This Guy Took 6 Months and $1,500 to Make a Sandwich Entirely from Scratch

09/18/2015 at 01:53 PM ET

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The next time someone tells you they made your meal from scratch, feel free to point out just how wrong they are, informed as you now are by this video.

Andy George’s YouTube channel, “How to Make Everything,” indeed promises to show people how to make everything, and his quest to make a chicken sandwich quite literally from scratch proved daunting, though achievable at a cost.

George grew his own vegetable toppings (and pickled the pickles), extracted salt from ocean water, milked a cow to make cheese and butter, harvested and ground his own wheat to make flour, collected honey and then finally killed his own chicken. (Though if we’re being unnecessarily pedantic, wouldn’t he have had to raise the chicken from an egg? But wait, then WHERE WOULD THE EGG COME FROM?)

“It’s not bad,” is George’s underwhelming review of the fruits — and meats — of his labors, which all told came in at a price point of $1,500.

“That’s about it,” he adds with a laugh. “Six months of my life for ‘not bad.'”

—Alex Heigl, @alex_heigl

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Rebeccah on

He lost me with the ‘killed the chicken himself’. As a vegetarian and Humane Society volunteer, I am disgusted by the pride he seems to have in killing a live animal.

Kayaker83 on

He couldn’t have had just a VEGGIE or CHEESE sandwich? I don’t like the killing the chicken part.

Tom H. on

I’m not usually a fan of “performance art,” but I would consider this a good example of performance art, where the very fact that he did this is itself creative.

Stihle on

Uh…he was making a chicken sandwich. Hence him using the chicken. A pretty important part of the sandwich. Blah blah blah vegetarians.

Kate on

Not sure you needed to klll a chicken to make a sandwich. What a loser. (And yes, I don’t eat meat)

Frankie on

He’s not a “guy” ..Guy is for males who are in young (before 40)..he’s an sick old MAN who killed a chicken ..shame on him

Mare on

Where do you think chicken comes from? You gotta kill the chicken. What’s the difference if you kill the chicken yourself or buy it in the store.

drgrady on

Our ancestors pretty much had to do all of this. We’re pretty lucky to be able to go to the store and buy all these ingredients now!

Isabel on

The comments here are pretty illuminating. He made a chicken sandwich. Do you have any idea how many chicken sandwiches are eaten every day, largely without a second thought? Chicken is a staple of most American diets. So yes, if he wants a sandwich that the vast majority of people would call a familiar lunch, he’s going to have to add some sort of meat. I, for one, am glad he didn’t shy away from it. It certainly makes me feel better about the number of peanut butter sandwiches I eat. Furthermore, most of us need to to be reminded that every time we put a bite of meat in our mouths, an animal had to die. For the vegetarians who are offended, I think you might reconsider the value of this kind of project. Most of us eat as much meat as we do BECAUSE we don’t regularly have to confront the reality of our habits. Perhaps if we did, we might be a bit more careful of our food choices.

Tom H. on

From what I’ve read, there are two ways to humanely kill a chicken (which will die anyway at some point): cut off the head with an axe and chopping block (the body will flap around for a few minutes but that is just automatic nerve reaction); or slice the jugular vein to cut off blood flow to the brain. The real question is how the chicken is treated before it dies–cooped up in a bloated condition, or free ranging. Hopefully this cook let his chicken roam free.

Tom H. on

I meant carotid artery, not jugular vein.

Jesse Cooper on

He killed a chicken. Big whoop. Would it have been better had he ate it while it were still alive? FYI it has been scientifically documented that plants experience pain, you vegetarians might want to think about that next time you deem what actually dictates something alive.

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