Giuliana Rancic Solves One of Your Biggest Wine Woes

12/02/2014 at 02:43 PM ET

Giuliana Rancic Wine Xo, G
Troy Jensen

If you’ve ever been faced with the dilemma of wanting only one glass of wine (okay, maybe two) after a long day without having to waste the whole rest of the bottle, Giuliana Rancic is here to save your happy hour.

The E! News host, who also owns two Chicago restaurants with her husband Bill, recently debuted XO, G, her new line of vino at Walmart that offers stacked individual glasses of pinot noir, pinot grigio and rosé.

“Moms these days are busier than ever and a lot of us are juggling a million things a day,” Rancic, 40 — who recently celebrated her son Duke’s second birthday — tells PEOPLE. “When we come home at the end of the night we deserve that one perfect glass of wine.”

And, having grown up in an Italian household, Rancic says that this is right up her alley. “You hear stories of how Italians give wine to their children and it’s true, it was always on the table,” she says. “It was never taboo in my household, I’ve always respected wine and I really savor it.”

Giuliana Rancic Wine Xo, G
Courtesy of XO, G

So, what was the best part of the process? “Bill and I would put Duke to bed and just do taste tests,” she says. “It was a fun few months and I’m really proud with what we chose.”

Plus, Rancic says the price tag makes them an ideal gift for the holidays. “The packaging is so unique, they’re under $10 and it really makes a statement,” says Rancic. “They’re such a great hostess gift.”

Now tell us, will you try XO, G?

—Ana Calderone

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Beatrice Miller on

Packaging is cute, but you only pay for this and I am pretty sure the wine is rubbished even more as it is stored in small plastic cups. No need to speak about the waste and anti ecologial aspect of the product!
Some tools now exist allowing you to extract from a bottle just a glass without wasting the bottle so I don’t really see the point beside cheap marketing! Total rip-off

stardustsara on

i think it is a great idea. a great gift also

Anne on

They look like baby food jars. Stacked baby food jars. Cute packaging, but baby cute…not something I would be Interested in drinking wine from.

amyinoaktown on

Really cute gift idea. Kind of like a mini bottle but packaged nicely for gift giving.

Anne on

Oh geez, I just re read… Lol here I thought it resembled baby food jars and she is saying Italians give wine to their kids… Lol at least with this packaging the kids will know which wine is theirs…

jj on

The alien lollipop will gladly put her name on anything for a buck. Forget about the booze – she needs to eat.

Anne on

The name is OX, G? Like hugs and kisses G? The adult version of a hug. I love the look, I love the convenience, but the packaging is killing me! Lol even when I first saw the pic I was like, great another celeb has a kid and they have to start making clothes or selling food. And here it’s wine.

Cindy on

Actually someone else created this idea. He was on Shark Tank a few years ago. She is probably just putting her name on it as a brand to the idea. I love Guliana, but this is not her idea. And as for the taste of the wine, I saw that it got great reviews….again…it is not HER wine, it is just her branding.

thesubparbaker on

These are cute and I would buy them- but I’ve seen these types of things at the store before. It wasn’t her idea as the story leads you to believe.

Ally on

I wish I could get these in Canada!

Joanna on

this already exists. it’s called stack wine. it’s exactly the same

Jessy on

Nooo, off course not.

LuLu on

Not sure how this was her idea. Copa has been selling wine in this manner for several years.



charlotte on

I adore wine, but I don’t feel the need to line this girl’s pockets. I will not be purchasing these. And this is not a new idea, by the way.

Anonymous on

Nooooooooooooooooo !!! This is blasphemy to wine !!!!

Marie on

Noooooooooooooo !!!! This is blasphemy to wine !!!

lala on

I tried them and I got the worse hangover followed by a migraine the next day. I will pass.

dawn on

Cool high class walmart wine.

DaisyMoon on

I think she stole this idea from someone on “Shark Tank”…

Kate on

While a cute idea, I never find I have this problem (glug, glug!)

DaisyMoon on

My bad…
I didn’t know someone had already mentioned the “Shark Tank” thing.

Stacee Golding on

This is not anything new…..someone already had came up with this idea and has been in the stores for a few years, it’s called Stack Wine. Why does everyone feel they need to invent something, especially when it’s already been there, done that but they act like it’s their idea???

Anonymous on

This woman needs to gain some weight. When she shows her bare shoulders and arms on her “E” show I have to look away it is so gruesome. Is this an eating disorder ?? It must be.

skg on

She looks like a skeleton, and she’s advertizing wine??? The woman better be thinking about food, and putting something more nourishing in her body! Get her off tv and back in shape, please. Not easy to watch someone starve.

Melissa on

Please, like this b**** would ever drink wine from Walmart.

Judy Covert on

Copo divino has been on the market for some time with the same thing. So her idea is not the only thing. Check out

Thomas on

She looks like a broom stick with a wig.

Jill on

My friend had a bottle of the Pinot Grigio, so I tried a glass and it was surprisingly really good! I didn’t have high expectations, but it tasted as good (or better) than other wines at that price, like Cupcake and Yellowtail. And the individual cups are perfect for me, since I like to have one glass after work, not a whole bottle.

K.B. on

As the child of a severe alcoholic, I am not a fan of small containers of alcohol. They are too easy to hide…. in pockets, glove boxes, backpacks, purses. Addicts don’t need help furthering their addictions.

O'Snap on

Hey snarky “Stack Wine / Shark Tank” smarties — do a little research: She didn’t steal anything.

his response on

earth to khloe, most of us do not want a fat butt. that is ghetto ok?

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NBA on

I enjoy browsing your website. Appreciate it!

aristofennes on

I’m not sure about this. Better come to France to taste the real quality of wine and wine-growing culture.

Kendall Caminos on

Good information. Lucky me I ran across your blog by chance (stumbleupon). I’ve book marked it for later.


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