The Girl Scouts Raise Prices on Their Famous Cookies

11/06/2015 at 12:47 PM ET

Girl Scout CookiesGetty

Girl Scout cookie fans (read: the general public) will have to pay a little extra if they want to get their Thin Mint fix.

The cookies, which includes customer favorite Thin Mints and Samoas, are set to increase in price, from $4 to $5 a box — just in time for the beginning of cookie season in January.

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“The No. 1 factor was us hearing feedback from adult volunteers that girls had such a great experience selling cookies, but they weren’t earning enough money from them,” says Jan Goldstein, chief marketing officer at Girls Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, told CNBC. “We don’t want to be making an announcement once every few years.”

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In fact, the last time the organization has raised its cookie prices was back in 2007. Now, with the boost, the council’s troops will reportedly earn 90 cents per box of cookies, an increase from their former 62 cents earning. Girl Scouts sell near 200 million cookies in one season, which equates to $800 million in revenue.

“While you might see just a box of cookies, the reality is Girl Scout Cookies are an investment in the power of girls to be leaders and identify and address world problems,” Stewart Goodbody, director of communications at Girl Scouts of the USA, tells PEOPLE in a statement.

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Ultimately, each of the Girl Scout’s 112 local councils set their own cookie prices, but those based in Massachusetts and California have already confirmed the price change.

—Grace Gavilanes

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Showing 19 comments

Anonymous on

After already putting fewer in the box.

Still better than that Boy Scout popcorn. That stuff is nasty.
I’ll just donate, thanks.

Anonymous on

If they’re raising the price by $1, why are the girls only getting $0.28 per box more? Seems like their manufacturer may be taking advantage of them!

Guest on

My daughter is a Girl Scout and at this price she will not be selling this year!!

Merry Miller Moon on

Girl Scouts only get 90 cents per box? And, the boxes will now cost $5.00. WOW! That’s a huge mark up! Who’s getting the other $4.10 per box?

Debra on

That’s ridiculous! They get such a small percentage too. It’s better to make a direct donation to the troop if you really want to support them.

Sandra on

Now that GS Cookies are more expensive than Oreo’s, I guess I’ll be eating more Oreo’s.

Anonymous on

What does the $4.10 go towards? If $4 went to the GS, I would be willing to buy…A LOT. But, since they aren’t even getting $1 a box, it’s not worth it! I can buy “knock offs” at the store for half the price.

JJ on

What does the $4.10 go towards? If the GS were getting $4 a box, I would buy so many boxes! But since they aren’t even getting $1 a box, it’s not worth it! I can buy “knock offs” from the store for half the price!

Tracys38 on

I hope everyone boycotts them. That is way too expensive and they always get rid of the best sellers. I remember in the 80s they had Kookaburras – they were the absolute best. Now every new kind is disgusting. I will donate to the Girl Scouts but not waste a dime on these cookies.

Annoymous2 on

THIS ARTICLE IS OVER A YEAR OLD! Girl Scouts raised the price from $4 to $5 LAST YEAR (2014)!!! And a correction to how much we troops actually get… the percentage is specific to each Council Geographical (Regions) Area. Each Council is comprised of Service Units which consist of 10 to 75 troops in EACH Unit. Each troop must hit a certain number of sold boxes to get a specific “profit.” I believe the base profit is $0.65 cents for our specific service unit, but in my troop, which has 9 girls, we hit the target where we received $.85 cents a box (I believe we sold about 5,000 boxes between the 9 of us last year) The rest of the money is divided up between the baker/production costs, the Regional Council affiliated community service projects, scholarships, and the upkeep of the various camps throughout the region. I do agree that each individual troop should see more of the percentage as our girls bust thier behinds to sell!

kel on

the higher prices wont sell people wont buy them for 5 dollars if werent selling for 4 dollars

Guest on

No more for us. They didn’t taste as good last year.

sueann on

These cookies were already pricey i spent $50 last year that was to much i will not be buying them this year

Dawn Hooper on

They say troops only get….. but thats not entierly true older troops can opt out of prizes and still receive patches and make an extra 10 cents per box and .62 go to there council which help pay for programs and camps and all things girl scouts. Some states even have money from sales that go to there service units to help girls on financial aid so yes sonds bad when all you hear is 62 cents for the troop per box but when you add up everything Girl scouts from troop to service unit to council all get some monies and a few years ago my council raised the price from 3.00 to 4.00 and that dollar got put away into speacial fund and when we had enough money we voted and 1 of our camps got a rock climbing wall and zip lines and other stuff and another camp got a new stable and horse ring , and a new shower house and water tank.

Donna on

I purchased Girl Scout Cookies here in eastern NC last season for $3.50 per box. I am willing to pay $4, but $5 is just too much. I always buy several extra boxes to send in care packages to US troops serving in dangerous locations worldwide.

Anonymous on

“Ultimately, each of the Girl Scout’s 112 local councils set their own cookie prices, but those based in Massachusetts and California have already confirmed the price change.”

Not ALL Massachusetts GS Councils have raised their prices. Those of us in Central and Western MA are still at $4 a box, $5 for gluten-free. And most of the money goes back into GS programming, financial aid, camp etc. and NOT the CEO’s pocket or anything like that, before there are a hundred comments about how the girls don’t even get any of the money. And girls actually learn skills like handling money, running a business, speaking with people/customers, etc. I am just a GS volunteer, FWIW.

Tinkerbell on

UUmm I was a girl scout like many years ago. lol and it’s crazy how much smaller the boxes became year after year. And now they are raising the prices? Did anyone see how many cookies are in these boxes? I think it’s so sad for the little girls who try so hard to sell, and they are so committed to being a great girl scout. I feel bad for them the most because how many boxes can they sell now?

B'zizzle on

Snicklefootz!!!! It’s cookie Armageddon!!!

Rox River on

Oreos and Cameos still being a better cookie than Girls Scout! And I can even buy two packs for $5 when on sale.
I bought one box this year just for cooperation to my local troop and almost 40% of them were crushed so even quality is poor.
I do not think i’m going to buy them again sorry!