VIDEO: Giada De Laurentiis Opens Up About Co-Parenting and Dating After Divorce: ‘I Already Have Someone I Like’

11/06/2015 at 10:54 AM ET

Rob Kim/Getty

Giada De Laurentiis  is opening up about her life post-divorce.

The chef and author of the new cookbook Happy Cooking stopped by People NOW where she revealed how she is co-parenting daughter Jade, 7, with ex-husband Todd Thompson.

“It’s only been a year-and-a-half so we’ll see how it goes but so far it’s been pretty good,” says De Laurentiis who is based in L.A. “I have her here with me [in New York City] for a week. It can get a little tricky but I send lots of pictures and I take lots of pictures and we actually were on the carriage ride yesterday and she was FaceTiming her dad at the same time so we sort of multitask.”

Last month, The Food Network star visited an amusement park with her daughter and Thompson, who she separated from in July 2014 after 11 years of marriage. It was the first time the exes had been spotted together since their divorced was finalized in early September.

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And the amicable exes are putting Jade first. “Both parents need to keep the [other] parent involved in what’s happening with the child,” she says. “So when the child comes back to you and they share these stories you’re like ‘oh yeah, I saw that’ or ‘oh yeah, that was part of that’d you know what questions to ask so you’re both in it.”

As for dating after divorce, De Laurentiis says, “I haven’t been in that game since I was 18 years-old so it’s a very different game when you’re 45 with a child and a career.”

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And don’t expect to see the TV chef on any dating apps. “I don’t do any of that,” she says, and for good reason. “And I would say that ah…it’s ok that maybe I don’t need to date so much because maybe I already have someone I like and I don’t have to.”

—Michelle Ward Trainor

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sherry on

Could his name possibly be……Bobby?

Mariemullin on

Cover up your cleavage girl. Get over yourself

Anonymous on

She looks old.

Thia on

She looks old.

arabrabbra on

Im sorry but she is smoking hot

Kathy on

Bet it’s Eddie from Next Food Network Star. She couldn’t hide her like for him from Bobby Flay.

K on

So, is she now discussing her split/child custody so she can promo her book at the same time? Wow.
BTW—fire your make up person—its not working. And really? still sticking that cleavage in everyone’s face? It’s never looked professional.

Bill Hilton on

Giada: Pay no attention to the critics on these posts…they have no clue what they are talking about. It is your life and you may live it the way that suits you! The envy from some is uncalled for and distasteful. I have watched your show for a number of years and I am aware pf your culinary skills….as for your private life, I leave that to you and my best wishes for happiness and continued success on Food Network!

Judy Kemp on

She is a sweet, nice person, a good mother, and supports herself. Compared to a lot of people I could name, why would anyone want to hate on her? Leave her alone.

Truthfinder on

I think she is a talented chef and really liked her when she first began on the Food Network. That is back when they used to COOK instead of playing silly games (stopped watching long ago)! However, something changed when her figure suddenly changed! She no longer seemed professional. It turned me off…sorry.

Alan Deschannel on

Giada ….. If you’d have met me, you’d be a happily married woman and wouldn’t have to have gone thru a divorce. I adore you!

Charlie Waffles on

You never gave us a chance, Giada!

Cotán on

Nothing against Giada but she needs to “revamp”. She’s had the same look/hair style,wardrobe, etc for too long. Plus, cooking shows are for cooking not push-up bras.

Gina on

“Co-parenting”???? Such psycho babble BS.

Katie on

I’ve watched her shows for years, and love her approach to Italian cooking. She presents flavorful easy to cook (if you know how to cook at all), and easy to serve Italian food, promotes friends and family eating at the table and sharing conversation…nothing wrong with that. Should she have to wear sackcloth, look as if she just got through cleaning the chicken house, or forgot to shower, in order to be taken seriously as a chef? Ridiculous! Chefs don’t have to be fat, they don’t have to look like something the cat dragged in, and good for her demonstrating you can enjoy food without acting as if you are at a trough! On the other hand, there are many chefs I enjoy watching who are overweight, sloppy, and I like their food as well. I actually cook a lot of what I see on the FoodTV Network shows, so I’ve at least bothered to find out whether their recipes are edible, or not. Giada’s are usually spot on! She should comb her hair as she likes, wear the clothes she’s comfortable in, and why should you care? Some of you sound soooo petty!

Bossbabe on

Yea, she already has someone she likes – herself and her boobs. She shows them more and more every season. I’m waiting for when she finally comes out with pants and a pair of pasties on. Desperate, and ridiculous.

Just saying.. on

Large head with a huge smile..never liked this women and her unnecessary cleavage that she’s always showing on her cooking shows. Inappropriate.

Belinda on


Molly on

I think Giada is a talented chef and her show on the Food Network is very funny.

Jen on

Hope he’s got a big bobble-head too!

Jude on

To Kathy, possibly so! She couldn’t hide those hits she had for that beautiful Black man!

Pat Joseph on

To those posters on various blog sites who seem to love to trash Giada’s looks… Have they ever taken a good look at some of the other female tv chefs…LOL…

Annette on

Please….she has been after Bobby Flay for a long time before she was divorced. They are so obvious on shows, she is hanging it all out for all to see. She is the only chef that displays cleavage. Plus, her phony Italian accent is disgusting. She had a nice family but chose to cheat. Her fault and Bobby Flays fault that two families have fallen apart and children have been hurt. My sympathy to their exes, you are better off without them.

randy on

she would make a lovely desert on any table or counter top .mmmmmmmm like campbells soup ummm ummm good

Anonymous on

A tramp !!!

Anonymous on


katjan68a on

I find it incredible that after being with someone for 27 years and have a child together that you would even contemplate divorce. What a throw away world we live in!

A 55 YR Old Grandma on

Giana is so full of herself and I am so tired of flipping through channels and still seeing her on TV! Boring, fake everything. She is one of those super fake people that only smile with the teeth and not to the eyes, or let a laugh rumble out cause she is scared she will snort.
She has loved leading Bobby Flay around by his nose and if she thinks she can say “I have never been involved with BFlay, we are good friends” and someone will believe her, she is WRONG. I am positive she has slept her way into at least 5 of the upper echelons on the Food Networks list of starts. At LEAST including Bobby Flay, and she has everyone sign papers just like Bobby does to protect his privacy even though it all comes out in the wash. Always. Will they end up together now permanently? No way, she likes the attention of a multitude of men and thus the reason she is on a show with mostly men.
She cooks things my 6 yr old can whip up and she is on Food Shows getting paid? Hey, try my daughter out!!!

Mary Thompson on

Giada looks terrible. Way too thin. I guess she thinks looking like a person who has an eating problem.

Steven on


jan Young on

Saw Giada on the Food Network today…she looks awful. What’s wrong with her?!!

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