New Aspartame-Free Diet Pepsi Hits Supermarkets This Week

08/10/2015 at 10:30 AM ET


In April, Pepsi announced it would be switching its Diet Pepsi sweetener from aspartame to sucralose, and this week, the new product will be hitting supermarket shelves.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the revamped diet soda will be marked “Now Aspartame Free,” as part of a new branding campaign, though the packaging will stay almost identical.

Pepsi’s initial announcement came on the heels of anti-aspartame sentiments from customers, which makes sense the sweetener routinely receives bad press for its alleged ill-effects on health … and others just hate the taste.

Sucralose, a newer sweetener, has less baggage, so the switch could be a good move for the company, seeing as sales of traditional diet sodas (i.e., those that contain aspartame) have experienced declines in recent years.

“It’s the No. 1 thing that our customers have been calling about,” said Seth Kaufman, a senior vice president at PepsiCo, regarding the switch in sweeteners.

It remains to be seen whether the ingredient change and new marketing push will revive middling sales or push away loyal customers hooked on aspartame-goodness.

—Maria Yagoda

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Jon Bodack on

Sounds interesting, good luck with this brand new idea with Diet Pepsi

Jen on

This is not a “great idea”…sucralose is just as dangerous as aspartame. Both are linked to causing cancer in rats. This is a marketing ploy that preys on uninformed consumers.

Kim on

PLEASE change it to Sucralose in Canada too. PLEASE.

Guest54 on

They’d still be feeding us Aspartame if they weren’t getting negative press about the health risks. They could care less about our health. Sucralose gives the Pepsi an unpleasant flavor. But it doesn’t matter. Since my husband gave up diet Pepsi and diet Coke, he no longer needs high blood pressure medication. It apparently, much to his surprise, was the cause of him having the high blood pressure. We’ve switched to water for the most part with the odd cup of delicious coffee during the day. We’re missing these unhealthy beverages less and less as time goes by.

peachy on

Yeesh, this is really being pushed in the media. What this article doesn’t tell you however is that there is an additional ingredient called Ace-K, which is toxic in itself!

mw on

Aspartame is so bad for you, I gave it up over a year ago. I only drank it because I am a diabetic. I drink more water now and feel so much better.

Just Sayin' on

It’s all going to kill you anyway

Lu on

Sucralose is no better than aspartame. All soda is poison. Yes, ALL SODA. You may as well pour yourself a frosty cold glass of rat poison. Same result.

Andrea on

Sucralose is just as bad if not worse. Fail Pepsi.

lauren on

Guys, aspartame, sucralose, splenda, phenalalanine…..literally all the exact same thing with different names. All proven to be carcinogenic, and neurotoxic…..educate yourself, read labels on everything and know what to watch for! This poison is bad for everyone, no matter who you are or what your medical history says!

Joe on

It’s already in some stores in Illinois. Whoever thought this was a good idea clearly never tasted the stuff, looks like I’ll be moving over to diet coke

Erica on

Sucralose is Splenda and it is just as bad for you as aspartame

Maxie22 on

I bought some yesterday, the taste is the same to me. The only difference i can see is that when you pour it it foams a lot more and for a longer period of time. With the sucralose you need to watch how much you drink because it also acts as a laxative..

Reesa on


I’ll stick with regular sugar thanks

Stephen on

Great news for the scientifically illiterate morons and conspiracy theories who don’t realise aspartame is probably the most widely tested food additive in history and it has been proven safe. People like to pick and choose when the scientific consensus matters. That isn’t how it works, idiots.

Fred_Flintstone on

Good lord people. If you don’t want an artificial sweetener, don’t drink it. For those that don’t want aspartame…this is at least an option.

For causing cancer in mice…if you inject enough organic soy into a rat, it will cause cancer too. The doses they give these little guys is like you ingesting a truckload of this stuff daily. With ‘studies’…always remember that somebody is funding it and follow the funding trail.

Anonymous on

Hate to tell you this, but for diabetics, that’s even worse. It’s made FROM sugar. I can’t eat anything with that particular ingredient in it, my blood sugar shoots up like a rocket.

Tinks on

Ok, for diabetics, that’s even worse. Because the basis of that sweetener IS sugar. I don’t use it and can’t even have baked goods with it because my blood sugar rockets to the moon. Soda FAIL, Pepsi, SodaFAIL

Terry H. on

Despite what people are saying here – Sucralose, which is not without links to some health issues, is not as bad as aspartame and there are no substantial tests linking it to cancer (unlike Aspartame). Sucralose can cause digestive issues, set off a migraine in some people and may be linked to a decrease in the production of white blood cells. Still, I would take it a billion times over Aspartame which is clearly linked to cancer and the testing has been extensive to prove this. I prefer using honey, sugars, or Stevia but I think Sucralose is better. Even natural things, like Stevia, have been linked to negative things like low sperm count. Sugar impacts diabetes. It comes down to picking the lesser of evils depending on your genes or personal situation. Otherwise, don’t eat anything sweetened with anything. Cheers.

jellyfish on

The change is awful can not stand . Leaves very bad after taste will try a different soda now.

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