We Envy This Baby Trying Bacon for the First Time (VIDEO)

12/29/2015 at 05:44 PM ET

Bacon-Wrapped Foods
James And James/Getty

Gosh, this just takes us back.

World Health Organization reports be damned, there’s really nothing like your first taste of bacon.

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Take it from Melissa and Tyler Reach’s son, Easton, who was filmed taking his first bite of bacon Christmas morning dressed in his adorable Santa-patterned jammies.

“Bacon,” he says, slowly beginning to comprehend. “Bacon!” he repeats, egged on by his parents. “BACON!” he says, the full enormity of the situation dawning on him at last.

It’s really beautiful to watch young love, you guys. Sniff Sniff.

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Excuse as we slip into our bacon-scented underwear and make ourselves a bacon grilled cheese. The delights of bacon truly last a lifetime.

— Alex Heigl, @alex_heigl


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tj on

Bacon is one of those foods toddlers and babies this age can choke on. I hope an adult is in the room with him when he eats it. So are grapes, popcorn, and many other foods. It’s a cute video shot, but, as a pediatric nurse, all I could think of was him stuffing huge pieces of crispy bacon in his mouth.

Anonymous on

How can it be bad for you if it makes you that happy? 😉

JD Tabs on

Tj, jep…. Have a friend, her child always gags because she gives her daughter stuff she cant chew yet. Horrible to watch! And this Baby doesn’t even seem to like the bacon, he just loves his parents cheering and laughing on him!

Emily on

@tj – my thoughts exactly.

thesportygirl on

Yeah I am sure the room full of people that were laughing were an actual recorded track and they left him all alone to choke on the bacon. Obviously there were people with him everyone has to be the parent police on here. It was a cute video that they shared and People picked it up. Way to be a Debbie Downer.

Anonymous on

Funny way to introduce your kid to heart disease. Awesome.

Stats on

I was scared to death he was going to choke!!!! Moron parents didn’t even know to cut up a couple very small pieces???? Baby does not need bacon.

Pam on

What a bunch of killjoys! No one gets out of here alive, might as well enjoy some things along the way. If you can’t enjoy a couple pieces of bacon once or twice a month there really is no point in living.

Oh the mom and dad were watching the kid eat, obviously since they were filming him, he was fine. Enjoy things for what they are, even bacon, you might not be so uptight.

Sam on

Pan your a fool. Do the parents know how to save a choking baby? It’s all fun and games until something bad happens! Every good parent knows you CUT up toddlers food in tiny pieces!

Anonymous on

I was so afraid the baby would choke too! He just loved everyone laughing at him 🙂 cute boy!

Longley Blough on

… and the parents don’t get arrested. Consider how many things are wrong with this.

Hatemeat on

Idiot parents. It’s child abuse.

elegant gypsy on

What a cute video! Not all foods get a great response such as this! LOL

Bob Foo on

I choked on bacon as a toddler and my mom had to pull it out of my mouth.

Anyway, cute I guess. But I think the kid is just feeding off the reaction from his parents.

diggie on

My god, I feel sorry for the children of some of these commenters. I can imagine their children being fed through a straw until the age of 2, and having to wear a helmet around the house, with pasty skin because the parents are afraid of what the sun would do to them.

And having the parents arrested? Let me guess…. liberals.

Onnonnon on

JD tabs said “! And this Baby doesn’t even seem to like the bacon, he just loves his parents cheering and laughing on him!”

Hey JD, pay attention to the part where he stuffs a piece in and nearly faints and goes ‘oooooh’
Pretty much from :50 to the end. it’s obvious the taste is blowing his mind.

Lee on

Sam, it’s you’re a fool, not your a fool. It’s a good point until you throw in bad grammar.

S on


Phil Esteen on

You might as well feed pieces of Strontium 90 to your child … Or rat poison. This borders on child abuse.

bonmom on

Child abuse. Nitrates, choking potential, cholesterol, a lifetime of bad nutrition and the health problems that follow. I think the same thing when I see any obese children. It starts at home.

Aj on

Love it when the food police get their panties in a wad over something that’s none of their business. You won’t really live longer, it will just seem that way.Eat the bacon kid, and enjoy.

Chrystal on

Give me a break. For the love of God and everything Holy, mind your own business. There are obviously more than just his parents were watching him, judging from the background noise. My family loves bacon, in moderation…and sometimes I still get that same look. Let the kid enjoy one of the little things in life. He is a healthy looking , happy baby. Kudos to the parents.

guest on

I didn’t think this was cute. A kid this age can EASILY choke on bacon.


Wow, it’s a bunch of self righteous morons on here.

Kay on

What a good laugh to start my day! Hilarious!

Kate on

Pam – hopefully you’re not a parent. You’re the type of self-centered person who puts your own entertainment and need for attention above the well being of a child.

Abbie on

Last night a friend who is a paramedic dropped by our house as I was reading the comments section of this story. I read a few comments by people who apparently do not recognize the risk in serving child meat that had not been cut. He said that he wished he was surprised by the comments but that he was not – he had treated too many babies and toddlers whose parents were either too lazy or too careless to take a moment and cut their child’s food into small pieces.

sb on

Are people in these comments for real?

If that kid is old enough to say “Bacon” I’m pretty sure he is old enough to chew. It’s not like he’s an infant, he is obviously a toddler. Let parents enjoy their kids and let their kids enjoy bacon! Fo’ serious, one of my toddler’s favorite foods is JALAPENO SPAM! I should obviously be in prison.

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