Ciara Reveals How She Lost 60 Lbs. of Baby Weight in Just 4 Months (French Fries Included!)

08/10/2015 at 02:37 PM ET

James Macari

Ciara is back in fighting shape — literally.

The 29-year-old singer, who just released her sixth studio album, Jackie, and wrapped up a world tour, is proudly rocking her sexiest body yet, thanks to one-on-one boxing workouts with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson and a low-carb diet. In the September issue of Shape, on newsstands Aug. 18, the star opens up about losing 60 lbs. of post-pregnancy weight just four months after giving birth to her son, Future, in May 2014.  (While pregnant, Ciara admits she ate “like the Tasmanian Devil,” adding: “Never let a pregnant lady be hungry.”)

“After he was born — when I couldn’t exercise yet —  I kept eating, and I gained 60 pounds,” Ciara tells Shape. But the moment the doctor told her she could start training, she got back on the treadmill, working out two or three times a day, including one intense session with Peterson.

“Five days a week, Gunnar puts me through an hour-long plyometric cardio circuit that always includes boxing elements,” Ciara says of Peterson, who has also helped Khloé Kardashian lose weight. “What’s amazing is that you’re getting three-in-one training; it’s hitting your muscles, it’s a cardiovascular workout, and it’s a mental exercise. You have to be super focused when you’re boxing. After I’ve done a few rounds, I feel as if I can conquer the world.”

The star’s intense workouts, however, weren’t enough. Her new regimen required a swift change in her “Tasmanian Devil” approach to post-pregnancy eating. The star began eating five to eight nutrient-packed, low-carb meals, though she vowed to never deprive herself … not even of french fries.

James Macari

“When I’m on a strict eating regimen, at some point I have to have french fries, a cheeseburger and some pizza. And Oreos and vanilla ice cream!” she admits, noting that drinking “tons of water” was essential for dropping the weight.

Ciara’s mantra was simple: “The food isn’t going anywhere.” When she craved a massive plate of pasta, for example, she’d take a minute to ask herself, “Do you really need to eat all this crazy stuff? It will still be around if you really want it later.”

Another mantra that motivated the singer? “Success begins with self-belief.” And then, you have to work hard, she says.

“What I’ve learned is that the difference between being good and being great is the effort you put in,” she says. “You can’t just wake up in the morning and be a winner; you have to work for it.”

—Maria Yagoda, @mariayagoda

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Anonymous on

Well, this gives me hope. I am 23 weeks pregnant. I was dead set on keeping my weight gain under 25 pounds this time. That was until I was hungry all the time, and busy with work and moving. Then I went from weight gain of less than 10 pounds at 19 weeks to 16 pounds at 23 weeks, UGH. I am so disappointed in myself. I am making myself follow a workout routine (must make this a priority) and watching what I eat. That said, I think I am destined for at least a 30 pound weight gain at this rate. I am happy to hear that someone else who is body conscious and in to fitness struggles with this too. It is just so hard. Well worth it though.

Sherry on

Ciara looks fabulous, she’s gorgeous and her hard work shows BUT I have to say it. IMO, it’s not nearly as hard to bounce back in shape when you’re still in your 20s versus later in life. I had my child at 24, maybe exercised twice a week and did not cut out eating anything but just cut back on how much of it I ate and 3 months later it looked like I’d never even had a baby. My friends were jealous. Know why?? cause I was 24. Now if I LOOK too hard at a piece of chocolate cake I gain 3 lbs!!!
I have to work VERY hard at in now that I’m in my 40s. But again, Ciara looks fabulous!

Anaoymous on

You missed the point of the story

Anonymous on

Good for her! Must be nice to be a new mom and have so much time to work out and concentrate on yourself. I’ve also gained 65lbs in my pregnancy and lost 20 of them, but I do feel at this point my baby is my priority. 60 lb weight loss in 4 months is rediculous and only possible if you have the money for a Trainor and babysitter. Kudos to her because she’s able to, but I’ll take my new mom body for a while longer so i can share the precious moments with my baby.

LilahK on

Go, Ciara! She looks fabulous and has a great outllook.

Kara on

Her son’s name is stupid

D on

What kind of beige/vanilla/BASIC person calls another persons child’s stupid because it’s unique or different? Kara, your mother did an awful job raising you if you actually take the time to write terrible things about people online. As a mom of two under 3 years old I’m insanely jealous Ciara even has time to work out 2/3 times a day but it is her career to look amazing so it’s understandable and her effort is inspiring! She’s absolutely gorgeous!

Tiffany on

She has muscles that I didn’t know existed. She definitely got chunky during her pregnancy so I commend her for doing the hard work to bounce back.

lovemyboys on

@Anonymous, don’t feel bad. I gained weight with my first because I felt sick all day long and ate to settle my stomach. It happens. I didn’t gain much with my second pregnancy and then lost it all before I got pregnant with my third child. I was extremely sick through all three pregnancies. It happens. You will deal with the weight once your baby is born.

Anon on

Kara, good thing you have the option to NOT name your child Future. Yeah choice.

msliftbig on

She’s always been fit, it’s called muscle memory. I’m sure she won’t ever be fat unless she tries to gain it.

JJ on

Listen, we would all be skinny IF we had Gunner Peterson up in our personal space, encouraging us to push forward to a better body. I can only wish for a personal trainer and to be honest that is the only way I would lose weight, I lack willpower and hate working out.

She does look fantastic though!! I wish I was in my 20s and not so close to…40.

Gunner, donate some of your time to me?!!

Makeda Woldt on

An empowering article, at least for women. Congrulations to Ciara!🙂

Now I am no expert in weight loss field but I run a small blog where I post reviews of different weight loss books and products, if you have a minute or two, check it out:

Losing weight is not as difficult as many people think — just be strong and believe in yourself.

lachrymose on

Tasmania has no “z” in it. Does she even know what that creature is, or how many calories it consumes a day? As for “baby weight,” no, that is not baby weight. Babies don’t weigh 40-60 pounds. Why would someone put on that many pounds during a pregnancy? Sounds really unpleasant. Pregnancy is uncomfortable enough! I didn’t read the article, saw only the first few paragraphs.

I wasn’t allowed to exercise during my pregnancy, not at all. It was hell. I gained 28 pounds total, lost it post-baby within a few months, and I was 39 so don’t say it’s easier when you are young. I had a kid with serious medical problems too. I’d say breatsfeed for a couple of years if you can, and don’t stop exercising (I Haven’t since)

Carys on

Generally when people shock their system and hit the ground running with a high-intensity work-out plan and drastic calorie restrictions, you will see dramatic weight loss immediately. Then it slows down. I doubt very seriously she was losing 4 pounds a week for any extended period.

I have a friend who started out exercising two hours of exercise twice a day, consuming 900-1000 calories. Lost 20 pounds the first month. She was also tired all the time, her hair started falling out, her skin broke-out, and she now has chronic knee and back pain. She’s only 29. If you’re going to be that drastic you really need to turn to the pros.

Anonymous on

I gained 40 pounds with each of my 3 children and I thought that was bad! I can’t imagine another 20 on top
of that… I lost all my weight so fast and I didn’t exercise
or anything… I was in my 20’s… it was so easy to lose
weight then. I do work out now and watch what I eat. I
love to eat, when I’m in the “food mode” lol… I try to do
that only a few times a month… ya gotta live a little!

CJ on

When you make sudden, drastic changes to your lifestyle like this, it’s easy to lose a lot of weight the first few weeks, but you can’t maintain that drastic of a weight loss. Your body gets used to it. A friend of mine decided to crash diet and exercise to lose a lot of weight for a wedding. She lost 20 lbs. the first month exercising 2 hours twice a day and restricted calories to under 1000. Her hair started falling out, she broke out, she was tired all the time, and because she was generally so exhausted she didn’t have good running form and has wound up with chronic ankle and back issues. She’s only 29. Just a warning – if you want to lose in the 15 – 20 a month range, invest the money in a professional trainer and dietician, or stick to a slow, but manageable (and physician-recommended ) weight loss of 6-10 pounds a month.

deleted on

p.s. I had a lot of water weight too… I couldn’t believe how little my legs/ankles looked after I gave birth lol

ami on

She is beautiful, always has been. But i hope that she trained 2 or 3 times a DAY because that’s what she really wanted and what felt good, not because of pressure to look a certain way after having a baby.

Michelle on

She’s a whole lot of gorgeous.

Tiffany on

Pretty sure Tazmania is spelled with a “z” in the US lachrymose when it is a direct reference to a cartoon character. Also safe bet Ciara is not responsible for copywriting and editing articles about herself on

Guest on

I predicted having a baby by a rapper with a million kids was going to blow up in her face then she name’s this gorgeous little boy after this do nothing??? Glad she got back in shape but get that mind right so he won’t end up on the 6pm news in handcuffs. Amber Rose seems to be naive a mom’s past/ignorant behavior can haunt a son! If Russell Wilson were my son I wouldn’t want him with her. Find a college educated woman with goals!

InresponsetoD on

D, what RIGHT do you have to call someone VANILLA and BASIC? And you’re saying “who would write such terrible things online….?”

3dietguides on

Congratz for Ciara! Ciara lost 60 lbs and now she is beautiful. Ciara found good eating habit daily that leading weight loss. Plus doing regular physical exercise.

kireeti on

Instead of reducing foods focus on adding healthy goodies you really love, like deep-red cherries, juicy grapes, or crunchy snow peas. Slip those favorite fruits into your bag lunch and breakfast cereal; add the veggies into soups, stews, and sauces. know more on reducing weight here

Love Bourdain on

I’m less impressed to hear that she put on post- baby weight at her age & in her business! I read the article in hopes that she might share some good tips that would work – not more Gunnar, although I guess I shouldn’t be surprised!

I gained 40 lbs when I had a baby but at 27, I weighed 124 lbs a week after delivery! Fast forward to being 43 and I’ve put on weight over the last 5 years…I’ve just started working out because I’m committed to losing the extra lbs. Many of you have said how hard it is to lose the weight when you’re older and I completely agree! For anyone trying like I am, I wish you good luck…different workouts works for different people so find what helps you on your health journey! Mine: using my fitness pal to monitor my calories (I’ve been shocked at some of the calories in things that I never factored into my weight gain), taking Pilates (great for the pooch I’m trying to lose) and walking on treadmill (nothing too tough: 45 min at 3 incline & 3 speed).

Anne Weistrner on

Everyone knows that she used the Swedish Thin Diet.

How to lose weight was revealed by Swedish researchers. Learn to eat like the Swedish and you get thin.

Full dairy fats cause body fat loss, when you learn how to combine the right foods together.

When researchers combined yogurt and another food together they doubled the weight loss. They all do this in Hollywood.

Mike on

The key to successfully losing weight and keeping it off is long-term healthy lifestyle changes. Set yourself realistic goals, such as waking up earlier then normal every morning and going for 30 minute walk 3 days a week. Don’t try and lose 10 pounds in 1 week by going on some crazy diet.

Not only is it unhealthy but chances are you’re going to put the weight straight back on or give up entirely. Furthermore, every time you accomplish a goal, you feel great about yourself and feel even more motivated to continue.

Losing weight is a marathon not a sprint. Also remember failure isn’t bad in weight loss, but giving up all together is.

Be sure to check out my website for the system that I used to personally lose 23lbs:

befitmom on

NO postpartum woman should aim to lose 60lbs in 4 mos., it’s not healthy.
The fastest healthy rate of loss for new moms is one pound per week. I guess we should assume that she decided not to breastfeed either, as this level of extreme caloric deprivation tanks milk supply. Too bad, as breastfeeding gives baby a BIG head start, with benefits that last a lifetime.
As to the Shape cover image, yeah, we’d all look that with Photoshop and/or a tummy tuck. All moms have looser belly skin after pregnancy, so the image is an outright lie.
Articles like these are damaging to women, as they set up unrealistic and unhealthy goals and expectations and are at the root cause of poor body image and low self-esteem.
Find out how to restore the body after pregnancy and maximize maternal and infant health at:

Erico on

Amanda on

I lost a couple of pounds last week and I must tell you that I’m feel great. I thought It was impossible. But I did it finally.

I think that combination of good weight loss program and motivation are the most important factors.

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Karmaupos. Of course, you voted for Obama twice. Paula hasn’t done anything that anyone else hasn’t done. Why is it ok to be an opposite ‘racist’…Lord knows if it was The Neely’s restaurant and a white worker, none of this would be happening.

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