See Oprah Winfrey’s Inspirational Weight Watchers Commercial: ‘If Not Now, When?’

12/28/2015 at 05:37 PM ET

OprahDimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

Oprah Winfrey is sharing another powerful message with the world.

The media mogul, who in October announced that she had become a spokesperson for Weight Watchers  – and paid $43 million for a 10 percent stake in the weight loss company – is featured in a new commercial for the brand. Sitting in a serene outdoor setting, Winfrey delivers an inspirational message, as only she can.

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“Inside every overweight woman is a woman she knows she can be,” she says in the minute-long video. “Many times you look in the mirror and you don’t even recognize your own self because you got lost, buried, in the weight that you carry. Nothing you’ve ever been through is wasted, so every time I tried and failed, every time I tried again, and every time I tried again, has brought me to this most powerful moment to say, ‘If not now, when?’ I feel that way, and I know millions of other people feel that way. Are you ready? Let’s do this together.”

Winfrey, who joined Weight Watchers on Aug. 12, has been making great progress in her own journey. She lost 15 lbs. by the time she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in October and also showed off her svelte figure when went on The Late Show later that month.

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Winfrey’s best friend, Gayle King, has also taken a cue from the mogul. This fall, the CBS This Morning anchor announced on Instagram that she lost 4 lbs. in her first week of the program.

–Michelle Ward Trainor

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Pat on

This weight watchers plug has caused me to lose much respect for Oprah. Prior to this, I was ready to enter her as a write in vote for the presidency!

Guest on

I can’t stand this fat witch. Wish she’d get on her broomstick and disappear forever!

Jan on

If a multi-billionaire can’t manage her weight with her on-staff chef and fitness trainer, why would one believe Weightwatchers can help her. Nothing will help her until she figures out the real problem. It’s either emotional or physical/chemical or both.

Alissa on

Oprah in that short little video proves why she is the QUEEN. She has this amazing ability to touch the core of an issue. She ruled daytime TV for a reason. Many of us struggle with our weight and if Oprah can inspire, it’s a good thing!

Cacci on

If Bob Greene couldn’t help her I doubt Weight Watchers will!

PCC on

I don’t understand why she puts her weight loss attempts out in public all the time (well, this time it’s because she has a stake in the company). She tries and fails or tries and then eventually gains the weight back, and in that she is like most overweight people. Proclaiming “if not now when?” isn’t magically going to change that situation.

Tom H. on

Too late. Oprah destroyed her brand overnight when she anointed King Obama. If WW wants to chain themselves to her image, they will sink like a anchor.

Maria on

well, she’s not doing to lose weight because she has cooks and trainers for that she doesn’t need the money so this is just a punch in the stomach to real people for really want to lose weight.

JAS on

For those who think a personal trainer or a chef should be the solution, you are all forgetting one thing: Only she is responsible for what she puts in her mouth. Perhaps all the food she eats is not just from a chef. She never said any of the attempts were cures. She’s been open with her weight losses and gains because, like most of us, we have all struggled….including multiple attempts at weight loss. If you don’t want to do the program, don’t do it. But don’t bash her for trying to help others.

IT 2 IT on

KEEP that TRANCE with INTEL RUN —FAKE—- media.


skyegems on

It’s amazing how transparent and pathetic some of the comments here are. If you’re THAT jealous of Oprah’s successes, then go out and make your own successes in life. Stop wasting so much time and energy hating on a woman you’ll never meet anyway. I think her decision to join Weight Watchers was brilliant. If she wasn’t a smart business woman, she wouldn’t be where she’s at today. She inspired and motivates other women to be better. So stop hating and start living.

Guest on

Oprah should just stop. She has been through this merry go round time and time again, publicizing each time, then gaining the weight back. Now, she has brought a stake in the company. WW does work but it is a slow, expensive process. You pay by the week and you do lose alot initially, but after the first few weeks, it slows down considerably unless you exercise more each week. What is she going to do when she has to exercise to keep the weight off and maintain what she lost? I’ll stay tuned……. If I were here, I’d try to lose but not publicize it to anyone. That way, she won’t embarrass herself yet again when she fails. Anyone remember years ago when she hauled 25 lbs of fat in a red wagon on her show to signify the weight she lost? Shortly thereafter, the weight came back on and she has not tried in years to keep the weight off. Now this. Like I said, stay tuned………

guest on

She should not publicize something that she has failed at time and time again. Success is keeping it off, not buying stake in a company to promote their weight loss program.

Jennifer on

Svelte figure?? Come on. I saw her on that show and she’s as big as an NFL lineman. The problem I have with WW, and a lot of others, is they will not tell you their SUCCESS rate. However, a study done a few years back had the SUCCESS rate around 2, in 2,000. So these women will go week after week, paying the fee, and likely buying some other crap…..and they’ll be just as fat as when they began, only poorer…..except of course for the linebacker Oprah!

Mardy Misken on

Dear Oprah,
It was a coincidence that my friend and I joined WW at the same time as you. However, we are on a, “Steady Decline,” with a few bumps. We feel positive and respect your support of All of Our Decisions to Succeed!

GUEST85 on

I loathe Oprah intensely. Always have. Wish she would simply go away. Her ugly face always adorns her silly magazine, and she’s always whining about weight. This commercial should turn off thousands of overweight women.

Robert Charles on

She has more money than god…she is obese, and obviously does not care how she looks- and all you women who praise her-get a grip…she has no excuse for being obese-and her advert-yes bigger issues-like stop eating so much-and she has to pay 43 million for 10% of weight watchers so she can loose weight-pathetic-and no doubt just another money making scheme as she knows the woman who made her rich from her show-and the book club, etc, will always follow, and make excuses for their own weight issues, and no doubt will now join weight watchers, again pathetic- you woman do not need Oprah to loose weight-just look at her- not a great example- and Gail is getting as big as she-get real and stop making her more rich than she already is- she is bored-has to invest in something-but when I heard Oprah-Weight Watchers- it was an oxy moron!!! PS- I like Oprah, and Gail, but enough is enough! And the comments that we who have negative remarks makes us jealous, and that she is to be admired, she is obese- and weight watchers is a joke- get a life!

Jen on

So many haters, bigots, and fat shamers commenting here. Obviously, when one posts such hate there must be something missing in your lives. It’s important that we all respect our differences. I read a book to my son called, “It’s Ok To Be Different” by Todd Parr. Sounds like those who are the haters need to go back to preschool reading material. Grow up!

Anonymous on

…remember when she rolled out that wagon of fat
after she starved herself….then ballooned back to her reg big girl girth?
She is a liar & annoying like Hillary. Go away okra.

Sue on

@ Guest
Says a lot about the miserable do-nothing that you are! Why hate her? Oprah’s done so much for so many. You can disagree with her, but a witch? See a shrink for your own unhappiness.

Jan on

Tom H.
She ” destroyed her brand” when she endorsed Obama? Since when do you decide that for another person simply because you voted differently? Well, seeing all that she’s done, and the millions she continues to make, and the many people that love her, I’d say you’re the one with the problem. Obama’s done a fine job, and oh, did you know he’s been voted yet again ” Man of the year”?

Sharon on

food can be as addictive as a drug! It gives the same feelings
of pleasure as drugs do. It’s probably harder to lose weight
because you can’t just STOP eating… Having said that, I feel
thin is much better than too much food! Eat healthy 80% of
the time and exercise. Use the money you would spend on
weight watchers and have a mani/pedi or facial… treat yourself
for the pounds you lose!

Sharon on

You have to want a thinner body MORE than you want
the food!!! Until you get to that point, you will always
regain the weight!

Tom on

LOL those are words fro someone who loses weight and then stuffs her mouth until she is hefty again.

Sandy on

The ad seems pretentious and condescending. As if Oprah just descended from the hilltop with her new WW commandment. Look, she has a financial stake in the company and it’s success. She is not an impartial observer or commentator. ‘Nuff said.

whatever on

I don’t want to hear anything from this woman. She is a fake and a very racist person.

Alafiyah on

I think this is another marketing avenue for Weight Watchers and Oprah to make more money. I will believe her struggle to be true when JUST ONCE she puts her real self on the O Magazine which she photo shops every month. She will never do that because she has made sure she is perfect on the front cover. After you all have signed up and paid to join WW, she will make more money and don’t keep her weight off, then what? Not impressed. I won’t join, I’ll continue to shop around the perimeters of the supermarket and will continue to loose weight

PURE prosperity on

This is very sad. People need real support and guidance. Not toxic food products that will not teach them how and why to care for their own body. Actually the chemicals and fake nutrients are likely adding to their chance of earning chronic illness, pain or other problems.
And wow, she is making a killing at it. Very disturbing to say the least.

Mary Ann on

I know when I heard Oprah bought into W.W. I thought what? She doesn’t lose weight, what’s she going to do tell us how to lose weight when she can’t do it herself?? Well here we are, Oprah on TV telling us about losing weight. And I can tell you it’s a real turn off. I’ve been in W/W. many times b4 and have not had much luck in losing the weight. But I’ve lost plenty of $$$’s. W.W. does not work! And having Oprah now telling u 2 join W.W. so she can make $$$$$$$ will not make me join W.W. & it really turns me off 2 W.W. / Join TOPS it’s far cheaper and more of a support group.

Guest on

Oprah is rich financially but probably not rich in her emotional life.
I always thought Stedman, was just a paid prop and after Oprah, went public about her rape by a relation or relations, then becoming pregnant when she was just a child herself, then losing the baby. No need to wonder why she finds food a comfort. Difficult to put those sort of experiences behind you

Aoife on

Oprah is Inspiring, I have joined WW too after struggling with my weight. I feel that her words make sense and especially “If not now, when” If not me who”. Even if she helps one person out there she is doing a fantastic job. Thank You Oprah.

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