Anthony Bourdain: ‘Ina Garten Is One of the Few People on Food Network Who Can Actually Cook’

07/15/2015 at 11:30 AM ET

Heidi Gutman/ABC

While on his food-focused tour Close to the Bone, Anthony Bourdain had less to say on cuisine and more to say on those who make it in the business.

His first celebrity chef punching bag: the host of Man vs. Food, Adam Richman.

“Why did we watch that show? Admit it. You wanted him to die,” Atlanta Magazine reports Bourdain saying. “The show confirms their worst suspicions—that Americans are fat, lazy, slothful, [and] wasteful.”

The Parts Unknown host also took a few stabs at Guy Fieri, saying as a fellow father, the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives star could take a hint from him.

“I’ve made some adjustments in my life. So I sort of feel in a heartfelt way for Guy,” he says. “I wonder about him. He’s 52 years old and still rolling around in the flame outfit … What does he do? How does Guy Fieri de-douche?”

But Bourdain did hand out one compliment.

“I love Ina Garten. She’s one of the few people on Food Network who can actually cook,” he says. “When Ina Garden roasts a chicken, she roasts it correct. When Ina Garten makes mashed potatoes, those are some solid mashed potatoes. In many ways I want Ina’s life.”

—Ana Calderone, @anacalderone

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Yikes on

Yikes. I was wondering the same thing about Anthony…how could he de-douche?

maya on

Agree one million percent! I love Ina!

Bonnie on

First of all, the Food Network is not an exact science. It’s more or less for entertainment. Secondly, I can’t stant Guy Fieri (fake name !) either. So obnoxious and juvenile.

kdm on


Kathy on

I totally agree with him. Half the stuff these people are cooking is ridiculous. I wouldn’t eat Rachel Ray’s slop if she came to my house daily and prepared dinner for us. Same with Pioneer woman and Giada – who cooks Giada’s recipes??? Seriously a show of hands please – who cooks their food???

Nia on

Anthony Bourdain is a pompous ass. Why doesn’t he simply stick to the travel channel instead of constantly critiquing the food network? Pfffttt

Susan on

Seriously Bourdain is such an arrogant dick !!!!!!!!!!! Everytime he opens his mouth I cringe at his self absorbed, narcisstic behaviour.

charlotte on

And Ina Garten is one of the few people on the Food Network that is annoying as hell. She may be able to cook, but she irks me!!!

WaterFaery on

Can’t stand this arrogant a whole. So peeved that CNN has given his ego a boost by adding him to their news channel!

tooquiet4me2005 on

Haven’t watched her since she dissed the Make-A-Wish child.

Sandra on

Awwww, look at Ivan Ego wanting more attention for his show. Isn’t he just precious??????
@Kathy…I do cook some of the dishes from The Pioneer Woman’s show.

elena on

Anthony is full of himself, that is obvious. Guy isn’t 52, and I doubt he gives a hoot what Anthony thinks of him. Ina makes awesome food, but her show is very contrived, and annoying.

Brooke on

I want Ina’s life, too…and her house…and her friends….and her flowers.

msbeauu on

I just want Ina’s leftovers…

Ally1 on

I have a lot of respect for Bourdain. He did successfully de-douche, but he still says it like it is!

Jenn on

Anthony just confirmed by suspicion! Thank you!

Tracy on

I agree Ina is great, but he’s such an elitist. Can’t stand the guy. Just because everyone is not a gourmet chef doesn’t mean they can’t cook.

Guest54 on

Ina Garten may be able to cook but she’s also pompous and full of herself.

Barbara Giuliano on

I don’t think fat guy Adam is calling himself a chef…. I may be wrong, but the few times I was able to watch him without gagging I did not get that impresseion…he just wants to eat.

Shalla on

Anthony has been a favorite in our household for years. Anthony truly is different from the commercial home cooks turned chefs on Food Network. Plus, he takes you to some great places and makes you really want to enjoy travel and the food there. My husband watches him, which is rare because my husband hates cooking shows. We can’t stand Andrew Z. with his smacking, ugh. And Anthony called Paula Deen out long before her scandal.

Anonymous on

He likes Ins because she too is a tool. This guy is so pretentious and fake – who watches him?

tkportersat on

Yeah Bonnie, what a horrible person Guy is with his “fake name”:

“His paternal grandfather was of Italian descent; Guy changed his surname, Ferry, back to his family’s original surname, Fieri, when he got married in 1995, in order to honor his immigrant great-grandfather, Giuseppe Fieri”

arabrabbra on

Totally agree! She can cook and is a very good teacher. Fieri is an embarrassment and he hit the nail on the head about Adam as well. I could never watch his show. It was like torture porn

ella on

He was drunk again DOUCHE BAG

Mimi on

Ina is over weight and she uses a good amount of butter. She’s ok but everybody else is wrong. He is just too full of himself.

moonie on

Love Anthony! Calls it like he sees it and, he is usually on target!

Brooke on

I stopped liking Ina Garten when she snubbed the little boy from the Make-a-wish foundation.

Beth on

Ina has great good and so does the
Pioneer woman and I have cookedany and my family
Loves them


I am in total unison with Anthony Bourdain, I enjoy viewing his shows and Ina Garten, they are the only two that have pizzazz. I don’t waste my time with the other self-promoters, the FoodNetwork is so yesterday as are their “stars.”

Brian Rommel on

Food Network isn’t the Cooking Channel. It’s not supposed to be filled with people who can cook It’s filled with people who are food enthusiast who like food. I like Guy because he seems like he has fun with what he does. I am not too familiar with Bourdain but he comes off as an arrogant square.

Cheryl on

I agree, I want Ina’s life too!

Liz on

I kind of love Anthony Bourdain. He may be a bit of a d!ck, but he calls it like he sees it. He’s straight-forward.

chris on

Rachel Ray comes on after my soap in the afternoons. I was astounded that the audience was oohing and aahing as she put Provolone cheese on a sandwich. It’s just cheese. A second grader could do that.

AliveandKicking on

Surprised Bourdain could taste food when he was a chef with all of the “issues” he had, including smoking.

Love Bourdain on

Travel & Food are both Scripps channels—they literally decide where their shows/talents should be presented by network styling but it’s one big entity. Bourdain didn’t say he disliked Adam or Guy…he was giving his honest opinion on the program & culture on one hand and talking about what a lot of guys need to do…de-douche at a certain stage in life with a family. Bourdain had to do it too! I like that he thinks Ina can cook…just because he didn’t say everyone is amazing and he’s so happy to be a part of one big cooking family doesn’t mean he’s a douche. And I doubt that Guy, Rachel, Giada or anyone else has hurt feelings…especially when they look at their bank accounts and those gorgeous kitchens they’ve earned without being Bourdain’s favorite cooks!

So Rude and Hateful on

He is so arrogant and mean. Why does he choose to tear people down and spread hate? It is just as easy to offer a compliment, or better yet, not say anything at all. I am disappointed that people listen to, agree with, and support him and his negativity.

KingKing on

Ian is a very good cook. However, I have learned so much from Alton Brown, though I do not like sitting through the childish gimmicks on his show. I wish he would have been more serious.

guest on

Pretentious f***er

Comment Maker on

I love Anthony because of his snobbery and pretentious douchery 😆

And I’m so sick of people bringing up Ina and the Make A Wish incident. She didn’t snub him because she didn’t want to do it, there were legit previous engagements she had been committed to that coincided with the times he could do it. I doubt very much that she got the request and turned it down because she didn’t care. If she canceled her tour or didn’t commit to I’m sure a legal contract, it would have caused issues. Besides, the boy wrote out a wish list and the one after his Ina wish was to swim with dolphins, which he got to do plus his wish to cook with Ina is (or has) being worked on by Ina and her team.

GreyKitty on

Anthony Bourdain is a brilliant chef. He’s also very handsome/rich and tall 🙂

keen on

Thank you for the opinions… Ever hear of an adverb? ‘She roasts a chicken correctly.’

Rose on

I agree with Anthony, he is pure genius!

freya on

‘Ina Garten Is One of the Few People on Food Network Who Can Actually Cook’

freya on

And I’m so sick of people bringing up Ina and the Make A Wish incident. She didn’t snub him because she didn’t want to do it, there were legit previous engagements she had been committed to that coincided with the times he could do it.

Rod on

Most people don’t have the opportunity to eat at Michelin star restaurants and prepare foi at home…they go to a local bbq joint they love for special occasions….it’s entertainment. A “cork sniffer” isn’t concerned where to get the largest Reuben sandwich, while the everyday “Joe” doesn’t know what duck confit is, nor does he want to…there’s a place for everyone…I watch them all, and see them for what they are…I cook for leisure, so I do like the more technical cooking shows, but there is a place for all of them, and are successful in their own rights. I try to live by the credo of “don’t be a dick.” So, don’t be a dick.

Debi Denning on

Who does Bourdain think he is!?!! A culinary God!?!! (Hell no, that’s Alton Brown!) and really, Mr. Perfect “… she roasts it correct.” Don’t you mean, “… she roasts it correctly.” So much for perfection!
Btw, I’m definitely Team Ludo!

BillyBobJohnson on

Guy Fieri is a trained chef (UNLV, which is a top-notch program). He worked at several high-end places in Vegas before going back to California to open his own restaurants. All of this occurred long before he won Food Network’s Next Food Network Star competition. All Bourdain can do these days is travel the world eating food that most Americans would gag on (think Bourdain as a pompous Andrew Zimmern). He berates The Food Network because they got rid of him. As for Ina Garten, well, she might be able to cook, but she’s even more annoying to watch than Bourdain.

nighthawk2005 on

I watched Man vs Food for the restaurants. I didn’t care about the challenges at all.

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