Find Out How Half Their Size’s Casey Foreaker Dropped 105 Lbs. (Cheat Meals Included!)

12/29/2015 at 10:05 AM ET

Casey Foreaker
Gabrielle Revere

Casey Foreaker says she was “always a chunky girl,” but when she was 20 and her dad took his own life, her weight escalated dramatically.

“I went to food for comfort,” she tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. “That’s how I grieved. I would focus on what I was going to eat. That made me happy.”

Consuming fast food — like two cheeseburgers, large fries, a large soda and a cheese Danish — became a regular occurrence.

“I could eat a whole box of pasta easily if I wanted to,” says Foreaker, 36. “I could just keep eating and eating.”

Adds the stay-at-home mom: “I went from a size 14 to a size 22 in less than a year.”

Finally, at 5’2″ and 220 lbs., Foreaker became so frustrated during a 2002 shopping trip that she decided to join Weight Watchers.

“I was like, I’ll give it a week. If I lose some weight during this first week then I’ll continue. And that’s what I did,” she says. “I dropped 8 lbs. in the first week.”

She also started walking in her neighborhood, and now goes to spin class or runs 4 to 8 miles six days a week to maintain her 105-lb. weight loss.

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Half Their Size Cover
Gabrielle Revere

Foreaker — who underwent skin surgery in 2012 — sticks to a diet that includes an 80-calorie yogurt for breakfast, mixed greens with turkey, pickles and tomatoes for lunch and a piece of chicken with steamed vegetables for dinner. But she also allows herself a cheat meal once a week and the occasional dessert like a handful of chocolate chip morsels.

Foreaker says the best part of getting fit is her improved energy level — and knowing her dad would approve of her lifestyle changes.

“He was always on my case about my unhealthy diet,” she says. “I know that he’s looking down and that he’s proud of me.”

—Ana Calderone, @anacalderone


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The Latest Craze in Disco Styles Is See-Through Jeans—but Beware of Foggy Bottoms

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On a clear day, you can see forever—or at least that’s the wicked thought behind L.A. designer Agi Berliner’s transparent idea: see-through jeans. Exhibitionists notwithstanding, most folks wear them over bathing suits or as attention-getting evening wear with halters, garter belts and body stockings. Created for the disco crowd, the $34 jeans are selling like, well, hot pants. In just six weeks, 25,000 pairs have already been sold in such major department store chains as Macy’s, Bonwit’s and Saks.

“What’s limiting American designers is that we’re afraid to do something different,” says Berliner, 32, a Hungarian émigré who fled with her family to the U.S. in 1956. Agi thought up the gimmick in London while marveling at the way plastics were being employed by designers of punk fashion. In her L.A. office, where she designs for La Parisienne junior sportswear, Agi spent five days on the phone and six weeks testing to come up with the right plastic.

Agi herself tried out the French-cut jeans with the zipper in front, and quickly found several problems: Some plastics tore away from stitching, others wouldn’t bend and all fogged with perspiration. The ideal material proved to be a vinyl supplied by a bookbinder. The steam was eliminated with a series of vents behind the knees and in the crotch. “They’re no hotter than polyester pants,” claims Agi, “and if you wear them with tights, they won’t stick to your legs.”

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Showing 14 comments

tina on

wow great body

Jen on

Good for her for making such positive changes in her life!

Nycgirl437 on

Wow good for them. That is a huge accomplishment and difficult to maintain. Way to go ladies!!!

Marisa on

Inspiration #2016goals

Kimberly on

Good for her, but not sustainable for most. A handful of chocolate chips for an occasional dessert? No thanks. Instead of weighing 115, I’ll stay at 135, and enjoy myself.

Blair on

I look forward to this edition every year from People magazine–it’s so inspiring! I love reading all of the transformation stories. It’s motivation to get back on track after the holidays!

Michelle on

Ya I agree with Kimberley. 80 calories for breakfast and those light meals for lunch and dinner – this isn’t healthy. A person should aim for 300 calories for breakfast, and incorporate protein, whole grains and fruit or vegetables. As for the rest of her meals, they would be enough if you also ate healthy snacks in between..

Anonymous on

She is not eating enough. An 80 calorie yogurt for breakfast is nothing and who is going to eat chicken and steamed vegetables for the rest of their lives? Boring. She can have more calories and still be healthy.

Blair on

I agree with the other posters that Casey isn’t eating enough. Anyone can eat under 1,000 calories a day and lose weight. It’s not healthy though. She looks fantastic, but honestly, she doesn’t look 115 lbs. I know the camera adds 10 and everyone’s body is different but she looks no less than 125/130 lbs at her height.

sarah on

Good for her, but it sounds like, and all these types of articles do, she is only eating 500 calories a day. I’m a recovering anorexic and I can barely live on that for breakfast. Even when I went through it, I still ate atleast 200 calories. To each his own, but they shouldn’t say that’s all she eats. There’s more than that, especially when she needs to eat 30 points at WW. At a minimum.

Laura rohl on

Why is Zane Malik in the Weight Watchers ad?

Kate on

Bring her back in 15-20 years and lets see if she keeps it off. A “handful” of chocolate chips, is not a dessert. What’s her “cheat meal”? A piece of steamed chicken with a bite of a potato? Not sustainable for the long haul. Either that, or someone is exaggerating!

Mike on

I think she’d look better somewhere in between. A round stomach is far more impressive that a flat stomach! Chubby is beautiful!

MarcianR on

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You can eat chocolate, yogurt, and all foods you want when you learn how to combine the right foods together.

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