doing is fishing for compliments, attention and affirmations from complete strangers. Sad, sad, sad, that these are the “families” people are being encouraged to look up to.

Olive on

“No carbs. Crazy workouts”

That sounds like a recipe for failure.

freespeech92009 on

How sad that she, and her family, feel the need to selfie (thoroughly posed, I note) and tweet everything they do — and that we, myself included, read it! Argh. I wish we could all ignore these narcisstic attention-gluttons completely, and then they’d go away.

Mary on

Kylie’s lips look awful, Kim whole face is just awful.

Maria on

I know this is a social website for celebrity gossip – but people caring about whether or not a Kardashian is currently eating bread is absolutely mind boggling. It’s almost an embarrassing level of fame to reach when people care about these sort of details, I mean, is ANYTHING private & sacred to these people?!

Ladybug on

People mag, you need to take a day off from reporting on Kimmie K.
Your readers need a day off, too. Just one day off. I dare you to do it,
but I don’t think you can. Your coverage of her is incessant and annoying.

mc on

Did Kim eat carbs or not???!!! This story is not conclusive and I won’t be able to sleep until I find out!!!!!

joanne1965 on

do they practice those poses/smiles…stepford wives…ewww, that poor little guy in the left…

Poulette on

Kylie”s face is horrible , How can a parent authorize this???

AnnG on

Isn’t it amusing how aging Kim is so in love with herself and she married her baby dada who is in love with himself so wonder how many mirrors they will have in their house if they ever decide to get one? Wonder how many of those SELFIES old Kim now has?????? Kendall is the prettiest of the sisters and avoided getting that X-LARGE rear end like all the rest…..

Sandra on

I understand about the lure of pasta, it is my weakness and a well draped garlicky cream sauce is just heaven. Now back to me green salad 😦

Kristin on

@Sad I completely agree! They all seem to have such low self esteem. All the plastic surgery and diets to try to lose weight. Be happy with who you are. These are not role models. I hope teens aren’t looking up to this bimbo and tearing themselves apart because they see such a terrible public representation of a female celebrity.

Dawn on

Maybe she did not know that there are carbs in pasta!

Guest on

Is she trying to look like Victoria beckham with her face? She’ll ever be that skinny without removing the butt implants.

Sammi on

Is this an actual story? lololol oh People…..what a joke. I can’t wait to see what the story is about what Kim ate tomorrow! PS stop accepting their money, it’s pathetic.

allie on

Wow, Kylie looks so different than she used to and not in a good way.
This family, especially the mother, needs to stop putting every detail of their self absorbed lives in the news everyday.
They are just horrible and look it now too (except for Kendall and Khloe who seem more natural looking). Kris tries to dress and act young when she isn’t!!

Whittierlil on

Awww, the ole plastic bag is full full of s_ _ _!!!!!

Whittierlil on

This old plastic bag is full of poop!!!

fatalreview on

she is just trying to get twitter sympathy -she can’t even do low carb let alone no carb and the clue??? her favorite restaurant is a pasta house -full of pasta and bread and more bread and thick creamy calorie laden soups-plus she must hit 5 different restaurants in a day that’s why she is still fat-and no amount of fake alligator tears on social media and photoshop will change that

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