The White House State Dinner Menu Is Making Us Very Hungry and Very Jealous

04/28/2015 at 11:23 AM ET

State Dinner

The new china has been selected and the menu is set for Tuesday night’s White House State Dinner.

So it’s time to feast.

President Obama and Michelle Obama are hosting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife, Akie Abe, for the dinner-to-remember on April 28. Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto is the guest chef for the evening, joining the culinary forces of White House executive chef Cris Comerford and executive pastry chef Susan Morrison to create a one-of-a-kind menu.

“I am deeply honored to be the guest chef for tomorrow’s #StateDinner at the @whitehouse hosted by President @barackobama and First Lady @michelleobama in honor of Prime Minister Abe and Mrs. Abe of #Japan!” the Japanese chef posted to Instagram.

The first course, Toro Tartare and Caesar Sashimi Salad (pictured below), is wrapped in clear acetate and tied with a Mizuhiki cord, Yahoo Food reports.

The second course, Vegetable Consomme En Croute and Shikai Maki, is a tribute to FLOTUS’s kitchen garden.‎ The main course is American Wagyu Beef Tenderloin with Spring Vegetables and Maui Onion Veal Jus.

State Dinner

The showstopper of the evening is definitely dessert, which includes a blown sugar teapot decorated with edible cherry blossoms and surrounded by petit fours as well as cheesecake made of silken tofu and soy milk with Florida berries and White House honey.

The dinner will include a sake toast and three American wines, all from California: the 2013 Ryo-fu Chardonnay from Freeman Vineyard & Winery, founded by Ken and Akiko Freeman in Sebastopol; the 2010 Joli Coeur Pinot Noir from Morlet Family Vineyards in St. Helena; and the 2007 Russian River Cuvee sparkling wine from Iron Horse Vineyards, also in Sebastopol.

State Dinner

Cherry blossoms are the decor du jour for the dinner, with Washington’s signature flowers gracing everything from the red chopsticks to the table’s centerpieces.

And that’s not all! The guests will be entertained by the stars of the film Jersey Boys. Sounds like quite the party.

—Morgan Gibson, @morgangibson

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Showing 112 comments

Tina on

Well, the gift-wrapping is pretty. But….mmm…idk.

bill on

Another article written by someone on a middle school newspaper.

Selena on

I see the brain dead, juvenile butt kissers are writing the articles again!

Suzanna on

That China is magnificent.

Bilds on

I hope it follows Mrs. Obama’s public school lunch food stipulations… because thanks to her, I don’t think anything like this is being served to the children of the country….

Sandra on

@Bilds, get over it, move on, blow it out….Do whatever you need to, to soothe your weary soul about the better eating initiative.

ick on

o come on

the most
di vi sive



dapplehans on

so who ate the tea pot& cherry blossoms?

RedHotRash on

meanwhile Baltimore burns

freya on

meanwhile Baltimore burns
HUH THEN WE ALL STOP LIVING STOP THE WORLD FROM SPINNING . EVERYONE STOP BREATHING INCLUDING YOU RED RASH. Anyone can really see that the dumbest post are ALWAYS ALWAYS coming from the fox drones and the conservaturd trolls.

Cy on

Those of you who are jealous, you should be, you are paying for this.

june on

This is lovely! For those commenting ‘we are paying for all this”, no s—— goverments use tax revenue to operate. A great country like America should be operating at this level when dignitaries visit. #proud

Hungry on

I am not a big eater at all but one spoon of food? I don’t care what it is, I at least need two spoons. 🙂

realtalk on

Dame un arroz con gandules, pollo y plantanos any day over this.

I love a fancy meal as much as the next girl, but this looks pretentious and unappetizing.

JakkiK on

So why didn’t they serve up school lunches sanctioned by michelle obama?

Sumner on

Baltimore is burning miles away from the WH, Iran is going nuclear and hijacking U.S. flag ships, ISIS is beheading Christians and throwing gays off of buildings, 1000’s dead in Nepal and Obumbler is eating high off the hog and BRAGGING ABOUT IT.

I am ASHAMED of my country.

Joe Blow on

While they force kids to eat the most vile garbage on earth. Let them eat cake so say the P0$ occupying the white house.

Buzz on

Why don”t they serve some of that slop that Moochelle has pushed on the school kids?

Jack Adams on

I hope the Marxist SOB chokes on a piece-of-meat the next time!!! What a DIVISIVE and INCOMPETENT Chicago thug he is!!!! 630 days to go – before he GOES!!!

gary on

I think I’m gonna throw up, can you pass me the sake?

dachu3 on

The Jap prime minister and Obama are most likely discussing Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty.
If you loved NAFTA how it sucked jobs out of USA then you will get a ‘kick’ out of this treaty. US Senate is fast tracking it and the details are secret.
Now, can you say Bon Appetite?

Lana on

Thank YOU, Freya! Your sanity let me breathe: I felt I was suffocating with a flow of stupid, ignorant, full of hate red wing morons posts. How easy it is figure our: the dumbest post come from Fox brainwashed ppl. Sadly, the logic can not be persuaded.

Sam on

Meanwhile his w*hore wife gives our children crap to eat.

Jack Thompson on

I remember the last time Prime Minister Abe and Obama got together for eats. Abe took Obama to the most famous sushi chef in Japan – Master Sushi Chef Jiro Ono. His restaurant is a small place under ground near the subway. It has very limited seating and there is a waiting list several months long to get in. Abe bumped everyone to take Obama there and do you know how Obama showed respect to a Chef that is considered a national treasure? He didn’t finish the meal. Something no one ever does considering it is the best sushi around and not finishing it is seen as an insult. I wonder if PM Abe will finish his meal?
P.S. I wonder why would the White House ever serve Japanese cuisines to the PM of Japan considering he eats Japanese cuisine all the time? Wouldn’t it be better to server something that is new and interesting. Kind of like getting a gift for someone of which they already have several hundred of the same.

Tony on

While most of the people that voted for him are unemployed and eating spam. Yes we can ! LOL

Mohammed Goldberg on

Gourmet food for the Obamas, moldy and out dated government surplus food for the public school lunches. What is wrong with this picture?

doctorzin on

You’ve got to be a real idiot to serve Japanese people Japanese food at a state dinner. Why the hell would they want something they could have had had they never left Tokyo?

aardvarkomega on

Wagyu is the most overrated beef.
It is just a gimmick to charge the rich more money so they can brag about how opulent their food is.

Top Cat on

And Marie said to the poor, “Let them eat cake,

Top Cat on

Let them eat CAKE

LuJr75 on

..meanwhile, your children eat crap for lunch. Eat up, kiddies – maybe when the time comes, you’ll know better than your parents and vote for the right candidates.

Ben Dover on

What is Chewbacca doing in the photo next to the president?

tim on

On the tax-payers dime. Meanwhile, your children are forced to eat….$#it at school pushed by some man-woman-pig named Michelle, elected by nobody…thinking that one gross meal a day will change the fact kids sit all day in school, just to sit in front of a computer at home.

Bernard curtin on

The Obama’s fiddle while…….

ADM on

It’s good to be duh King! Or, in this case, the nation’s top welfare recipients. Meanwhile, let the school kids starve on a moldy roll, a teaspoon of canned vegetables, and rotten fish.

Sarah on

Let them eat cake!

piscean2014 on

I’ve got something those two parasites can feast on.

Fred762 on

Dem Obabas, they sure be eatin high onna hawg, Meanwhile all the kiddies in government skools eat garbage..ummhummm

Anonymous on

This is disgusting. Not the Food, The savages eating it!

smokehouse56 on

Sooooo, you reserve the right to remove any comment you don’t like. Than you better remove this one. Obama and his thugs deserve nothing. They are destroying our country right before our eye and people like you look the other way. Shame, shame, shame.

tomkay1012 on

It just dawned on me When the Clintons left the WH they were dead broke and there was a report that the linens and flat ware from Air Force One went missing, strange. I think the WH curator might want to update his books.

tomkay1012 on

Wonder if the man from Tokyo was told “if you like your job you can keep your job.”

bret on

After the party there will be a mid night raid on the refrigerator for some cold fried chicken.

perdogg on

I always notice that the ones who usually complain about the GOP Presidents for doing this and giving The Obamas a pass are the real drones.

tomkay1012 on

The h/l should read “this WH state dinner menu is making us very angry and very disgusted. “

Mike on

Toro = Endangered Bluefing Tuna belly.

Thank you Mr. President for leading the way on conservation and sustainability.

I wonder how many tons of CO2 were generated by the massive jet that flew this fish in for the enjoyment of the Royals.

scott payne on

Wagyu beef? Heck, I wag my beef each time I use the bathroom.

Johnny 5 on

Dinner for a pansy.

Rufus on

Wow, the Obamas are “just folks,” aren’t they?

Kevin Fodor on

The china ought to look magnificent. We paid for it, remember?

carl on

they probably eat half and leave the rest to go to waste.
i can see them laughing about how expensive it is, as obama stubs out a cigarette in a $200 plate of half-eaten food.

Bobby D on

I’m sure he’d rather be eating Reggie’s Man Meat.

Bobby D on

He’d rather have Reggie’s meat.

Paladin on

Where da chittlins, fatback & possum??

MinbigD on

Very elegant.

Barry bin Inhalin on

How nice.

laurabs1 on

The Obama dinner proves they not only don’t care about the fact that 51% of all GHG spewing into the air is from livestock production, methane being the more deadly from livestock, they also don’t care about animal suffering or the real roots of violence, slavery and oppression, learning it at the advent of herding culture… a plant based meat with gourmet scrumptious vegan fare would be far more healthy, moral, and in line with his seeming concern about climate change…. Not surprised though, just basking in the tragic reality that politicians speak with forked tongues and have little concern for the public good which includes ensuring nature is vibrant and healthy. Animals as products has manifested in the polar opposite…. $$$$ IS the root of all evil.

ChicagoXile on

Imagine the tone of this article if Barack was a Republican and was dining in opulence while Baltimore burned.

Ladnarud on

Good thing the heads of state get to eat well, on fancy dinnerware, while Rome (Baltimore) burns.

jarra hebdo on

I see the Obamas are indulging themselves again while America burns….

nearboston on

And the Japanese Prime Minister looks at it and says:”I get this crap at home all the time. I came here and was hoping for a juicy cheeseburger and fries!”

Anonymous on

Are you sure this wasn’t the lunch that Obama’s daughters at their private school?

john on

Pass the ketchup.

James on

Let them eat cake huh Barack? Good to see you’re not pulling out ALL the stops and that you’re carefully spending the American taxpayer’s money. Heaven forbid you give the impression that you’re one of those elitist 1%’er’s you claim to deplore as the bane of your American progressive agenda. I’m going to go munch on my blown sugar coffee cup now and get back to work.

Alydia on

@Suzanna It should…we paid for it!

iambicpentamaster on

Eat as they say, not as they eat.

Chris Loomis on

While Baltimore burns Barack Obama lives like an Emporer . Disgusting .


It is time for Robespierre ! This “LET THEM EAT CAKE”,couple is getting out of hand.

David Wilkinson on

I thought the Obumble’s only ate fried chicken and watermelon.

Stan on

Hmm silken tofu is no longer being sold by trader joes. Can’t find it in WA State. LOL But hey you mucks have a great time while we lowans continue to struggle…keep on keepin on till their wallets are flat lined…

CE on

Well, they have to stay satiated to continue their public proclamations that they care oh so much about the poor….

CE on

I’m sure they will get around to helping the poor later……

Glenn Shumway on

I’d still like to see some family pix of “Michelle” when she was pregnant. And find out who paid for his stint at Columbia. Wouldn’t you? And where is Bill Ayers going to sit?

Philster on

FDR served hot dogs to the King and Queen of England. Just sayin’…

SH on

The middle class can relate to this type of party, setting and dinner.

We have these get togethers with our neighbors and friends all the time but maintaining the quality of the gold rimmed dinnerware is exhausting having to wash each item by hand…

rickrosenberger on

Oh come on now people.
SO the Obama’s live like King and Queen. After all they Are the president and first lady.
What? You have no bread? Well then eat Cake!

Chuck U on

Moosechelle and Baraq eating high on the hog, while America’s kids eat drek in school.

French history, anyone?





rickrosenberger on

I don’t think there has ever been such a hated president of these united states.
When Obama finally passes into the next world the only people to stand along the road to his grave will be cronies, goons and halfwits.

Juan One on

Who was genius and decided to serve Japanese people Japanese food at a state dinner. Why the hell would they want something they could have had had they never left Tokyo?

Many times my family has taken foreigners especially Asians out to dinner and asked them what they would like to eat. Many prefer a big fat juicy American STEAK with all the trimmings!

Juan One on

Poor children …. being serve cardboard with ketchup in the Public Schools, thanks to her Majesty!

gunnyginalaska on

Unfortunately they did not choke on the food.

Ed on

Meanwhile “We the people” are enjoying our hot dogs and bologna.

gunnyginalaska on

Unfortunately they did not choke on the food we paid for!

Shelby Smith on

Your president is a mac daddy and mac daddies do what mac daddies do.

P_Ang on

I see everyone forgets the first year and a half of the ‘Bam’s reign where the subservient press were feted once a week with Wagyu and Kobi beef dinners and champagne at a taxpayer cost of $100 to $150 a plate.

Jeff GIles on

Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

darryl on

The Mooches azz grows fatter as America burns… sad.

GasPasser on

That dinner would probably give me gas.

GRJ428 on

Let them eat cale!

WIliam Ripskull on

But I thought we were suppose to learn to sacrifice, do without, get use to the Pink Slime the admin has allowed to be included in our food supply. I wonder if the filet has any Pink Slime in it?

Anonymous on


ross on

This menu sounds like something for the 1% and not something mandated for a public school guidelines.

fhjohnsonjr on

And as Michelle munched on her fancy food she mumbled I don’t care what the elementary school children have for their lunch they are beneath me anyway.

fhjohnsonjr on

And as Michelle mumbled as she munched on her fancy food–let the elementary children complain about their lunches all they want I know what is best for all of them.

guest on

Heap on the fancy as heavily as you can… still doesn’t change the fact that they’re still just a couple of broke busted Chicago ni99ers.

Defiant on

Good thing they bought new china! How could they serve this opulent feast on plates that have already been used!? I mean…with just two years to go…Moochelle must have been under pressure to leave her mark. The old china would NEVER last until the end of Obama’s term.

justme22 on

Lipstick on a pig

Chauncey Briggins on

another day, another nest of apes

Ron on

And Michael Obama wants our children to eat what?

Amillennialist on

Michelle Antoinette eats “a blown sugar teapot decorated with edible cherry blossoms and surrounded by petit fours as well as cheesecake made of silken tofu and soy milk with Florida berries and White House honey,” but the people have no bread.

The Usurper-in-Chief is breaking the country and you’re drooling over his menu.

This is how a people is enslaved.

EllieEnlightened on

Let them eat cake.

fbcmusicman on

So the Obama’s eat well, yet the liberals are mad at Whole Foods for feeding the National Guard in Baltimore a turkey and cheese sandwich. You just can’t make this stuff up!

Jessika on

Meanwhile, what are the average citizens in Baltimore eating? Wake up, people.

jay10940 on

Justice would sooner feed this to a hungry garbage can rather than these despicable leeches.

Ron on

Obama would much rather have a steamy shot of New England Man Chowder provided by his old squeeze Ben (Dover) Finkenbinder….funny how Obama’s 9 year buttbuddy stays under the radar……the socialist jew media covers u or it’s Komrades!

big butt on

Big butt mooch needs more to eat. Cookie. Cookie.

Maximilien de Robespierre on

freya. I find it enormously amusing when someone criticizes other peoples’ posts as being “the dumbest” in a post that is so gramatically inept and intellectually bereft that a nine year old would be embarrased. Is it really wrong to question Bourbonian excess when 40 miles away people are rioting, driven in part by what even the President has acknowledged is income inequality. Let me guess. You are a edukater in a publik skool, a prowd membr of he teechurs unyun, you slavishly vote D-Party and you drive a Prius. Am I close?

Anonymous on

Are you full Obamas?

Gabe Kopca on

Shame on those who should know better!!!
Obamas feast on veal (baby Calves), beef, cheesecake. Disgusting, especially from a couple that claims to be worried about health and climate change.

donnasfineart on

I may be late commenting but with everything these 2 lied about getting into the White House they should be eating off the floor the way this most hated Pres EVER in history!! I’m disgusted at what we are paying for for this man & wife!!!

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