Paula Deen Is Selling Her Savannah Mansion for $12.5 Million (PHOTOS)

05/11/2015 at 04:18 PM ET

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Paula Deen is shaking things up, y’all!

The celebrity chef is selling her 5.5-acre Savannah, Georgia, estate for $12.5 million, a source confirms to PEOPLE. The private, gated property — where she filmed her Food Network cooking shows — boasts a 14,500-sq.-ft. home, a stocked pond, a croquet court, a chicken coop, a 10,000-sq.-ft. barn, a dock house and more.

“When Paula is in Savannah, she wants an easier and simpler life,” the source says, citing a slew of Deen’s projects, including expanding her restaurant business, new cookbooks and her recently launched digital network. But all that won’t stop her from picking up a new project: creating another Deen-designed home in — where else? — Savannah. “She can’t wait to find, renovate and design her next home.”

Even though Deen is keeping her primary residence in Georgia, the chef is looking at apartments in New York for a potential second home.

We can’t imagine how her new digs — in N.Y.C. or Savannah — will compare to her current (massive) estate, which includes:

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A 14,5000-sq.-ft., custom-built French Caribbean main house with:
Exercise room
3-car garage
Pool — complete with dive-in movie theater
Professional gourmet kitchen with commercial-grade appliances
Media room with movie screen, projector, soda fountain and ice maker
Large private master suite overlooking the Wilmington Island River with custom dressing room
Study aviary
Saltwater fish tank
Outdoor kitchen with 4 refrigerators, 3 grills, 1 smoker, 1 electric oven, ice maker, sink

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The private, secured and gated property features:
Stocked ½-acre pond
Croquet court
Koi pond
Chicken coop
Ice room with professional ice machine

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Don’t forget the 10,000-sq.-ft. barn:
3 bedroom guest quarters
8-car garage that can accommodate 2 RV’s
Two guest cottages

And, of course, a dock house:
Guest house
Bedroom, bath, kitchen
Dock with floating dock

We counted three ice makers — seems sufficient, yes?

—Morgan Gibson, @morgangibson

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Easyup on

Wow! That’s quite a spread. Someone with deep pockets will take it off her hands.

Guest on

What do two elderly people need ALL that for??? Conspicuous consumption, no?

Penny _Tration on

Hopefully someone black buys it.

Jay on

She wants a cheaper life. She can’t afford the upkeep. She no longer has the same income and she can’t write it off as a business expense any longer.

Brielle on

Gluttony at its finest! And all of her sheeple, who probably make between 8-10 dollars an hour helped to pay for it…all the while defending this pig. Disgusting…

nikki on

To all you inbreds OR idiots: her show was FILMED there

shanice on

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds would be so perfect for this home. I could see Blake cooking in Paula’s kitchen.

Ologius on

Yes, she filmed her Food Network there, but it was also her estate, where she lived in Savanah.

Deborah on

I will take it fully furnished too! Beautiful!!!!

God is Good and Gracious on

It’s not about gluttony or “why does two old people need all this”. With the money her brand brings in, this is a sound investment and a tax shelter. She was letting her money grow in a safe place, and now that the real estate market is picking up again, she’s liquidating to possibly reinvest in something else. Imagine the profit her name alone will bring from this sale. It’s a smart move. Letting it sit in the bank would reap little return or it would get spent on dumb stuff that we all buy with extra cash sitting around. Don’t let your jealousy or gate make you ignorant or short sited.

Maria on

Lol…meanwhile her main fan base are living in trailers and supporting her racist and diabetes promoting ways.

BK on

The house that hate built.

Fan on

This is not the house that her Food Network shows were filmed at. She still owns that house and uses it for filming and photo shoots. It was the first house her and Michael built together. This is the second.

Tann on

If you want to live near Paula’s beautiful home but don’t have 12.5 million, this is another Wilmington Island beauty for only $410 with a rooftop deck with ocean views and gorgeous kitchen!–Brevard-Point-Rd/3yd-SBORGA-133585.html

Jude on

you hate filled people act and post like you never made a freaking mistake in your sorry jealous lives. This women is amazing and you know nothing about her to speak with such malase about a women who went from making sandwiches to survive to a millions dollar mansion raising to son on her own. you people make me sad and sick.

Tennisbum27 on

Wilmington Island is a very nice place to live. The problem with selling this house at 12.5 million is that there are no other properties on the Island close to that price. There is a house with 9,000 square feet that can be had for less than $2.5 million that is also located on the Wilmington River and has a private dock. I don’t think there is a big market for celebrities and billionaires looking to make Wilmington Island their home. Manhattan yes. Beverly Hills. Fort Lauderdale. It will be interesting to see what price this home eventually sells for.

Laura White on

Paula bought my grandfather’s house on Wilmington island…this is the property where she built this new house. Colonel Samuel White…breaks my heart to see his stately old Georgia mansion that I grew up in no longer there however…I hope whomever buys this property from her loves it as much as my family did.

Izzy Cat on

A beautiful home.

mapex on

I’m very pleased

full report on

You can also enhance the damages by researching ‘anthrax beta” at the palace. I hope this article will give you a little heads up knowledge on what is out there and not completely scare you into a world where the internet is bad. This, combined with the Great General that will likely result from their use, allows Greece to have an almost undefeatable classical-era push if timed correctly.