Jessa (Duggar) Seewald’s Coffee-Making Method Could Be Your New Morning Miracle (VIDEO)

01/07/2016 at 02:09 PM ET

Jessa Duggar Seewald coffee
D Dipasupil/Getty

Jessa (Duggar) Seewald has some advice on how to start the daily grind.

Seewald, 23, shared an Instagram video on Thursday with the caption, “Good morning, cold brew!” followed by instructions on her DIY method.

Before brewing, the former 19 Kids and Counting star says she soaks coffee grounds for 12 to 24 hours until it becomes “a coffee concentrate,” which is then mixed with milk or water (hot or cold, depending on your temperature preference).

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Besides being fun to watch, there’s a health reason for Seewald’s method: According to her post, this style of cold brew is 60 percent less acidic than “typical, hot-brewed coffee,” and stays fresh (if refrigerated) for up to two weeks.

“You can use regular pre-ground beans, or grind your own—preferably medium-course,” she wrote. And even though the beans in her video were a little courser than she prefers, she assured that “it still tastes FABULOUS!”

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The reality star calls the coffee technique her “fav” —  and if she and husband Ben Seewald are truly looking to have 15 sons, this system will certainly come in handy in the future. Scroll down for her recipe so you can do recreate it at home.

Jesse Seewald’s Cold Brew Latte
3 oz. cold brew coffee
9 oz. hot or cold milk (depending on how you want your coffee)
1 tbsp. agave nectar

Stir all the ingredients together until combined. If using cold milk, pour over ice.

Blake Bakkila, @bcbakkila

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Duggars Suck on

Rock bottom People Magazine. Not willing to fork over cash for the recent baby pictures? So your go for a inane story about cold brew coffee? Wow what is next for this loser family? Hillbilly Cooking Show?

Not news, not interesting and not original. Cold brew has been around long before Seaweed came up with it. Gee, add milk and sweeten it. Who would have thought to do that with their coffee.

aimee shatto on

Why is people magazine so insistent on shoving the Duggers down our throats? I guess were all supposed to have amnesia or not care about their treatment of girls or at the very least moral impropriety. But shoot, the Duggers have a great coffee recipe.

Kathleen on

yuck. also why would i follow a Jessa Duggar recipe? no way no how

Jenna on

This dumb bunny doesn’t know the difference between acidic or basic. The closest she ever got to understanding pH is when she learned her phone number.

Jenna on

So where’s the Kool Aid? We all know she drank the Kool Aid.

Serena17 on

Could she be any more desperate to stay relevant? This is a non-story. Pack away these Duggar freaks and move on.

Ginger on

Hmmm…I might try it. Sounds easy and good.

easterbunny2014 on

it must really suck to know how to do only 3 things…take selfies, make babies and make food…and not be especially good at any of them. I forgot grifting..not too good at that either.

L on

A friend nearby make always the best coffee…. Do you want the receipe ? Not sure what Jessa have done better in her life for us to listen to her so often….

PCC on

Or you could just walk into Starbucks or most any other coffee place and buy cold brew coffee. Or get it at the supermarket where there are several brands of cold brew on sale. Jessa didn’t invent this great idea, but I guess almost a week has passed without Duggar news so this is as good as it gets.

Lettuce Pray on

She forgot to mention if this pairs well with a frozen tv dinner. Uggggggghhhhhhh, PLEASE let the Fuggar family go away.

Roxxy on

Definitely not news worthy at all. This has been around for a long time and shouldn’t be credited to her for coming up with it. Try something else PEOPLE!

Snickers on

Sounds Yummy

sarah on

Okay this is getting ridiculous. These women have been abused and the family is dealing with a very serious situation. If they don’t have the sense to keep a low profile while they sort things out/heal then someone has to make the decision for them…People this is where you step up. They do not need to be on the public eye anymore. Pull the plug, do what’s best for them and us so they can live a ‘quiet life’ (biblical reference).

Ell on

The coffee looks like morning urine. She’s also a cheapskate and that seems to be the real reason for drinking her coffee this way. Jessa is the most unattractive Duggar when it comes to her personality. Trying to act nicey-nice, and hide the witchy way she usually acts, just doesn’t work.

Donni Darko on

Misanthropes and misogynistic weirdness. These people are from another reality.

Anonymous on

Really, why & what about this is informative or even interesting? The media outlets are so obsessed with this clan that they grope at every little thing to keep them in the public eye. Next we’ll be hearing about how one of them was constipated & it took them 3 hours to have a BM. But hey that’s what everything about the Duggar’s is, BS!

rubyovertherainbow* on

This girl is crazy.

Seriously on

Really? Cold brew coffee has been around for a LONG time. She’s using the Toddy method for brewing, not her own method or “recipe.” I’ve been using Toddy for 5 years. The white, 3-legged brewer is easily recognizable sitting on top of the Toddy carafe in the picture. You should be giving credit to the right people, People. Definitely not HER method.

CassieMP on

Where is her comment about the new charges against Gothard? But, I guess People is more interested in non-news than something relevant.

NGR on

A great pick me up after a long night of child molesting or a long day of sexual harrassment, I’ll bet.

JessaFamewhorr on

This is the same person that cooked the user’s manual in her oven, which of course, gives her credentials to give us cooking tips.

Sootzie on

WOW……of all the things that are important in the world, Jessa posts about COFFEE?

GUEST85 on

I know I’ve been waiting for a new way to brew coffee, and now thanks to People and a Duggar, I have it! Wow, life just can’t get any better! Woo-hoo! (Eye roll)

Jenna on

Isn’t she nursing Spawnage? Babies shouldn’t drink coffee.

Jesus on

the only thing i’m interested in getting from Jessa is an invitation to her funeral.

deese on

As if I would follow anything this bozo recommended – NOT.

Sam on

Does she think she invented this?

Noah's Snark on

Gothard and his Board of Directors were just hit with a lawsuit by 10 victims. Nancy Daniels was just grilled by a room full of reporters regarding TLC’s “protocol” on handling issues such as the “Josh molestation” scandal and instead of covering either one of these stories, you slap together a story about Jessa cold brewing coffee. Did you fail to renegotiate some kind of deal with JB? Are you waiting for court and the Danica Dillon vs Josh Duggar throw down before you print anything else? Surely you know that there are new pictures of “The Spurge” online……..

Meaghen Powers on

What’s shocking is the number of followers the Duggars still have. I guess American Christians don’t get it, that GOTHARD QUIVERFUL IS NOT REGULAR EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANIY OR MAINSTREAM CHRISTIANITY. All Duggars have done is bash Christians of other denominations(including non-fundamental Baptists and Presbyterians, besides the famous Catholic bashing done by Ben Seawald. A normal family nowadays doesn’t have 19 kids, a normal family doesn’t allow their 20 some year old daughter to marry a 19 year old guy when she doesn’t even have a high school diploma and both she and her fiancé don’t work. But you see TV, SOCIAL MEDIA and all their followers keep them afloat and worth millions. I for one don’t want to see another Duggar special. TLC lied and claimed the special would be about sex abuse survivors- nothing was really discussed on the special about preventing and coming over sexual abuse, but showing their boring skirt wearing, hair spraying, hair curling, GOTHARD cult teaching/preaching lives. Even the Baptist commission says Jill and Derrick aren’t even commissioned missionaries and are hiding and using their name.

My sister worked with midwives in a hospital. Midwives who work in hospitals are actually trained for atleast 7 years, many have an RN degree before midwifery practice- no way JILL is a certified midwife, if she is it is by the Gothard institute not by mainstream schools and no way would a hospital or legitimate birthing centre allow her to deliver babies. Jessa doesn’t even have a GED, Ben said he got his, but who knows- he just took online Gothard courses and that’s it.

The sexism and hypocrisy in Gothardism/ATI/Christian Patriarchy movement is damaging- and as far as I am concerned we want to talk about ISIS, the treatment of women in other religions and developing nations, yet we have women subjugated and demeaned in our own country and TV and Southern women conferences seems to be glorifying the Duggars- instead of rescuing girls out of Quiverful.

If we think the FLDS are sick and treat it as such we should treat Quiverful the same, because it is no better then the FLDS. In fact, there are many similarities between the ATI curriculum and the FLDS except one is an extreme version of Mormonism and other Evangelical Christianity on steroids as a former Quiverful survivor put it into words. How are these movements the same: They both blame women for immodesty/cheating, divorce/church annulments are forbidden in all cases including incest/rape, children are often groped or sexually molested by family members and members of the cult and it is widely hidden with blaming the victims, brides must be virgins and must wear dresses prior to and after marriage, the red colour is seldom worn, cabbage patch dolls are forbidden, contact with the outside world is limited unless to spread their hatred, girls/women must have long preferably curly hair, women are encouraged to give birth at home, courting takes place not dating, dad chooses who daughter can marry/court, men are in total authority/women must be meek and submissive at all times, authority cannot be questioned at all, both believe people lived with dinosaurs, children are blanket trained and hit with rods/belts from infants and on, everyone must smile and pretend they are happy, sexual violence and physical/emotional abuse against women and children is rampant and kept hidden, college education is not valued nor encouraged, some even do not allow women/young men to get drivers licenses, girls are groomed to be mothers/home makers and boys are groomed to be providers and leaders, modern medicine is evil, illegal abortions take place within compounds to hide the truth of incest while movements pretend to be PROLIFE and fight against legal abortion. NFP(natural family planning-avoiding sex during ovulation) and barrier methods(condoms, diaphragms, pulling out) are disregarded/as so is artificial birth control(the pill). They both follow Old Testament laws- women considered more dirty if she births a daughter. I could go on to the similarities between both movements on and on, but it doesn’t matter. Americans need to open their eyes and see what’s happening in their own backyards themselves, even Dr.Phil thinks this family has no place in TV and are still hiding things- he doesn’t buy they are telling the truth about everything. I have a feeling there might be more scandal coming out of this family. Thank God for Amy King(nee Duggar) she married out of the movement and isn’t part of the lifestyle. It takes courage to do something like this. Many have bashed Amy, but considering she was shunned by the movement, because she was created out of wedlock goes to show you that it is possible to leave Quiverful, I only wish the Duggar daughters especially Jana would have the opportunity to go shine their light and live productive lives.

Tessa on

Instead of taking coffee how about making a statement about the current Lawsuit in which ten women are charging Bill Gothard and the leaders of his organization Institute of Basic Life Principles with sexual abuse, harassment that has been covered up for decades?

ashley stillwell on

i so sorry about jessa duggar of the labor and Jill and her family and i sorry about the Anna duggar divorce and i always watch yall shows and it is pretty awesome and yall all the best

ethel on

Thank s Jessa for sharing that might try it.

Mountaineer on

Does it ever occur to you people that the less you spew your anger and stupid comments regarding the Duggars the less articles they’d publish? Just a thought .

kris on

Still using disposables? Lazy grifter trash. Jill recently told her fans how to cook beans. That’s how dumb Duggar fans are. Good thing they have the ditzy twist to teach the kitchen basics.

ScrewTheDuggars on

And then she uses it as a coffee enema.

kr on

This is news? Wow! SMH

Nope on

Cold brew is not anything new. A white trash, Duggar version isn’t a method to celebrate.
But good going, Jessa. You managed to squeeze a buck out of stealing someone else’s recipe.

Nope on

Also, isn’t drinking coffee forbidden while breastfeeding?

Article on

Great post. i finally am in manual. love it. i need to work on post processing and shooting in raw. I love that you teach photography. i have learned a lot from your open way. thank you.

enquiry on

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related on

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