Obama Makes Pit Stop in Rhode Island for ‘Death by Chocolate’ Cake

11/03/2014 at 10:47 AM ET

Barack Obama at Gregg's Restaurant Evan Vucci/AP

Just hours before President Barack Obama handed out candy and cookies to White House trick-or-treaters, he had another type of food on his mind: Decadent chocolate cake.

The POTUS, who was in Rhode Island on Friday to speak about economic reform and also to support gubernatorial candidate Gina Raimondo, stopped at Gregg’s Restaurant in Providence for lunch and to pick up one of its award-winning “Death by Chocolate” cakes along with a cheeseburger, of course.

Gregg’s owner Bob Bacon told The Providence Journal that he thought Raimondo, a regular customer, had suggested the stop. “If so, I appreciated it very much,” he said. The President apparently spent about half an hour greeting the lunch crowd, even making a video for one customer’s mother who was in the hospital.

CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller Tweeted that later on Air Force One, Obama negotiated that there would be no briefing from press secretary Josh Earnest (in honor of Halloween) in exchange for sharing his dessert with reporters:

It sounds like the six-layer chocolate cake, which is covered with fudge icing and chocolate morsels, was a satisfying trade. No word on whether Obama saved any for self-proclaimed ice-cream guy Joe Biden, though we bet a slice would have paired perfectly with a scoop of frozen goodness on top.

—Lexi Dwyer

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lilly pond on

This is news????? What a joke!!

Sandra on

If you have never had this cake…Lawd a Mercy you got to try a slice when you are in town. Save your calorie, fat and sugar points just for this.

lizandrsn on

More proof that American Journalism is easily bought and paid for by this Administration.

Jenn on

Michelle obviously wasn’t with him.

Guest on

This jerk is not newsworthy….maybe he’ll choke on the chocolate cake.

Jenc on

Please tell me that the cake does what its name implies! Eat up Barry, eat up.

Jon Bodack on

The Cake sounds really good, but other than that, who cares about this.

Anonymous on

Here is news: Mr. President, please address ebola…Allow me top borrow the words of another on this matter:
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As you well know or SHOULD know, Ms. Hickox, patients are very often non-compliant with instructions and will often look you right in the eye and LIE. So, Ms. Hickox, let’s analyze the case of Craig Spencer, M.D. Dr. Spence was on “honor system self-quarantine” at his home in New York. As reported by the New York Times, Dr. Spencer developed his first minor symptoms of Ebola on TUESDAY by feeling “sluggish” or, as we say clinically, experiencing lethargy. By definition, Dr. Spencer was now “symptomatic” and potentially contagious. All it takes is a little urine on his hand touching the flush handle of a public urinal. Being a non-compliant and narcissistic patient (as you are, Ms. Hickox), Dr. Spencer decided that he would go out on the town and he rode the A and L lines of the crowded New York City subway on WEDNESDAY NIGHT. It was not until THURSDAY that Dr. Spencer bothered to admit to the New York authorities that he was, indeed, symptomatic. The news media is now reporting that Dr. Spencer then LIED to the Police about his travels into the city. That was discovered only wafter the Police investigated his subway card and his credit card charges.
Tell us, Ms. Hickox, at what Nursing School were you EVER taught that “Science” somehow made it impossible for Dr. Spencer (who had developed his first minor Ebola symptoms of lethargy on TUESDAY) to develop the Ebola symptoms of nausea and vomiting on the crowded New York subway on WEDNESDAY NIGHT? The Ebola virus first replicates in the gastrointestinal tract and gastrointestinal fluids will have a very high concentration of Ebola virus. The fact that Dr. Spencer did not start vomiting Ebola virus on the crowded New York City subway on Wednesday night was not due to “Science”, Ms. Hickox. It was merely due to sheer dumb LUCK.
The only difference between you and Dr. Spencer, Ms. Hickox, is that your personality seems to be far more narcissistic than Dr. Spencer’s personality. Maybe you have Ebola virus replicating in your body right now (as Dr. Spencer did) or maybe you are lucky not to be infected at all after your contact with Ebola patients. Only time will tell. However, if you are infected, Ms. Hickox, your narcissism and your sociopathic conduct will endanger the citizens of the State of Maine once you DO develop symptoms, once your ego denies the symptoms (as Dr. Spencer’s ego did), once your ego drives you out in public and sheer dumb luck then gets to decide whether or not you will start vomiting Ebola virus in a crowded Maine restaurant.
Your position is not based on “Science”, Ms. Hickox. Your position is based upon your narcissistic ego, your utter lack of concern for your fellow American citizens and the old adage that “It’s better to be lucky than good”. The safety of the lives of the other citizens of Maine cannot be based upon your ego, your narcissism, your sociopathic conduct and your luck, Ms. Hickox.”

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