Guy Fieri Fires Back at Anthony Bourdain: ‘He’s Definitely Gotta Have Issues’

11/16/2015 at 12:48 PM ET

Chris Haston/NBC; Inset: Michael Loccisano/Getty

Guy Fieri has reached a breaking point with Anthony Bourdain.

In a new interview with GQ, Fieri says that the Parts Unknown host has “definitely gotta have issues, ‘cos the average person doesn’t behave that way,” referring to Bourdain’s continuous jabs at pretty much every Food Network star (with extra snark reserved for Fieri).

“It’s actually disappointing…I don’t like him making fun of people, and I don’t like him talking s—. And he’s never talked s— to my face,” Fieri continues.

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“It’s not that I’m not open to the reality that the food world was like this from a few people’s perspective. It’s just, What are you doing? What is your instigation? You have nothing else to f—ing worry about than if I have bleached hair or not? I mean, f—.”

Still, we suspect that Bourdain won’t be letting up any time soon.

“I tell jokes about Guy Fieri,” the Kitchen Confidential author told PEOPLE in September. “The day you can’t tell jokes about Guy Fieri, comedy as we know it is dead. I tell jokes about those guys; it’s what I do.”

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In the summer, Bourdain got himself into hot water when he said that Ina Garten was “one of the few people on Food Network who can actually cook”  and slammed Fieri for “being 52 years old and still rolling around in the flame outfit.”

Alton Brown, a prolific cookbook author and Food Network host, also took issue with Bourdain’s sense of superiority.

“When was the last time you saw Anthony Bourdain actually cook anything?” he said. “I’ve spent 14 years cooking my own food on television and I’ve never seen him cook a meal.”

—Maria Yagoda, @mariayagoda

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Erin on

But Bourdain wasn’t wrong..

Bethany on

Anthony Bourdain is right. Food Network has very little to do with cooking anymore. It’s basically a platform for wannabe celebrities and has-been celebrities. Why should anyone care what Trisha Yearwood or Valerie Bertinelli is cooking? The entire channel is an insult to real chefs.

Sandra on

Ivan Ego is always talking Ish, just ignore him and keep it moving. Triple D is my favorite show, Ina Garten is my favorite cook and please bring back the Iron Chef competitions.

goodie on

Guy, get over it. You have taken cooking and degraded it with commercialism. Half the stuff Guy eats on his show, he has no idea how it’s cooked or what it is…this is not a chef. This is a cook.

Anonymous on

Anthony Bourdain, get over yourself. You’re a cook.

Robyn on

Bourdain is right and love that he is not politically correct. He actually has a personality unlike many of these ‘crafted’ food stars.

Lisa on

I gotta agree with bourdain, though..

Elli on

You forgot to censor the word “f***ing” in Guy Fieri’s quote. Not that anyone impressionable is reading this article

hg on

Just look at him. This guy is one with ‘issues’.

arabrabbra on

if Fieri cant laugh at himself, he is the one with issues. His persona is his shtick and people should be able to make fun of it. Its kinda silly. But he is also entertaining and some of his food is good

Anna on

And when Anthony actually did cook an Italian meal for Italians, they laughed and didn’t want to eat it…. So there you go. Superiority doesn’t look good on anyone.

orca on

PEOPLE – you missed a very very bad word in the article. LOL. Blank out so many and miss that one.

Truthfinder on

Bourdain has a big ego problem in many areas of his life, that is for sure. Having said that, The Food Network is a joke. I used to watch it back in the day when they had good chefs who actually taught cooking…now, it’s one big game show. Never watch any more!

Ally on

Team Bourdain all the was on this one. How can Guy Fieri present himself the way he does and not expect to be made fun off. I suspect he’s just bringing this all up for some publicity.

Truthfinder on

ORCA is right…maybe you should spot check your writing. Using vulgarity in your quotes is anything BUT professional.

well... on

I personally agree with Bourdain but I disagree in this regard: why should anyone have to look like he wants to please him. He shows less class than the people he is mocking. There are ways to say the same thing – that Food Network is getting a little more about being trendy and showy – than it is about cooking. No one specific needs to be mocked. This guy isn’t a comedian, he is a chef and should have more tact.

Tammy on

TV cooking shows are 90% entertainment, 10 % craft…I will watch Julia Child on reruns or you tube if I want to cook something real.

HesNasty on

And now we know why Anthony’s wife kicked him to the curb. He’s a nasty, vile and downright ugly man on the inside as well as the outside.

Lindy on

Bourdain is an idiot !!!! just another windbag trying to stay in the media….

lea on

I actually like Anthony Bourdain, but he can be a jerk sometimes. The Food Network is for the home cook and has people on there that the average person can relate to. If it’s not his cup of tea, fine. You don’t have to be an perpetual jerk about it.

Lisa on

@Anonymous – no he’s not a cook – he’s a graduate of the CIA, hence he is a chef.
And he’s 100% correct – the Food Network is a joke these days – and Guy Fieri is just disgusting – quit sticking your fingers in the cook’s food while they’re making the dishes for cripes sake!

Lisa on

I love Chopped and I like some of the other cooks on the show. But most of them, are stars cooking, like who cares. I want to learn from someone from Ina Garten, who teaches techniques as opposed to Cut Throat kitchen – which I can’t stand.

sandra on

Bourdain needs to shut his gd mouth…tired of hearing him spew crap. Shut up already!!!!

Gina on

I will take Eric Ripert’s (Anthony’s friend) food any day of the week. Now that’s a chef.

Margarita on

Interesting. I saw and episode of Anthony Bourdain’s show called Parts Unknown and his guest was chef Marcus Samuelson who is actually a chef judge on Chopped which is on the Food Network channel. I like them all. Be kind to each other peeps!

Aly on

Anthony Bourdain is an egotistical snob and I don’t watch any of his shows anymore. He’s unnecessarily rude!

Melissa on

I have met Guy Fieri and he is an ass. Does not surprise me that he does not like the comments. He is not a nice person himself. I completely agree with Bourdain and others on this post. Food Network is a joke now – hence the comments. If Fieri and others do not like it, maybe they should take a look in the mirror and look at their shows before they get all upset.

The Free Woman on

He has HUGE issues, and its evident on every show!

guest on

Bourdain is just jealous that he has never received or will he the celebrity status that these other chefs on the food network have. His answer is to strike back & make fun of them. He consideres himself some sort of a food snob and 99% of Americans would never eat the crap he does. I would rather spend any time with all the ones Like Paula Deen & Guy Fieri who have a personality than him any day…

Annie on

The Food Network used to be my go-to channel. It is now a glorified game show network with a splash of reality TV thrown in. When they return to showing programming that is actually about cooking, I will watch again. As for Tony Bourdain, his ego may be gigantic, but he is right. Guy Fieri has developed this personality for television and whether it is accurate or not, he continues to use it as his schtick. Own it , but let’s not pretend that Diners, Drive-in and Dives is educating the masses about quality food preparation.

Pasha on

I saw Anthony Bourdain cooks quite often. If you watch his shows, both on CNN & the Travel Network, which I religiously do, you’d see that he cooks when he was in France, Italy, Missouri, and New York. Mr. Bourdain’s shows are much more entertaining & interesting than the other food shows. He can carry on an interesting conversation, he is respectful to other cultures, he’s not afraid to try something new, and yes, he can be snarky, which makes him more intriqing to watch. Guy Fieri can jab at him right back, you know? It’s a fair game. Stop being a cry baby already!

mark on

Food Network lost its credibility a long time ago, mainly around the time that Paula Deen started hawking her cheeseburgers-with-donuts-for-buns. It makes me laugh that Food Network dropped her actually. Since when did they have any integrity? Not in the last 10-15 years. Guy Fieri is an entertainer. I would rather choke than cook some of the “food” he shills. Food Network is nothing but one big game show.

meg on

I love Guy and enjoy his show very much. He brings fun to the table and lots of interesting ideas. Anthony is just prissy and arrogant. Anyone who feels the need to belittle others to make themselves look better is just awful to me. There is room for everyone and everyone can bring something else to the table. We don’t need to rip on views different than our own. Anthony is wrong for doing this. He should just do his own thing and have it stand on it’s own. He says that is what he does but he is a chef. Leave the ‘comedy’ to the comedians.

DEE on

“He’s got issues”, says the 52 year old with bleached spikey hair. What I that? Jersey meets the 80s?

sunny on

Anthony was The Chew once and said he never name fresh homemade pasta before. He went to culinary school!!1 How is that possible? I like his shows, the are very interesting but that statement gave me pause.

Pasha on

…but Anna, when he cooks in Italy, he knows that his cooking might not be as good as his host’s cooking, he humbly said so himself. Also Bourdain’s has won a few awards; has Guy Fieri’s show win any? Just saying….

pcc on

Anthony Bourdain needs to move on already from bashing Food Network, which if I recall, gave him his first show.When has it become his “job” to joke about people he hasn’t been connected with for years? I’m no fan of Fieri, but if you want to talk about juvenile behavior into your 50s, Bourdain can easily match him in that respect.

danrik on

Anthony Bourdain is another Trump – a full fledged bully. He spends half the time on his show intoxicated, and smoking like a chimney, yet has the gall to diss other chefs for not cooking healthy. When you travel to other countries and eat snake and grub worms, you don’t have a lot to talk about. He’s a jerk. You don’t have to like any of the people on Food Network, but just don’t watch their shows. No need to trash them at every opportunity.

really on

I can not stand Bourdain. His latest special on Charleston was beyond Pathetic. Why spotlight a southern city with people from New York cooking? It made Charleston look like some po-dunk backwoods town, I was so disgusted by this special. It did NOTHING for Charleston, that was NOT Charleston…..the guy is an over confident no talent idiot.

Sandra on

There are a few folks on here with misconceptions about a couple things…Graduating from Culinary School does not make you a chef, it makes you a cook with good knife and technical knowledge skills that can then be used to train under a variety of really good cooks and chefs. Triple D is a show that showcases the many different aspects of how we eat in this country, not a direct reflection of Guy. Anthony has repeatedly bashed Guy and a number of other chefs/cooks because he doesn’t agree with their style. Most of them laugh it off or ignore him but there comes a point when its not just jokes, its mean spirited and meant to harm. People kill me with this whole “chef” vs “cook” crap, it’s the same argument that women like to have with the “stay at home mom” vs “Working mom” battle. Both are the exact same thing its just that one pays better than the other. There is nothing wrong with wanting to attain the status of chef, its great and the perks are fabulous but guess what, every chef started out as a cook.

jp on

I don’t care what network it’s on or who is the ‘cook’. A good recipe is a good recipe and I’m glad there are networks devoted to it. Used to be we only had PBS shows for that and no way to get the recipes.

Sue on

I was disappointed in Bourdaine’s trashing of other cooks, as I think they’re fine, and didn’t particularly care much for Garten, and chalked it up to personal preferences. I thought he’d support and unify with his fellow cooks, especially since I’ve NEVER seen him cook anything, but liked watching his traveling show. These are people’s livelihoods, and love and admire Guy and how far he’s come from winning the FN competition, and I like his food. I lost respect for Bourdaine, and of course everyone can see he has issues, and wouldn’t want anyone to mess with his bread and butter, no pun intended.

LM on

People, get over it. Anthony Bourdain just speaks his mind. He might seem rude to you but he is only saying what you were already thinking.
Love him and Eric!

Eric Seelig on

Yeah, and when was the last time that Alton Brown cooked anything on TV instead of playing the role of a condescending taskmaster game show host or judge? I don’t think that the decade-old Good Eats reruns are airing on anything but Netflix.

Anthony Bourdain has been almost continuously on TV for the last ten years traveling the world, cooking, and eating with EVERYONE. The man is living the dream.

If we’re talking about Bourdain having issues cooking Italian food for Italians, perhaps we may recall all of the reviews that came out when Fieri sold American food to Americans in Times Square…

Guy on

Bourdain is a foreign f uckhead. Someone oughta cut off his nuts

Guy Fiera on

Next time I cook for Anthony I’ll piss in his wine

T Kelly on

Anthony Bourdrain is a self-absorbed twit. Is Guy a world-class chef? No, he does not claim to be. He is a gifted cook, but a better storyteller. He’s also acutely aware of how lucky he is. Guy’s Foundation including his Cooking With Kids mission and his support of Share Our Strength is a classic example of what many Food Network stars do – they give back.

I’ve searched for what Mr. Bourdrain does outside of play the obnoxious America and brag about how he managed to turn it into a living. I’ve found nothing.

A few months ago, I was given tickets to one of his live shows. I took Mom. She made us leave after the second jab at Guy.

Comedy as we know it was dead the minute Bourdrain decided he was meant to do comedy.

marbles jenerette on

Anthony B. is just another example of why people in the world dislike white america. It has caused and continues to cause conflicts around the world.

Patricia Stoops on

The show with Alton where they gamble food etc. Use only this or that. What a joke. I never watch Food network anymore because of crap like that. I loved the channel until it was no longer about food. Whoever said it is now a gameshow is correct. Going to go watch the Chew I suppose.

karen on

Anthony Bourdain is a pompous ass.

superf88 on

“Anthony Bourdain actually cook anything?”

Practically slander. Not only did this man fire up a tasty hangar steak for moi, but the fries he dropped on 28th and Park South were probably as good as McDs.

True, this was some years ago.

Dani on

I’ve been watching Food Network for many years and I’ve never seen Bourdain cook, either. Guy has had many great shows, all of which I love to watch. Watching Bourdain’s shows is like watching paint dry. Sorry, he’s just jealous that he’s not popular. He should leave others alone. Making fun of others is not comedy, and Bourdain isn’t even funny. Fail all around for him. Poor guy(I mean Bourdain!)

Murphy on

Both AB and Guy F are great and entertaining in different ways. Maybe they should grab some bourbon and just hang out and have fun. They both have charisma and talent 🙂

Troy on

Bourd?ain is right. Food Network is not about actual culinary expertise. It is a parody of food preparation. Guy Fieri is not a chef and I am not sure he pretends to be either. Neither is Giada or Alton Brown. Food Network is kind of joke, it is like a TV show that can never be cancelled, because the show is the Network. Imagine you own a network and have to fill in 24 hours a day of programming? How do you deal with it? You hire Bobby Flay and Guy Fieri and Giado. Don’t talk about Bourdain and cooking, he has the scars on his arm from working the line for decades, he as earned the right to make fun of people like Guy. Alton, you are hosting the most ridiculous show on the entire network “Cut Throat kitchen”….lol

Leigh on

I agree that Food Network isn’t like it used to be. I know I miss Emeril. That said, it still has shows with professionally-trained chefs. They’ve just become so busy with their successful restaurants that most of their shows are scripted competition-format. In that sense, Bourdain is right. As far as Fieri goes, I find him amusing and annoying both. On Triple D, he simply repeats the flavor profile the chef described as he tastes the dish; but he is funny. And on the Halloween episode of The Kitchen, Geoffrey Zakarian dressed up as him and constantly repeated his catch phrases. It was hysterical!

Dana on

Bethany, this is Food Network, not Chef Network. If you didn’t have non-chef people cooking on the network, people at home would think only chefs could cook anything better than Hamburger Helper. I’d rather see more ordinary people on there than not. Failing that, the occasional celebrity wouldn’t bother me. In theory… if I had cable TV. Which I’m glad I don’t, observing what kinds of people both act on its shows and watch them from home. Wow. Y’all need to get out more.

gretchen on

I love Anthony Bourdain but I also love Guy…I really think they both make valid points Guy does in fact still roll around with the flames and Anthony has always been a snarky crude asshat…duh, have you read his autobiography? I love it 🙂

restless on

Guy should really be concerned about the state of his restaurants that bear his name. I live in the Poconos and there is Guy Fieri restaurant within the Mt Airy Casino. If you check out Yelp or Trip Advisor reviews you’ll see the food is horrible & over priced, service non existent and customers frustrated. It survives only because its the only restaurant open 24/7 in the area. To my understanding, he has never appeared for the grand opening of the restaurant nor ever checked to see if the quality of the food or customers’ experiences were positive. It just shows that he just doesn’t care.

Shirley on

Bourdain is right. I love Chopped, but other than that, the shows on Food Network are boring, and Fieri on Diners, Dumps and Dives (my title for it) is the worst!!! Ugh!!! He’s a joke with a fake name and about as much talent as a pea!

mediajor on

I’ll take the guy with issues any day. I’ve had your “food” Guy Fieri. You’re about as much a chef as Chef Boyardee.

Alex on

Guy Ferry (his real name) is why America is doomed.

Anonymous on

Food Network is now focused more on celebrity now a days, but I do like seeing good home cooks/chefs …not really a follower of Trisha, Valerie…etc.

thom on

hey guy, pretend you have talent…and die

DLR on

I’m pretty sure it’s called the FOOD Network people, not the CHEF Network, for those of you bashing the cooking shows. I want to learn to cook everyday food most of the time, not gourmet meals that I would rarely prepare.

kathy on

they had several popular chefs, Bourdain included, on the reality show where 3-4 cooks race through several mystery foods/meal preparations. Bourdain did well, sorry to burst your bubble. In fact they all did with a real sense of humor. They had fun together. Maybe a night out with the guys, Fieri and Bourdain included, is what they all need to clear the air over a few drinks. Life is so short. Try to imagine dying tonight….you and your trivial problems won’t matter tomorrow.

jimjax4 on

hes’ right; the food network is about looks, personality, and how outlandish people can be.

Rachel Ray’s recipes are awful; she has no formal chef training; using canned vegetables>? lol Its awful. From Jacques Pepin and Julia Child to this? Many can’t cook and the recipes are kind of gross. Its hard to watch. the food network is about fluff instead of what cooking shows used to be about; cooking and sharing with your friends and family.

Ike on

Combine Unknown Parts with Triple D and have Carrot Top host #problemsolved

Melanie on

Bourdain is a pompous @ss. He eats, he does not cook. And he’s BOOOOORING! Give some DDD any day.

Joe on

Emeril Lagasse took cooking shows from boring, drab, and snooty to fun, engaging, and a sense that anyone could do it. I remember someone referred to him as the Elvis Presley of cooking shows, and I think that’s spot on accurate. He engaged the audience, had a band, and brought in signature catch phrases like “bam” and “kick it up a notch”. After he came in around 1997 and shook up Food Network and all public television cooking shows, I think snarky, serious, arrogant chefs had to find a new line of work. Bourdain got the boot from Food Network because frankly he’s too much of a jerk. He may make wonderful food but that’s not the only requirement. Now I actually like to watch his shows on CNN and Travel Channel because of the culture and his discussions with people from all over the world. But I still think he’s a jerk. Just a very informative one.

Belle on

Bourdain is cultured, entertaining and snarky (I love it!)… the flame suit and the hair is just kinda… WTF.

I remember Tony on

Tony Bourdain was in my class at Vassar College. He was a major druggie, used to carry a machete in his boots and was oh so above it all. Most likely this masks his insecurity

FoodNetworkWatcher on

Was hoping someone would bring up “Guy Fieri’s” REAL name…he’s about as Italian as I am. His name is Guy Ferry. He is a joke on Food Network as a “cook” but I do like his Grocery Games as a diversion, and I enjoy Chopped. Now Alton Brown’s “Cutthroat Kitchen” is a joke. Most of the shows on Food Network anymore are re-runs or not related to cooking a meal at all. That’s what I love about Trisha Yearwood’s show and The Pioneer Woman…you leave knowing how to actually cook a meal. Also Ina Garten, she’s a class act. The rest of them can go jump as far as I’m concerned. The Triple D thing is nothing but a long commercial for the joints he’s chosen to showcase. I wonder if they pay the network? And good ole Anthony….he’s rude, obnoxious, has had issues in the past with Rachel Ray, and needs to stick with his wandering around and drinking snake blood and eating the beating heart of a cobra. I can see where he’d poke fun at Food Network folks, but let’s keep it in fun and not get nasty with it.


seems like Anthony Bourdain is either jealous of the other chefs and their cooking shows, or he wants to be the biggest and best. They seem to be personal attacks rather than jokes. but, maybe he has a strange way of expressing himself. personality quirk????

Matt on

I get it. Food Network is evolving into competition & “who’s got the Food Network Star quality?”It’s lame, but not as lame as Bourdain lowering himself to high school bully-status. He wants to be the more-cultured-than-thou alterna-punk food documentarian. Whatev’s – If you’re gonna start a fight with a chef, do it on Iron Chef America.

curtis morris on

Bourdain is a nobody in anybodys book! He’s a major “fruit” loop with no talent or taste..The garbage he works with is more like survival food!!

Davin Johns on

Like Bourdain or not, he’s not wrong. Food Network has devolved from a channel you would go to in order to learn to COOK to being one continuous game show and faux-“reality” TV network that offers little educational value or ability to grow from watching. The people who founded Cooking Channel realized that FN had left a void that could be filled, and filled that void……and then FN bought them and is now systematically turning THAT channel into the same thing.

The reality is the vast majority of the things you will see on Food Network have nothing to do with the actual process of cooking. It’s attempting to instill competition into an activity that has traditionally been a familial occurrence. It’s no longer “hey, let’s learn how to make this dish”, but rather “hey, watch this talking haircut eat this dish someone else made, pretend they’re having an orgasm, and cut to commercial”. It’s no longer displaying cooking as a familial activity to be shared, but one to be competed over and to be vile and backbiting about. It’s attempting to add drama into the single most fundamental and universal activity all of humanity could find common ground on aside from breathing.

It is, in short, ruining food, and Bourdain, for all his snark, recognizes this and points it out. Brown cooked for a long time, but has said repeatedly he’s never doing Good Eats again – all he is now is a glorified game show host. Fieri I’ve never seen cook a single thing. Sandra Lee reheats things out of a can. Deen’s kid doesn’t do anything. Ina Garten COOKS, but it doesn’t appear she’s done a new show in 3 years (probably pushed out). Giada on her best day only loosely “cooked” and was all about cleavage, but now all you see is her O face as she munches on asparagus at a spa.

Food Network is a joke, and anybody who thinks otherwise is the lowest common denominator sludge that has helped perpetuate the joke and the acceleration of Idiocracy.

Kirk on

Guy Fieri is more on the manager side of things with a degree in Hotel Management and Anthony Bourdain is a CIA Graduate, Executive Chef, Author, and so on. Bourdain can cook and is the better of the two as far as cooking goes by a long shot. Dont really care for the jabbing, but I have learned a few things from both of them. Give me Bourdain in the Kitchen though. Just my thoughts.

Blaster Brewmaster on

Doesn’t mean much if your food tastes terrible and you bleach your hair like you belong on Jersey Shore.

LoriAnn on

I stopped watching The Food Network when it became The Guy Fieri Network and now I may catch a show here and there if they have on a recipe I want to check out but that is it (but not if Guy is on). Both of these guys are a joke and need to grow up.

The ChazGomez on

Of course Bourdain has issues… The dude has not had an easy life. He also has a good eye for seeing beyond what the media wants us to see. He’s just asking the same questions we all are… Why are these people famous?

pnut166 on

Middle-age men getting catty with each other through intermediaries…over who can cook better. Turn your Man Card in immediately, both of you.

patricia on

My Whole Family loves loves Anthony Bourdain best food network show ever he brings great food great interesting conversation actually anything he does is so great . Love that Man

Russ Randall on

While I enjoy “No Reservations”, I can’t understand why Tony has to act like a dick. That highschool bully mentality is tiresome.

Anonymous on

this, folks, is what butt-hurt looks like

survivorluvr33 on

Sandra. No. It makes you a chef. He graduated from the CIA. Culinary school graduates are chefs. It’s a fact. I don’t care what your opinion is, this is how the system works. He’s a chef, period.

bcfan71 on

I smell jealousy. Bourdain isn’t on Food Network, and probably never will. It’s sad someone like him cannot be supportive of others in his profession.
I agree with the fact that I cannot cook anything that is featured on Food Network, but this is also an entertainment network and there are a lot of talented Chefs. Just mind your own business Bourdain.

survivorluvr33 on

The people saying Anthony Bourdain has no talent, is jealous, etc. What drugs are you on? He’s won an emmy and been nominated for numerous other awards. He’s more famous than any of these people, and completely respected by chefs who matter. Guy Fieri is a JOKE.

Anonymous on

Bourdain is the only one of these guys that has made a living cooking in a high end restaurant. The rest have a staff of chefs and writers to come up with stuff for them.

daverrr on

OK, the one saying it wants attention…
the one he is talking about, gets lots of attention…

your referred to by writers in a meeting as “EYEBALLS”, as in how many EB’s our we getting on the “Guy/Tony fake feud?”

Linda on

Bourdain is correct – the entire Food Network is a joke, and Fieri is the biggest joke (along with Shamdra Lee). He’s all schtick and no substance. I would enjoy a meal cooked by CIA-trained Chef Bourdain over actor Fieri any day of the week. Bourdain’s got more cooking chops in his little finger than Fieri has in his entire body.

alice robinson on

leave him alone, you guys are getting free publicity, besides, he is right , ina is a true cook.

Jules on

I ate at Guy’s restaurant in Vegas. It sucked! . Bourdain is the real deal!

Lauren m on

The food network’s shows inspire people like myself. There is no inspiration in restaurants with ridiculous price tags or cookbooks with complicated recipes and hard to acquire ingredients. Mr Bourdain is a snob and I despise snobs.

Naomi Jeremiah on

I used to love watching Food Network. Now, there’s a lot of repeats on FN shows and I’m not interested in watching celebrities cooking either. FN has lost its magic and charisma about cooking. I don’t watch Bourdain as much either. All my favorite chefs are no longer cooking on FN. I watch streaming videos instead where I can find real chefs sharing their style of cooking and there are plenty of selections.

Hilary Prosk on

I’m #TeamBourdain times a million. True, he’s more of a gourmand than a cook on Parts Unknown, but he is a fantastic cultural curator. His show is so far superior to anything on Food Network…literally a world apart.

Sandy Beaver on

Leave Anthony Bourdain alone!! Leave him alone!!!

Jake on

Bourdain is a Bag. Take your choice, scum or douche. He’s a left-wing douche/scum bag drunk that can’t cope with the normal people.

westwingpotus on

I enjoy Anthony Bourdain, but the reality is that he’s a product just the same as any food network star. He’s got his particular shtick (that of cultural provocateur) that he’s developed over the years and just like the food network starts, he continually promotes himself using that shtick.

In that respect he’s no different, just as disingenuous if the “pay attention to ME” bit, and therefore certainly not superior to anyone.
But he is entertaining.

Catherine on

I loved Anthony Bourdain’s book. It provided a look at the culinary world that I had never seen before. Then he slammed Emeril, calling him less than a chef. He later retracted but Guy Fieri is right…he must have issues. He’s had a need to slam others for a very long time. Compensation for something? And I don’t necessarily mean the obvious implication. Live and let live already!!

Michael on

Guy and others should just ignore Bourdain. He’s just an angry, cynical old man.

Brian on

Fieri should just blow chicks like Bourdain off or give smack right back. The bleached hair of Guy messes with the mind of Bourdain cause it uses the chemicals she needs to cook up her drugs.

Nancy on

Ever since Bourdain ate horse on his dhow, he’s off my watch llist. Aside from the face that horses are not consider food animals in the US, they are full of medications that are dangerous for human consumption.

jaxxboss on

WOW, the responses here are ….well tell you what, You all bend over and I’ll pull the stick out.
The food network is entertainment and thats all. Nobody is accusing Greys anatomy of being bad doctors..entertainment people.,,,,,, but
Bourdain doesn’t care as he is all about taking jabs at everyone, which is his shtick…. he can live the same life as Ace ventura, Don rickles and others who have followed that life. I liked him at one time, but his act gets old and Alton is right, those that can…do and those that cant…criticize.

j on

Bourdain has a point. I saw Guy Fieri when he was on the Food Network Star competition a long time ago. He couldn’t make an omlette.

vespajet on

Would people even care about Guy if he went by his real last name, Ferry? I guess he decided to change it to sound Italian as opposed to a slang term for a homosexual male?

Holdon McGroin on

Bourdain is an ill-tempered alcoholic no talent bully who is just jealous of other people’s successes. He’d rather brag and get drunk than do anything productive. He does have an attractive wife, but he has to go halfway around the world to find a family who’ll share a meal with him

Jim on

Guy is the one with the big ego. He needs to grow up and get rid of the spiked hair. Hardly ever watch the food channel anymore. Its just like the weather channel, all reality shows. The only chef we watch on food channel is Ina Garten,. She has class and her food great… You can keep Guy and Anthony….

JoeOrtiz41 on

Anthony Bourdain is an uncouth alcoholic who has become famous for negatives rather than his whatever redeeming values he has left.

want on

Unfair deadlines also create chaotic situations during the implementation phase. Often writers forget that while not everything which they write needs being “fun,” they must be to the most part enjoyable.

Thomas on

It’s no wonder that Bourdain picks on Fieri…it’s easy to do. Fieri is one of the biggest idiots on television…coming in close to Honey BooBoo and Mike “The Situation”. Those who know Fieri personally sys the same thing…he’s arrogant, pompous, a poor cook and very narcissistic. He came to a friends place, and we kicked him out in about 4 minutes…this was after him asking for $5k to get us on the show. What a douche bag.

tigersf on

Both are different. Bourdain’s show has a writer’s bend on food and Guy’s show has a eater’s bend. A writer tends to ramble about everything around the subject matter, and an eater just likes to rave about what goes into his/her mouth. Each is in the entertainment business and if not, they would be laboring in the kitchen doing what they love.

nowlissintoyomama on

Anthony B couldn’t carry my spatula, let alone that of Guy F. Frankly, I actually have found myself watching B and wondering if he isn’t a total fraud, a French flim-flam artist. I finally quit watching his shows!

rob on

fieri ,you are the joke ,,what a dufuss you are,i wish you wouldjust go away

Anonymous on

Guy needs to simmer down- he is tooooo high strung and really a bit to hyper…

Patty on

Have another drink Anthony! You seem to be doing that very well!! And while you’re at it, have another cigarette!! Otherwise stop being so jealous over The Food Network Stars status!

Gulf Coast Cook on

Bourdain was entertaining when he first came on the scene but after a few episodes, we knew far too much about his drug use, excessive drinking, filthy kitchen stories and such. Trashing real cooks after he got his start was the end of it for him. He’s now a carnival act. As for Fieri, He needs to drop the hair and tats. It’s middle age time and he’s still trying to be “hip”. Let it go and show us if you can still cook. Show all of us how to cook good food was the basis of TFN but it’s now a mess. Used to love Alton Brown’s show but everything is gone. Thank God we along the Gulf Coast have timeless stars like Justin Wilson!
“That Gumbo is some good, I gar-on-tee”!


Guy F…. more like, WTF ..??? food network is about as quality a show plan as late night infomercials..

sorry, but, if you cant handle a joke with THAT dye job,,, get another job..

£. B. on

It appears that Bourdain has that age old problem, the one where the only way he can make himself look good is to make everyone else look bad. I am not Fieri fan & do not watch any shows in which he appears; I would have preferred if finalist Reggie Southerland had won. I think Food Network needs to concentrate programming on cooking & food; not games shows or free ads (like Drive-Ins, Diners & Dives). Whichever terminology one wants to use to refer to them, chef/cook/host; I enjoy most of the current cooking shows {including the shows of V.Bertinelli’s & T.Yearwood’s-though I’m not a big of her or her spouse’s music}. I am a fan of the Food Network of years ago, that included Ina, Alex, Alton & Emeril. I hope Food Network begins putting some education in their programming not just poor entertainers.

Dan on

Anthony Bourdain is a typical Liberal Progressive who thinks his opinion is somehow more important than anyone else.

Anonymous on

Which one is less talented?? Tweedle di di or Tweedle di dum??

glyxpeg on

Can’t stand either Bourdain or Fieri, but Bourdain’s stabs are unnecessary and telling. Both of you, get over it!

Marc on

You want to see real cook/chefs cook and learn from, watch AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN with Chris Kimball and his talented chefs bring sumptuous dishes from raw ingredients. The Food Network TV is for pure entertainment, not culinary instruction. Guy Fieri’s DDD road show is a joke. He must be getting endorsement fees by the featured restaurants in the show. Notice, of all the places he visited, nothing is bad. Guy embellishes all of them. I am from Frisco and visited 2 local restaurants that Guy endorsed in DDD. All I remember is that they are not even worth a glance. One served fast-food quality hamburger for $25. The owner came by and told us that to really enjoy the meat, eat it separate off the bun like a steak. Really?

Floyd on

I believe Fieri is the worst thing that has happened to the Food Network. I call the guy “No Neck” and refuse to watch his antics. About 1 year ago I went into a Chinese Herb store off of Clement street and saw the owner with Fieri and mentioned that I thought that Fieri was out of control. He said that Fieri was a customer and that he came to his shop after binging. The food network would be far better to replace this clown with a trained monkey.

Tantalus on

“When was the last time you saw Anthony Bourdain actually cook anything?”

Pretty sure he has cooked up many spoonfuls of smack over the years….

Anonymous on

After Guy using the f-word I will not watch food network again.

Maria on

Bourdain is a walking bag of negativity and egoism. The only time you hear him say something positive is when he is trying to kiss up to someone so he can get something for HIMSELF. I realize he is an expert chef and author but his program is just about negative criticism of others. Programmers must believe that viewers love cat fights so they continue to give him shows.

Anonymous on

I would love to see a show called “SEARCH FOR THE CURE” This would not include Bourdaine but someone like one of the real TV docs or myself. It would include travel and research on places that claim to offer miracle cures or are working on cutting edge science to cure real diseases. Many viewers spend a lot of money on hacks and scams searchinng for a cure of cancer of course and many other diseases.

kaden on

Bourdain is 100% correct, specially about Fieri. As for Alton Brown, he’s just envious he’s not a fraction as relevant as Bourdain. Bourdain doesn’t need to cook, he knows food and we like him because of his writing and traveling. Not because he can make an omlet.

anonymous on

so many nasty comments,ad poor language .I think his show is entertaining,i enjoy it

Pat on

The Food Network should consider dropping the (d) and adding an (l) to their name, it would be more appropriate. If you want to watch real cooking shows you have to go to PBS to see really gifted chefs who know about the culinary arts. As for Anthony Bourdain’s shows, they aren’t really cooking shows either. Thy are more of a travel, culture and food show, which are very interesting and informative about foods and cultures of other countries. You have to admit that Anthony rubs elbows with some of the finest four star rated chefs in the world. If I do have one pet peeve about him is the message he portrays about getting drunk and hungover on a regular basis. Not the type of persona you want kids to be seeing. I don’t have a problem with folks who like the types of shows the Food Network produces (whatever blows your skirt up). But don’t suggest that you are a culinary channel by any stretch of the imagination. You’re an Entertainment Channel . . . . and not a very good one at that. But I suppose there’s a nitch for people who need to know how to ruin a grilled cheese sandwich!

Anonymous on

I don’t think Bourdain was ever a great chef, even an above average one?

He is the same to these Food Channels as are those kid stars are to Nickelodeon, can’t act, acting is nothing more then throwing a line out with no timing shouting, or look surprised. Bourdain has his limited ability he sticks to, bullying is one of them, then that championing of the under dog, no middle ground. Not sure why anyone but maybe Trump doesn’t realize that every $$$ restaurant is staffed in the back by low paying immigration, that there is a major drug problem in the industrial. Ever see the bicycle out back most restaurants, low pay, or the “drunk” scooters. His book was no revelation to anyone slightly involved in this industry, but was the small hook for these channels to pickup for these cable channels to run with turning in into more then it really is. Kinds of like that staged Pawn Stars show. Maybe these shows need more substantial behind them before being considered, ah the power of TV and making some one famous? You could put buffalo dropping serviced on a flat bread and it would be eaten. You can pay people to do most anything it would seem when they drive a dump truck of money to your house?

Zarathustra on

Does anyone realize that the food network is for entertainment and Anthony Bourdain is a giant snob.

Woody on

Bourdain is a pompous bore, can’t stand the jerk.

Mac on

Bourdain has cooked, more than once. More of a personality than spike the wonder chef in flame pants driving around to dives for grease on a plate.

diannejohnson1945 on

I have completely quit watching Bourdain. He just got so snarky and downright nasty that I cannot waste my time on him. Doesn’t matter if he’s right or wrong, nastiness does not amuse me, it pisses me off!!!!

Jim on

Anthony Bourdain reminds me EXACTLY why I hate most New Yorkers. Pompous, self absorbed nit wits who lack any real world culture with the exception of their Jewish delis. He has absolutely no room to say anything about Alton Brown. Alton actually has made a huge impact on peoples lives by teaching them how and why to do certain styles of food preparation unlike Tony “look at me another loud mouth New Yorker” Bourdain.

steve on

Bourdain is a complete d**bag.. his show is boring…

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The Leveler itself is slow, however, and not particularly durable. I hope this article will give you a little heads up knowledge on what is out there and not completely scare you into a world where the internet is bad. This, combined with the Great General that will likely result from their use, allows Greece to have an almost undefeatable classical-era push if timed correctly.

mkc on

Food network has become the arena of ridiculous reality tv, washed up “celebrities”, bad game shows and deep fried everything dump cook manual over the last couple of years. Paula Dean and Rachel Ray were some of the first untrained, every-man, from a can tv “chefs” and weren’t great but watchable, the new stuff is nauseating. Bourdain might be an asshole, but he’s not wrong. I dont think he’s as much of an asshole in every day life anymore than Guy has that permanent smile and over the top shtick in everyday life.

Jon on

Bourdain comes across as a pretentious NYC prick. Truth be told, all these food makers are ego maniacs.

Owen Story on

I don’t know if this just opinion all years I have been watching food network it makes me sick what they did to Paula Deen she should have not called the guy the black word but I don’t think they had any business firing her over a word almost everybody used to say way back!

Iso Opto on

Well, here we have a all these rich people arguing who is the fairest of them all. when, not if, the ratings drop they all will be forgotten. So, don’t encourage their petty jealousy.

Andrew on

Guy Fietti…Fierri…Feirro… He’s a game show host and should probably return to selling mufflers on local cable stations. His commentary is filled with douche terms, he really needs to accept that he is not a teenager.

Dj on

Bourdain is right. His show is more of a travel log and quite good. The best instructional chef on tv was Jacques Pepin. A true teacher in the style of Tim Gunn on Project Runway.

david gover on

I am a board certified chef. classically traied . 3 years lcb in portland oregon. and 2 years externship. and passed my board exam with 2 hours to spare neha certified as well as marine certified food handler. Athony Bourdain was a lage influence early in my career. to go out abroad and study and work in multi cultures. i dont are about all these so alled celbrity chefs. i are about those who want to teach how to properly prepare food , not gloat about how good they think they are.

xyank on

Let’s settle this gentlemen…Choose your spatula.

Joe on

Has anyone noticed that Guy Fieri pronounces his last name “FieTTi”??? How is that possible when there is no letter ” T” in Fieri”? I am not an expert in the Italian language, but I don’t think Italians pronounce R’s as T’s. The first time I heard him say his name that way, I knew he was a phoney. I noted that a few posters have pointed out his name is really Ferry.

Lou Kobbs on

I have never been able to view an entire Anthony Bourdain show. He is condescending and border line ignorant. I really do not know how anyone can watch him.

I think the NFL should pressure check his souffles to insure air is not lost half way through his show. Oh how could I mix football with cooking. Well mixing Bourdain with cooking is just as silly.

Wayne on

Food Network is an entertainment program with celebrity cooks, children cooks, cooking competitions and a number of other cooking related programs. Guy is a part of the Food Network Entertainment Business. Guy works hard and plays hard, I see this man working with kids at the little league park, the basketball courts, Guy just helps his and other kids when he can. He, like others in the entertainment business puts themselves out there. So, this person, Bourdain, to whom I have no idea, “who he is”, should try and be a little more positive and stop being so ugly and making fun of others, then saying I’m just making a joke when he is called out. Grade school stuff Anthony Bourdain

eric on

Fieri is a whiny little *****

seymoure on

Anthony Bourdain is an uncommon Drunk.

seymoure on

Anthony Bourdain is an uncommon Drunk

jud on

Anthony you liberal jerk. go kiss some liberal butt to make you feel good. you puss.

Joe Blowski on

Anthony Bourdian is simply a jerk. When does he cook anything? Who appointed him the judge? I think he’s jealous of others’ success because he’s not that talented (Garten), liked (Fieri), smart (Brown), nice, or funny. His show is like watching an hour long potty-mouthed, snarky, obnoxious Yelp or Chowhounds review by some pretentious food snob (sort of like the people commenting here about “cooks” vs. “chefs”). Please get over yourself, people: newsflash – it’s all about entertaining people, not feeding them.

A Real Chef on

The “Network” has been pushing Fieri on us from all angles, trying to get their “Yuge” investment back. It’s not working. Fieri is only “big” in his own mind. Look at the poor reviews of his “hash-pits” and his closed restaurants. I never could see what he sees in himself. I’ve never even seen any hint of “chef-dom”, let alone cooking skills flow from him. I guess his mom still likes him though. Cool, he ain’t.

billrow on

Guy had a show where he cooked and he was good at it, however the network would rather him travel around and talk about other people’s food. Food entertainment is fairly new and all of these game shows, travelogues and contests do get tiresome and take away from the essence of good cooking but people are bored easily and need flash and action. That is the nature of the beast. I’ve watched Bourdain’s shows and all I have to say is “glass houses dude”

cher on

the only bad is giadas big teeth fake ass smile hate it

GB's on

Bourdain is is phony, sanctimonious shi*t!

JR Wirth on

Bourdain is just about the worst person on earth. I can’t stand how he goes to a foreign country and says “let me tell you how it is around here.” He’s the left leaning version of an ugly American. I would be embarrassed if I was traveling with him. Take a country with a history stretching back a thousand years, side with one movement, not seeing the country in it’s own context, and all with a smug, self satisfied grin that you want to punch off his ex-drug addict face. And just a miserable, condescending person to boot. Awful.

Anonymous on

Bourdain’s Ego has run amuck. He doesn’t respect American cuisine at all, for him it’s all about other countries food and why it is better than America’s food choices. Fine whatever, Every country has good and bad foods. His attacks on the people on the food network are crazy rude and uncalled for. This article didn’t even touch the surface of the uncalled for bashing that he finds acceptable. He started this hate rhetoric after his one show got canned cause no one wanted to watch it. As for Guy not knowing how to cook dear person you have no idea how wrong you are. And there is plenty of cooking happening on my Food Network so for that person that can’t find cooking on it I think you are on the wrong channel………..

Heywood on

Anthoney Bourdain has a reality show on a network that used to be a news network rather then a reality docudrama network. The obsession with food networks and food shows just may be the problem with the obesity in this country. If your over weight, food shouldent be that important, its not your friend, its why your very obese.
Honeslty, I never knew who Bourdain was, thought he was just some guy whois very very full of himself going to strange places and eating disgusting local fair. What do i know

Vanessa on

Anthony Bourdain is a joke! A stupid show where he always looks hung over and needs a shower. He blabbers on with some pseudo intelligent comments about food being cooked in some grass hut, exclaiming it’s greatness??!!!

Stop taking yourself so seriously …… no one else does ……….

teri on

I love Anthony boudain he tells it like it is and just acts real guy fiera is gross stufing his face thinking its funny you are great anthony!!

Anonymous on

Fieri is a kiss ass to anyone at food network! watch who wins any of his contests that have to do with real people vs stars….better food by real food always loses to network stars!

Steven DelosSantos on

Bourdain King of the hill of food ,I would not want to mess with him .I cook ,I want to get on his good side.

Kerry Owoc on

I’m more than happy to discover this site. I need to to thank you for ones time due to this fantastic read!! I definitely appreciated every part of it and I have you bookmarked to look at new stuff in your site.


Rham on

Bourdain doew have issues. He is typical Leonia NJ liberal, better than tho ahole. He thinks his a hole doesn’t smell, never wrong (yeah Bourdain, Hillary was perfect–ahhaaha). You eent to cooking school, not U of Children cago school of internaltional studies. You and Clooney should remember that

RAE on

Looks like Guy was right, he did have ISSUES!

Emel on

Amazing, every fake news site you go to today, has Bourdain’s suicide as the top story. So be must have been limp wristed cause they really make a fuss over one of them dying.

Von Sheurenburg on

Ding Dong Bourdain is DEAD!!! LOL!!

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