Khloé Kardashian Shows Off Her Toned ‘Revenge Body’ For Critics Who Called Her ‘The Fat One For My Entire Existence’

08/04/2015 at 04:44 PM ET

Khloe Kardashian Womens Health
James White/Women’s Health

Khloé Kardashian may be on a serious fitness kick these days, but that’s not stopping her from indulging in good food.

“I love treating myself, I’m a foodie,” the reality star said in the September issue of Women’s Health magazine (on stands Aug. 11). “If I could control what I eat, I would have the best body ever. But because I have no self-control, and I don’t really care to have it, I have to work harder. I would rather work out harder and eat what I want, in moderation.”

Like any of us, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has cravings – and when that happens, she doesn’t deprive herself: “I’m not going to eat a whole cake, but last night I had pizza. If I want pizza, I’m going to have it. So I had pizza last night and it made me very happy.”

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Kardashian says she loves to have all her friends over and she doesn’t “make small dinners.”

“I love to cook. I’m a stay-at-home type of person,” said Kardashian, who is launching a new talk show, Kocktails with Khloe, later this year. “My last girls night I had my girlfriends come over and it was supposed to just be like they were going to stop by for a second, but then we opened up a bottle of wine and it turned into four bottles of wine for like, six girls. … So it turns into a very conversational, fun, drunken girl night.”

Khloe Kardashian Womens Health
James White/Women’s Health

Despite her love for cooking and enjoying some vino, Kardashian says she’s “more aware now.”

The reality star, who has an entire closet dedicated to fitness apparel, tells the magazine she has been working out since around 2012, around the same time she was splitting from her now ex-husband Lamar Odom.

“I was having a hard time with Lamar. It was toward the end of our union, and there was so much drama,” she says. “I needed a release.”

At first, Kardashian says it was “baby steps” and “so hard.”

“The first 45 days you’re like, ‘F——k this s——t,'” she adds. “You’re exhausted, you’re sore, and I actually felt fatter because I was swollen.”

But the star didn’t give up on her sessions with celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson: “If you keep going, you’re eventually like, ‘Wow, is that an indentation on my arm? Yeah, it’s a revenge body. But it’s just as much for all my critics who called me ‘the fat one’ for my entire existence.”

This isn’t the first time Kardashian has silenced her body critics as of late: She recently shared an unretouched version of one of the photos from her Complex magazine shoot on Instagram.

“This one is for all the troll haters out there that cannot seem to give me an ounce of credit for my daily workouts!” she captioned.

Aurelie Corinthios

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Showing 68 comments

Shadows on

Sorry Khloe, you’re still fat, shadows and all.

Anonymous on

This woman needs a therapist. Every article about her is how she’s throwing shade at the haters for calling her fat. Nobody cares, go away.

Anonymous on

“Foodie”, “fatty”… It’s all the same.

Family of Trash' on

Earth to Khloe. Your own MOTHER called you fat! You are going to have problems with your body image your entire life. Kris Jenner ruined you! Her whole life is devoted to selfies, shallowness, bimbo daughters, bikini bodies, etc. None of you will ever keep a husband. No man could put up with your boring women for very long. Don’t blame the media – which ALL YOU invited into your homes and lives. Blame your detestable, greedy, shallow mother. Your father, by the way, was a saint. A classy man surely rolling in his grave over how all of you turned out. He’d be ashamed of his trashy daughters.


Good for her! She looks great!

You're Still Huge on

Do yourself a favor, Khloe. NEVER stand next to your beautiful sister, Kourtney. As thin as you think you are, you still look like a massive elephant next to her. Such a shame you are so obsessed with yourself. You’re never going to be anything other than ghetto trash and fat.

Lu on

I imagine it was difficult growing up with two sisters that were petite, but that’s what happens when your Mom sleeps with her hairdresser and winds up pregnant.

Pro tip: all the fat transfers to your bum make you look fatter.

rockybopper on

Not becoming exactly what they wanted her to become would have been better revenge. She just gave them what they wanted and gave in to the bullying. THAT’S what’s sad.

Jessica on

Why would she even care about “revenge” and “fat critics”?? I hope that most of all, she’s done this for her own well being and truly not for anyone else- otherwise, she’s destined to gain it back- maybe not in 6 months, maybe not in a year, but eventually it will come back. You have to do it for yourself and NO one else…and yes, I know from experience!

guest on

Khloe, has always been the pretty one. She also has the best personality in the entire family. She is so down to earth. People love to bash the other Kardashians, but yet they bash Khloe for not being just like them. Makes no sense. Way to go Khloe! You look fantastic.

Khroe on

“revenge?” Why give power and validity to people whose criticisms you felt were unjustified? Haven’t you handed them the very thing they sought? The win? This is THEIR revenge, not yours. Idiot. You are still addle-brained and insubstantial and they can still attack your hair, your nose, the stupid spelling of your name (oh please, an accent?), your superficiality and self-centeredness, your acquisitive inane family, and your OBSESSION with what “haters” are thinking about you! Read a book (not a self-help book)! Visit an orphanage or refugee camp! Plant some trees (and not palm trees on your balcony)!

Sutton on

She’s photo shopped so much, she actually expects us to believe that’s her?? C’mon give me a break. She has lost weight and I give her credit, but she’s had a lot of work done too! Just own it!

guest on

Khloe looks amazing!!!

M on

This family is making me despise the letter ‘K’.

V on

Some of you need to pull the stick out of your butts. There’s nothing fat about her. So sad that people get off on talking about people!

guest on

These are the most hateful comments I have ever read. Are you people just evil, or are your miserable lives so unbearable that you have to be mean to strangers to feel better? I am sure any one of you would kill to look like Khloe. She has always been the pretty one. She is very down to earth. People bash the other Kardashians, but yet they bash Khloe for not being just like them. It makes no sense. She looks fantastic. Way to go Khloe!

Anonymous on

Why do all the Kardashian articles have this type of comment section where you can’t upvote and can’t reply directly to someone’s post? Too much hate for them to handle?

Harcinab on

Losing weight for yourself is great, losing weight for others, not so great. The best thing to do to fat-shamers is to be comfortable with yourself and ignore them! Confidence is the ultimate revenge. Khloe just seems desperate for love and attention.

Shirley Bean on

I think she does this stuff to show Lamar what he’s missing….sorry he likes his drugs , liquor and other women better…STOP ALL THIS AND MOVE ON !!!!!!

aabbcc on

Wtf would this family do if photoshop had never been invented? That cover looks nothing like her and I never would have guessed it was her if I didn’t know.

Twilie on

Shows off? She is covered all over, except her tits and photoshoped thighs…

guest on

Not a fan of the Kardashians and their fake….well, everything….. but she does look much better now, lol!!!

LOL on

Of course she looks amazing.. that’s what her mom, step dad and sister’s plastic surgeon can do. Make them all look so different while they lie to the whole world and say its “natural beauty”.

huh on

So instead of embracing her figure and all its curves and standing up to fat shaming. She caved in and gave in to peer pressure.

Barb Q on

A pig who has had plastic surgery is still a pig.

Suzy on

So sad that all these women care about is how others see them. This is a losing battle and waste of time. Good luck keeping up with the impossible!

karen on

Blah, blah, blah, who cares about this stupid bimbo.

freya on

I don’t know why this jerk keep on ragging people who don’t like them. What kind of image is she selling did she knew that she’s only putting her and their “brand” down more with her combative attitude.

A on

Revenge is not a good reason to lose weight or to become fit. The decision to live a healthier life should be completely for you and no one else (i.e. critics). I hope that she takes care of herself well and lets go of this unnecessary “revenge body” mentality.

Tamsyn on

You’re still the least feminine in a family that includes a transgendered person lol I’d stop trying to make this happen, it’s embarassing

So Sad on

Wow, we live in a world with so much hate. It’s so sad. I don’ t know why I’m posting a comment, I never do but reading some of these comments makes me realize I could never handle the criticism and hate some people receive. Some of you are so harsh, I could only wish to be as perfect as you all are!

Lulu on

Pathetic, Khloe has to work full time literally at exercise, butt injections, fake nails, hair extensions and shoving selfies at us in the media JUST TO STAY SLIGHTLY relevant. Weight up and down, she is just mediocre, not anything special. This girl needs a real life . Maybe she can find a decent partner if she knocks off all the superficial nonsense. Embarrassment..being OJ simpsons daughter is not helping.

Anonymous on

Revenge bod until she gets fat again…

CC on

Some of these comments. Good thing she cares less about reading them, cause so many of them are idiotic.

claudia on

She represents everything wrong with society – vanity and lack of depth to mention a few. I read this as it fuels my aspiration to raise my own daughter with a sense of worth that goes beyond an airbrushed cleavage. Feel so sad for these girls that they need to over expose themselves as a business.

sally on

Your not the fattest one…..your the SLUTTISH one.

Anna on

She looks good. Why cant women just say other women look good. You don’t have to like her but her work in the gym shows. I don’t know why that is so hard to admit. Way to go Khloe!

Anne on

OK, we get it, you lost weight & look good…now be quiet & go do something productive…..& take your sisters with you.

Jay on

I wish these women would find something other to do than worry about their images and perform in sex tapes.

Caitlyn is the best part, er ex-part, of this bunch.

Laughing on

Yes Shadows, we totally believe you are the only true hot in the place.

Gayle on

Holy crap! When is this stuff going to stop. I would look awesome too with major photo shopping. The girl is pretty, but please give me a break. They must have taken 40-45 lbs off of her after ‘touch-ups’. What kind of message are you sending here? Please stop. These people pay someone major bucks to photo shop everything. Keep it real please!

ladieslovelipstick on

People also called her the ugly one, I see she made no effort in changing that.

Vet Mom on

Glad I raised my gorgeous girls to know that truly confident women don’t achieve success to brag to “haters!” Khloe watching your mother stumble on The View trying to justify the untalented sex tape empire fame said it all. Like you said to Oprah get on your knees daily thanking God you can replace intelligence with sexy photos!!!!!

Anita on

She is gorgeous! Why are all of you people haters if the worst kind! What do you guys look and act like to judge others so quickly!

dennise on

If this is her real body, in the second pic – than I’m a princess of China.

Anita on

What do you people do that is any more productive than having an 8 to 5 job? She is a business person that has multiple venues to make money! That in my mind is a smart business woman!

They Sold Their Souls For $ on

She’s insecure because Robert Kardashian was not her biological father, her adoptive father just “transitioned” and her mother is a greedy fame ho.
I used to like Khloe; she seemed pretty normal…but sadly she’s sold out like the rest of the KarTRASHians.

Elli on

Well, I’m by no means a Kardashian fan but I certainly dont consider her fat. She has an average body. Nothing wrong with that.

diana on

I can’t believe how hateful all these comments are towards Khloe, what is wrong with you haters? The problem is not with Khloe = it is all the restless haters…take a look at yourself before you start hating. I can only feel sorry for people that have so much hate in their souls that they have to prosecute Khloe for trying to improve her looks. Not that she needs it, she looks beautiful the way she is now and before. I’m so sure that every person that is hating on her is so insecure with themselves. You people need to get a life and stop hating. She looks beautiful. GROW up people

Carmen on

ok but now you looks great move on

Andy on

Plus you used that ridiculous corset, I mean waist trainer. Girl, there is a reason people stopped wearing those things.

Tena on

So pathetic. Get a life. Get a job. Get real friends. Shut up.

John on

She is the spitting image of her father, Alex Roldan, who was her mother’s hairdresser. He’s a big guy and she will always be a big woman but I think she looks fit. Her hard work paid off.

lilly pond on

Pig. They are all pigs. Put your clothes on!!

Callie on

First of all she is 5’10”, her sister is tiny compared to her at 5’3″, so right there it is a huge discrepancies. And also in photos everyone looks larger then they are the camera puts on 10 pounds of added weight /width to your body. It is an optical illusion . Second,that is why their are so many actors ,etc. Who are seriously underweight so they can look “good” on camera. That is one of Hollywood’s biggest problems when it comes to woman and the media today. That is why people have distorted views about women’s bodies today, an average woman today (say 130 pounds) is considered “fat” when it isn’t true. People don’t know what is normal anymore ,woman are supposed to have curves! And be fleshy for a reason! It’s biology!! Lol….

Just saying.. on

She’s just a big boned girl. She’s not overweight, but she’ll always look big because she is.

Maci on

Maybe if she could just accept her body as it is, people wouldn’t be so quick to judge.

Dee on

Hey Khloe…Did you ever stop to think that most of us don’t give a $hit about you and your body????? You people need to GO AWAY!

Irritated Human on

You people commenting that she is fat are awful humans and I hope the same insecurities you cause others fester and eat away at you. My only assumption is you are filled with self hate.


Coco, you look good girl!! Your workout has your body on fleek, you are always going to have the haters talking s—, who cares?? love who you are…..confidence is a very attractive quality trust who you are and what you can do!!! love you in the suede coat dress!! keep doing what you’re doing girl!!! F— what these MOFO Haters have to say!!

Anonymous on


Coey on

Khloe…you never were fat ever. You’re tall and people are cruel. They hide behind they’re phones and computers eating cheeseburgers and cheetos and call you fat because you are tall that you’re sisters. You are a beautiful person and I adore you. I hope you never see what these people below are writing. It’s sad that they get their power from judging someone they don’t know. I adore you, and to be quite honest most people I know in real life adore you and watch your show because of your humor and fun personality. These comments do not reflect reality. These people also think Amy Schumer is fat, which is also a total joke.
Love to you!!

Makeda Woldt on

She looks great — but she can still do better.

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One more thing: Weight loss is more about your will-power than buying any product for the sake of losing weight. If you believe in yourself, you will definitely lose weight. Just follow a proper diet regime, hit the gym every day and stay in shape.

Crystal on

She is so pathetic that I can’t help but feel sorry for her. She is clearly insecure about her body, otherwise she wouldn’t obsess over what her critics think about her body and needing to be given credit by them for her daily workouts.

Keira Capicotto on

Zarabianie na blogowaniu

Vonnie Cossio on

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