President Obama Dines at Bill and Giuliana Rancic’s RPM Steak in Chicago

10/02/2014 at 05:31 PM ET

Obama at RPM Steak
Noura Jafar

The Chicago restaurant RPM Steak got a very special — and very presidential — visit on Wednesday.

President Obama stopped in for a meal at the steakhouse, which is owned by Giuliana and Bill Rancic, with White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett and longtime friend Marty Nesbitt.

Obama’s group dined on classic steakhouse dishes, including the Grand Seafood Platter (oysters, shrimp, Alaskan king crab and lobster), a dry-aged bone-in Kansas City cut steak and the signature chocolate cake, a rep for the restaurant tells PEOPLE.

“Wow!!! President Obama is at our restaurant in Chicago @rpmsteakchi!!!! What an honor…I have tears in my eyes:) #bestfeelingever,” the host captioned the photo of POTUS she posted to Instagram.

RPM Steak is the sister restaurant to the couple’s RPM Italian, where Michelle Obama and her friends dined last year.

The President — who is in the Windy City for a closed-door fundraiser for Governor Pat Quinn and is giving a speech at Northwestern University on Thursday — even posed for photos with diners and spent time meeting with the staff.

“He came right through the front door and was great with everyone. People were so excited,” said Giuliana. “We didn’t know he was coming until the motorcade pulled up, which was super exciting.”

You can get a taste of the presidential life, too! Make the sinful chocolate cake the Obama party enjoyed, prepared by executive chef Doug Psaltis.

RPM Steak Chocolate Cake
Jeff Marini

RPM Steak’s Chocolate Cake
Makes 20 servings

For the cake:
3 cups all-purpose flour
1 cup cocoa powder
4 cups sugar
2 tsp baking powder
4 tsp baking soda
2 cups coffee grounds
1 cup buttermilk
6 eggs
½ cup butter, unsalted, melted
½ cup canola oil

For the ganache:
¾ cup heavy cream
¾ cup whole milk
2 ½ cups dark chocolate
½ cup milk chocolate
¾ cup butter, unsalted, room temperature

1. Sift together flour, cocoa powder, sugar, baking powder and baking soda and place in mixer with paddle attachment. Whisk coffee, buttermilk and eggs together in a separate bowl. Add coffee mixture to dry ingredients and mix until dry.

2. Mix butter and oil together and add to mix.

3. Divide batter evenly into 3 baking pans and bake at 250 degrees for 10 minutes.

4. In a small pot, bring cream and milk to a boil. Over a double boiler, melt both chocolates together. Pour cream mixture over chocolates and stir to combine. Stir in butter and mix until completely melted and combined.

5. To assemble, unmold cakes and slice tops to level off. Working in layers, start with one cake, 3 cups of ganache, another cake, 3 more cups of ganache, top with remaining cake.

6. Slowly pour remaining lukewarm ganache over cake, spreading with a spatula to evenly distribute. Appearance should be smooth and shiny.

7. Let cool overnight. Cut into twenty equal pieces.

—Ana Calderone

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Showing 40 comments

Truthfinder on

YEP… beheadings, bombings, ebola and he’s out campaigning and spending like there’s no tomorrow! Hope you all have your wallets at the ready to pay for his extravagance.
This is just as unbelievable as it is disgusting.

Dee on

I think if you are going out and you are the president or Prime Minister that’s the way to do it….just show up. This is when you see the place in it’s natural form and no one is being overly pretentious. Because, they didn’t have time to prep….

Truthfinder…..Honestly….give it a rest…the man’s gotta eat. Why don’t you go and run for president. Maybe you will get elected and do a better job. Until then, he’s a man not a machine….he’s still gotta eat. Jeez.

Sylvia on

2 cups of ground coffee in the recipe? Gross. Get over it already, whether the POTUS is Dem or Rep, they can’t be kept prisoner in the WH. They have the right to go out to see friends, vacation, eat a meal in a restaurant etc. It’s called being normal not extravagant.

Rachael on

Their recipe looks like a piece of turd with peanuts sprinkled on top. What does she know about food anyway…she’s on a two-finger diet or anorexic. She looks awful.

Lucy on

I was just watching “E News” tonight & they asked Guiliana what he ate & she was like, “Oh we never disclose what anyone eats at our restaurant!” OOPS!!

naj on

This president is a JOKE! He’s a disgrace. No respect for him. ALWAYS
out partying or golfing whatever…. BE nice if he would actually run our country.

RedHotRash on

I pray for impeachment.

ann on

How come the recipe doesn’t mention the gold they put on it? I am pretty sure that is gold in that picture.

guest on

Seems to spend all his time hobnobbing with celebrity pals like George Clooney and now dining at restaurants owned by reality stars for the publicity and not running the country or attending to serious business. And I’m not even an American.

rebecca on

. . . .and the country should care because??????

LM on

Oh, here we go. Because he’s President he doesn’t deserve to eat out, he’s out more than any other President before him, etc, etc. Look at the facts, he was a wealthy man way before he became President. He can afford to eat out here and there. Second, notice his dining companions. It was most likely a working dinner, not gorging and getting drunk on your tax dollar. Third, every President, regardless of party affiliation takes vacations, goes to dinner, etc. All people need some time away to do their job effectively. Have none of y’all taken a day off in 8 years?
Let’s stop criticizing. Just like Bush, he’s doing what he believes it right for out county. And the menu sounds delicious 🙂

Anonymous on

oh damn. The President is eating. People are going to be outraged. “praying for impeachment” really? y’all need to just get over it. It isn’t happening. Look at his picture. See him smiling? Why don’t you pathetic Obama haters try it!

Whittierlil on

What assinine nerve. If any negative comment is to be made of a president it should be of the one who embarrassed the whole country for the world to see… Nixon. Liar. Followed by Bush Jr. Another Liar. Current president had been fighting an uphill battle because of bigots in congress and obviously in here.

jm on

I find it ironic that the woman who looks like she hasn’t eaten in years owns a restaurant. She is about 30 pounds underweight and couldn’t conceive because of it. Bill stated this on the record.

BellatrixMcDougall on

I don’t particularly love cake or chocolate. However, that cake looks like the greatest thing ever. I am making it for Thanksgiving!

Anonymous on

Cake looks good.

Marcia on

I’m in Chicago and would like to try their restaurant. I was skeptical but it has gotten pretty good reviews.

nikki on

the Rancis are co Im sure they were aware a head of time that he was coming..the President just doesnt pop in some where

DaisyMoon on

Sylvia…I’m pretty sure the recipe requires 2 cups of BREWED coffee…like you would drink…as strong or weak as you prefer.

This is routinely put into chocolate cakes (made from scratch) to enhance the chocolate flavor…you don’t taste the coffee at all.

I have a killer recipe, similar to the one above and I hate coffee.

BMC Corp. on

And the news is…what..? The President dines-out & fund-raises while the nation goes to Hell..?

Jay on


Guest on

Maybe they should put Ebola in this recipe so he will get off his A$$ and do something about what is going on in this county instead of feeling his face. Its perfect how PEOPLE put these two articles together.

Faye on

Some of you are idiots. Just because there are beheadings and Ebola does not mean this President or anyone else in this country needs to cower in their houses. I don’t recall hearing the same outrage when a previous President would spend weeks away from the White House when two wars were taking place.

Jessy on

What do Bill and Giuliana think of themselves?
Their prices are too high. I’d better go to Longhorn for my steak.

bill on

Surprise that he didn’t have the Rancic special…bread crumbs.

Izzie on

I don’t think the fact that POTUS is “eating” is the main issue here. I believe that most of the negative posts on here are focused more on the fact that the president seems to be out and about campaigning, golfing and vacationing (even short jaunts to Camp David), than actually in “the office,” so to speak. This may be an incorrect perception, but when picture-after-picture is of the president being entertained or blowing off steam, it is hard to think that he spends more time out of the WH than working in the WH.

Jennifer on

All of you IDIOTS out there who complain about how the POTUS runs this country are nothing more than that…IDIOTS. Give me 1 leader in ANY COUNTRY on this planet that doesn’t do ANYTHING on the taxpayers dime?!?!? It’s just how ANY GOVERNMENT operates., and it’s been happening pretty much all throughout History!!!

Here’s a thought, why don’t you go through the HELL of running for President yourself, like Obama did. Then MAYBE you can do a better job of running this country!!! Until then…SHUT UP!!!

Ellen on

Where’s my comment….

Cali on

Breaking news people. This is why this country has gone to hell. media, reporters are the cancer of the world. Let’s make news that he dined in a posh resturant, while we don’t address the problems of the world. I wonder what the celebs are going to do when he is finally out of the office.

Cali on

Hey the comment about Obama fighting an uphill battle give me a break. So you think mr obama has never lied or covered up things. Really then you are a bigot yourself

Cali on

People are pissed because the article is irrevlant comparing to things going on in the world. My nephews friend was shot ten times by a homegrown terrorist and not one word from good old mr obama on these homegrown terrorists but we care about what he ate

Jazz Chill on

To all Obama haters (racists) – go F*** yourselves. Period.


GAG ME. And then to see that crazy Valerie Jarrett. How much did THIS COST US?

Southern Lady on

Wonder if his meal was on Michelle’s approved list of foods? Chocolate cake …. don’t think so!

Southern Lady on

To Jazz Chill: we’re racists because we don’t like Obummer? No, we’re educated AMERICANS who stay informed, and aren’t on the “govment” dole.

maeve on

having fun Barry ? Don’t worry about the rest of the united states as long as your having a good time. After all, we know that’s why you ran for president. Loser

Cook on

2 cups brewed coffee? Mixed with wet ingredients first. Do not make this with 2 cups of grounds.

Adie on

What size cake pans???

Mary Williams on

Who really cares?!!!

okiedokiepokie on

He’s always hanging with the famous. Just like every other President.

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