Khloé Kardashian Fires Back on Twitter After Being Accused of Taking Credit for Store-Bought Pies

12/09/2015 at 01:24 PM ET

Khloe Kardashian Pies
Gregg DeGuire / WireImage / Instagram

Khloé Kardashian‘s domestic skills have come into question, and she’s not too happy.

In a fiery Twitter rant (complete with very NSFW language, so click with caution), the reality star called out her haters for being “petty” and “savage.”

Though she doesn’t direct her comments at anyone specifically, she posted the Tweets after being accused of taking credit for “homemade” Thanksgiving pies that appear to have come from Sweet Lady Jane Bakery in Los Angeles.

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While the cherry, pecan, and pumpkin pies do look suspiciously similar to the ones on the bakery’s website (the leaf piecrust cutout is the giveaway), we do know that the centerpiece of the dessert table — the towering cinnamon-sugar monkey bread — was definitely homemade, since she posted a video of the cooking process on her app.

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This also comes on the heels of another Twitter rant she posted after showing off her toned physique in an Instagram selfie, urging her detractors to “uplift” themselves instead.

For someone who prides herself in her cooking and kitchen organization skills as much as she does, this could certainly come as a blow — and our verdict? She definitely took a shortcut, but during the holidays, that’s pretty understandable.

Shay Spence, @chezspence

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Showing 33 comments

CallieDFW on

Really who cares????

robyn on

I saw the clip of her making the monkey bread. She used an almost perfectly clean pan when she dumped it on the plate. Watch when she flips it over, that pan is spotless. She didnt make that either. who are we kidding.

Diane on

Of course she is being accused of lying about making the pies. This family lies about so many things.
Instead of hanging out reading and responding to people on social media, how about she goes out and actually does something worthwhile with her time?
This family really needs to go away.

MimiB on

The pie photos she posted are IDENTICAL to the pies at the bakery website. She may have made the monkey bread, but she didn’t make the pies she takes credit for. What a POS. And yes, the pan containing the monkey bread was suspiciously clean. I’ve made monkey bread and there is always a sticky residue on the pan. Not on hers.

katy on

These b**** lie so much, they probably can’t keep track of what is real as opposed to what is made up. Isn’t her Twitter response to the pies so eloquent, they’re all so crude. No class from Pmk down to Kylie.

katy on

Her response is so eloquent, very classy, these bi—es lie so much they can’t keep track of it.

DDP on

Is anybody really surprised here? Tacky as all get out.

Guest 3 on

Here’s a petition to rid us of this family……How about signing it ?

kdm on

A Kardashian is a posing liar? Stop the presses. Next you’ll try to tell me Kylie actually had plastic surgery to look like a completely different person rather than a “lip kit” and that their cartoon a$$es aren’t real either. Is their son not really a saint? I’m so confused.

zombie_hands on

Sometimes it’s better to be thought a fool Khloe then to open your mouth and remove all doubt….

Jaruana Maruana on

Americans are so stupid. they would enrich anyone as long as they’re Whites, untalented, uneducated and also racist bigots. Yes, I know the Kardashians are not racist bigots as they love their Black DIGGS. Why on earth is this girl famous? Why are any of her family members famous? Because her sister FARKED A Black DIGG on camera?

Anonymous on

Please…homemade maybe….by her personal chef.

PCC on

Of course she didn’t bake them. Or personally arrange that ridiculously organized pantry she shows off. All of them have probably been waited on hand and foot for years. But she has to fill her apps and social media with something the rubes that follow her can actually relate to, and the real stuff that goes on in her life isn’t suitable.

pompom on

On Thanksgiving day, she actually posted “who cares to lie about cooking lol”

I know, right?

freya on

Nothing about that family is real. Kim didn’t have any pregnancy issues, she never had gestational diabetes and they did not move back home ANDkHLOE DOES NOT HAVE ORGANIZATIONAL AND COOKING SKILLS. THEY HIRED PEOPLE TO DO THE DIRTY WORK FOR THEM they are big time LIARS.anyone who believed them are idiots and stupids and are making this talent less useless people rich.

K on

Khloe fires back. The joke will always be on her.

John on

She and her entire family are completely shameless fame whores and this includes Bruce Jenner as well. It would be terrific if this train wreck of a family just went away and crawled back into the hole from which they came.

Walli on

A Kardashian lies? NOOOO it can’t be

Really on

When the family lied and lied about Kylie’s lip miracle, Kim’s fake butt, Bruce not wanting to transition, I mean honesty is not their strong suit.

Yvaine on

I wonder if she thought she was never going to have her lie exposed.

LSB on

Is People Magazine actually DEFENDING her? Are they scared she will never share her stupidity with them again?

Sharon on

I’m sure she spent days and nights in the kitchen cooking!
These people are disgusting! Idiots!!!

Fuck the Kardashian's on

That family is SO useless! With all that’s going on in the world, why do these people get any recognition?! Bunch of fake ass plastic bitches who are talentless, tasteless, uneducated douche bags.

Allison on

F**k those useless, uneducated, talentless, selfish, plastic whores. With everything going on in the world, why keep talking about these douchebags?! We have far more important issues that need addressing!

Allison on

The entire family is as fake as her pies. With all that is happening in the world, why are these idiots even in the media? They have no talent and their as plastic as my daughter’s dolls!

phil on

this is f’n news–please people mag she is a dirty rotten pig

Lori Testy on

Why couldn’t she have made the pies? Maybe she checked out a website or a bakery site and did copy them from it. Why does everyone have to think she lied about this?I believe her!

Guest on

If their inflated lips are moving, they are blathering lies.

Crystal on

She is beyond pathetic and clueless if she actually believes that accusing her of lying about making the pies is savage behaviour.

That woman needs some professional help because she cares way too much about what her haters think about her.

guest on

A child can make a monkey bread. Not impressed.

Regina on

The coimmenters below are just so mean! I believe Khloe to be the MOST HONEST of any reality TV personalities. You should be ashamed of yourselves!

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