WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Halloween Candy’ Prank Causes Tears, Screams and Even Some NSFW Language

11/04/2014 at 10:36 AM ET

Some kids got a few more tricks than treats this Halloween, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live host’s fourth annual “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy” prank reel is back and — in our opinion — better than ever.

From fat tears to quiet nods of understanding to outright temper tantrums (which even include some bleeped-out NSFW language!), this year’s reactions from kids when their parents tell them they ate every single piece of their Halloween candy were all LOL-worthy. “All of it? Every single bite? You must have a belly ache,” one boy sweetly responded after his mom told him she depleted all of his sweet stash.

One of our favorite kids comes at the 1:25 mark — he deals with his frustration by opening every single kitchen drawer, including the faux cabinets underneath the sink. Once he’s barricaded himself, the pajama-clad kid snarls up at his parents, “Get out.”

The Most Adorable award goes to the little girl at the 1:50 mark, who cutely responds to the news with a few giggles followed by, “We’ll get some more next time.”

—Morgan Gibson

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Showing 69 comments

Trish on

With as many kids as we have around, the troops will be lucky to get any candy at all. LOL. I love seeing kids happy not sad. I could not do this to my cousin’s little girls. 😦 It’s mean!

Jennie on

These kids are downright brats.

Anonymous on

Jimmy Kimmel does this Halloween prank every year, and it’s pretty funny. Some of the kids are so sweet.

BeeHappy on

You would think that the children would learn by now that this is only a prank. :p

Mel on

I can think of at least one little kid who wouldn’t be getting his candy back at all, if I was his mom.

Sacré on

While I admit this is funny and I enjoy watching it every year, it’s disturbing to see so many kids throwing tantrums over candy. There are always a few who are adorable and understanding but the majority are just brats.

arieb on

For the little kids that have temporary shock and then say it’s okay, if I were their parents I’d want to give them a big hug for having an awesome attitude about it.

I’m not sure how I would’ve reacted. I would eat some of my candy for a couple of days for as a kid, then it’d be pushed way back in the cabinet (mom?) and then I’d find it and throw it in the garbage.

Collecting the candy in a costume with friends was the most exciting part.

Angela on

Oh, hell no. If my children spoke to me or acted the way some of those children did, it would not only be a prank, they would never be getting candy again. Screaming? Throwing things around the kitchen? Thats not funny in any way and I would be totally embarrassed to submit that tape as evidence of what a raging brat my child was.

Melissa on

Although funny this video is very disturbing. It shows what is wrong with our society. Most of these kids are BRATS. Parents should be teaching kids to be grateful for what they have. If I pulled this crap when I was a kid, I would have gotten slapped.

exit82 on

Every year I think this is so mean- but then can’t help laughing at some and want to hug others- of course there are those I would be embarrassed to submit if they were my kids-

messiejessy on

Not sure how I would have handled the situation with the child continuously telling me to shut up. I understand in their eyes they don’t realize it’s a joke and it’s hard news for a kid to take BUT… if my kid ever spoke to me like that, that situation would have went from potentially funny to serious. I’d have to stop the whole gamete and put him and seriously put him in his place. If I would have ever told either one of my parents to shut up, I would have gotten my face smacked off!

Robi on

I loved the sweet kids! The kid at the end needs her butt whooped for using that language though. Not cute. The rest, I loved though!

Angie on

This is so hilarious I love this! I love the little kids who keep their cool despite the heartbreaking news.

mommy2eandl on

This prank is so funny but so cruel to the kids!!

Kat on

I like that they showed a selection of kids that dealt with it sweetly, disappointed but willing to accept. They should teach a lesson to the children that flipped out, since maybe it would be better if they did lose their candy!

Tamm on

I heard some of these on the radio this morning, hilarious

bkable on

I give some of the kids a pass simply on age – a kid at two or three really does value candy to the end of the earth.
The older kids, I just can’t. If I was a mom and my kid answered me by cursing at me, even after finding out it was a joke, at ten-ish years old. I would eat his candy.

Seriously? on

First of all — hilarious!

Second — this video is a GREAT illustration of why some adults are assholes: their parents raised them to be ones!

guest on

Wow you can tell who has been raising their kids right and who has allowed these temper tantrums before. Those kids are not beginners at tantrums! What a bunch of sweet kids there are in the mix though.

Irish on

I just don’t think this is funny. Why do people think it’s funny to make someone so upset or to cry? If we did this to each other as adults, it would be considered bullying. We are trying to make them freak out for our own entertainment. That’s pretty wrong, sorry.

Luden on

This is a learning tool not to lie to children, and why do people always want to punish children. I thought it was great. I got to see my great grand son on TV. I have only seen him once in person, all my children are great.

Meia on

Although this always cracks me up, some of those kids are AWFUL! I would have gotten slapped off that stool if I had yelled shut up to my mother or thrown everything on the table across the room. We laugh because we know its a silly prank. But the reality is, is these children really are acting like this over candy. Our society is in trouble if this is how our future behaves.

Ardyn on

This is is the 2nd year in a row that they have chosen to end with a child cursing. Last year a 2 year old called someone a B*itch for eating her candy. Its NOT funny to watch small children say such bad language. Shame on those parents.

loco on

I hate this. I hate hate hate this. Kimmel and every one of those parents should be cited for child abuse. What example are you setting for your children if you teach them

a) it’s funny to lie
b) it’s even funnier if you ridicule/film the person who is the victim of the lying???

HOW can this be accepted or tolerated? These parents should be arrested and charged.

I love Kimmel but this is such an awful awful idea on every level.


F G on

Pretty sick to do this to your kids and laugh about it just to get on TV. It’s good to see parents passing their screwed up values on to the next generation.

Sam on

You parents saying you would not tolerate if your kid reacted like that are essentially saying this; I can be an asshole to my kids, and if they don’t tolerate it, they are in the wrong and need to be punished.

If I ever have kids, I WANT them to stand up to people being mean to them, no matter who it is. I would hope they are mature and respectful enough to react in a more civil manner, but you have to recognize what a big deal it is to someone that young.

Mommygetsit on

I just don’t understand how people find little kids cursing to be funny. I find it appalling. When my 4 year old uses bad language she is punished. She has only done it once or twice and usually just after she hears someone say something inappropriate. As for making kids cry and throw temper tantrums – kids cry and throw temper tantrums over the dumbest things. My oldest just had one because I turned off her movie (she wasn’t watching it). If you make a big deal about something it becomes a big deal. If you don’t, they get over it fast and usually move on to the next thing. I wish I had thought to record my daughter – maybe it’ll make her think twice when she acts out in the future.

guest on

child abuse? get a grip!

Johnny on

I tried to do this to my 6 year old daughter because I thought it would be fun to see if we could get on the show. She just laughed and said “Nice try Dad, I remember seeing this trick on Facebook last year!”

lola on

Some of these little brats would not be getting their candy back!! WOW!

Marty on

I think the reaction of the children should give some of those parents something to think about. It is shocking and embarrassing more than funny. Being an elementary school teacher, I don’t find the video entertaining, mainly because having those children in a classroom is a freaking nightmare. Happy to see some of the children were very cute! I like to have a laugh, but hearing parents laugh at their little kids swear like that is rather pathetic. I know children don’t always have the coping skills to deal with something that is so stressful (having all the candy go missing can be a big deal), but the way they spoke to their parents was just really sad.

zvmbxhjvbjvnb98p on

I will never understand a parent who gets off on seeing their child cry on what’s supposed to be a day filled with smiles and happiness. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, parents are supposed to protect their kids from meanness and lift them up – so I think those moms and dads suck and I feel sorry for their kids.

Anonymous on

This is not so much funny as it is a scathing indictment of these adult’s lack of parenting skills…these kids bratty reactions, language, disrespect for their parents and generally entitled demeanor is pathetic and disturbing. Hey, why don’t you give them another trophy for doing nothing? That seems to be working out SO well.

Kim on

This is not so much funny as it is a scathing indictment of the adults’ parenting skills (or lack thereof). The kids’ reactions, language, lack of respect for their parents and generally entitled demeanor is pathetic and disturbing. Sure, go ahead, give these fat, spoiled little brats another trophy for doing nothing…that seems to be working out SO well.

Heather on

Yeah this makes me more sad than anything mainly bc most of those children are way too old to be acting that way. I have 5 children and know from experience that you teach them how to talk to you so if you let your 3 yr old throw fits, you will let a 10 yr old throw fits which I can’t even comprehend. The sweet children at least offer some hope that there are some good eggs out there 🙂

KT on

Wow. Those two girls using the F word! I would be so embarrassed as their mother. They shouldn’t get their candy back! A few of the kids were soooo sweet!

Anonymous on

This is a sick thing to laugh at.

Carolyn on

Why is it funny to be cruel to children?

jen on

oooh my. I love the sweet kids. They will change the world one day! The other kids…well, hopefully, they learn better manners from somewhere!

Guest on

I would NEVER have yelled at my parents like that! woah, no way. I was (am) sensitive so I probably would have just went to my room and maybe cried and wonder why my parents did that. Blame myself probably.

Kimmel Jimmy on

This isn’t funny. Kimmel isn’t funny.

Yoli on

The kids who were calm and sweet, bravo to those parents! They’re doing a good job!!

Debbie on

Just in this post’s comments alone, you can see where this world is going. A child of 6 said “I saw this on facebook last year”?. Scary, scary, scary. And the fact that most of these kids are overweight and shouldn’t have candy to begin with.

Karen on

I’m not a fan of pranks, especially on children let alone sharing their reaction with the world. But then again here I am watching it.

I’m a firm believer that our children imitate our actions. If we as parents yell at our kids when they misbehave or get into mischief they learn that’s how you react to situations. Imagine if the negative reaction of finding your 4 year old climbing on the counter (or any non appropriate behavior) of “How many times have I told you” was replaced with something mor positive “Its not safe to stand on counters, let me help you get it”. Children learn by example and are an extension of us.

Anonymous on

I think this is just horrible. Encouraging parents to lie to their kids? And the kids are right to be upset. This isn’t just about whether or not they get to stuff themselves with candy. If the parents really had stolen their candy stash and eaten it all, it would be an out-and-out betrayal by the people who supposedly love you the most.

Jimmy Kimmel, quit encouraging this awful prank!

Dominique on

I thought that was mildly funny but rather cruel . Kids that age do not understand that this was a prank… They think of these candies as real treasures, not simply candies…

Dominique on

Bad joke, bad taste…. Did not make me laugh… How can parents worthy of the name do that to their own kids. Rather sickening…

Dex on

Add me to the list of people who don’t think this is funny. Kids don’t always understand the mechanics of humor, and a “prank” is even more complicated to understand. What they get out of this is that their parents are mean. If I told my 6-year-old daughter that her best friend died, filmed her reaction, then posted it online, no one would be laughing; there would be cries of “abuse” and calls to Child Protective Services. How is this candy prank/lie any different? Yes, some of these kids’ responses are horrific, but with jerks like these for parents, they’re clearly not getting any kind of appropriate behavior modeling.

Tom on

Its mean to do this, to kids, Your parents are the people you should be able to trust. This is cruel and not funny.

Stephen Kosciesza on

This whole idea, tormenting small children to laugh at their reactions, is just plain sick.
That anybody could think it’s funny is just plain sick.
That some people’s complaint would be the bad language from the children is just plain sick.
We worry about bullying among children, and then we teach our children how to do it. We worry about child abuse, even while we abuse our children to get a laugh.

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