Is America Ready for a Deep-Fried Big Mac Drizzled in Mac Sauce?

06/26/2015 at 09:41 AM ET

Deep-fried Big Mac

It was only a matter of time.

The brains behind the Instagram account peepmysneaks has decided that America β€” nay, the world β€” is ready for a deep-fried Big Mac. You know, because Big Macs aren’t sufficiently indulgent.

The mastermind topped the crispy, battered creation with extra Mac sauce, naturally.

On his website, Peep My Eats, the chef breaks down the steps to making one at home. Turns out, all you need is four ingredients, one of which is a toothpick. (Other three: A Big Mac. Eggs. Breadcrumbs.)

Here’s a fifteen second video he made of the preparation process:

What do you think? Will you make this at home? Do you think we, as a nation, are ready for the deep-fried Big Mac?

β€”Maria Yagoda

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Just Sayin' on

That is so disgusting, their meat is FAKE!

HKT on

Gosh, I wonder why we have such an obesity problem worldwide and especially in America? Couldn’t be because buying repulsive swill like this is cheaper than buying good vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains. Couldn’t be because fast food empires strategically situate themselves in poorer neighborhoods to make sure struggling people have as many options to kill themselves as possible. Couldn’t be that we’ve all been loaded up with so much salt, sugar, and preservatives that half the population has forgotten what real food tastes like.

cynic1018 on


Anonymous on


Really on

I gagged just looking at that. That looks disgusting.



Sue's on

can we say bi-pass surgery.



kimmie on

that looks disgusting!

peachy on

Oh, no, no, no, no, no…that is just so wrong.

alexalee on

Wow! Heart attack!

alexalee on

Wow! Heart attack waiting to happen!

catjenkins11 on

So this gets added to the American diet that includes that disgusting burger topped with a hot dog and potato chips & advertised on TV as “…because…AMERICA!” and that revolting pizza that measures the bacon it’s wrapped in by the foot. And Lean Cuisine stopped making their Salad Additions because it wasn’t profitable. Gee. Go figure.

Anonymous on

Just looking at the picture of it makes me feel sick.

marewalker . on

all I can say is eeewwwww

Anonymous on

Confession – I want to take a bite. :O

K.B. on

Ugh. Disgusting.

Melissa on

I wouldn’t eat that! It’s definately a heart attack on a plate, deep-fried or not!

no way jose on

Um barf. Doesn’t even look like it tastes good.

hatenapa on

No fries?

Guest on


Anonymous on


karen on

Gross – yes, this is exactly what the big mac needed-

karen on

Gross – yes, this is exactly what the big mac needed

jOkEr on

Totally disgusting! Why would you put that in your body! Have respect for yourself!! This is why there such an obesity problem. People are too lazy to fix a good healthy meal so they go for convenience an then they are too lazy to be active enough to burn off all those un-needed EXTRA fat & calories!!! Get it together people!! Respect your self / respect your body!!

Anonymous on

No way!!!

Tina on

As if a Big Mac isn’t fattening enough. I love Big Macs but I rarely eat them. They’re a whole day’s calories.

Maci on

Does it come with a referral to a cardiologist too?

Saiph on

In related news, your health insurance premium just went up by 23%.

Mimi on

Hi I’m 7 and I would eat that!:) πŸ™‚ : )

Renee on

Probably the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. WHY would a fast food place teetering on the edge of going out of business create something to add to the obesity problem and add to the many ways to clog your arteries. Planning on getting sued again? It even looks awful. Focus on fresher foods and healthier items and leave the deep fried crap for the county fair.

Mandy on

More business for the Medical industry.

Anonymous on

That’ll be a hit in Florida.

Margaret L on

About 5,000 too many calories…

Anonymous on

And where does this fit on the food pyramid?

Becca on

Gag! 😩

James H on

McNasty. Why would they want to do that? INo wonder I don’t eat there anymore

James H on

McNasty!! Why would they want to do that and clog more arteries. No wonder I don’t eat there any more

Elgee on

Re-read the article folks, nowhere did it state McDonalds was offering this burger but that it was the creation of a chef.

Angelica on

The Big Mac has enough calories as it it!

Elli on

I have no words…absolutely no words for how INCREDIBLY DISGUSTING this is!!!!!!!

Lulu on

Vile. Animal products. Nasty pig Americans will put any garbage into their bodies, they are such indoctrinated sheep. This foul thing is appealing to people who think vegans are weird and extreme? Wake up America, you’re poisoning yourself and contributing to pollution and waste and suffering by consuming this. And you’re playing into the hands of powers that profit from your obesity and illness.

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This is truly Legendary…….My life is now forever happy. Whoever made this can I get their autograph?
Ask not what the Big Mac can do for you,
It’s what you can do for the Big Mac
Love Always,

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