Blake Lively’s Incredible Bikini Body After Baby! Her Trainer Tells All

11/04/2015 at 03:01 PM ET

Blake Lively Bikini

Just when you thought bikini season was over, Blake Lively proves that it’s still going strong!

The actress, 28, was spotted in Australia last week shooting scenes for the upcoming shark thriller The Shallows in a teeny, tiny, two-piece — and she looks fabulous. Since giving birth to her daughter James in December 2014 she’s been vocal about pressure on new moms to drop the baby weight. “There’s pressure to lose it…I think it’s silly,” she told the BBC in May, adding that she wasn’t “obsessing” about regaining her pre-baby physique at that time. Clearly her strategy has paid off!

Blake Lively Bikini

So how did she do it? Lively’s trainer Don Saladino (who Lively said knows “how to kick my butt”) opened up to PEOPLE exclusively about the regimen she started in preparation for the upcoming movie. “This is way beyond having her just look great in a bikini,” he says. “That’s important, but it’s about keeping her energy level high and making sure that, day in and day out when she’s shooting this film, her recovery is optimal.”

With only two months to prep for the beachside shoot, Saladino increased Lively’s workouts from once or twice a week to five or six times a week. “We would do an upper body workout Monday, lower body Tuesday. Wednesday was a playful pool workout where she would do laps,” he says. “Thursday was upper body, Friday lower body, and Saturday we were focusing on the accessory movers: the arms, the shoulders.”

Lively started each session with foam rolling and “corrective work” to warm up before jumping into workouts of various intensities that could be adapted depending on how the actress was feeling.

“I told her to listen to her body,” Saladino says. “When you feel great, get on it. When you don’t feel great, shift down a gear. And when you feel like complete crap do really minimal work,” like 10 minutes on the elliptical.

Saladino also encouraged Lively to eat four small meals a day, and she consulted with a nutritionist from his health club, Drive495. “We made sure that her meals were well-balanced. She had a protein, a vegetable and a slow-burning carb,” he says. “We tried to give her enough so that she wasn’t stuffed, but she was comfortable.”

Blake Lively Bikini

In addition to using coconut oil in her diet, it was also mostly gluten free. The carbs —”her energy”—were sweet potatoes, gluten-free oatmeal, and white rice. “This is not training a fitness competitor or a model,” says Saladino. “This is about feeding a woman who’s got a child who’s got to have certain nutrients in her body. She’s got to take care of herself. She’s got to eat healthy. The way that we did it was the right way, and it wasn’t through starving her.”

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Ever the homemaker, Lively bought her own ingredients throughout her training. “She cooks a lot of her own stuff,” Saladino says.”She really enjoys the kitchen and didn’t have a private chef. I would’ve obviously loved for her to have that — because it’s one less stress — but she didn’t need it.”

Saladino is keen to point out that any new mom can take on Lively’s regimen with success. “What she did was very doable,” he says. “We weren’t in [the gym] for three, four, five hours a day. It was max an hour. Maybe a couple of special days it went over a little bit, but the reality is she has a baby, and she’s a working woman.”

“She’s got to get in, hit it and get out,” he adds. “She’s not doing these triple session workouts. It should encourage people: Here’s a woman who had a baby in December, and she’s got her bikini body back already. That’s pretty spectacular.”

–Catherine Kast

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Sam on

She looks incredible! Omg. I run a ton and don’t even look like that. Whatever she’s doing it obviously worked. And I’m glad to hear her trainer encouraging others in that what she did anyone can do! She cooked her own meals and wasn’t living in the gym. Gonna hit up that workout regime ASAP!

gorgeo on

this article says her diet cooked with coconut oil. Nice dangling modifier. I’m sad to see she got implants

CaseyM on


Alicia on

I’m sure the trainer helped but let’s face it, she’s 28 she was going to bounce back rather quickly. These celebrities are not miraculous people, they have the money and resources to look this way.

KiKi on

I don’t think she can act her way out of a paper bag but she knows how to rock a bikini. You can tell she did it herself and didn’t have any surgery. BTW,
@gorgeo, she has had the implants since her Gossip Girl days. Not saying she may have gotten a lift since having the baby though.

sigh on

Are you f’in kidding me? I have when they talk about how “silly” the pressure is when they’re 100lbs wet. They’re full of sh*t.

Leigh on

It doesn’t take money to look this way / it takes dedication and anyone can do it. Women have way to many excuses for not getting back into shape after giving birth. She looks great.

Anonymous on

Oh no! Please don’t tell me she got implants? NOOOOO!

Leigh on

Sorry sigh – but she weighs close to 150. If people weren’t so lazy, they could be in great shape too.

soulwarrioryoga on

Is it me or does she look like she had her boobs done?

guest on

Don’t remember her chest being THAT big.

Summer on

Leigh – women have many valid excuses for not being in bikini shape right after having babies. Some hold on to extra fat until their babies wean. Some work long hours and have a tough time fitting in workouts. Some have messed up metabolisms and hormones after giving birth. How about we support all women, not just the ones with nannies and trainers? Yes, she looks fantastic, but let’s remember that her job is to look good. She’s not putting in 9-10 hours at the office and then cleaning, cooking, and caring for kids.

guest on

Her chest is close to non existent in that red dress and in the bikini she looks like she’s got some huge implants.

Dawn on

Love this woman! She just seems like a down to earth lady who’s career happens to be acting. Really appreciate her trainer giving us the 411 and saying, hey, this is a working mom and she wanted to cook for herself. We too can do it ladies with the dedication she had! Even without a trainer and chef, it’s doable. Really appreciate this message 🙂 Gonna hit the gym tonight after work as I’m under two months before my wedding! Won’t be wearing a bikini but a girl can try her best!

heather on

I’m not trying to nitpick, but she doesn’t really have much muscle definition for someone who works with a trainer 6 days a week. She just looks thin with giant boobs.

jj on

She looks great! However, she was thin to being with. Anyone who is already slim, will look fit and toned if they exercise 6 days a week for 2 months.

germany on

Those implants look ridiculous.

Leigh on

Summer- first, she had the baby almost a year ago. And why are you calling me out for not supporting women? I guess you’re okay with all the ignorant comments about her chest and lack of muscle tone etc. Yhe truth is that women can be their own worst enemy – jealous and catty and downright nasty. The hard truth is that if being healthy and in shape are important to you, you’ll get it done.

Anonymous on

I see this as no different than me running my business. I will skip other things and work on things specifically for my company so that it can grow and make money. She will skip things and only work on her body so that she can do the same. If my ONLY requirement for my craft was looking good, then I would make the time to devote only to that as well. What she did is doable for people who work 8 or 9 hours a day, but not always doable for those of us who regularly work 12-15 hours per day. Not excusing anything, just giving women a break from beating themselves up about their bodies. We are not like celebrities.

Julia on

I see this as no different than me running my business. I will skip other things and work on things specifically for my company so that it can grow and make money. She will skip things and only work on her body so that she can do the same. If my ONLY requirement for my craft was looking good, then I would make the time to devote only to that as well. What she did is doable for people who work 8 or 9 hours a day, but not always doable for those of us who regularly work 12-15 hours per day. Not excusing anything, just giving women a break from beating themselves up about their bodies. We are not like celebrities.

Ruthie on

Looks like she got some new boobs too.

guest on

She’s breastfeeding her daughter and that’s obviously a padded bikini top. My boobs looked 1-2 size bigger when my milk was in production… After, deflated…

sarah on

boobs? surgery?

MW on

Fake boobs are gross, why did she do that to herself?

Rob Kartashian on

Much more enjoyable to look at rather than those skankie sisters of mine!

R on

Sad she got implants! Why Blake, oh why?

Sassymomof3 on

Those implants though!!

Just a Duck on

Looks like she still has her milk jugs, but otherwise she looks fabulous!

True on

A lot of post-baby recovery has to do with genetics. Is she doing the right things by eating balanced meals and exercising? Obviously. But her genes play a much larger role. I don’t say this as someone who’s “jealous”. My mom was the same way, within just a few days of having me she already looked lean without much effort. some people are blessed and that’s okay.
As far as her breasts go, she got implants a few years back (look up before and after pictures for her, it’s pretty evident). Perhaps it’s more noticeable to people now because her breasts are additionally enlarged by breastfeeding.

Kirsten on

As annoying as these articles are, at least they’re honest now. Previously celebrities would say they didn’t do anything to look great and hated working out. Now they’re at least telling the truth. Hour-long workouts 6 times a week combined with clean, low-carb (or slow-carb) eating will get you into great shape, especially if you have no medical conditions, are relatively young, and aren’t prone to binge eating. I’ve done it for the last 2 weeks and have lost 10 pounds. The issue is keeping it up. It’s hard. Particularly because it’s not necessary to be that fit–you will live just as long and look ok eating healthy with more moderate exercise. I want to be this thin, but it’s really vanity.

mark on

Well we certainly know how she got the huge boobs.

Anonymous on

Hate her fake boobs, but her stomach looks great.

Nicole on

If she is still breast feeding, then that could easily explain the larger boobs.

Alia on

She has had her boob implants for a long time now, they’re not new. I like Blake and she seems to have a good attitude and not too stuck on herself. She looks great, but like the guy said, she doesn’t seem to go overboard.

Angela on

Her tits are huge.

taylor on

Her breast implants look terrible.

rain on

She thinks it’s silly? Then why does she look like a stick with fake boobs?

Ally on

I was 24 when my son was born, and I sure didn’t bounce back like that. I have saggy skin and stretch marks. Why do all celebs look fab after their babies and the rest of us are over in the corner with our droopy boobs and purple scarred stomachs?

Ashley on

Her implants look great…but maybe could weigh a bit more looking at her ribs!

Tonja on

She looks amazing! These pics will motivate me after my next and last baby.

Lyn on

She’s breast feeding you morons!! She doesn’t have implants.

Grace on

She’s an ectomorph and in her 20s. Doubt it was a huge struggle or accomplishment

sara on

Breast implants! Nursing boobs are not that round, big and stiff.

sara on

Any new mom can take on Lively’s regimen with success?? Really? How about the millions of moms who are not celebrities and have little to no help? A-holes.

Anonymous on

People need to worry about themselves and not worry about if a prego women can lose the weight after shes had a baby…mind your own business…and take a look at yourself…on the inside and out…

Ew on

Her implants whether old or new look horrible. Bolt on boobs icky

susy on

Seriously, spectacular?? Curing cancer is spectacular, wearing a bikini and looking good in it is a combination of good genes and paying attention to good health–baby or not!

Bettie003 on

Well she is only 28, a personal trainer, diet, and new boobs….

Lauren Kaminski on

She doesn’t look 150! She is about 120/130 at the most!

ImALadyToo on

She looks great, but she is also only 28.

Ginger on

I’ve never understood the attraction to this woman. She’s not gorgeous, just basic. And that mole! Remove it! Her body looks good, though, especially after having a baby. More power to her.

Millie on

NO IMPLANTS, people, chill…it’s called “nursing boobs”. She’s still nursing her baby, so her breast are full and bigger. I gained a full bra size after the birth of my son 4 months ago.

Jen on

K, to everyone saying those are just nursing boobs… Dream on. As someone who has had giant nursing boobs and then a maxoplexy and augmentation to fix the damage done by aforementioned nursing, I can tell you that those are definitely not real.

Stella on

TI’m sick & tired of this “gluten-free” as a means of weight loss, or being healthier lie continuously being spread. Gluten is not a carb, it is a very critical protein. You NEED it, useless you are truly intolerant, and those who are have to be vigilant about getting sufficient protein.

guest on

Didn’t she give birth very early? That could account for the lack of stretchmarks that a previous comment referenced.

Gayle on

Love Blake; however, no way she looks like this without photo shop and a breast job. Why can’t the media be honest because she is a beautiful woman without all the ‘enhancements’. Just ‘be real’ please.

carkim on

How she got that body. One word: IMPLANTS!!

Tawny K on

hahah give me a #%$%$ break…
I work in the office complex where this gnome got her ‘cosmetic’ surgeries done. go back to #^%^%ucking your way to the top honey……

Anonymous on

Oh thanks for this. Now I feel so much more inclined to starve myself because there’s no possible way after looking after baby, cooking, cleaning and doing laundry I can possible look like this.

NewMomBlue on

Oh thanks for much for this – I’m now so much more inclined to starve myself to death because after cooking, cleaning, laundry and looking after baby there is no humanly possible way I can ever achieve this. Thanks for making a new mom feel inferior. I wish California would break off and slide into the ocean.

Blake on

Claims she isn’t stressing over weightloss, but has a trainer? Liar!

guest on

Her body is amazing! The stomach and the legs just shoot me now!! I don’t think she got implants. She just had a baby and I think she is still nursing. They look natural to me. I think she is just one of those skinny girls with big boobs!!

sergeant2 on

If she hasn’t had breast implants, I’ll eat my laptop. Not that there’s anything wrong with getting breast implants, she looks great.

Tara on

Are there exercises that a lady ( me) who is disabled can do. I have debilitating pain but exercise helps but my right leg has tumors (benign) that form on the sheath of my nerves. All the trainers here, don’t know how to work with me.

Anonymous on

Someone has implants!

Justme on

I’ve never follow the ktras, but followed Blake and her sisters…they truly are a beautiful loving caring family. Love them. They totally best the trashies big time. Blake looks great

patty on

She looks fabulous. And her new boobies look great on her!

Huh on

Nice implants.

fake on

Yes she had a baby, but that chest is 100% fake, like her nose. Her implants are ridiculous.

Malia's Mama on

Sometimes it is just genetics. I was mid 30’s when I had my daughter and I was within seven pounds of my pre-baby weight within two weeks of having her (with absolutely no exercise). I only gained 35 total pounds with my pregnancy and was super active up until the day before I had her, which I think helped too.

. . to ( . )( . ) on

To those saying her breasts are fuller because she’s nursing…did you miss her Age of Adelaide premiere photo, from her Instagram, that is also part of this article?

Why weren’t her breasts huge there too?

Her not so subtle implants.

Mimie on

I loved the comments section today. Super funny, thank u all!

les84 on

She had her baby almost 1 year ago. That’s more than enough time to lose the weight, especially after first baby. Anyone who is in shape before pregnancy and works out and takes care of themselves during pregnancy is able to bounce back right away. The key is taking care of yourself while pregnant and not gaining more than the 35 pounds recommended by doctors! I’m a mom so I can say this for sure!

Chirp on

You folks keep thinking she has gotten implants but forget that she may still be a nursing mom, which is the best boob enhancer on the planet.

Jay on

She looks amazing. Blessed with good genes to begin with so it makes it a little easier for her.


Every comment about her Breast Implants is a FLAT OUT fabrication of any truth BECAUSE not one person has a medical record they can point to or produce that verifies this & she has NEVER commented on the subject. . So You can look @ her & only speculate, gossip, make an assumption about her & continue on w/the rumor started years ago. . If people posting were NOT so DARN jealous of the way she looks.. this would be a NONE ISSUE.

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Jim Mcmaster on

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Roman Gristede on

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Ashly Fabacher on

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Alexis Heathcock on

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