Shailene Woodley Says Eating Ants and Pigs’ Feet Tastes ‘Great’

03/27/2015 at 01:25 PM ET

Shailene Woodley Bone Broth
Andrew H. Walker/FilmMagic

Though we know she’s a fan of everything from drinkable clay to homemade beef bone broth, Shailene Woodley‘s interesting food choices never cease to amaze us.

This just in: The Insurgent star also eats bugs.

“I’ve eaten ants and that was great. And June bugs, that was great,” Woodley, 23, told Nylon in a behind-the-scenes video on set of her cover shoot. “I think the future of food is in insects, so we’ll see what happens.”

And her eclectic taste doesn’t stop there. Woodley revealed she’s also dabbled in pig’s feet.

“I had pigs’ feet in Spain, a few months ago and that was awesome,” the environmentalist said. “They’re so gelatinous and it felt great for my stomach.”

But it should come as a no surprise that Woodley would be interested in utilizing every part of an animal—she’s noted that’s one of the reasons she’s a fan of bone broth.

“I’ve been into bone broth for a long time and it’s really cool because now there is this whole Paleo movement and it’s getting a lot of attention,” the actress recently told David Letterman. “What I think is beautiful about it is that you’re using the whole animal. You’re not just seeking out that perfect cut of muscle meat.”

—Ana Calderone, @anacalderone

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Marie on

Her taste in food is a bit different. Haha. I don’t think I would survive if we had to start eating bugs. Eww.

John on

Eating animals, even if you uses the entire carcass, is cruel and hard on the planet. Eating animals is therefore immoral.

jeffwinterwolfhewitt on

Shailene Woodley Says Eating Ants and Pigs’ Feet Tastes ‘Great’

Anyone wanna vomit, go right ahead.

Who is she dating? A garbage disposal?

guest on

It sounds weird to white america, but it is not weird to many other cultures. See asian cuisine for some good pigs feet.

maty on

This girl is a ding bat if she thinks it’s a new thing to use all of the animal. Chefs have been doing this for hundreds of years. What do you think chicken, beef, seafood broth is made of? All meat broth is made from the bones, duh. In Europe they eat all parts of the animal: brain, tongue, cheeks, whatever. This is nothing new and making a big deal of it shows how immature and uneducated she (and People magazine) is.

arabrabbra on

Wow. No wonder half the world thinks Americans are ignorant. What a stupid headline. Pigs feet are big in the south, and in many other countries. So are ants. Good protein. I thought it was going to say she eats goat placenta or something.

bill on

My life has changed because of this twit.

kbunyon on

It never ceases to amaze me how people attack others online, but specifically on this site. Between calling her a twit, saying that she doesn’t have a clue because people have been using the whole animal for centuries, and that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about because the food she eats makes you want to vomit.

This young woman is being open and honest, and showing exactly how narrow minded people are. What one person might find strange is a delicacy elsewhere. Bugs are packed full of protein without many negatives, and really could be the future of eating around the world for those who want to eat most healthily.

She never said that using the whole animal was new, just that she was happy that the paleo trend was catching on. I have to agree with her.

And who you might think is a twit had obviously done her research and is willing to expand her horizons from where she was raised in Canada, and experience all of the world. To me that’s something not a lot of people bother doing, even with the opportunity.

The spewing of hatred online from people who have absolutely no clue what they’re talking about continues to floor me. It’s so much easier to trash something you don’t understand – or care to understand – than take some time and do a little reading and broaden your horizons. The internet has turned our world into a sadder and more pathetic place.

Susan on

Good for her. I’m not “Paleo” in the strict (or wacky) sense, but grains are not a part of my diet while grass-fed animals and tons of non-starchy veggies are. It’s the only way I was able to become healthy again, so I’m glad to see it’s working for another person as well.

Oranges on

Hey good for her on being willing to eat all those different things. I think my gag reflex is just too strong.

Lucy on

From the look of her, not much of anything.

Anonymous on

she’s entitled to her own opinions but shouldn’t try to foist them on others oh and another thing eating bugs in some countries is a delicacy Snails in France for example. there have been stars that eat mostly organic for decades so she’s far from the first

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