Khloé Kardashian Shows Off Her Meticulously Organized Cupboard: ‘I Know Everyone’s Not Going to Go This Far’

11/17/2015 at 02:30 PM ET

Khloe Kardashian
Courtesy Khloe Kardashian

Need a little holiday cleaning inspiration? Khloé Kardashian has got your covered.

Now that Hollywood’s Queen of Kitchen Organization has taught us everything from how to store your snacks like they’re in a museum to the art — and we do mean art — of cookie stacking, Kardashian’s latest Khlo-C-D video tackles the ever-intimidating baking cupboard.

Oh, we’re sorry: You don’t have a meticulously organized pantry in your house dedicated to all of your baking supplies? Well, Kardashian has a very good reason for clearing out cupboard space.

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“I absolutely adore baking with my nieces and nephews. It’s super fun, and I love baking by myself, so what I like to do is have a cabinet to my baking essentials.”

And in true Kardashian fashion, “Everything, of course, labeled.”

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For dry baking ingredients, like flour and sugar, which sit on the top shelf of the cupboard, Kardashian relies on a collection of air-tight containers: “They’re awesome and they hold all the freshness in.” The shelf below holds everything from extracts and flavorings to birthday candles and cupcake wrappers. As for cookie sheets and cake tins, they can be found right next to the oven.

Khloe Kardashian
Courtesy Khloe Kardashian

“Everything makes sense in this kitchen, you guys,” Kardashian says. “The way it should be.”

But the highlight of Kardashian’s baking cupboard are her sprinkles containers, which come with their own miniature scoops to ensure that every cookie and cupcake that comes out of her kitchen is dripping in sweet embellishments.

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Khloe Kardashian
Courtesy Khloe Kardashian

“I know everyone’s not going to go this far,” Kardashian acknowledges. “I am going to go that far, because I’m crazy and it’s a one time purchase and I can use this for a bunch of different things later anyway. I like it, it’s my house, but I find it to be way more appealing than seeing all of the containers just shoved in the back of a cabinet.”

Plus, “How cute is this?” she asks, holding up a tiny scooper. Pretty darn cute, we have to admit.

—Julia Emmanuele

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sandra on

I love it. She has a beautiful house and beautiful things so why wouldn’t she take care.

A little over the top but who cares? It looks great!!

Allie on

Yeah, not everyone desperately needs material for their app, or paid assistants to organize for them either.

Emma on

Love what Khloe has done with her cupboards 🙂 so want the jars & boxes

guest on

Slow news day -eh people magazine?!? If this is all you can find in the world to report on, God help us all.

Stella on

She is looking more and more like Latoya Jackson.

Sandra on

You are not alone, My kitchen is the one room in my house that is my haven and if you mess with my organization….Something bad will happen (No Soup For You)! These containers can be found anywhere and the labels can be printed from your computer, Easy Breezy.

Celebsarah on

More like “I know everyone doesn’t have this much time or money on their hands….”

Carson on

It’s not surprising that she is this organized, she doesn’t have anything else to do.

Anonymous on

Really! How about one whole issue with NO Kardashians and NO Duggers.

goodforyou on

I actually have a full time job Khloe, something you wouldn’t understand. I’m super happy though that you have so much time on your hands to be this productive.

Kar on

I’m sure this is her housekeeper’s doing. She is probably a bitch to work for!

patty on

Oh my word. I actually WORK. And I’m so thrilled that Khloe has nothing better TO DO!!!!!

guest on

This isn’t news. U have got to be kidding,… u help a woman who has contributed to her husband’s downfall,… obviously SHE’S desperate to be showing people her cupboards. Better than her unattractive booty but it’s too bad she can’t come to grips that people have lost interest in she and her KUWTK clan. The Lamar Odom thing has ruined them which is appropriate. They ruined him.

Anonymous on


lulubelle on

She must really be getting desperate now that she is aware the public doesn’t like her or her family.

Anonymous on


Jyl on

I don’t understand how some of you can say that you work and therefore can’t have an organized kitchen. News flash – I work too and my kitchen (actually my entire home) is very organized. It just takes a little effort.

Anonymous on

The busier you are, the more organized you need to be. Why wouldn’t a working woman make the time to organize? She doesn’t work the way we do but she still works.

Mrs. B on

I wonder if she’s being paid by the companies of the products she’s showing in her cupboards. I also like organization, but separate containers for different types of chocolate – no way! I simply don’t have that much space nor do I do enough baking to require different types of chocolate or flour. I’m not knocking how she keeps things neat, though. A clean and organized kitchen is a must in my house.

Casey on

I love her organization skills. Wish I can learn something from her. Very cute.

S on

I would love to be this organized but don’t have the time that she has because I have a “real” job.

Really on

If I had staff to do this, then I would def do it. It makes it look so much neater and easy to deal with.

Jackie on

Looks like a case of OCD to me.

spitfire on

I love the labelling and organizing, but if you bake as much as you say you do, that tiny container of flour isnt big enough. I have no where near as much space to dedicate just to baking supplies (super envious) but my flour is kept in a 10kg tub!!! 🙂

kevin on

too bad she can’t organize a proper relationship..

sandy on

nice but why organic flour and then flour? seems she would have nothing but the best so why include just “flour”? don’t give the kids to many sweets- sugar is deadly- plus it rots teeth, causes diabetes and puts on weight!

ImALadyToo on

Perhaps she should find a real job since she seems to have too much time on her hands.

Anon on

Better a neat freak than a slob.

DJ on

Okay. How honestly wants their microwave to be that high? Also, the cabinet height is way too high. Yes, home builders are in my life so is practicality.

Nice organization though.

M1ch on

While I’m sure her ‘people’ did this for her, I still love it! ….probably going to be doing some cupboard organizing now is weekend myself! Lol

shirley on

I Love Khole, I am as old as her Mom. I am a single parent and what I wouldn’t give to have a daughter like Khloe. She is so real, caring and giving. I wish my son could have met you. He is 24 years old. I wish her nothing but the best in life.

Carrotthebunny on

I am a meticulous organizer too. Friends and family ask me to come to their homes and organize their cupboards, drawers etc. I love being very clean and having everything arranged in an orderly fashion. Once you get organized and get your home to a state of being very, very clean, it’s so easy to keep up with it. Sometimes people just don’t know where to start. Even with jobs and kids it’s easy to keep it up.

Carmen on

I am very organized to the extreme, people asked me all the time if I cook in my kitchen and of course I do.

MB on

Lol I want her to come organize my kitchen!

Renee on

It beats the hell out of torturing us with another selfie.

Anonymous on

I love it! I work full time and the only way to keep my head afloat is to stay organized. This is giving me new ideas!!

Shannon on

I love it! I work full time and the only way to keep my head afloat is to stay organized. This is giving me new ideas!!

Terri on

Seriously? 😭

darntootin on

Of course everything is so neat and tidy……’s all for this photo shoot and publicity…….Kris Jenner made sure the cleaning crew had everything organized, while this hog had her makeup done.

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Maggie on

There’s ACTUALLY a FB page called bowl full of lemons that helps you organize your home and pantry just like that. I have been following it for awhile now and my home is organized very pretty like that and I work full time and run two businesses. It’s ACTUALLY easier to keep your home organized and clean than it is to live in a disheveled mess. It’s ACTUALLY easier to get up in the morning and pull your clothes out of your closet and bureau drawers than fishing for them out of the clean laundry baskets. I never have to search for my keys or anything anymore, BECAUSE they always go to their designated place. Bottom line ladies, it’s a hell of a lot easier to clean a clean organized house than it is to clean a dirty, unorganized chaotic mess!

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