‘Fat Guy’ Plans to Bike More Than 3,000 Miles to Get His Wife Back

07/24/2015 at 06:05 PM ET

Eric Hites
Courtesy Eric Hites

An Indiana man has decided to ride his bike across the United States to prove to his wife that he can change.

Originally 560 lbs., Eric Hites created a blog called “Fat Guy Across America” to share his journey of losing weight and winning back his wife.

Apparently he was at least partially inspired to embark on the adventure by a song.

“I blame the Proclaimers I really do. I will be riding a bicycle from east coast to west coast for a few reasons, 1. to prove things to my wife and my love. 2. to take back my health and to lose the pounds I have collected over the years,” Hites writes on the blog, referring to the Proclaimers song, “I’m Gonna Be (500 miles).”

“By completing this ride, I hope to encourage others to get up and get moving no matter their weight. I have a lot to prove and a lot to make happen. I want to write this book to inspire others and inspire myself and show the love of my life, I still got it. There are a lot of naysayers out there and I am going to prove them wrong,” writes Hites, who plans to interview people he meets along the way and write a book.

Hites says his poor health caused trouble in his marriage. “Mostly because of my weight I was depressed and grumpy and it kind of fell apart,” Hites told ABC News Thursday from Rhode Island. “She thought I was all talk [before the trip].”

We wish him luck!

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guest on

My husband is morbidly obese and some days with him can be difficult. He can be very mean. He rarely helps with any house work. Sometimes I feel very alone. Our ‘intimate’ life is non-existent. I do love my husband though. Anyway, I can understand why a spouse leaves their morbidly obese spouse. It’s not about love. Sometimes we do get tired of doing everything, especially when you live like that for many years. Good luck to him.

GaryGuillermo on

My wife is obese . . . really really fat . . . but I love her anyway. She can’t walk to the front of the house without getting out of breath.

lisa on

Good luck, Eric! Keep in contact with your wife and I wish you a safe journey. It sure will be amazing.

Joy on

Go for it!! You can do it! Be an inspiration not only to yourself, but to others too!

ela caceres on

this is tre love…whenheis iking et two sallmeals and eat a big lunch…mostly protein, frutis and vegetabes and two small snacks…you wills ee how one loses weight and lots of wáter!!,…buenas suertes!!

ela caceres on

tre love… oops…eat two small meals andone heavy lunch!!

George on

You can do it, go for it, focus in God and you’re self and all you need to make this possible will be granted to you!

kireeti on

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Jennifer on

I want to wish you good luck!!!!! You can do it!

Ed on

Slow and easy first month. Build lung capacity and heart health. Avoid exhaustion. Much smaller meals…nothing between meals…stay hydrated, no sodas, limit sugar, low fat, more carbs. Your body will be metabolizing fat for energy. No showing off. Walk the hills to begin with. Give yourself a month to adjust and aclimate. Once more, stay hydrated. Be wise, not foolish. Courage!

deb on

Eric–your “contact Eric” area of your blogspot doesn’t work so am posting this in here:
Have you been checked out by a physician and gotten the ok to even try this? This is not an undertaking that even a very fit person should just jump into, let alone someone who is morbidly obese and habitually not active. I am a registered nurse nd though I applaud your bravado, you are attempting suicide if you’ve undertaken this task without preparation and a road crew. I am also flabbergasted that friends would “back” you via the website but not on the road? Hello??? You should not be doing this alone! Can’t your wife or someone else ride with you ? I also read your blog so far and it appears that you’ve not even made arrangements for hotels/motels along the way, scrambling to find a place to spend a night and unable to completely rest. This is not a journey to find yourself and with your health, this is insane.

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Just My Opinion on

What’s his backup plan, if she doesn’t take him back? Best wishes to a healthier you!

JWS on

I wish him the best of luck!!

Amy on

I agree that this might be dangerous but hats off to him for trying something. My husband won’t even admit that he is overweight but sits in front of the TV with a box of cheeze its or bag of chips every night. His idea of helping around the house is to assign a task to the kids! At least this husband is putting in effort.

HRose on

This article reminds me of the book MEMORY OF RUNNING. It is about an overweight man that goes on a journey riding his bike across the country. During the process he discovers himself (and loses weight). Great book.

Dannw on

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Shannon on

We wish him best of luck.
We supported him by publishing an article on our blog: http://purehcgdietdrops.com/biking-miles-to-lose-weight-what-an-idea/

Thisis Ridikulos on

Some people say “any press is good press”, but the Hites duo ONLY want good press, and that’s exactly what you’re giving them by parroting what they tell you to say, without question — and without doing any independent research as a journalist should.

They scrub every supposedly-negative comment off their social media pages, even managing to convince third parties to do the same when a photo is posted on a page the Hites don’t control. Whenever asked about the whitewashing, they claim “it wasn’t us; a moderator must have blocked you by mistake” (never once answering the repeated question “who are your moderators?”). The censorship happens every single day. They spend more time deleting and blocking – and lying about it – than riding, and they trip themselves up in their own lies constantly. Sometimes they trip *each other* up, like the night that Eric implied they were camping and freezing, while Angie admitted on her facebook page that they spent the night warm and safe in a hotel.

Eric’s wife Angie missed her court date appearance on October 20th, and there is now a bench warrant against her (not her first, and Eric has his own). They both have fraud charges going back years, as well as thousands in unpaid bills. Eric runs everything he does into the ground, and admits as much.They trashed a home (they’re hoarders) and simply moved to a new one, on their parents’ dimes. Eric’s own brother – using the name “chites” – enumerated his history of shady dealings in a cycling forum, if anyone cares to look for it. Angie had a “terminal illness” that has miraculously never been mentioned since her alleged diagnosis and online pleas for money on caringbridge – not even in connection with her many medical emergencies for agoraphobia and other ailments during the ride. (The same night she had to call it quits for her panic attacks and go home to Indiana, she had no problem standing up and singing karaoke in front of a crowd. Eric uploaded a video.) Eric flew home to Indiana but claimed he got the Greyhound, saying that the interruption to his “journey” was both “a surprise for my wife and church” and “a prior commitment”. So which was it? These assertions are all substantiated by the Hites’ own online activity, and posts recorded at GOMI as Eric is so heavy-handed with his edits and deletions (search for “GOMI Eric”).

The FGAA facebook page honestly looks like a cult now: it was once a fascinating petri dish with every kind of human interaction represented in it – even some inspiring content – but with all the whitewashing that’s been happening in recent weeks, it’s now just mindless drones, stroking the ego of their own personal Dear Leader.

Why would they do this? If Eric actually wanted to write a book about his experiences, wouldn’t he recognize the value of a villain in any good story? Why wouldn’t he want to show how much adversity paved the way to his final triumph at the pacific ocean? What kind of a book is it, when someone like him (a horrendous writer who plagiarized his last, self-published, ramen recipes effort) has nothing to offer in terms of texture or color in his story? Here’s a preview: *I went here, I ate this, I rode two miles, it was hard, I stopped, I got free stuff. It was cold. I blame the Proclaimers I really do lol*

When you take out the negative push-back, there’s no friction left in the story. So, why all the deletions? I’ll tell you why: they can’t allow anyone to ask honest, legitimate questions about how little he rides or how often he cheats, because they don’t want the donations to stop. They have a gofundme with over $13k in it (not his first plea for internet funds), and a non-transparent PayPal account too. They beg for free goods, equipment, food, lodgings and services ALL THE TIME. They know that they won’t last through the winter, so they’re trying to get as much money and as much free stuff as they can panhandle out of people before that happens.

They only care about self-improvement when it looks like attention is waning, and those performances are seemingly enough to gather thousands of drooling fans, just like this article: yet another pandering summary of the lies they tell, with no contradictory research or evidence. I’m not going to comment at length on specific body issues, but it’s curious that Eric has been supposedly logging his food for two weeks on My Fitness Pal – coming in at half or less than his daily calorie target – and making a show of riding on at least 2 days, yet he lost zero pounds this week. He’s actually 5lbs heavier than he was several weeks ago. I understand weight loss, and there is no way he’s being truthful if his results are this poor, with the weight he’s carrying. He is simply not serious about doing any of the things he claimed in the beginning – not since he realised they require actual work. Of course, when he finally realised that it gets cold in the north as everyone had been telling him for months, they DROVE to Florida and spent over a week lounging by the pool, going to Epcot, and begging for more money.


This is not an inspiring story of love and triumph over adversity. This is Eric selling tickets on the Titanic after it hit the iceberg – he knows damn well there’s an expiry date on this “journey”, so he’s milking it for all it’s worth while he still can. There’s only so much grift you can get out of a sinking ship.

I wish you would either report on the truth of this, or point people towards a worthy cause that’s actually going to affect real people – lots of them – instead of just lining the pockets of two lifelong con artists.

Deadlights on

He did it!!!! Eric lost 70 lbs and got his wife back, good job, Mr. Hites and congratulations!

Lisa on

suck it, Deb! He did it

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Anonymous on

A year later Eric is back home, still over 500 pounds and broke.

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