Jaimie Alexander’s Food Diary: What I Eat in a Day

09/24/2015 at 04:39 PM ET

Jaimie Alexander Mark Davis/Getty

With a physically and mentally demanding lead role in the new NBC drama Blindspot, Jaimie Alexander knows she always has to be on her game.

“I have very long, full days at work and don’t get much of a break to eat, so it’s important that I have good snacking food,” says the actress, 31. “I need something I can grab on the run and eat throughout the day between scenes to give me energy, to feel full and to keep my metabolism functioning.”

Luckily Alexander has a close friend who helps her stay on track when it comes to maintaining her stamina. “My stunt double, Ky Furneaux, and I have been friends for over ten years and currently live together while filming in New York,” says Alexander. “It’s easy for Ky to make a little extra of the same food she eats — for me.”

For Alexander, the key to healthy eating is finding balance. “I don’t deny myself a treat every now and then, like fresh chocolate chip cookies,” she says. “Healthy eating should be part of your lifestyle rather than a chore you dread.”

Check out her daily food log below, and pick up the new issue of PEOPLE (on newsstands now) to read more about her diet.

3 liters of water

1 cup of coffee with almond milk
Protein smoothie with 1 scoop of Sunwarrior vanilla vegan protein and 2 cups of Califia Farms almond milk

2 scrambled eggs with mushrooms, spinach, cheese and pesto
Corn tortilla with a dash of Vegenaise

Snacks throughout the day
Organic Avenue juice with cucumber, kale and celery
1 piece of fruit
2 cups of arugula salad with olive oil, pink salt and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese
1 chocolate chip cookie
Half a cup of raw almonds
1 cup of veggies with hummus dip

A piece of salmon
1 cup steamed broccoli
1/2 cup steamed carrots
1/2 cup steamed green beans
1 teaspoon of Earth Balance spread on the veggies with a dash of pink salt

Total Calories

“I am a huge fan of snacking when done properly,” says dietitian Keri Glassman of NutritiousLife.com. “Jaimie eats the perfect types of nutrient-dense food that make you consume less as the day goes on.” But, she adds: “A little tweaking to her portions, like fewer almonds, could anchor her health even further.”

NOTE: It is recommended that women eat at least 1,200 calories per day, and men eat at least 1,800 calories per day.

—Antoinette Y. Coulton, @diamondtennis

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Showing 36 comments

msliftbig on

Bwahahaha so she’s basically starving if she eats this but okay. These “what I eat every day” celeb logs are ridiculous and I doubt that’s what they eat every day. Stop it People!

Jenb64 on

That has 1900 calories?? No wonder I am fat. Boring, boring diet. Is she a good actress? There is something about this chick that screams “blah” to me.

Aj on

Oh how I delight in these celebrity food logs. They are so ridiculous and unattainable. Arugula salad and pink salt?? Lol okay

WonderWoman1958 on

“…fewer almonds…”
FEWER almonds???
No freakin way!

Sam on

Who cares! Why is this a featured story.

Melina on

This is the top story. Jesus Christ.

Tom H. on

@msliftbig, I’m not sure why you doubt that Jaimie actually eats meals like this every day. It’s a simple, easy-to-prepare diet that you can stick to if you’re motivated.

CC on

She isn’t starving herself. Eating 4000 calories a day is excessive and is overeating. If your goal is to maintain your weight and have energy then you should be eating 2000 to 2500 calories a day. So she isn’t that far off. I think removing the some almonds is excessive. But to say what she is eating is hard and not healthy shows how truly lazy some of you are.

sss on

Who is she and who cares

Anonymous on

A half a cup of raw almonds is too much? Needs trimming? Get real!

OMG! on

I’m sorry, but someone need to do the math over again. There is no way this adds up to almost 2,000 calories. I eat 1,200-1,500 and eat more than this and the food I eat is more substantial. Unless, the protein she uses has tons of calories. I don’t use it, so I don’t know.

monayao on

Not interested in skinny, genetically blessed Hollywood women humblebragging about their exemplary dietary habits. It’s not aspirational, it’s tacky.

Stupid Diets!!!! on

Wow! I wonder how many calories I eat!???

Libbie on

okay so maybe some of her food is a bit pretentious for us normal folk but its great to see someone actually eat a healthy amount of calories for once! And she even gets to eat cookies and coffee! Seems like a really healthy, balanced sustainable diet. If more people at like this 5 days a week this country wouldn’t have such an obesity problem!

Ceecee on

I seriously can’t stand the “nutritionist” judging these. WTH less almonds will make her diet better. Even if she didn’t have a serious workout regime -I guarantee she does- it is still more than fine. I think suggesting her caloric intake to be less is sadistic.

Kelly on

oh right Pink Salt makes things way more delicious lol What nonsense, why don’t they ask George Clooney what he eats in a day? How about we just eat food and get on with our lives

whocarespope on

Who F*ing cares…honestly…WHO CARES????

Sue on

Who is she and who cares?

myuntidydesk on

That same boring food every freaking day? Ugh… so glad I am not famous.

Lauralye on

Just once I want someone to say the have a cup of coffee with CREAM in it. Almond milk? Come on!

MANiston on

She’s starving herself if she’s that active all day and only eating 1900 calories. Dumb dumb dumb. I think the pink salt is going to her head.

Theresa on

For a 31 year old woman, that is an appropriate amount of calories – certainly not starving. She’s not a 300 lb pro athlete! She’s also saying this is a “typical” day, not like she never has pizza or a glass of wine. Looks like a very reasonable and tasty meal plan to me.

Boo on

How is she “starving” exactly? She’s eating nearly 2000 calories a day – thta’s a lot.

And, yes, fewer almonds – she’s eating half a cup. That’s a lot of fat. A handful is enough for anyone.

srosesilva on

These “What I eat in a day” articles always are about women, therefore basing our worth on the skinniness of our bodies. Why doesn’t People run articles about intelligent women doing intelligent things and not reduce us to the amount of calories we eat? Get with it, People.

Catherine on

People is posting “news” articles on this woman almost every day. I assume it’s to try to attract viewers to her new TV show. It’s having the opposite effect on me. Everything I read just makes me dislike her more.

Chelsie Smith on

No way that is 1900 calories a day or giving her all the nutrition she needs. How many girls are going to read this now and try this as a “diet”. Shame shame.

Ann on

Cool, what she eats in a day, I eat for breakfast!

fatamy on

Slow news day People?

Nicole on

I think articles like these are utterly ridiculous, but it’s even more ridiculous how people are acting like eating 2000 calories is starving yourself.

Wendy Landree on

I don’t know where you found this Dr. Keri Glassman, but, you need to send her back.

“Tweak her portions”?!?!?!
“Scale back on the almonds…”?!?!?!

Rule #1 in medicine is ‘do no harm.’

What kind of doctor, can look at that menu – at that woman, and say that it/she are not good enough????

Let me answer my own question – a doctor out to make a name for herself and get some attention by saying (damn near) perfection isn’t good enough.

What kind of magazine feels justified to publish this misogynistic malarkey???

Again, let me answer – one that cares more about their bottom line than it does the health and well being of the ‘People’ (see what I did there) featured in their [virtual] pages or the ‘People’ who read it.

Thank you for posting this “article”, People. I will now be saving my time (spent scrolling your website) and money (spent on you magazines and with your advertisers) because I am no longer interested in what you have to say.

Jenna harlow on

I am brought to tears… Seeing someone sacrifice anything resembling “food” to look her best for a show I’ve never heard of/will never watch. :/

Taylor on

Wow, you sure can tell who the obese ones are on this article. This is not starving at all.

kl on

“Pink” salt is a little unnecessary, but happens to taste good. I’m surprised that people think arugula and earth balance are unattainable, or that she is starving herself. This comment section is a scary indictment of the current average US diet. Also…. for those who don’t know who she is, google it. She’s kind of and “it” girl, ya know, like if you’re not watching a reality show.

VlS on

Wow, and this article comes up real close to all the articles shaming Jennie Garth for her weight. Coincidence? And what is in her hair? Looks like hair grease.

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marijuana edible on

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