Tom Brady Reveals More About His Super-Strict Diet: I’ve ‘Never Had Any Coffee or Anything Like That’

01/12/2016 at 11:28 AM ET

Tom Brady coffee
Charles Krupa/AP

As most of us are on our second, third or fourth cup of coffee of the day, Tom Brady is on cup number zero — of his life.

The Patriots quarterback, whose personal chef recently dished on the super strict (caffeine-free) diet that he and supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen adhere to, revealed on The Dennis and Callahan Show on Monday morning that he’s a total coffee virgin.

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“I never had any coffee or anything like that. I just never tried it,” he said. The will power of this man!

He did, however, admit to some human flaws: “Probably burgers or ice cream,” Brady said of his food weaknesses. We also have photographic evidence that he can make some mean pancakes (though technically they were qualified as “#healthypancakes”).

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Other than caffeine, the forbidden foods on the couple’s regular diet include white sugar, white flour, MSG, caffeine, fungus, dairy, and nightshades (tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and mushrooms). Brady has also railed against products like Coca-Cola and Frosted Flakes in the past, calling them “poison.”

Are you part of the 99.9% of the world that’s not on the Brady-Bündchen diet? Lucky you: We’ve got some  delicious recipes to try (alongside a strong cup of joe).

Shay Spence, @chezspence

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guest on

You’re no fun.

Ally1 on

It’s one thing to eat healthy. But when your that restrictive, I bet you’d feel like your just going to snap one day!

amyinoaktown on

Life to short not too enjoy nightshades…really?

LIsa on

I get the no MSG, white flower, sugar, etc. but no tomatoes? no eggplant? what the hell do you eat? and what about their kids’ diets?

Mandy on

Sorry, but that’s not living. I’m all for eating healthy, but to be that strict is just wrong. It doesn’t mean you are going to live any longer than other people.

Anonymous on

Because, you know, he’s just perfect.

jenny on

I get the rest- but does anyone know why no nightshades?

andrew on

certainly partially explains why he is so excruciatingly dull

Savvy on

What is wrong with tomatoes? Eggplants? Peppers? Mushrooms? I can understand cutting out sugar and white flower and perhaps even caffeine, but this is just nuts. No wonder they look so disappointed all the time. Lol. One of the joys of life is eating. And while you should not eat unhealthy foods, it’s nice to indulge once in a while.

Melanie on

What qualifies as fungus…mushrooms??

Anonymous on

Nightshades have been linked to increasing arthritis, pain and inflammation. Many people with chronic pain and conditions with inflammation are cautioned about consuming nightshades.

Jenny on

I find a lot of this BS. He’s only been with Giselle since 2007 or 2008. I find it hard to believe he’s never had coffee or tea or something along those lines. I doubt he was eating “clean” before he met Yoko, I mean, Giselle.

LG on

He Is not aging well!

Connie on

I couldn’t do it. I don’t drink coffee but I need my caffeinated soft drink in the morning to get me started – LOL. I’d be more worried about raising kids with such diet restrictions; more from a perspective that kids want what they can’t have and if you are their friend (kids) and go to their house I’d be like they’ll eat what we eat for dinner. But I’m regular folks so doubt my kids and their kids would ever breathe the same air.

Pinky on

Night shades cause inflammation in the body, especially if you are prone to autoimmune disease. Arthritis, psoriasis are autoimmune

CJ on

Can you imagine being their kid?! My son had a friend with major peanut allergies and frankly it was a pain to monitor everything in our kitchen and food when he was around and younger but you do it because he’d die if he came into contact with it. But can you imagine being the parent to their friends? I would be a nightmare.

Kim Elliott on

I always wonder if these posts are meant to make “others jealous…” Like “man I wish I had Tom Brady’s willpower…” Not me, I actually feel sorry for someone on this restrictive of a diet. lol Live a little!

Kim Elliott on

I always wonder if these posts are meant to make “others jealous…” Like “man I wish I had Tom Brady’s willpower…” Not me, I actually feel sorry for someone on this restrictive of a diet. lol Live a little!

MW on

We get it, you’re perfect and better than all of us. You do seem pretentious and boring though. Oh, and that gaunt look on your face and sunken eyeballs, not to mention your receding hairline. Wait, you aren’t any better than anyone now that I think of it.

Kim Holland on

I am 47 and have never had a cup of coffee either. I am not sure what makes that a big deal?

Anonymous on

Heck I could adhere to any diet out there if I had a personal chef to make all the meals for me!

JustSayin on

I get living a healthy life. I live it too but it’s all about balance. I eat real foods meaning I also don’t eat frosted flakes and crap like that. When I have a cheeseburger I either go to a legit burger place (not mcdonald’s) or make it myself because it’s sooo much better. I stopped processed foods and crap too. So yeah, in America where the majority of people are fat and dying of fat related diseases I get it but we’re alll going to die so live how you want to live. If I’m going to die anyway I’ll die happy knowing I had a tasty strawberry milkshake along with my bacon cheeseburger and fries.

Melissa on

Why is everyone being so harsh? They eat what they want and live the life they want. I’m sure the other 23 hours of their lives when they are not eating are freaking awesome so stop hating everyone . Let people live the way they want . Eating crappy or eating super duper healthy! You just can’t win with people , you are either too fat or too healthy! Geez!

akt416 on

I have been caffeine free for 8+ years. It was really hard at first, but now 1 can of soda keeps me awake all night!

Judy on

I bet this joker has never had sex, either. LOL

annabella on

I’ve never had coffee in my life and I have a young child. I just make sure we all get enough sleep.

Just Me on

Its probably easier to do when you have a personal chef providing meals for you as opposed to cooking for yourself. That’s my dream…NO MORE COOKING! 🙂

richard on

No Tomatoes? Tomatoes are good for you!!!!!

Paula on

Mabye if they had to grocery shop and cook their own meals, they might not be so restrictive. What a boring diet! He is obviously the only person in the world who has never tried coffee.

jayleen on

Yeah, tomatoes should be “forbidden”, given that they have all that nasty lycopene, carotene, anthocyanin, and other antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin A. SMH I personally don’t think either of them are aging well, and idiotic practices such as forbidding healthy, natural foods probably contribute to that. Moderation is the key, not ridiculous rules.

guest on

They must be so hungry ..

Anonymous on

Sugar is poison but hamburgers aren’t? Get real.

button on

Anybody who thinks tomatoes and mushrooms are unhealthy is a fool. Oh and tell Gisele that the tea she drinks has caffeine in it, smart guy!

hopeful7726 on

He’ll dive off of a huge cliff but eat tomatoes? No way.

hopeful7726 on

Cliff diving is OK but tomatoes are not.

JAS on

Bridget Monyahan dodged a bullet with this doosh…..

taxi21 on

I think they can eat whatever they want, but draw the line at letting them suggest everyone should do it (I’m looking more at his wife than him).

Some people cut out nightshades because of compounds in them that can cause reactions in people with autoimmune disorders (like gout or rheumatoid arthritis). That said, it doesn’t sound like this is the case for them.

Jasey Ray on

Cool. Now I know what I have to do to be able to throw deflated footballs and cheat my way into a superbowl.

Jen on

You are missing out. I am a healthy eater, but no way would I give up my one daily cup of dark roast, french-press coffee with stevia and soy creamer! And anyway, the current thought is that coffee is mostly-healthy in moderation =) I understand wanting to live a healthy and clean life, but these two sound like NO FUN! Can you imagine going out to dinner with them?

guest on


Susan on

Another coffee virgin here Tom, settle down people #teambrady #TB12

Ecarg on

Well, good for him except he is not looking too healthy to me in that top picture.

jenniferlynne01 on

I follow a diet similar to this but not exactly. I don’t eat tomatoes because they give me terrible heartburn but I do eat mushrooms and green peppers. I will allow myself a “cheat” if I feel like it (in moderation). And red wine on the weekends. I just enjoy eating this way. It’s really no big deal, not sure why he has to preach it to anyone. Everyone has their way of eating and no one way is better than another – unless you eat really, REALLY unhealthy all the time. He sounds very pretentious to me. Just eat your “chef prepared” food and be quiet.

barb on

He is just so perfect! Whatever he has or hasn’t done agrees with him. He looks 22! Not sure who encouraged who with the super nutritious lifestyle particularly since Gisele used to smoke when she dated Leonard DiCaprio.

drgrady on

On my second cup with half and half…. and just ate a piece of chocolate. (:

brentw on

Congratulations. You have officially run out of things to say.

Anonymous on

We will also try

Livinglife on

I used to drink caffeine, can’t do it anymore. I do however have a friend that has never even tasted coffee or tea. So to say that it is doubtful, maybe with the people you know, but not everyone follows your diet!

gracie on

I read the complete interview from the Brady/Bunchen personal chef posted on and I listenedd to Tom’s Monday morning interview on WEEI Sports Radio. When pop culture sites post small snipets of informational pieces, the public gets a very disrorted , small piece of all the information. The guys on WEEI were baiting Tom to talk about his diet when they are supposed to be asking him about the upcoming game. He answered a few questions but then got off the subject. Lots of people don’t drink coffe and have never had a desire to try it. It is not all that uncommon. As for the “diet”, the chef stated that 20% of their diet is lean protein…salmon, beef, chicken, and occasionally duck. The other 80% is grains and vegetables and fruits. He said the kids eat a lot of differnt things and that they love fruit. If you were to look at USDA guidelines for a balanced diet, animal protien should only be consumed in limited amounts and a diet high in vegatables fruits and whole grains is best. The Brady’s don’t consume white sugar ar white flour products and like so many Americans…they choose to be gluten free. We live in a culture of fast food, sugar and fat. Look at our obesity/diabetes rates. Basically, the Brady’s stay away from junk and try to eat as cleanly as possible, avoiding foods that can cause internal inflamation. Nothing wrong or odd about a good steak and a variety of well prepared vegetables.

gg on

I can drink coffee, however, it’s not the sole thing that gets me up and keeps me moving in the morning. I don’t really like it and have to really flavor it up. However, numerous studies have shown that it is good for you. When I use to be so worried about everything I ate and whether or not it was healthy, my doctor said everything in moderation. I try to live by that no matter what it is.

Kim on

He wont drink coffee, but he’ll cheat to win games. Prrrrrph. Can’t stand this guy…..

j on

great, now stop talking and go back to the field.

Anna on

Tom & Gisele are very very controlling people. Good is one aspect of their life they can control so they do….to extremes of course🙄.

marie on

Hopefully the Pats will lose this weekend. There diet is crazy. Bet their kids don’t eat at other peoples houses. Don’t drink coffee either, hot tea in the cold winter.

Anonymous on

Sugar is not poison. Yeah, if you consume mass quantities of ANYTHING, it can be bad for you but don’t lie about it……oh yeah, sorry I forgot.

barney on

Hey Tom, what about the CTE from all the hits playing football?

Melisa on

You lost me at “personal chef”. Pardon me while I go eat a cheesecake as I wait for my powerball winnings.

diane on

i understand different eating habits of others and i respect that and the healthier their diet is the better i too eat healthy especially my veggies and very little meat. we are more fish, and chicken, and no fried foods all baked or broiled or sauteed but i do like my coffee!!!!!!!!!!! we use to live 10 min from the stadium and my hubby and his co workers never missed a home game……

sfmom on

Someone call Goop – these two are gunning for her crown as the Most Annoying & Sanctimonious Celeb.
Since I have two kids who break out in painful eczema when they eat even a tiny bit of tomato, I get the no nightshades thing. Those foods can be very nutritious, but they can also be incredibly problematic for people prone to inflammation or auto-immune conditions.
I guess this is the diet they have to maintain to be who they want to be in life…but I feel bad for their kids. I am extremely careful about what my kids eat (very select list of dairy products, mostly organic, no tomatoes obviously), but moderation is important when it comes to raising kids with a healthy approach to food. These two will figure it out when they find their teenagers hiding candy bar wrappers and a stash of Doritos under their beds. 😉

Anonymous on

Who eats like that ! That’s crazy ! Enjoy life !

rubyovertherainbow* on

He has to drink ! No way he could be bestie with Gronkowski if he didn’t drink.

Marc on

Brady, you don’t know jack about food. Stick to football and leave nutrition to the scientists who actually conduct real research. BUT, if you have a double blind placebo controlled study confirming that Frosted Flakes are poisonous, I’ll eat your football. In the meantime, stop shaming people with your scientifically unsupported food rules.

jen on


Sue on

Gee, feel sorry for them! Gotta have some fun. Restricting any of those things does not prolong your life, and genetics says something. My grandmother will be 103 in March, doesn’t have asthma, diabetes, or any major health problems ever; and all she wants is fried foods! Her drs say she can eat anything she wants, and believe me she does. She also loves Popeye’s fried chicken! Ugh, the sodium isn’t good but she’s happy, and still hanging in there and enjoying herself!

AJ on

Neither have I Tom. Get over yourself.

Lola on

No coffee… Just nannies juices….

Anonymous on

That explains the skeletorish faces on these 2

Susie on

I have no love for Tom Brady, and he would have to be playing the Packers for me to watch him, BUT a bit of googling will result in knowing he was not preaching about diet, he was responding to questions from an irritating DJ., and this reporter chose to zero in on that aspect of the interview. My spouse has never had coffee and he’s 74! If we are allergic to something, we don’t eat it, and we don’t eat much in the way of sugar, etc, but if my friend show up with a batch of her homemade brownies, we are going to eat them! I have arthritis, which is genetic, and I have never noticed going without tomatoes making anything better. What you can demonstrate in a “study” is often only a very small percentage of increase in inflammation which translates to not even being noticeable in daily life. A real reaction, ie, eat tomatoes, break out in eczema, is a different thing altogether. I am allergic to penicillin, and cannot even eat blue cheese as a result. Very different from claiming I can’t have dairy because it’s bad for me. And living gluten free when you don’t have Celiac Disease? Totally unnecessary for health and just another pain in the whatever when you visit others. Maybe Tom and Gisele don’t have that many friends who aren’t pretentious, or maybe they take their own food wherever they go.

Lexi on

Edible mushrooms are not nightshades. Nighahades are flowering plants of the solanum genus. Mushrooms are fungi.

sandra on

What???? No mushrooms???? Are they crazy???? Nothing better then sautéed mushrooms in a little bit of butter with some white wine and chicken stock. Mixed with WHITE pasta. Delicious! !

vickynicole on

I really don’t understand what’s wrong with tomatoes and peppers?

michele on

Oh GASP! they mainly eat veggies,grains,beans,lean meats and little junk. Oh the horror! I know many people like that lol who are far from rich. seriously they are on top of their professions for 20 years in a career field with short expiration dates, for a reason. Keep hating. Their bodies are their professions so quit comparing yourselves to them.

eki on

I know many people who loath the smell of coffee and have never tried it. When you are used to not drinking it, its easy to never want it/crave it.

barbara on

People who live that obsessively healthy do not live any longer than other people, it just feels that way because it is so boring.

JBizzle on

Nightshades cause inflammation which is why they probably don’t eat them. Seems they follow a strict Paleo diet with an emphasis on more veggies and fruits.

LilahK on

I would like to pour a cold Coca Cola down his throat.

jewels1972 on

I’m 43 & have NEVER had coffee. Big deal. But what surprises me is that no one mentioned Tom was a heavy smoker until 2009!! Guess who made him quit??

Sadie on

A few years ago I also would have though this diet was also completely nuts. However, I have psoriasis (an autoimmune disorder) and my acupuncturist said skin conditions are directly related to diet. When he first told me what I could eat and NOT eat, I balked and quit going to him for two years. However, my itching became unbearable and was continuing to spread, so I was forced to consider the alternative diet he recommended, which is: No caffeine, no sugar, no processed foods, no alcohol, no dairy, only ONE fruit per day because of sugar content, and avoid coffee and foods/drinks that are cold, as they are harder on your body, which then has to work harder, and that in turn causes inflammation. He also told me to eat LOTS of kale, Swiss Chards and Bok Choy (bitter greens, he calls them) because it will nourish the blood. I finally gave it a try recently and HAVE noticed a significant decline in m dry, itchy skin. (I’ve even been losing hair because it was that bad on my scalp.) Anyway, the hardest parts are giving up sugar and caffeine. Especially the coffee in the morning – used to drink a large, 20oz cup every morning. Now, I wake up and immediately drink a liter of water, which really DOES work, much to my happy shock at first. I still crave sugar, caffeine, etc, etc and still indulge on the weekends. And I wouldn’t be doing it if it weren’t for medical reasons. I wonder if there is more going on with their health than we know about???

Holly on

Good for him!

Kelly on

My doctor placed me on this exact same diet to help control my thyroid disease. I was mortified but at my breaking point. Not only was I able to decrease my thyroid meds, I was able to completely come off my heart meds. The foods they are restricting are known to cause horrible inflammation! Do your research before you judge them. It’s not “too restrictive.” You get all your nutrition from good clean healthy food!

Anonymous on

Everything in moderation!!

Jill on

Sounds like so much fun in their house

Shannon on

Who f cares. That’s ridiculous. I know people who eat nothing but junk all the time who look healthier than him and his wife.

Anonymous on

why?? pointless

Suzie on

He looks like crap these days. That highly restrictive diet is obviously working wonders.

Sillyme on

Most sites link to the original interview his chef made. No night shades because they are inflammatory. He only eats gluten free and anti-inflammatory foods.

rubyovertherainbow* on

Someone should tell Tom that ice cream is dairy.

Anonymous on

I’m so glad to hear that other people actually care enough bat themselves to eat healthy. I limit caffeine and am no dairy, no corn, no nightshades and no gluten as the result of extensive food sensitivy testing to determine why I feel great the entire day and like miserable shit after eating. Turns out I’m allergic intolerant or sensitive to a lot of things. Anyone who gets in a tizzy from someone else’s diet sounds envious that they don’t have the intelligence to figure out what they’re sensitive to and theN extremely jealous that they don’t have the willpower to refrain from foods making them sick. I love that they are using their celebrity to promote healthy habits. Kudos.

Nope. Just nope. on

I call such B.S.!!!!!

Nancy on

Pussy-whipped. The End.

Suzanne on

I eat fungus every day, they don’t know what they’re missing.

Deana on

I absolutely HATE coffee and never drink it as it literally makes me hurl. With that being said, this is the most ridiculous way of life I’ve ever heard

Tasha on

Can someone tell me what the F**K they do eat??? So stupid!

Anonymous on

They are so artificial…stinking freaks.

Laurie on

They are so artificial…stinking freaks.They both are so pretentious…like my Grandma always said…if I bought them for what they were worth and them sold them for what they THOUGHT they were worth I would be a billionaire!

Mom's Girl on

Live and let live………..

Not Impressed on

I know lots of people who have never had coffee or tea they’re called Mormons.

Jasmine on

I follow a diet very similar to this, and it is not hard at all. I also have never had a cup of coffee before.
These comments just sound like unhealthy people with no will power and nothing else to look forward to except food in their lives.

Anonymous on

I’m a coffee virgin too, but only because I can’t stand the taste of it.
Now Mountain Dew…that’s a different story.

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