Khloé Kardashian Shows Off Her Insanely Organized Pantry: ‘As You Can Tell, I Like Containers’

09/23/2015 at 03:19 PM ET

Khloe Kardashian

Khloé Kardashian is scary organized.

In a new “Khlo-C-D” video posted on her website, Kardashian takes viewers inside her immaculately organized pantry, showing off all of her beautiful snacks (cookies, crackers, nuts, Gushers, cereal, cake mix and more), as well as her organizational prowess.

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“Normally, I think areas like this for a homeowner are intimidating, so everything for me has a home,” she says at the beginning of the video.

“As you can tell, I like containers. I like for things to all look the same and have some fluid flow to it. I find a ton of really cool things at yard sales all the time, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to organize, so don’t give me the excuses, people.”

Khloe Kardashian

Kardashian typically buys snacks in bulk, and then makes sure to label everything once she transfers them to their proper containers.

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“I am a big label maker, so if Dad likes Dad snacks, put a basket for Dad. Have one for Mom,” she says. “I know it’s an extra expense to buy containers, but it makes everything so pretty.”

Organized by category — with foods she grabs for first, like “Blow Pops and caramels” stored at arm’s level — her pantry is a wonderland for her frequent visitors, including her brother Rob, sister Kylie and 5-year-old nephew, Mason.

“A lot of the stuff I have in here is for other people. The Lucky Charms are for Kylie and Mason specifically. Kylie eats Lucky Charms all the time. She’s like a 3-year-old; she only picks out the marshmallows,” Kardashian says.

On the family’s recent vacation to St. Barths, Jenner introduced Mason to the wonder that is Lucky Charms, much to his mother Kourtney Kardashian‘s chagrin.

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“It was his first time having them, and now all he does is ask for it — and Kourtney doesn’t allow it at her house, so he comes here everyday to get cookies, and now his new thing since St. Barthes is getting Lucky Charms. I’m the cool aunt that has everything fun.”

She’s also the cool sister.

Khloe Kardashian

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“When you’re stocking your pantry, you need to think about your guests. My brother lives with me and randomly he’ll come over with like ten guys.” (Her go-to snack for feeding a pack of 20-something dudes? Lipton French Onion Dip.)

Kardashian concludes the video by shutting the door of her pantry, so she can snack in peace.

“I’m actually really hungry, and I don’t want to eat on camera.”

—Maria Yagoda

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Showing 75 comments

Jackie on

I might believe this article if the person they are showing was actually Khloe Kardashian.

Jen on

If I had room, my pantry would look like that. I love the organization.

Nanu21 on

Khloe is the only one with a brain and really looks like Kris now…….

B on

Junk food.

Ella on

I think I see a Betty Crocker endorsement going on here, rather than Khloe talking about her organizational skills


Yeh like she really goes to garage sales!!! Give me a break!!

silly on


biteme on

oh……my…….god. I am so sick of this family. What next? Khloe takes a dump, Kourtney gets hair mail and Kim fk’s another black man…sheesh.

Just sayin.... on

It might be better to put a photo of her standing in front of healthy items….lots of junk food in that picture…

Laura on

All I see in the pictures in this article is junk food. Do you really think she eats all that crap?

CC on

I actually have a friend like that. Once she stayed up all night bleaching her kitchen because she saw one ant. Also she keeps everything labeled and in a certain spot. If you don’t put it back just like she had it she goes crazy on you LOL . She drives her kids crazy!

Anonymous on

I don’t believe for one minute she is doing that organizing herself. She is insisting to her staff that that is how her pantry should be organized. Get real. When would she have time to go to someone’s yard sale? Yeah Rghtl!!! but great job house staff!

kr on

Way too much junk food. No wonder the family has large butts.

Sandra on

I tried to do that one time, but all that organization made me nervous for some reason, but I did keep the cereal containers. Those things are a life saver when you are trying not to scream because someone ate all the cereal and put the empty box back in the pantry.

Kelly on

…as you can tell, Kloe likes processed food and sugary, empty-calorie snacks. It’s like a Betty Crocker commercial.

Tara on

I hate this entire family.

Betty on

Is this a brand placement test to see how people respond to them? Everything they do is inauthentic so I wonder how much Betty Crocker and Lipton and all those other “labels” paid or the family asked to be paid in order to be featured. Over all of them. Girl bye.

lynne on

stupid article

Boris Goodenough on

She’s a pig.

Choi on

The yard sale of Oprah Winfrey? lol

Julia on

Girl eats a metric ton of junk food. Not exactly something to brag about.

Kim on

The best thing about these articles are the comments, so satisfying to see how much people detest this skank family.

chipperchick62 on

I love how it looks, but admonishing people not to complain about the cost because she buys stuff at yard sales while she’s standing amid a collection of OXO containers (SUPER pricey) seems disingenuous. Plus, this really is nothing more than an add for the products placed there — Nabisco, Betty Crocker, etc. Sheesh

Joanne on

I can’t believe that Khloe eats so poorly. It really makes me sick to look in that pantry. Pretzels, frosted mini wheats, generic cake mix, processed blueberry muffins. Khloe, no doubt, has a serious problem with heart burn and will contract diabetes in due time. Go organic and healthy Khloe this pantry is disgusting and no amount of pilates is going to save you.

Shell on

Yes, Khloe and make sure your breasts are hanging out for the photo opp. You are becoming a Kim klone.

casmia on

I think that’s pretty cool, actually. I like a neat kitchen and pantry. She’s got the organizing and labeling thing down. I think I’ll have to try my hand at that too now!

hhmmhmm on

Does she like it that way or does her housekeeper? Also,this shot proves the fact that she cannot be thin and being healthy while her pantry is full of processed sugar.

DaisyMoon on

OMG…you have to pay to see content on her site!!

You can get 7 days free though.
I’ll pass.

Pam on

She eats like crap!


If you notice, there are no pantry staples to make meals or actually cook, so she must have a food service where they deliver meals to her. This is a large walk in snack closet, for her guests and younger siblings and neices / nephews. It is confusing everyone because the article called it a ‘pantry’ which it clearly is not but a very large walk in snack closet. Remember her media room when she lived with Lamar, it had huge glass jars all filled with candy. Had to be 50 pounds. Saw it on The Property Brothers, not KUWTK. Interesting thing is why does everyone seem to hate her? Does she hurt children, or embezzle money from innocent people? Why the hate America?

shan_40ish on

I wish my pantry looked like this! It used to, until my mother in law moved in and decided it would be better to just shove stuff into any empty space.
And to the person to thinks it’s impossible to find cheap OXO containers, you need to get yourself to TJMaxx, Marshalls, or Home Goods. I got all my OXO containers from those 3 stores and paid about half what you would at Bed Bath and Beyond. I bought one every week or so for a few months and had my whole pantry organized in a matter of months.

akm on

Seriously, a bunch of junk and processed foods, and why so much, you’re single.

Tina on

Love the idea and the containers! Khloe is definitely an organizer.

Tina on

It amazes me how people voluntarily click on links and read articles about the Kardashians and complain. If you don’t like them ignore them. You clicked on the link because you wanted to know.

huh on

For someone who claims to be “working out” she has a sh*tTy diet! wth nothing but processed. It’s no wonder why she’s the meaty one

uncle tiger on

looks more like she’s showing off her knockers than her Tupperware.

BS on

No respect. It’s all sugar! This is where Rob’s obesity began, living with them and “snacking” with Lamar on nothing but sugar, and tons of it day and night. Kourtney tries to do healthy eating for her family and sister Khloe sabotages it daily, and is proud of it. Buy a clue with your
millions you guys.

AnonIA on

Great organization but holy junk food Batman!!!

TC on

For someone who diets 24/7 she has a lot of junk food in there.

Stella on

She is starting to look like LaToya Jackson. Not a good thing.

huh on

I call B.s on her going to yard sales. Don’t try normalize yourself

GinaG on

Clearly her father is OJ. She ain’t no Kartrashian! Look at her-

ami on

all that money and she eats sugary cereal crap.

Shari on

Am I the only one that thinks she has recently had a NOSE JOB???
Holy face work. She is starting to look plastic.
LaToya Jackson called and she waits her face back…..

guest53 on

her pantry looks nice and so does she

mandy on

Great job house staff! Not for one second do I believe she organizes that herself or goes to garage sales. Yeah right! I work for a family and cook their meals every night, and in a magazine the woman says she loves to make dinner each night for her family. It had me LOLing for sure. Never believe rich people when they say the do housework.

Raymond on

Chloe looks like LaToya Jackson

jay on

Khloe never had OCD if you watch the show from the beginning. Kim was the one with the OCD and Khloe was the partying drunk. As a matter of fact Khloe never had her own place till she was with Lamar. Then she copied the cookie jars from her mother Kris. Now she claims she has OCD-smh. It’s the same with her obsession with exercise. Khloe never went to the gym. Then her sister constantly gets photographed going to the gym and then Khloe suddenly has an obsession with the gym(mind you it’s all plastic surgery). She is one of the thirstiest one of them all who just wants all the attention&money at any cost.

Vicki Haberman on

Wow, after reading all the comments, all I can say is JEALOUSY is a terrible thing.

Anne on

Wow, she has all this food for members of her own family! I wonder if she donates anything to food donation centers…….they need it a lot more than her family does.

Justme on

So open comments, guess people who sign in aren’t commenting. Khloho, ok u like containers, who does this for you?

Justme on

…and nice nose, what else did u have gone?

Anonymous on

there is only crap in that pantry, and I bet her housekeeper did all the organizing work.

Emlow on

Looks like she’s borrowing Bruce’s nose.

Emlow on

No wonder she’s fat.

Anonymous on

when my kids were little, I was so frustrated with everyone giving them so much junk. I would try to have them eat healthy, but everyone around them would keep giving them chips and candy. hioefully khloe will have a change of heart and will want healthy snacks for everyone including herself

Anonymous on

Her face! !

Anonymous on

Yeah she shops at garage sales, yup
And her organization is soooo realistic. ..
Her awful new ‘face’
Ugh, so dumb, gross, lame on

She posts not important stuff no one is interested in !!

Cathy on

Why are idolizing her when her pantry is filled with junk food!!! We should be discussing how eating this way is completely unhealthy, not celebrating it as a “good idea!”

Christen on

Don’t believe this. Just remember that every move this circus family makes is calculated. I see a theme of brands in there, and they made sure to show labels. She is being paid by these food companies — it’s all advertising. And please. I highly doubt they stock their pantry with this junk. They are Kardashians … they think they are royalty, so my assumption is they eat organic brands from the expensive gourmet stores like Whole Foods, etc. Also…. like she really goes to yard sales!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

Anonymous on

may someone show a left breast.Thank you

Grace on

I can only imagine how much of this gets thrown out and replenished every week. Sad to think about when many children go to bed hungry in this country. Some celebs are so excessive and wasteful.

needaname on

NO WONDER Rob is a big as a house. Poor guy has to battle all of these tempting goodies.

Steph on

I never cease to be amazed at all the hatred spewed towards celebrities. People love to hate people that are more popular, more financially well off, better looking, etc. I used to be one of those people that spewed hate. And now I’m like, you know what? She gets paid to be famous. So what. It obviously pays off seeing how many trolls line the feeds. She’s doing way better than me and she isn’t setting off bombs somewhere or killing random citizens. Get over yourself people and appreciate some nice organization. I don’t care who did it.

Janean Finkelson on

AWESOME!Can’t wait for that, will be something to want to accomplish day by day, to do something AWESOME!

Clayton Seegert on

Britni Capponi on

Loren Boensch on

dienkimt on

Sound like good and hav fun!

Star Diehm on

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Hugh Hackney on

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