Fitness Expert Tracy Anderson on Getting and Staying Fit in 2015

12/29/2014 at 04:15 PM ET

Tracy Anderson
Raskind & Smallz

Looking to shape up in the New Year? Tracy Anderson has got you covered! The fitness expert and creator of the Tracy Anderson Method has trained everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Jennifer Lopez — and now she’s sharing her best fitness and diet tips with PEOPLE.

1. Be honest with yourself about the body you want.
Have a real conversation about where you’re at with your health. You need to find exercises with some sort of strategy behind them, a strategy for how you want your body to look and perform. Even if the CrossFit class down the street works with your schedule, for example, you shouldn’t be taking that class if you don’t want a CrossFit body. Similarly, if you want to look like a bodybuilder, then you’re not the best candidate for my DVD. Get real with yourself. Understand how you move. For help finding your personal fitness strategy, use my new streaming program or my Metamorphosis program.

2. Exercise five to seven days a week.
If you don’t work out one day, you’re going to stay the same or gain weight. It’s fine if you want to give yourself a day to rest, but know that as long as you’re not exercising in a way that’s invasive to your body, you can exercise seven days a week. It cracks me up when people say, “How long do I have to commit to this exercise program?” or “How long until I can just do this two to three days a week?” That’s not reality. We need to get used to taking care of our bodies. To put it in perspective: We spend five minutes a day brushing our teeth, and teeth are tiny in comparison to the rest of our bodies. So if teeth take up five minutes of your day, the rest of your body can take up 30 to 60 minutes.

Tracy Anderson
Raskind & Smallz

3. Diet and exercise go hand in hand.
The biggest mistake my clients make is saying, “I need to lose weight before I work out.” You never want to just “diet” weight off before you start working it off. Exercise is part of it! If you have weight to lose, you have to train yourself to be good at exercise. And diet is definitely important, but it’s not about calorie restriction — it’s more about eating whole and organic foods. You should enjoy foods that are life-giving instead of damaging to your body. Avoid processed foods, and include foods that as are as close to nature as possible, as well as greens and superfoods like mulberries. I eat organic chocolate every single day.

4. A good playlist can be the key to a good workout.
I love music so much! Working out to music is something that people need to do. On my workout playlist right now: “Live Forever” by Travis Barker, “Courtesy” by PRhyme, “Divine Sorrow” by Wyclef Jean, “Got Love” by Tove Lo, “Dangerous” by David Guetta, “I Own It” by Nacey, “Style” by Taylor Swift, “0 to 100” by Drake, “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson, “Booty (Remix)” by J. Lo, and Bleachers’ album.

—Gabrielle Olya

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deleted on

I will never figure out how this woman has scammed her way into being a fitness “guru.”

She has no qualifications. She puts her body into a weird position and then tells you to raise your arm this way, push your leg that way….and then do it again for 100 reps.

She is a modern day snake oil salesman.

FelicityJune on

bah, can’t stand women to give body advice, when they have fake boobs. Her head looks gigantic, compared to her body in the first pic. The fact that she puts silicone in her body, tells me that she is a fake!!! You suck lady!!!

bah on

I’ve done her program and, surprisingly, it works. The unusual moves and weird positions all have a purpose and they get visible results. I’ll be the first one to admit that the whole celebrity trainer angle and Hollywood image can be off-putting but I’ve done P90X, Insanity and other programs but the only one that actually changed my body shape was this one.

me on

It is kind of hard to take fitness advice seriously from someone who has had obvious plastic surgery to help look how she does. I am not saying to it be mean, just being honest.

guest on

I did her program for about a year. In a lot of ways, it is beneficial. For example, I was always a runner and her program really helped balance everything out. That being said, after a year I got really bored and I stopped seeing results even though I stuck to her plan. Once I changed to BUTI yoga, my results have been amazing. and Bizzie Gold, the founder of BUTI yoga is more realistic in my opinion. Plus her plan has 2 built in rest days.

Christina on

She has the body of a 12 year old boy with orange halves shoved in her chest, why are we supposed to want to look like her?

Aron on

It was my dream to lose weight. I think I’m on the right path now
3 week diet. Read review

Carly on

Surprised a “fitness expert” would be flaunting such obviously fake boobs. They look awful – beanbags on a skeletal chest.

N on

The Jillian Michaels dvds are so much better. I’ve done some of Tracey Anderson’s dvds and they’re fun, but her body bugs me with her fake boobs and lips.

Guest on

I too don’t want to take advise from her. I don’t like silicone phonies and these photos are very photoshopped. See a real candid of her face and she’s full of wrinkles from too much sun damage. In reality, she looks like a heavy smoker, facewise.

Dag on

Not sure why people are so focused on Tracy’s appearance. Her workout WORKS! I bought her post-pregnancy dvd after my first child was born (I gained over 50lbs) and got back into a great shape. I was very confident in bathing suit and I only exercised twice a week to maintain the body (roughly 45min workout).
After my second (again over 50lbs weight gain) it’s been a lot harder to get rid of the last 6lbs. I’ve been trying different routines and non-Tracy workouts for variety. I definitely need to work out at least 4times a week to get back to where I want to be, but it’s hard to find the time with two small kids. And to stop eating sweets… I can barely do 2 workouts a week on average.

If you really want a great body, commit to what Tracy says. It is hard work, but you will really look awesome.

Anonymous on

I have to make a resolution this year to get healthy, and to stay healthy. Coming off of an eating disorder, one that I am still battling, doing what she wants would send me backwards. I’m all for exercise but she makes it sound like if you even miss one day, your efforts are over, you will remain fat and never look like her. I just want to gain weight to be healthy and happy again.. and not so depressed that I don’t look like her physically. That I should be happy with who I am. I will..just takes time.

msliftbig on

She gave terrible advice except for the “train your body for how you want it to look”. Everything else either common sense or made no sense at all. Look at her body, does SHE even lift weights? She just looks really thin with huge implants.

Douglass on

She is a crook. She had a studio here in Fishers ,Indiana. I checked it out but was skeptical when the program required pay up front. She ended up closing the studio and taking all the money. The employees were left to take the blame.

Anneverzel on

I think before you do any diet or exercise program you need to find something that you are willing to do and stick to-
this woman telling you to workout everyday and not rest isn’t healthy
and if shes telling you that eating organic chocolate is going to make you any skinnier than the same amount of the 99 cent Hershey bar at the gas station she is full of BS.

Torsten on

What a load of horse manure. No or just one rest day a week? What sensible trainer gives advice like that? I would really like to know more about her qualifications because after reading this article, I get the feeling that she has no idea about health, anatomy or sports medicine. What shocks me most, though, is that she gets such a huge platform, where this BS is exposed to millions of people who think she really is an “expert”. Irresponsable, PEOPLE and Tracy!!!!!

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