Will Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Start a Group Honeymoon Trend?

08/07/2015 at 02:03 PM ET

Jennifer Aniston Just Theroux Honeymoon

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s surprise wedding may be over, but that’s not stopping them from keeping the party going.

The couple is having a group honeymoon in Bora Bora, bringing along famous friends like Courteney Cox, Jason Bateman, and Chelsea Handler.

While they’re not the first celebrity couple to opt out of the romantic-getaway-for-two tradition (Aniston’s ex Brad Pitt and wife Angelina Jolie brought their six children along on their post-wedding yacht around Malta, and her pal Reese Witherspoon also made her honeymoon a family affair), they are definitely the most high-profile pair to make it a full-on BFF extravaganza.

Which begs the question…are other people doing this? Could this become a new trend for modern-age newlyweds, a la joint bachelor-bachelorette partiesShould it become a new trend?

Before we make any decisions, we must first break it down scientifically.


No boring dinner silences. Let’s be honest, no matter how much you love someone, you run out of things to talk about at some point. “Beautiful sunset, huh?” yeah, we’ve been here for six days; over it.

Group activities. You know how you wanted to go on that snorkeling boat that looked so great on the brochure, and then you get there and it’s packed to the brim with other people’s kids? Well, if you bring enough people, you can split the cost and take your own boating trip — or, at least, have enough of a friend buffer that you don’t have to talk to strangers.

Friendly gestures. Hey, you just got married! And you invited your friends on your honeymoon. That means have to be super nice to you. If you have to pay for even one drink during your entire stay, you need new friends.


In the words of all the Real Housewives, we don’t want there to be any drama on this trip. More people means more opportunity for conflict, so friends must be chosen strategically (i.e., no criers).

Accommodations. It’s your honeymoon; you are not renting some Airbnb with your old college roommates sleeping on an air mattress on the floor next to you. Ensuring that you have your own, very private room is a necessity.

Alienating other friends. Narrowing down a guest list for a wedding can be hard enough, but deciding who gets to come along to the ultra-exclusive post-wedding island retreat could be a potential friendship ruiner (see earlier point about criers).

So, now that we’ve weighed both options, what do you think? Would you have a group honeymoon? Why or why not? Let your voice be heard in the comments. 

—Shay Spence, @chezspence

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Victoria Dodds on

When I read yesterday that Jen and Justin had taken some close friends along w/them on their honeymoon I thought that was pretty cool. When my husband and I married years ago we went to St. Lucia for 10 days. It would have been fun to have another couple or couples’ along for spa treatments, a day of deep sea fishing and just getting together for dinner at a different restaurant every night. Ten days is along time to be sequestered w/your significant other. Everybody has a different opinion on the subject.

Amy K on

When my best friend got married 12 years ago, there was a group of about 12 that went on the honeymoon with them. We had a blast!

Natalie on

A friend/co-worker had a destination wedding in Hawaii in 2012, around the same time my husband and myself was going to be there. Bonus was that everyone who was invited or in the wedding party (I officiated the wedding), I already knew. It was a week long party, it was probably one of the best vacations I had ever taken with friends!

Leanne on

I prefer having this quality time alone with my husband. I see so many couple complain about how they never have time for each other, never do soemething fun and special, so the honeymoon is a good way to start before being swamped back into daily life where you divide your times between family, friends, work, etc…

Sunny on

I don’t know why any NON RACIST couple would want Chelsea handler with them? I’m just trying to picture her telling her race jokes about Asians and blacks to JusJen and I’m wondering if they laugh along with her sorry behind.

goldie on

When my husband and I got married in 1996, we actually planned our wedding around Fantasy Fest in Key West Florida, 8 other couples joined us camping in the Keys…what a blast we had and the pictures were those to last of a lifetime! Some of still go together and celebrate every year…nothing new for these two, it just shows how much they love their friends…..like we do!

Sue on

To me it sounds like a couple of people who don’t have enough in common to keep things interesting when they’re by themselves. The last thing I wanted on my honeymoon was to have a bunch of friends or family hanging around. You get to see them all the time….why have them accompany on you on a trip like this? This is the beginning of your marriage…doesn’t matter how long you’ve already been together….you need this time alone as a married couple….especially if you already have kids.

Judy on

This guy is way hotter than Brad Pitt. Good job Jen! Congrats to the newlyweds! ❤

sinka on

i did this 10 yrs ago when I got married. I had a blast! My husband surprised me with a few friends and family members and we had the best time in Barcelona! This is not new people lol…

Foodie Mathematician on

Over them.

Coral on

Is it possible Jen and Justin + any guests honeymoon in Tahiti was a gift from presenting or attending Awards.

Kelly on

My husband and I married 6 years ago and had a group honeymoon. It wasn’t a first marriage for either of us so we wanted to share the fun. It was a blast! We did lots of stuff as a group but found plenty of time for ourselves.

Mary Anne Ottoline on

Absolutely a great idea!! To each their own and as someone who just did this recently it was wonderful.. We made it a family moon as we took all our grown kids and grandkids. Congrats to them and have fun always!!😎😉

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