Shaun T’s My Diet is Better Than Yours Blog: ‘Sometimes It Gets Ugly at the Scale’

01/15/2016 at 10:32 AM ET

Shaun T
Guy D’Alema/ABC/Getty

As an elite personal trainer and creator of the hugely popular Insanity program, Shaun T knows fitness. Now he’s hosting ABC’s new weight loss competition My Diet Is Better Than Yours – where five average Americans are paired with a celebrity trainer to help them shed pounds. The winning team will be featured in PEOPLE. Shaun T will be blogging exclusively about what really went down after every episode – check back each week and follow him on Twitter @shauntfitness.

You might find this kind of vain but hear me out: the saying goes, “the camera adds 10 lbs.” So I have to give some major love to my makeup artist, Zoe Simone, and my wardrobe stylist, Brandon Barker! Because of the hard work they do, I look at the screen and say, “Damn, that’s me? Shaun T is fiiiine.” Haha!

Although to enhance my look and make sure I didn’t gain 10 lbs, I did get up and run a 5k almost everyday while filming in Atlanta. Honesty moment #1: I HATE seeing myself on camera if I haven’t worked out. When I’m watching myself, I pick at all the things I need to work on or maybe the things I don’t like. Then again, normally when I’m on TV I’m not looking at myself because I’m usually in push-up position dying in a pool of sweat or too busy cursing myself out waiting for the next break. Don’t we all look at ourselves and want to be better though? Every one of us has a goal and that’s what this show is about.

Goals are huge if you want to succeed. But wait, did you see Carolyn try to fit La’Tasha into her wedding dress? At first I was like “Oh my god, please don’t make her do that. We know she can’t fit it!” I cringed! When they walked into my gym at the weigh-in that week I could feel the tension in the room. It’s a good thing I’m not afraid of confrontation because sometimes it gets ugly at the scale—between Jeff and Jay, La’Tasha and Carolyn, and last week’s switch with Taj and Jovanka. I sleep very well at night because I always speak my mind. But the reality is, these people are showing America how hard it is to deal with the stress of finding the right plan for them. Eating is tough, but fitness is a whole different world.

I’ve been in the fitness industry for almost 18 years. I’m not gonna lie, because I am the creator of INSANITY, when I saw this week’s first milestone challenge (the stairs), I thought to myself, this is way too easy. I like when workouts are hard—hard in body and hard in mind. When I walked into the stadium, the stairs were so far away and they looked small. When I got closer to them and I saw how steep they were, I was like “Oh, somebody is going down in flames today!” (That’s my slang for saying, “toughness will ensue.”)

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How many of you have tried to climb 250 stairs as fast as you can while not being at your fittest? It’s tough! And Anna and I were really rooting for the contestants. I will say this, it’s hard for me to sit back during the Milestone Challenges and let the experts do most of the work because that’s the space I love to be in: motivating people through toughness. I have to remind myself, “Shaun, you are not the trainer so mind!” I do get to motivate them along the way but it’s really tough not to take control.

Speaking of control, Jennifer came on the show with that Martial Arts training and self defense expertise and has really dug into Taj! She brought the words strong, safe and sexy to a whole new level. I bet you there will be no more #cookiegate on this show. I still can’t get over that damn cookie!

Another thing that was hard for me to get over was Jeff’s negative attitude at the second milestone challenge. I really love the guy and didn’t take anything personal, but I was frustrated because I saw his strength and saw that he didn’t really believe how strong he was.

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I really enjoyed going to his house and what you didn’t hear is how upset he was with me because he thought I was calling him a quitter. I wasn’t. I was clearly stating that negative attitudes automatically make you fail. That’s when he realized he was his own barrier and he was causing his own issues internally and hindering his progress/journey. I do know that Jay’s, “The No Diet Plan” works wonders for your mind even though he likes to camp out in front of people’s homes. Maybe sleeping outside of my house wouldn’t be so bad. In all seriousness, when it comes to Jeff’s house, what I thought was really cool about this experience is that I was able to meet his son. For me, that made it so much more special. He was the only contestant that I was able to relate to on that level so hopefully it’s a bond we will always share.

When it comes to sharing, the experts are sharing their most important tips for you (the viewers) and their contestants to get results. Even I find the tips to be informative and interesting—so much so that I’m on a quest to try some of the tips and incorporate them into my life.

The first tip I tried was grass fed butter in my organic coffee. Check out my video with Abel James (The Wild Diet) on Facebook. Oh yeah, I literally called Abel on the phone and had him drop the science behind it all. Next, I want to get naked with Jovanka (The Superfood Swap Diet) to do an oil massage! If you want to see that, comment below.

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Sherry on

I’ve tried Shaun T’s Insanity workout before…HAVE MERCY it will kill you, not at all for workout beginners but you get results!!

Michelle on

Yes Saun T I want to see that oil bath!!!!!!

Candace on

Jovanka did the massage thing, and DAWN is the Superfood Swap-

kathie aloise on

Jeanette P. on

I absolutely adore Shaun T and his workouts have completely changed my life. I am stronger and healthier at 35, than I ever was in my 20s or early 30s. With that being said, I really would of preferred to see him in a trainer role for this show, rather than the host. I think he is restrained and unnatural, where he does better when he’s able to encourage contestants and be his amazing trainer self. I’ll keep watching though because he’s the reason for my transformation and I will be forever grateful to him and his inspirational self. ❤

Janet on

I would love to see your oil massage…and join in. Sounds amazingly therapeutic!

Kellie on

Yes! Please do the oil massage! 😊😊😊

Libby Diaz on

I’m LOVING this show!!! We all have our ideas on nutrition and fitness to get the best possible results. Sometimes we choose meal plans because it helps us drop pounds but we should also be concerned with how our choices affect our internal health. I enjoy how your show focuses on inches lost, changes in BP, cholesterol levels etc.

kathie aloise on Shaun,as your former English teacher, I am so proud of you. My husband, your former track coach, is too. We tell everyone about you. As it turns out my niece started doing your dance video and is now a beachbody coach. It’S really helped her a great deal. A few years ago, three to be exact, her son was born with a congenital birth defect. He’S good now, but it was long arduous process which took it’S toll on her. With the kind of life you are forced to live with two kids and one in and out of the hospital, diet and exercise were put on the back burner. Your dance video,I think, hepled remind her of something she had missed, dancing. She started when she was 3. Anyway, when I talk to her she sounds so happy.
Unfortunately, you wouldn’t be so proud of your old English teacher. I’ve gained so much weight. I could gain weight easily, but I never had trouble taking it off until I turned 46. I’ve tried the commercial diets and I would lose and then gain it all back and more a familiar story. Along the journey, I ran into one of your former classmates, in fact, she was my counselor. One day she came out of her office to find me hurriedly filling in my diet diary at the last minute. She accused me of doing my homework during channel 1. She was right! I wasn’t taking it seriously because I had no faith in myself. I’ve been watching your show. On the last episode you had a conversation with one contestant and told him his negative attitude was really what was really preventing him from being successful. In fact, as I watched your show I could tell that it wasn’t the diet they chose as much as it was their attitude which determined if they would be successful.

Thanks for the insight. Kathie

Tony says “hi.”
track coach

Cara on

I would pay money to see you get an oil massage – naked! 😜

Mauren on

I agree with some of the comments about Shaun T should be in a trainer role. I was disappointed to se him as a host, because honestly I love everything he always has to say, and as the host he is deliberately holding back from comment. I was screaming at the tv for the contestant to drop that crazy momma chick, and I saw it all over Shaun too, we know u wanted to shake her to drop that nut and move onto a real plan. So glad she did. I would like to see them using your workouts 🙂

Gina on

Whoops, the oil was part of the wellness diet!

Renee taylor on

Ooh yes!!! Please do an oil massage!!!!

Raki on

Yes please…been lovig shaun t since hip hop abs days and will still continue to adore him on his coming fitness innovations…love the show too!!! 💋💋

Steph on

Mmmmmm, nude hot oil massage…..who DOESN’T want to see that? You are one fine man Shaun T!



Karen Straightjacket Wilson on

First..Thank you for encouraging me via Instagram to continue watching the show. That comment made my whole day!! ❤️💃🏼 I am currently doing Asylum with you and the new Cize dance that’s streaming for us coaches.. So my two comments go like this # 1 I HAVE NO BUTT!! Which makes dancing a trip!! Chilli ‘s got moves.. And #2 what the hell were those jeans you were wearing? Hahaha. I had to rewind and freeze frame. Looks like you took those jeans off and shot them multiple times!! Like why you so mad at your jeans Shaun T? I am really rooting for Taj and totally digging the martial arts chick!
That is all..for now 😜 I have been a super fan since hip hop abs and will continue to follow you peace and Love and best of luck to ALL of the contestants❤️💃🏼

Shynah on

Shaun T I love you I’m so happy I saw this article because I swear as a m watching the show I’m like Shaun is reading these people like a book off screen and in his head but of course it’s Primetime so you had to bring it all in. I know when you popped up at Jeff’s house that was all you. You look beyond perfect on T.V. and I hope this show turns into a permanent show for you people / America needs you. I understand we all have our personal battles. But enough of my love fest for you(for now anyway!) I would love to see you in the oil bath please share.

Sandra on

We need to see the same show with Beachbodies different programs and contestants.. But ya Shawn, go for the oil… Just a coaches outlook….

Barbara Shew on

I thought that Latasha was gracious and was very polite and kind. Her trainer was not she’s bitter and nasty and I’m so glad she’s off the show cuz she drove me crazy her personalities stinks.

Tieonna on

Can you please help me?!! Shaun?? I need to be on the show

Lisa on

Great show! I’m a huge fan of Shaun T’s videos, and adore Insanity! He is a fantastic motivator and it brings me back to my Basic Training days every time, like having my Drill Sgt. Cheering me on but pushing me in my living room!

I miss Shaun T as the coach in these shows too, but love this idea. It’s wonderful to see all of these different diet and exercise concepts matched with different personality and body types. It’s helpful to learn about and research these different plans to find what works the best for you. I enjoy so much that this show isn’t just a contest to lose weight quickly, but is about training to adapt a new lifestyle. I value that there is such an emphasis on health, mentality, emotions and personal goals, in a way we can all relate.
This is a truly strong, motivating show that reminds us not every diet will work. It’s not about adapting a diet, but a way of life.

Fantastic job! I hate television, just got cable and finally found a show worth following!

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