The Internet Is Freaking Out About These Starbucks Cookies — Can You Guess Why?

12/11/2015 at 04:09 PM ET

Starbucks Polar Bear cookies
Bunches and Bits/Flickr

When you look at this cookie, what do you see? A cheerful, cuddly-looking polar bear in a festive-yet-practical scarf? Or perhaps you see something more macabre.

Yes, there is another holiday controversy brewing at Starbucks this season, and this time it’s about polar bears.

The coffee chain has brought the Internet into a frenzy with their attempt at creating a cute seasonal treat that many say turned out to look like…well, as with all important issues of our time, we’ll let the good people of Twitter take it from here.

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One commenter even threw in a Game of Thrones reference.

Another is already planning his Halloween costume…

And, finally, at least one guy has a positive outlook on the situation.

Hey, maybe Starbucks is just trying to make a political statement about the looming threat to the polar bear population posed by climate change! Okay, might be a stretch. What do you think: Innocent or gruesome? Sound off in the comments below.

UPDATE: Apparently all the fuss was over nothing, since a Starbucks rep has confirmed that the coffee chain discontinued these cookies in 2010.

Shay Spence, @chezspence

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Anonymous on

What is wrong with you that you could think of something so horrible from a cookie? Freud would have a field day with this one.

Lyn on

You have GOT to be kidding me? Dear God people, quit looking for things to bitch about!!!

Elle on

Was I the only one who thought it was a red scarf?

dapple on

It’s a freaking red bow!! Good grief anything to stir up stuff!!Get over it. I think they are cute.

S on

Omg this is what ppl have to complain about…This is ridiculous…who cares

KP on

You have GOT to be kidding me! Seriously people? You just ruined a cute little polar bear cookie and made it into something disturbing. If that’s the first thing you saw when looking at this cookie, whatever, but to share it with the world and make other people see it is ridiculous. Get a life.

Heather on

Really people. Get over yourselves. Stop trying to make an issue when there isn’t one. It’s a god damn polar bear wearing a scarf. Stop be so damn ignorant. Quit hating on Starbucks. They haven’t done anything wrong. So SHUT THE HELL UP!

Anonymous on

Good grief people; it is a red scarf for winter. Must we always see the sinister. It is a cookie for pete’s sake.

Anonymous on

Why do people try to make a mountain out of a mole hill? When I first saw these I thought polar bear with a red scarf.

Anonymous on

Morons. Anything for attention. It’s a bow.

katedfw on

So stupid!!!! If people don’t have a reason to complain, they are just not happy. This is the reason I like animals better than humans!

Clemmieandfin on

I thought they were a cute little polar bear with a red scarf. Never did I think they were a bear with it’s throat slit.

sweetknees217 on

At first I saw the pi sign, though I realized of course it was a scarf. Then when I started reading all the tweets about it, I couldn’t un-see a polar bear with its throat slit.

Kimberlyn on

Stupid people. It’s obviously a red scarf. Jeez….

Anonymous on

Despite the controversial neckwear, I ate one. It was delicious.

Amy on

Despite the controversial neckwear, I ate one. It was delicious.

sososad on

Proof that people on Twitter are fvc%!ng STUPID.

Mechelle on

Why do people always have to see the negative in things, and not the positive? My goodness – get a grip people!! It’s a COOKIE!

Mary on

I only saw the red scarf until I read the article further.

Intheknow on

It’s a red bow. That’s was my take. Cute cookie.

Texas Girl on

I had one of these cookies last weekend and it came with a blue scarf. Not a red one.

Kayla on

It reminds me of the coca cola polar bears. It’s a bear in a red scarf people are going to far.

gamma1418 on

There are obviously a LOT of people with WAY too much time on their hands and off their meds if they see bears with slit throats. Social media is proving “they walk among us.”

Robin Frydman on

People need to get a life. It’s a red scarf. No political message here. Sheesh!

jk on

I saw the sign for pi

Liz on

That is absolutely ridiculous! It is obviously a red scarf. If this is all people have to complain about they need to wake up & get a life. Not every single SIMPLE thing has to be so controversial.

Anonymous on

Only stupid people see that I see a polar bear with a red scarf give me a break people really

Marc Clarkson on

hey, a red pi symbol

Gee Mac 52 on

Seriously people, get a life. I had to read the Twitter feeds to find out the answer. Last thing I would have thought of was a slashed throat….Really??????

Tina on

I originally thought the issue was going to be that “Coke a Cola” Company was upset because they have the “polar bear market”

Anonymous on

This is absolutely crazy!! It’s a flipping scarf!! Some people have way to much time on their hands and always have to come up with negative!!

Anna on

Looks like a red scarf to me! This world has way too many people with their panties in a butt! Lighten up!

Anna on

^^ panties in a bunch! Guess up their butt works too 🙂

Elizabeth on

Looks like a scarf to me. People are really getting ridiculous anymore. A slit throat never entered my mind.

patty on

Looked like a polar bear with a red bow to me..until I read the comments, some people are just whacked!

Juana T on

Seriously people…are there no BIGGER problems or issues in the world that need attention more than the Polar Bear cookies? No wonder our world is a mess. We take everything so serious, enjoy the freaking Polar Bear with a Red Scarf cookie with a hot cup of latte or hot coco.

Intelligence plz on

It’s a scarf morons! God I hope these Twitter twerps don’t procreate.

sarah on

It’s a red scarf JACKHOLES!

Debby Lindquist on

Of course it’s a red scarf… WTH IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE
Sheesh! Gut a damn life!

lolly on

Looks like a cute scarf or Pi to me. People are sick. And People is stupid for highlighting what probably amounts to less than a dozen wackos who think it’s “horrifying.”

Mary Ann on

It’s just a cookie. It looks like it’s wearing a scarf around it’s neck. Nothing wrong with it

Anonymous on

It looks like a polar bear with a scar. What is wrong with people. Starbucks, change the scarf to blue.

Emily on

It looks like a polar bear with a red scarf. Period.

Anonymous on

I’m at the point where I’m about ready to put signs up all over my yard saying “Merry Christmas and if this offends you GOOD!” Then I’m going to buy as many of these polar bear cookies and give them out to people and say Merry Christmas. And if this cookie and my well wishes offend you GOOD! I’m so sick and tired of doing or saying something that might “offend” someone.

Mia on

I saw a red scarf. When I read all the horrific comments, my first thought was…. there are some ugly people out there who will see ugly in anything. My daughter ate a polar bear. It’s a cookie folks, just a cookie!

Becca on

Oh Thank God I’m not the only one who sees a bear wearing a red scarf! I mean seriously…I’m even a Walking Dead junkie and I still didn’t see the gruesomeness that other people are seeing! So weird! Anyway, they are cute and I’m sure delicious…on my way to get one now! Yum ❤ ❤
#Starbucks #crazytwitterers #christmassy

Sandy on

People are way too sensitive & are always looking to create controversy. This is what is wrong with our society today. It’s a red scarf for goodness sake.

Pat on

Adorable! Never gave a second thought to the scarf!

Laurie on

I agree with several people here. People need to calm down! Seriously! I at first saw the Pi symbol then realized it is a scarf! I never thought it was something gruesome! Wow! People are wound way too tight these days! Happy Holidays!

Anonymous on

I played it backwards on my record player and it said, “I kill baby seals.”

Anonymous on

Looks like the mathematical symbol for pi

Simply Because on

It is a red scarf!! Why does everything have to be made into something devastating?????????????

Lori on

Theses people need to get a life! So ridiculous!

Jane on

I think it’s ridiculous!! Why does everything have to be debated and negative? It’s a cute polar bear with a red scarf around its neck, a cookie. Move on, let it go!

me on

People need to lighten up!! It’s Freaking red scarf!! Some people in this world need to chill out for real!! They find anything and everything to bitch and complain about!! Grow the f@$& up!!

Me on

…Before I read the entire article, I was looking at the picture trying to see something else in it. All I could see was a Pi symbol.

Anonymous on

Oh my, people are crazy. Don’t know why some minds go to the gruesome, but I think it just looks like a bear with a scarf!

Avie on

People will bitch about anything.

Angie on

I think the words we are all looking for here are, “oh good grief.”

Dani on

Encourage killing ?????? R u out of ur mind??????? Get a life !!!!!!

Beth on

Wow so stupid! It’s a polar bear with a red scarf obviously. Quit trying to make trouble! Leave Starbucks alone already!

Denise C. on

OMG people. Do we really have such pathetic lives that we have to read more into things? It’s a bear wearing a scarf. Very cute! Get a life already! I think it’s adorable.

Dindu on

Another Millennial microaggression.

Anonymous on


Katie on

I so saw a scarf. NOW I see blood. What is wrong with people today?

Cobbscout on

I thought it was the Pi symbol. I thought that they were going to sell it as a piece of Pi. Then I thought of Coca-Cola polar bears and maybe Starbucks and Coke had a deal going.

Rae on

I tried to figure out what was so wrong with the cookie before scrolling down. It looked like a Polar Bear with a scarf. Then I read that people thought it was it’s throat slit!?!?!?!?!?! You people need to get your heads checked if that’s the first thing you see/think off. So morbid. Get a life.

Lori on

Who are these sick in the head f***s that see THIS!

Anonymous on

These cookies are from like 6 years ago. It’s an old picture (that everyone is using the same exact one). Literally walk into any Starbucks in the world and you will ONLY find adorable snowmen. That’s it. Nice try though.

Veronica on

It’s a scarf for the love of God!

Anonymous on

It’s sad that all these people want is attention and these sites feed into it and start something out of nothing. If you go to the stores, you’ll see that the polar bears have red scarves and they also have ones with blue scarves and they’ve been selling these cookies for the past few years during holiday time. I’ve seen kids eating these cookies and to put an image out there, that obviously wasn’t on anyone’s mind any of the prior years that they’ve been selling these cookies is very sad. Those people need to do something else with their lives.

D-Snap on

I first thought, “How cute! Polar Bears with scarves!” But then the headline stated it was upsetting people, so I started guessing. Is that a Chinese symbol and Starbucks shouldn’t support China? Or maybe it’s a symbol of ISIS I hadn’t seen yet on the news. Perhaps the bears looking over their right shoulders indicates looking back at the past, and it’s a subtle political comment on the need on going back to majority conservatism when white rich men dominated all!

Nope. Someone thinks Polar bears are getting their throats slit. Dang. Why didn’t I think of that…

Anonymous on

People need to get a life… It is a treat! A cookie !

Anonymous on

Time to outlaw red coloring for Christmas… maybe stick to green, silver and gold.. ?? or would that somehow end up being offensive or misconstrued? UGH .. seriously .. where are all these people coming from? .. the ones who’s opinions are the only ones that matter??? when did this happen?

Valerie on

I think it looks more like a red scarf. When I first seen the picture of the polar bear that’s what I seen. Not throat being slit. Think it was innocent

Denise on

I can only see a big pi symbol.

Kelly122 on

Seriously, anyone who sees something other than a red scarf tied in a bow needs to have their head examined. It speaks volumes about someone, that their brain would go to a violent place like that. Get help…you need it.

Kait on

I thought they were super cute until I read the article lol

Anonymous on

OMG… Does everyone have to think negative? It’s obviously a scarf.. Grow up people

Laney Smith on

And no one finds it odd that the comments all have the word “slit” in them? Why not “sliced?” Or “cut?” At least that one guy used the word “slashed.” That word was really rich! Good choice. The Starbucks controversary army has been sent out to get everybody stirred up and talking about them again – over nothing – a non-existent issue. There was no “real” offense over the cups. The people in their marketing/publicity department are geniuses. Good way to keep everyone talking and going to their stores to see for themselves. Bait, hook, bite! Good for you, Starbucks! Drama keeps talk shows on television, too. Seriously, good for you, Starbucks!

Johhny Canuck on

This goes perfectly with your soon to be President. Make America Great Again. Meanwhile on planet earth . . . .

Sharon on

For crying out loud!!! Innocent!

Emlow on

Its now confirmedm. People who go to Starbucks are effing weird and whiney.

S. on

I honestly thought it was a scarf. I didn’t see a “slit throat” but now that it’s been pointed out I see it. It’s hilarious how people see these things and go nuts. Just buy the dam cookies and eat them and you won’t see a “slit throat” anymore. I know I am. Bet their delicious!!!

Emily on

People have way too much time on their hands if they are criticizing cookies! Smh. Go do something nice for someone this holiday season instead of criticizing cookies! Good grief!

aeryncrichton on

It’s a scarf, for goodness sake! If you see a slit throat, it says way more about you than about the cookie design….

Roo on

of all the crap that is going on,real stuff all over the damn world,someone has to get their panties in a bunch about cookies?! I did not think of a slit throat till i read some sick ppl are seeing it..sick people.seriously find something serious to be butt hurt about

Erin on

Rediculous,people are reading way to much into this stuff,seriously…people are making it as bad as the situation where a guy sues mcdonalds over giving him 1 napkin or suing reces over tree candy not looking like trees….overboard people,grow up…simply rediculous….so what if they make scarf blue what will the excuse be for them to get in trouble with that…people always have to start crap

Librababe on

People are getting really annoying. I’m sick of all the Twitter-born controversies. Can we go back to when ppl kept some thoughts to themselves and didn’t feel the need to share every stupid, smug and wannabe-witty thought for retweets and likes? And can there not be articles written about them? Dear Santa…

lului on

It’s clearly a sign…That red frosting clearly looks like the Pi symbol which is also close to Hebrew Chai symbol. It’s also a Bear which is symbol for Russia and Switzerland. So we have Math, Jews, Russians, and Blood….Harbinger of Doom…..We are all gonna die!….But wait…There’s Coffee! There is always Hope! Damn you Obama

Anonymous on

The fact that people think these cookies represent a polar bear with a slit neck is absolutely ridiculous. It’s clearly a red scarf. People are too sensitive.

Linda on

Beauty, the scraft looks like an scarf in the shape of an inukshuk figure based on our aboriginal heritage! Give it up folks… is lovely

DutchMafia on

Darn! I was on the design committee who determined to subtly poison he minds of innocent children with these eviscerated carnivores. Social media once again effectively thwarted our best efforts to degrade society from the bottom up.

Brenda on

It’s a scarf people! What is wrong with people always looking for the worst.

regina on

I have a white polar bear with a red scarf inflatable in my yard right now for christmas decorations!! Some people will just post anything to get a debate started and we idiots just jump right in..feel like I’m living in real life Idiocracy movie!!

Kristen on

This is getting ridiculous! It’s a scarf on a polar bear and it’s very cute! If you think it’s anything else you have major issues!

J on

And these people are what’s wrong with the world! I hardly think Starbucks is trying to have a cookie of a bear with a slit throat. I didn’t even see that until those yacks pointed it out! Get a life you schmucks

J on

I thought it was the Coca Cola polar bear… What ever happened to him?

Katie Arnett on

This Polar Bear cookie is cute with its red scarf, not macabre. I would buy one. I don’t understand people turning a cute cookie into something gruesome.

Zada on

All I saw is a bear wearing a scarf. People need to calm down and get a life. There are more important things in this world to get upset about.

Serafina on

hahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahha best laugh all day.

Tiffany Hayes on

Personally I saw a polar bear with a scarf. You know like the old Coca Cola polar bear who wore a red holiday scarf. It’s not StarBucks fault that the people of today’s society have screwed up minds and views. I say keep the cookie and just to please all the haters change the scarf to green. But then again they will probably say it’s being strangled by a wreath! Ppl! There are much more things to complain about and take a stand about! Like my young child with Crohns Disease… I bet if ppl stood together for diseases like his that have no cure we would find a cure much faster!

Linda on

Seriously!!!!??? It’s a friggin cooke meant for the holidays. GET A LIFE PEOPLE~~~

k on

It’s so supposed to represent a red Christmas scarf but with what’s going on in this day and age people are going to assume the worst. Maybe if Starbucks would have put a little bit more thought into the cookie scarf, perhaps red/white, people would relax.

kate on

@ Elle, I saw it and immediately saw a scarf. I had to actually browse the article to see what people were complaining about this time.

k on

I hope my local Starbucks have them in stock. I’m gonna eat you sucka!

thebeekay on

I thought the scarf looked like a pi sign.

Sandra on

I saw a scarf. I thought it was cute. However, there’s a simple solution to make the haters happy. Change the red scarf to a green scarf. 🙂

Ladybug on

Cute cookie, nice scarf. That is all.

Raiderbgirl on

Omg the people in this country have turned into a bunch of idiots. They find somthing wrong with everything. It’s really pathetic

Angileanie on

I think it looks positively adorable. I think they are super cute

Tammy Christine on

Memo to the Morons with deviant minds : That is a red Christmas scarf on the those Polar Bear cookies. Or the symbol for π if you’d like. I did Not even notice a violent theme until it was pointed out by the degenerate minds! Thanks and Merry Christmas! Aloha!

Lisa Daugherty on


Denise on

They are all wrong!! Clearly it’s the pi symbol! 3.14….. Seriously though… morons! It’s a scarf. If they see anything rude, maybe they should stop trying to clean Starbucks of immorality, and start with themselves, seeing as they are the ones seeing stuff where there is nothing there but a freaking red scarf. Oh wait… Starbucks… red…. I get it. It’s not about the scarf at all! It’s about the fact that the colour red has suddenly and ridiculously become the colour of Satan! You know… because it’s not like God uses the colour red anywhere… Man I’m so sick of all this stupidity. I think those people need to stop spending so much time in Starbucks and start doing something that would actually benefit mankind instead. Idleness… isn’t that a sin? Pretty sure it is. I could be wrong though. Funny how they feel they can cast the first stone at innocents though.

Anonymous on

I thought it was a red scarf too ,

Just me on

The bigger question here is why are so many people that f’d up psychologically that they look at an innocent seasonal cookie and see a gruesome scene from a horror movie?! These people need psych evals stat!

mike on

We have too many weak Americans who think very poorly.

Lee on

Wow, it is a scarf. What is going on with society? People just want to argue about …Anything!

guineverecandy on

NO ONE actually thinks this. Great job PEOPLE magazine for creating speculation about something that 6 people said.

aldenrw on

It’s pi. Duh.

Kimberly on

People need to get hobbies. My friend shared this story on Facebook and before I clicked on the story, I stared at the picture of the cookie for, like, 5 minutes, trying to imagine what the “problem” with the cookie could be, and I came up with NOTHING. Srsly, people. Seek help.

Mr. Jackson on

Get a life

Melissa on

Omg…Really people! Its a polar bear cookie with a scarf! Man…what is wrong with you! There’s a little 2yr.old girl that just died because her mom’s boyfriend beat her to death and her mother just sat there and watched! She didn’t even stop him! Get A Life!!!

Paul on

Some people get their killing in check ….. what a worped sense … it looks like a scarf…. the are you people thinking ….. learn to love instead of HATE… grow up people with your comments.

Chelsea on

And how is biting the polar bears head off and enjoying how delicious it is any less sadistic?

Anonymous on

They look just like polar bears with cute red scarves. Really people??

Julie Hubert on

Why is everyone finding a reason to attack Starbucks because of their products the only thing I think Starbucks might be guilty of is
charging too much for their products ! Come on you guys where’s your Christmas spirit close to show some love I still love Starbucks and I never for one second thought that polar bear to be a copy or a slit throat or anything that wasn’t an innocent treat to sread Christmas cheer! I stand behind Starbucks here in rke/salem va. Love you guys at lakeside! Christmas isn’t about anything but family’s and being work loved ones! Remember what it’s really about! Good bless all of you! I hope you have a wonderful holiday 🙂

Linda on

Are you people SERIOUS???? It is a bear with a red people are ridiculous…always trying to start something…go get a friggin’ life and GROW THE HELL UP….MORONS!

John on

I thought the scarf looked like the Greek pi, which really makes me want pie. I’m suing!!

Anonymous on

I think that people need to just shove this cookie down their gullets and move on with their lives

Alyssa Welch on

My question is, is why are they attacking starbucks when cocoa cola does the same thing? It’s a freaking scarf.

Anonymous on

PEOPLE GET A LIFE! IT’S A RIBBON for cryn out loud

JaRee on

People have gone crazy. It looks like a red scarf to me. If anyone thinks different they are immature.

Tara Nave on

Really people it is a scarf!!!!

Angie on

Really…it looks like the Coca-Cola bear to me they better get a Coca-Cola flavored latte quick….lol

Grace on

Isn’t that Pi?

Grace on

3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816406286 …

B Rob on

It’s a scarf get over yourself.

Anonymous on

It’s a freaking cookie…get a life

ree on

It’s a scarf you idiots. The problem isn’t with the cookie. The problem is with the people.

Krejaton on

Generation Butthurt strikes again.

Misty on


Cathy Cervantes on

My only concern would be….are these cookies delicious. Silly people just want something to talk about. How sad people don’t ha e better things to do. If you don’t like something don’t eat, drink, or participate in what displeases you so much. Move on and grow up.

Rebecca Bond on

At first glance, the decoration looks like dripping blood. Scarves do not usually have rounded globular ends, they are straight. At second glance, there is a great resemblance to the Greek letter pi. At third and last, it resembles the red Chinese character on the Mahjong tile, The Changes of the Life of Man. As a bonus gory detail, one might be reminded of Jack the Ripper’s victim Annie Chapman, whose intestines, severed from their mesenteric attachments, had been lifted out of the body and placed on the shoulder of the corpse

Whocares on

Just FYI to anyone who doesn’t know these cookies are YEARS old and aren’t being sold currently… seriously? Why complain about something that’s YEARS old? -.-

Anonymous on

Don’t these f—— people have something more important to bitch and moan about? Like the fact that Donald Trump could quite possibly be our next president?!

JessinSeattle on

It reminded me of the Coca Cola bear. I thought that was going to be the Up-roar. ;O) Get over it people!!!!

Anonymous on

Hey you idiots, do you think Starbucks sat around and said….”let’s make a polar bear cookie with a scarf that looks like blood running down from a slit throat”!! No, only morons with a sick sense of thinking, living…would come up with that and make it a “controversy”. And, shame on the media for fueling that out of control fire!!!

Just My Opinion on

Where did that last piece of innocence go from people’s mind (at least at Christmastime, c’mon!)? I couldn’t see anything but a red scarf on each bear’s neck until I read the article. Everything is a controversy nowadays and I blame the sickos who can’t see nice things but blood and violence everywhere. No, wait, I actually blame the gazillions of gory movies and murder tv shows. They’re doing an extremely good job at corrupting minds.

Jean on

I thought it was a badly done bow, but when it said something was controversial about it, nearest I could figure was that the red thing was some sort of foreign symbol. A cut throat? Just plain weird what people read into stuff. Too many drama kings and queens out there!!

Brittany on

Ppl are so fckn stupid!!! They don’t even know what to complain about anymore. Its a cookie people get a life and complain about something that has something of importance.

Eric on

Its quite ridiculous that with all the evil and terrorist activity going on in the world today, we as American’s are complaining about a damn cookie, yes a cookie. Who cares if the polar bear has a scarf or a bow tie, or even his throat cut, it’s once again a cookie. Worry about or focus on something that actually matters.

Anonymous on

When I saw it I saw the chai symbol which in Hebrew means life! People are truly twisted!!

Janine S. Quinton on

FFS…I don’t understand what’s wrong with people. If you see a polar bear with it’s neck slit you have serious issues and need counselling. It’s a cookie!! …and it’s a scarf. Grow up!

Janine S. Quinton on

FFS…it’s a cookie! If you see a polar bear with it’s neck slit you’re the one who has serious issues, not Starbucks. Grow up and get a life! SMH from people seeking out things to complain about. It’s people like you that make me fear for our children.

Mike on

Man, they sure are good at keep dumb people occupied!

Who cares on

Jesus Christ. Grow up people.

Angela on

Really? Maybe the people seeing a murderous slaughter instead of a Christmas scarf need some psychological counseling.

Anonymous on

Wow people!
If that’s the first thing you thought of when you looked at it than there is something disturbingly wrong with you !
Go get your head checked , I see a red scarf and had to read the whole article to find out what everyone else sees .
You some mass murders or something?

Anonymous on

first world problems, its a cookie for heaven sakes.. Who cares

Tt-r on

Shut up and eat the da** cookie. Quit trying to get 5 mins of fame.

Elizabeth on

People are stupid!! They look at anything and make into something bad, dumbasses!! It is cookie, shaped like a polar bear with a red scarf! Do you really think anything else? I am sure there intent was not meant to be interpreted as anything bad.

Angela on

Slashed necks? Pretty sure they see their coffee cups half empty too.

mmcen0703 on

Maybe instead of worrying about what Starbucks does, you should take your money and donate it to families in need or volunteer your time to help someone instead of bringing people down.

Roxanne on

My only thought…. It was one yummy cookie!

Wendy on

This goes to show exactly how STUPID people are. Grow up, get a life, find something to do other than be stupid. This world has enough of that already!!

Anonymous on

Get a life people. It’s a red scarf.

Anonymous on

Everyone who posted about that being a killed polar bear needs to be lined up and shot, please get rid of these idiots

Anonymous on

I am totally with the last several people who posted that this is absolutely RIDICULOUS! Its a cute polar bear, with a red scarf to celebrate our warm, happy and loving holiday season. People will find anything to complain about. It makes me crazy.

Dianne on

Get over it people. I saw polar bears with a red frosting ribbon. Besides polar bear population is up, and there is no such thing as “global warming”. And what was wrong with the red cup? They could have left it white. Then what would idiots bitch about? Starbucks has a Christmas blend coffee, gift cards with Christmas trees, wreaths, etc. Get over yourselves. What’s it going to be next year? The Salvation Army’s buckets are the wrong shade of red?

Pat on

Some people just thrive on finding fault with anything they can.

Tom on

…or maybe it is just a bunch of very mathematical bears with a “pi” scarf.

betty on

It’s a freakin ‘ polar bear wearing a scarf of a Christmas color! People are crazy, really.

Gennette on

Are you serious people? Get a grip, it’s a polar bear cookie, not more. You people are sick in the head if you see more than that – see a shrink!

Anonymous on

At first I thought it was a symbol for Pi; then it looked more like a red scarf. I think these cookies are adorable. People with gruesome thoughts need to get a life and start enjoying themselves more. Where’s their holiday spirit?

Catidid Life on

I watched a heartbreaking video today on Haitian children having to eat cookies made from DIRT due to food shortages and poverty. But please, elaborate on how an overpriced polar bear cookie who is clearly wearing an icing scarf is offending you.

Sarah on

Seriously.. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a bit morbid most of the time. I saw a bear with a scarf. Then I read the article. Sure some people would realize that and bitch. Look at it this way, eat the head first then the blood you see will make sense. You have to see the positive side of things I suppose.

Kat on

People in the comments below are making more of a big deal about this that the people quoted in the article, who just humorously commented on the unfortunate design flaw in the cookies. Yeah, it’s supposed to be a red scarf, but it’s a pretty odd looking scarf.

adamvant on

People are really really stupid. This proves it yet again.

moonbeem16 on

LOL I thought it was the symbol for “PI” (3.14) and people were opposed to Common Core math , for the love of Pete…’s a cookie, Drink the coffee from the plain red cup and get over it

Guest on

Looks like a bear wearing a scarf to me. Maybe Starbucks is trying to say “hey, we don’t believe in the whole climate change thing because we really think it’s so cold in the arctic that polar bears need to wear scarves to keep warm, not that the ice flows are melting”. Either way, I have a feeling that the people who think the bear had its throat slit would have a problem with it, haha.

Lequeta on

All I can say is REALLY, some people need a life! This is so crazy, there is nothing wrong with this, are that damn red cup ,please people

Anonymous on

These cookies do not exist. Check Starbucks website.
This cookie, just like this website, is a hoax.

Wtu on

These cookies do not exist. Check Starbucks website.
This cookie, just like this website, is a hoax.

Katie on

I think it looks like a Pi sign…. He’s a mathematical bear!

April on

Yay I’m not as messed up as I thought! I immediately thought it was a scarf! What’s wrong with people

Rhegan Fagley on

I’m tired of this. First with the Christmas cups, I mean who gives a crap if they don’t have Christmas trees on them??? Now with the cookie. You know it is a scarf so why even say the neck is spit. If you seriously thought the neck was spilt you are SERIOUSLY dumb. You peop are attention hoggers. You are rude, and ignorant. You seriously need to get a log because you are not funny, NEWS FLASH: Your ANNOYING!

Rhegan Fagley on

I’m tired of this. First with the Christmas cups, I mean who gives a crap if they don’t have Christmas trees on them??? Now with the cookie. You know it is a scarf so why even say the neck is spit. If you seriously thought the neck was spilt you are SERIOUSLY dumb. You people are attention hoggers. You are rude, and ignorant. You seriously need to get a log because you are not funny, NEWS FLASH: Your ANNOYING!

Amy on

They haven’t sold these cookies since 2010. Get the facts straight, People Magazine! Wow….

Gail on

I think that whoever sees a polar bear with a slit throat has deeper issues than even their therapists may be aware of. Get help. Seriously.

Angela on

Considering these cookies have been discontinued since 2005, I think you all need to get a life.

julie mason on

Ppl need to grow up dam is that all you have to do is complain and also the one complaining first said they stole his recipe so is he the one who slit the throats first

Lauren Paytes on

Seriously? People really need to get a life instead of looking for things to fuss about. This is beyond ridiculous! IT’S A SCARF!!!!!!!

iwriteforfun on

Where are all the social media psychologist who need to diagnosis all these social media pot stirrers with some mental disorder because their standard warshak ink blot test came back looking like a slaughtered polar bear…. Dude its a cookie – Last year i think it was a penguin with a scarf. #whyarepeoplesobored

Niki Hunter on

People seem to be getting stupid. It’s a bear, yes polar bear, cookie wearing a red scarf.
What are you people going to complain about next?
By the way, I don’t go to Starbucks. But, I know people who do.

Anonymous on

People really are crazy if the first thing they think about is blood instead of a cute polar bear wearing a scarf! Really, get a life!!!

Sam on

Couldnt they add a little green mistleto to make it more scarf like.

G on

NOBODY IS OFFENDED BY THESE COOKIES. Get that out of the way. These people are being sardonic; joking about the fact that the (obvious) scarf, when viewed as such, also looks like a cut throat, which is darkly humorous. I can’t believe so many people would get so bent out of shape over a few little tweets. Life is not that serious. And also, for those who brought it up, nobody gets offended when you say Merry Christmas. Say it all you want. Just don’t get offended by people who say “Happy Holidays,” because if you do, then you are the one with a bug up your butt.

roaddawg51 on

Just think some of these people actually vote

Josh on

You goddamn sissies out there, crying over this?! I had no idea what was the problem until I read what your crying about. Grow a damn pair, grow up, stop your crying, and go do something PRODUCTIVE for once. Should send you damn sissies off the the military for boot camp. Have them beat the stupid out of you because apparently your parents didn’t.
Damn cry babies.

Susan Hall-Amado on

What is wrong with all of you, can’t you see, it is simply a cookie shaped Polar Bear with a little red scarf. Would you all kindly stop reading and seeing things that really don’t exist. People are constantly getting their knickers in a twist over nothing. Get over it, it’s a cookie!

Lalanya on

DUH. EVERYONE KNOWS that it’s supposed to be a scarf … this was all done for comedic effect b/c of the prior uproar with Starbucks plain red cups. Nobody really thinks that anyone would be that gruesome. But I am laughing, think it is totally funny esp. b/c it IS in bad taste – Polar Bears don’t even wear scarfs & Starbucks should’ve expected this kind of scrutiny – I mean, it does look as if the throat is slashed!!

Andy on

This just makes me want to hit people. Idiots!

H. Clarke on

People who think the cookie had s slit throat, really need to Get A Life!!!!

Robin Swanberg on

OMG, was trying to see what was going on with it before I read the article, got nothing. I was looking for crap like it looks sexual or something it never looked like a slit throat, people are sick and need something to bitch about, there was nothing wrong with having just a red cup either

Krissy on

Really?!? Wth has the world come to where you see a slit throat and not a scarf?!? You people have serious issues!!!!! 😡😡😡😡. No excuse for stupid

conversational tone on

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