Inside Rachael Ray’s Cozy New York City Apartment: ‘If I Put My Arms Out, I Can Reach From My Refrigerator To My Stove’ (PHOTOS)

10/22/2015 at 03:59 PM ET

Rachael Ray home
Dorothy Hong

Rachael Ray‘s New York City home is definitely where her heart is.

The cooking mogul recently opened up her 1,800-square-foot East Village apartment — which she shares with her husband, John Cusimano, and their dog Isaboo — to The Wall Street Journal, and the space (or lack thereof) may come as a surprise.

Start with the kitchen. “If I put my arms out, I can reach from my refrigerator to my stove,” said Ray. Still she wouldn’t change a thing to the apartment she bought in 2004 (the couple purchased the neighboring unit four years later, which is now conjoined by a sliding door between the two kitchens).

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“This is my vibe. This is my ideal apartment. They’ll carry me out in a box.”

Rachael Ray home
Dorothy Hong

And it fits Ray’s sunny personality. Bright and cheerful, the apartment is also very personal. Much of the art has been collected from her many trips to Italy, where Ray and Cusimano recently renewed their wedding vows in celebration of their 10-year anniversary.

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The six level spread also includes a living room with greenhouse-style windows, Cusimano’s office and music studio, two dining areas (where Ray writes her recipes) and a “Vegas room” for poker and board game parties.

Rachael Ray home
Dorothy Hong

And for company, the couple opted to leave the acquired apartment as a guest suite instead of expanding for “lots of actors and actresses who are too cheap to book a hotel room,” Ray joked.

Rachael Ray home
Dorothy Hong

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The one area they did decide to expand was the roof deck/garden where they grow herbs, flowers and tomatoes — and no doubt enjoy with their guests. Said Ray: “My life is about cooking and making people feel comfortable.”
–Michelle Ward Trainor

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Beth on

Can’t stand her!

CaseyM on

Cute and cozy!

Danielle on

Beautiful ,so warm and cozy. I would love to live in NYC

Pam on

She’s so annoying!

Chrissy on

Gimme a break – I live in NYC and my apt is 480 sq ft. Standard and small for NYC standards.
1800 sq ft is NOT small whether you are in NYC or somewhere else.
She needs to get over herself. She has a friggin back yard as well.
And they own the adjacent apt? Try again bi t ch

Gigi Suvari on

It’s not that small. And the HUGE terrace is gorgeous.

cynic1018 on

@Chrissy…..bitter and jealous much???? not once in this article did it mention Rachel complaining or calling it “small”. you seem like quite the bi t ch yourself!

to on

Idiot with Pitbull in an apartment.

anomoyous on

As always there’s booze in her and John’s hand. Every picture of them they’re drinking some type of alcohol.

Maria on

Yes, but I’m sure it cost way over a million dollars. It’s NYC, but it looks cute.

Patricia Clair on

1800 square feet is not small by NYC standards for the average person, but it is small digs for a celebrity that could easily afford triple the square footage, and for many people that live in other parts of the country. It’s all relative, and I think the point of the article was that for A CELEBRITY, who makes millions of dollars via her show, books, products, etc., that’s a pretty modest home.

Anonymous on

My first home was 1200 sq ft and it was plenty for me, my husband, and my dog. Let’s not pretend that 1800 sq ft is roughing it, particularly in NYC

Red Skye on

She is putting on the pounds lately!!!

Louise on

The kitchen is gorgeous!

Ally on

1800 sq. feet is not small, especially in NYC. My husband and I live with our dog in the same amount of space and feel like we have more room than we need. Her apartment is cute, though.

Gretchen on

Well, not sure that 1800 sq ft qualifies at “tiny”–especially in NYC. It’s a beautiful apartment but if she was trying to come off like the every man, that’s not exactly it.

Amy on

Our home is less than 1300 sq ft, with six people and a dog! I’d love to have her 1800 ft!

Meg on

I love the apartment! Colorful and sweet. Cute couple and beautiful doggy. Wish I had the blue fridge and oven too!

sandy on

She’s so New York- in her talk & everything! That must be why everyone finds her SO annoying. I should know- most of the old NY’s descend on Florida in the winter! GOD HELP US! Suddenly all these old women are yelling at their husbands everywhere we go!

jeannie on

She wasn’t complaining nor bragging. She was describing her apartment


I am from NY and very proud of it. You sound a lot ruder than we do in your comments. But I forgive you.

Just a Duck on

It’s a tiny row house, one or two rooms on each of 6 floors. That would drive me nuts. I’ve got 2,500 plus terrace on the UES. One level. Much easier to deal with.

Anonymous on

Not my taste at all…. I’m happy for them tho!

savannah on

LOL my 3 bedroom HOUSE is only 1300 sq ft. I’d hardly call 1800 “cozy”

Anonymous on

They call 1,800 square feet cozy? That’s not actually small for two people. I have friends who’s houses are a lot smaller….they make her sound like she’s slumming it……

Guest on

6 levels?

Sunnie on

I like the apartment but 6 levels would be way too many stairs to climb. The roof deck is gorgeous. By the way, my 2 cats love her cat food.

guest on

I would like to see pics of her house in the Adirondacks!!

Bem on

I love the kitchen – very cozy!

Cyndi on

That doesn’t look so small to me.

Guest on

Cute place. Sounds spacious for NYC.

Guest on

Amen. Cannot stand her!!!

Guest on

Amen! Cannot stand her!!!

Guest on

who cares….she is so over!!!

Lothar on

What does she mean about reaching from fridge to stove? I have a huge house and I can touch my stove and fridge at the same time.

Guest on

I wish I could cook like her.

patty on

What a misleading headline PEOPLE. THEN we read that she has bought the entire apartment next door! Gee, bet she cant touch any of her appliances with outstretched arms now!

DOT on


Alia on

I love her kitchen! Love the blue and orange combo – it looks very fall-ish. Love it!’ I also like how it seems so live able and not sterilized like so many of the celebrity homes are in magazines. For example she even has her paper towel holder right on the middle of the counter and so many things on the counter, like “regular people” kitchens.

SandyFeet on

I love Rachel and NYC!! The East Village is a wonderful neighborhood full of boutiques, restaurants and amazing architecture… such a sweet couple. Hater are gonna hate.

Lana on

1800 sq feet she is calling it small and cozy???

Jennifer on

Um, so can I. Dope

dyosa3 on

Chrissy, I agree with you completely and I am not bitter or jealous, nor do I think you are.
She has a humongous Viking range and there is no way she could touch her stove and fridge simultaneously. What an a s s hat. Her stove is bigger than most people’s bathrooms. She needs to get over herself.

Anonymous on

@cynic1018 why so butt hurt over someone else’s opinion? Rachel Ray wouldn’t defend you.

Me on

@DOT you cannot spell.

guest on

She’ s a nice person with a grating personality…pun intended

Beth on

Love the look of her place. I love Rachael –
she is such a hard worker & is passionate about everything.

j on

My husband, myself and our girls live in a 1200 sq ft 2 bedroom condo and we have plenty of space. We actually moved out of a 1800 sq ft townhouse into a smaller space. More money to do more of the stuff we love… Sometimes less is more.

Trinity on

Most ANNOYING person on the planet. Despise her.

Peachy on

Nice kitchen, but she’s not a kind person in real life, and treats her staff with contempt, so really, who cares.

Peachy on

Love Rachael – I’ve been a fan since she started out – she’s so hard working & passionate about everything.

CJ on

I love how cozy and comfortable her apartment is..It really also shows how down to earth they are as people..Love this article..I normally have a hard time catching her show as a result of my schedule but when I’m available to watch her on tv I get some good tips from her show..

Amanda on

Oh how I wish that stupid pit bull decides to take her out

Amanda on

Her dog should do everyone a favor and take her down

stefani on

1800 sqft and 6 levels is hardly cozy. and please, she can’t reach the stove from the fridge! i can’t open my fridge all the ay cuz it hits my dryer! and i can’t open the stove and walk around it. she’s got it soooooo bad 😦 Whatever. she’s horrible!!!

Rebeccah on

I love this!! What a gorgeous place. Very fitting for her 🙂

Wanda on

Beautiful place, it is a shame she has the wine bottles next to the windows, not good. The heat can alter the flavor.

STOP!!!! on

My God, so many haters online – so sad that with social media came a barrage of people saying whatever they wanted, with no regard to kindness anymore. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say (write, tweek, text) anything at all!!!

Anonymous on

they look happy….that’s good

me on

Six levels, a rooftop deck and 1800 square feet and that’s supposed to be tiny? Please. Dumb rich celebs.

LisA lily m on

Oh clever idea combining 2 units. Love it , not too mod , not too stuffy, and just comfy as is. What a handsome fella the dog!! Such a nice little dickins’!

Eileen on

note to self: If you ever become famous and hope to escape criticism, live under a bridge and never spend any of your earnings on anything better than a cardboard box and an old oil drum for a heat source.

Fran on

Rachael is a great show hostess ,But she needs to keep her hands out of her hair when she is cooking, and handling food.

Jane on

Could someone INTRODUCE Rachael to some exercize equipment. She’s wearing black 11/11/15, but its not making her look smaller w/ Nate Berkus, the designer. Even Paula Deen realized she needed to be health responsive for herself,,,&in her cookbooks. Way to go Rachael Ray.

Liz on

This is a lovely modest home, especially for someone who can afford more. I applaud you for creating an apartment that makes you happy, rather than one that is for show. You are a genuine person.

carmella kernen on

Can not stand her either, Beth.. Waste of air time.. Heady and over rated! Husband a ??? well no job so guess a kept man! or how about just kept?

Kate on

Wow, I have a nicer kitchen then Rachel’s ! Makes you realize that you can cook a good meal without a fancy kitchen. I like how humble the space is, very simple and warm.

CTJPMarie on

LOVE, LOVE, LOVEEEE her place. 🙂 I could totally dig it for a wkend in the city where my hubby and I got married. (btw…never elope at City Hall in Manhatten…it’s totally not romantic! ) 🙂 (just saying). On the onther hand…that is how I became a wedding officiant/Justice of the Peace…I now live on vicariously through my couples giving them the wedding I always wanted! 🙂 Bam!

Georgia on

Why are people so mean? It’s a nice place! Congrats!,

Deb on

Wow, what is WRONG with you people. If you don’t like her, why even read the article? SHE did not describe her place as small. She said that she loves it and they’ll carry her out in a box. Most celebs have a much larger space and do not get criticized. She is happy, she is letting us in, why be mean? As for the dog…LOTS of people have dogs in smaller spaces…NOYB.

Maria on

She always put too many different seasonings in a recipe. I really am not a fan of her cooking.

EmilyWillis on

Wow. I don’t understand why people have to be so down right mean. I’m sorry but why bother wasting your time leaving a mean and crucial comment. What happened to being kind or considerate to others? Congrats Rachael and John! Your apartment is adorable. I just love the blue oven & fridge- Its very unique! Just like Rachael. I envy your skill and passion for cooking! Hope all is wonderful! God Bless!

Janey Waldal on

Don’t forget about tiny houses as a way for disabled people to have an independant life. It is much easier to get around (when going the 20 feet to the kitchen is a daunting and painful task, you don’t want to do it and you don’t eat. But if it is 5 feet away, then life is much easier!)

Tom on

lol Pam…..I luv her or at least what comes across

Frankie on

Love that blue kitchen, would love to know the color name and brand.

Alice O. on

An 1,800 sq. ft apt. isn’t small, especially in NYC. I live in L.A. & my place is 1,200 sq. ft. Cozy? Really?

joe on

WOW ! She can actually spread her arms and touch her stove and refrigerator ! So can most of the world, you stuck-on-yourself snob.

Lucille on

why isn’t everyone so negative?? If Rachel annoys you,,,,don’t read about her…..she didn’t brag, or be negative,,,,she just. Told of her thoughts for her apartment… Most of the comments are vicious……cut it out…She doesn’t bother anyone. And if she’s put a few pounds on,,,,,,it’s easy to do, and harder to get off. If we’re honest,,,we can attest to the weight ourselves…….be nice. Life is too short. 😊🌸💞🎶🇮🇹🐾

Adrian on

Love the apartment, and the fact that she opened it (and herself) up for us to see. That stove is fantastic, as is the garden!

MSO4 on

I cannot believe all the negative remarks. Uncalled for. Her apartment is cute and decorated with style..
I enjoy your show and have learned alot. Thanks

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