Michelle Obama Raps: ‘Turnip for What?’

10/15/2014 at 09:35 AM ET

Michelle ObamaCourtesy Vine

During a Twitter chat on Tuesday night, First Lady Michelle Obama turned DJ Snake and rapper Lil Jon’s “Turn Down for What” into the ultimate healthy eating anthem.

During the Twitter Q&A, Barack Obama impersonator Alphacat asks FLOTUS, “How many calories do you burn every time you ‘turn up’?!” Her 6-second Vine response: “Turnip for what?” The music then clicks on and, while holding a turnip in her hand, Mrs. Obama bobs her head to the beat.

At the time of this post, the Vine video had already looped over 6 million times. Watch the video yourself, and just try to get that song out of your head the rest of the day.

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Showing 41 comments

Grumpy Gus on


Go Back To Chicago on

How about the First Lady get out there and more actively support the military families like she said she would? Stop lecturing us about “healthy food choices”. Stop parading around with JayZ and BeyoncĂ©. Stop acting like a Hollywood wanna-be and get some class, dignity, and poise.

Kim browm on

NO CLASS at all.

Maria on

This is the First Lady of the USA. Scary

Mike on

Not very dignified.

hulagirrrl on

I love her! She is a good sport.

norosecoloredglspls on

isn’t this sweet, in the meantime, a second healthcare worker has been stricken with Ebola.

bill on

Celebrity wannabe.

LauraBushDrunkDriving on

Thank God we have a First Lady (Michelle Obama) who never killed a child like Laura Bush. The child Laura Bush murdered was an only child. And the witch never even apologized or went to the funeral. She should be rotting in jail. Why did she drive so recklessly? And then she married an alcoholic!

Sandra on

no class

Trish on

We are in an Ebola panic through the Country and our President’s wife is singing with turnips???!!!

LauraBushDrunkDrivingIsARumormongeringIdiot on

so, LAURABUSHDRUNKDRIVING, where in the police report states that 17 yr old Laura Bush was drunk? Is it beyond your comprehension that this was a tragic accident? Where is it noted, since it is rarely talked about, that she did not go to the funeral of her classmate? that she did not apologize?

RedHotRash on

go to h e l l

Lesli on

Detest her !!!!!!

Sherrie T on

Lord is there no help for this woman, please. She is so embarrassing, just stop. I loved L. Bush she had class and a brain. I miss W. And his delightfull family so much. His dad is awesome even bubba loves them!

I,too, Remember, When, Laura, Killed, the,Child on

Funny all these comments about the First Lady. Where was your outrage at the LAST First Lady, also known as “child killer?” Hope you like the next First Lady – his name is Bill Clinton.

Ann on

@LauraBushDrunkDriving…you are an idiot !!!!!! This is not about Laura Bush, it’s about Moochelle Obama !!!!!

But-MichelleObama-Never-Killed-A-Child on

Michelle Obama is a beautiful First Lady. She’s not the little mousy librarian child killer like Laura Bush. She’s a Princeton and Harvard Law School grad.

So glad Michelle Obama didn’t kill a child like Laura Bush. Of course, Laura Bush is white. So the Tea Party gives her a free pass – because they are made up of racists and they RUN the Republican party. But Michelle Obama who did nothing wrong, is not allowed to sing. Republicans can’t stand her because she’s black.

Charisma on

It doesn’t matter, what the first lady wears, or campaign for, how degrees she hold, some people hate her because she is the first black first lady thats why she get so many ugly comments, then you have some of her own race make ugly comments too, she is a very strong black woman, thats what make her awesome

Anonymous on

This is what you get for voting “Blacks” in the white house! They have done nothing!!! Singing about turnips while the US has gone to HELL! I would say they will win as the worst President and First Lady ever. Even beating the Clintons! CLUELESS!!!

E on


Anna on

As a non-American, I can tell you that Michelle Obama is not what is “embarassing’ about your country. It’s nasty comments such as your’s, and many Americans’ nastiness in general that is the the real embarrassment. Your two party system and the constant “us” vs. “them” mentality that turns a fun video made by your first lady into an attack on 50% (the democrats) of your country gets so old. If it was 10 years ago and Laura Bush made this video, it would be the other 50% attacking republicans.

Guest on

Classless idiot. She’s got nothing better to do than this with ISIS as a threat and Ebola growing daily.Shame on the Obamas !!!!! Change – yup Change for the worse

ana on

Very sad to look at this. She has fashion stylists to help her choose her clothing, but she doesn’t have anyone to teach her how to behave as a first lady. What a shame! Well, her stylists are not doing a good job either, so , let it be. I had to turn it off, I couldn’t stand to look at her “show” for five seconds.

Sarafina on

What in the world?! I like her Healthy Food & Exercise agenda, but this is too much. Not very classy for a highly-educated lady.

Selena on

It’s was watched 6 million times because no one could believe she could be this pathetic. Today the market dropped 450 points, and the CDC fell apart at the hands of her husband’s failure, again, and she’s “disco-ing” like a fool with a turnip. She’s not even cute, just arrogant.

Lucy on


Vol Fan on

If I had to watch her “Turnip” video on a continually basis, my brain would rot. How pathetic!!!!! Please, find some class.

Michelle on

As I read these comments I can see that so many feel the same….this is a classless video and there are way more important issues going on in this world that need addressing, over a turnip. Our country is being grossly neglected by the Government, while she B-bops

Marcia Walden on

Wow, I am a lifelong Democrat and love Michelle Obama, and really enjoy her sense of fun. What I don’t love is the nasty comments about her, and even more sad are the cruel comments about Laura Bush and a tragic accident in her life. Is there no one out there with any sense of decorum. Disgusted.

Selena on

Well Marcia, you Dems have proven that you can take the mess that Bush left and actually make it worse. And you’ve demonstrated once again, that you can dish it out, but can’t take it. It’s (still) a free country, although this administration is making it harder and harder to keep it that way, and people are allowed to voice their displeasure at the disco queen once again humiliating herself, her family and at least half our country.

JP on

Wow, so proud of our First Lady! NOT

IMustBeARacistCauseIDontLikeObama on

@Charisma…oh your comment is just so effing telling…..
You cry racism by saying,
“some people hate her because she is the first black first lady thats why she get so many ugly comments”, AND THEN IMMEDIATELY FOLLOW THAT WITH “she is a very strong black woman, thats what make her awesome”. Fuc*ing race baiting B^TCH. Go kill yourself.

jenc on

Yep. I am disgusted with the Obama’s single-handed destruction of MY country. I disagree with his policies and everything he stands for. Therefore, I must be a racist……

jenc on

God forbid Hillary gets voted in. I loathe her policies as well. But wait….she is a white woman….and I am a white woman. So how are all of you liberal idiots going to scream racism and sexism towards me then? Gonna have to come up with some new material. Guess if that happens you will need to take your EBT card to the bookstore and buy up some new reading materials. Oh wait…you probably have never been to a bookstore before.

WTF on

God she is so ghetto.

ShahNeyNey on

Wow….this is what resides in our White House. Wannabe celebrities who want to be cool kids instead of protecting our country. Watch this idiots move to Hollywood once they are evicted from the White House. Money doesn’t buy class, that’s for sure.

Belinda on

What an embarrassment!

Kass on

Everything GO BACK TO CHICAGO said. Her and her husband are an embarrassment to this country. No class, no dignity. Identifying with the rap culture, Hollywood. Pretentious and phony. Listen sweetie, you aren’t a nutritionist and you aren’t an elected official. I have no idea why schools followed her mandate but it is ridiculous. Does she look like she eats what she tells everyone else to eat? Worst president ever and worst first lady ever.

LaVonda on

I like turnips also. Why do people make nasty comments but don’t wanna put there real names. I’m just saying. People are too serious these days some one has to have a sense of humor. Why not her she’s human too. Besides this video could’ve been taped months ago before the Ebola crisis hit and is just now hitting the internet. Grow up you cyber bullies.

Mitchell Ormand on

It is intriguing to determine what will end up taking place and what decisions are going to be made with regards to the future with the world wide web.


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