Jessa (Duggar) Seewald’s ‘Yummy’ Pregnancy Craving: This Pretzel Cheesecake Recipe

08/03/2015 at 02:07 PM ET

Jessa Duggar Seewald Pretzel CheesecakeCourtesy Jessa Seewald

This mom-to-be is indulging in some salty-sweet dessert!

Jessa (Duggar) Seewald took to Instagram on Monday to share one of her favorite recipes: a “super easy pretzel cheesecake.”

“This certainly isn’t a healthy dessert,” she captioned in the post, “but I love it so much that I have to make it at least once a year or so! So yummy and easy to throw together!”

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In the collage of pictures, she shared photos of the different layers of the cake, as well as one photo of her wearing a frilly “Mrs. Seewald” apron and smiling while resting her hands in a heart shape over her growing bump.

The post comes a little over two weeks after TLC officially officially cancelled the family’s reality show, 19 Kids and Counting, following Seewald’s brother Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal, which broke in May.

Seewald, 22, and husband Ben, 20, are expecting their first child Nov. 1 — which also happens to be the couple’s first wedding anniversary.

Want to try the pretzel cheesecake at home? Follow her easy instructions:

Berry & Pretzel Cheesecake
2 cups broken pretzels
1 stick butter, melted
1 cup plus 2 tbsp. sugar
16 oz. cream cheese, softened
8 oz. sour cream
2 containers strawberries or blueberries
1 jar strawberry preserves
1. Preheat oven to 350°F. In casserole dish, toss pretzels with butter and sprinkle with 2 tbsp. sugar. Bake for 2-5 minutes (be careful not to let it burn!)
2. In a bowl, add cream cheese, sour cream, and remaining 1 cup sugar and stir well to combine. Spread in an even layer over the pretzels.
3. In another bowl, combine berries and jam. Spread in an even layer over the cream cheese mixture and enjoy!

–Aurelie Corinthios

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Billy on

Jessa, you look lovely as usual. Your hair curling so deliciously on your breast and around your nipple. Talk about a salty sweet treat. Jessa, let’s make some babies. I see you posing, looking at the camera. I know you are thinking of me. Keep curling your hair girl. Sexy!

Chris on

Please stop showing these people, they are not worthy to be on the cover of magazines, how about show real people worthy of discussing – like military families not a fake family living off of a reality series.

ALM on

Stop, People. Just stop giving these free-loading pedophile-excusers a platform.

Amanda on

Pregnant and craving ANY type of cheesecake right now. This looks sooo good!

Ocean Breezes on

About the dumbest article to date.

Dear Lord, please grant me the ability to punch people over the internet.

grande on

Nasty breeding pig.

Lillianne on

Do they think a recipe will make the molestaion scandal go away?

Gretchen on

Why does she rate in showing off her pregnant photos?? Who cares? Every woman takes selfies of their pregnant bellies so why post these inane photos of these women who say nothing and do nothing constructive. Give it a rest People Magazine!!

elena on

I was pretty sure all those hillbillies ate were casseroles and hamburger helper.

Unknown on

Who the F cares PEOPLE MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop reporting on this stupid family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aabbcc on

I could make a better”recipe” by opening cans selected in the dark and dumping them together. These people are the laziest “cooks” ever with the worst palates.

Joanne on

Please stop covering this family. While I recognize that Jessa and Jill were the victims… the fact that they still fail to call out their brother as what he is, a child molester, shows a complete insensitivity to all other victims of child abuse. And truly, the family’s claim to fame before that was just that there were so many of them! Let’s move on.

Penny _Tration on

Lmao @Billy

Anonymous on

OMG! A recipe from one of the Duggars! STOP THE PRESS!

Pamela on

OMG! A recipe from one of the Duggars! STOP THE PRESSES!

JoshDuggar on

Damn, I made a smart choice didnt i? I mean LOOK at her! Wowza

alemap on

OMG! A recipe from one of the Duggars! STOP THE PRESSES1

Disgusted on

No. Just NO. Stop featuring these people. Stop keeping them on the gravy train. Respect for People magazine has flown out the window. Please stop.

rebbie on

They just keep coming back like fungus – or Duggars.

This gal can’t cook, doesn’t cook, won’t cook, she’s a useless Quiver cult fundie breeder and the family’s time on t.v. is UP.
Can’t understand why people rag keeps trying to put them out there – we’re onto them People — they’re a sick, perverted cult.
Nobody in their right mind wants to see any articles about them.

joni on

Oh Jessa, you crazy baking strumpet! How can sad Ben fight off the boys and their ungodly thoughts of you posing like a religious Kim Kardashian. I thought modesty was a virtue, or did that go out the window when you lost your spin-off series?

Kat on

I have made this recipe before and love it. Enjoy!

Carol Senal on

Apparently People Magazine cannot give up writing about these creepy people. You are a disgrace

Dmac on

A recipe, really, this is what People has come too?

SMSinTX on

If you don’t bake it, it isn’t cheesecake. It’s just some goo mashed together.

Cate on

Disgusting comments. Jessa did nothing wrong. With everything going on in the world, you feel the need to criticize a pregnant young woman for sharing a recipe? Get lives.

Sara on

NOOOOO MOOOOORE DUGGARS. People, stop it with them. Seriously.

Guest on

How wrong of me to be lulled into blissful complacency not having seen a Duggar article in a week. GAH!! Not only another self-loving selfie from “I love me Jessa” but a gross no-bake fattening recipe to boot. GAH!!

J on

Enough about the Duggars and their children! No one cares!

sandy on

Stop Jessa!!!!! Quit trying to win back the people! Your family is done now go away. Tell Hubby to get a good job because no one will support you being on TV again.

Julee on

Miss seeing the children on TV. The parents not at all. Hoping she has a healthy baby and a happy life without the cameras and public scrutiny.

JulieDB on

Ugh! I am sick of seeing this family. I would like to see a story of an investigation to make sure that the little kids are safe. I don’t need to see a pregnant woman trying to look sexy or see crappy recipes.

Carol Schnedier on


CC on

Seriously that sounds so good. I am allergic to strawberries, but I can take a Benadryl LOL

CC on

You people are forgetting she was a victim and your treating her like she did that to herself. You people saying bad things are disgusting humans and should be ashamed. So because he brother did something bad she should hide under a rock? Get your life and grow up.

Dee on

I thought she already had her baby. And that dessert sounds like it has a lot of sugar in it.

kris on

You can tell she eats junk. That skin will never clear up.She better hope she isn’t diabetic like Josh and Jimbo.

nanu21 on

thought those Duggars were history as in gone away……keeping up with all their pregnancies is BORING!!!!

Anonymous on

People magazine, can you not post a story without a reminder of the “molestation? And to all these “haters”, just what has Jessa ever done to deserve this kind of abuse? Since when is it OK to abuse victims in this country? Some of these posts are actually obscene! I clicked on this because the recipe sounded good and because I like Jessa. The “haters” deserve all the bad things they are saying about this good and beautiful woman!

Millie on

People , please use your discretion and examine these comments to see which are totally inappropriate! This magazine should be sued for slander to publish some of these. Why are you allowing this kind of abuse of an innocent victim of child abuse?

Ugh. on

That’s not a cheesecake recipe. That’s basically a warmed over cream cheese frosting, mixed with jam and spooned over pretzel dust.

Stoners have come up with better “recipes”.

ApplesandPeaches on

Bet she cooks with a microwave too! Why are you ingesting all that awful sugar to your unborn child you Nitwit? What can you expect when her mother only knew how to prepare Tata Tots from a bag!

My Health Tips Online on

Sometimes you can have pregnancy symptoms the day after conception. If you think you are pregnant, go to a Dr. and they can do a pregnancy test (usually blood) about 10 days after you think you are pregnant. And sometimes it is just your hormones running super high and that is also totally normal! Good Luck!

Billy on

Jessa, this picture is great!🙂 Could you do another one? You know how us men are. We’re visual creatures, and we like to have new pics for “enlightenment”. Thanks By the way, keep doing that hair arrangement over the nipple thing.

Billy on

Jessa, you are such a modest girl! Joni said it for me. You are a baking strumpet! I picture you adding the cream cheese softened, but not for long. It just puts me over the top. But when you spread an even layer I’m ready for another recipe!. Phooey on that haggard ol’ Martha Stewart. Jessa and her hot oven.

KR on

People please stop giving this family a platform. How about doing stories on people who are truly making a difference in the world? It would make reading your publication a who lot more interesting!

Kind on

All the people who make awful, hateful comments, most likely, have never watched the show. Is there any such thing as a professional hater? You must have terrible lives to think and say such hate filled, vaguer things.

Scrotie McBuggarballs on

Mrs. Seewald,

1. Why do you insist on making yourself look like a cheap prostitute? Yes, the way you photograph yourself does make you look that way.

2. You are no Martha Stewart, and why would you want to be?

3. Learn what the word dignity means, cultivate it, get a job, make your husband get a job, and keep your brother away from your child.

4. Forget the adoption idea, no agency in their right mind would let you adopt a child.

5. Again, you are no Martha Stewart.

Scrotie McBuggarballs on

Mrs Seewald,

You are no Martha Stewart, and why would you want to be? Do you realize that the way you photograph yourself makes you look like a prostitute and a pornography model? If you must assail us with your pitiful weekly updates, please, at least have someone else take your photo, as your sister did. She is so much more modest and holy than you. I hope you will learn the meaning of the word dignity, espouse it, get a job, make your husband get a job, and keep your brother away from your child.

Billy on

Jessa, you aren’t Martha Stewart in the kitchen, but I’m sure you ‘d be telling me “It’s a good thing!” over and over. How about I come over for some taste testing? Curl the hair for me will you. Love the way it drapes over your breast just right. Curling around the nipple. Oh Jessa.

argguti on

Jessa seems to be in a defrauding mood in all her selfies… bad Quiverfull ,bad…

Viccki on

You guys are all so FUNNY!!!!! If you HATE all of the Duggars so much………… WHY do you READ and comment on everything that pops up on the internet about them???????? If you hate them so much….. then just DON”T READ and post about them….. Move on ??????

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