Exclusive: My Diet Is Better Than Yours Taj Robinson Reveals Shocking Decision to Go Off Her Diet Plan – Will She Leave the Show?

01/27/2016 at 10:54 AM ET

Taj Robinson seemed ready to quit during a heated track workout on last week’s episode of My Diet Is Better Than Yours, and this week, Robinson may actually take the plunge.

In an exclusive clip from Thursday night’s episode, Robinson reveals to host Shaun T that she no longer wants to follow her trainer Jennifer Cassetta’s Strong, Safe & Sexy plan.

“I made an executive decision yesterday and I went off my diet,” she says during weigh-in.

Shaun T asks why she has decided to make such a drastic choice, and Robinson explains that she “had an exchange with Jennifer that left me feeling not positive.”

Cassetta tells Shaun T that things went south during a Hapkido yellow belt test she was giving Robinson.

“Just at the very, very end, something switched,” said Cassetta. “There was a shutdown, there was attitude, right as I was presenting her with her yellow belt, and that’s all I know.”

Robinson doesn’t elaborate on her side of the story, but tells Shaun T she has no plans to continue her training with Cassetta.

“I appreciate everything Jennifer has done thus far, but her services are no longer required,” she says.

Shaun T explains that if she quits her diet plan, she must leave the competition.

Will Robinson complete her weigh-in and stick with her plan, or will she really leave the competition this time?

My Diet Is Better Than Yours airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

Gabrielle Olya, @GabyOlya

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Anonymous on

She’s been a whiner since the beginning. Grow up and take responsibility for your life.

Edyie on

Bye. You took a spot someone else could have benefited from.

brian on

One thing this show illustrates very well is that a lot of people that are very over weight have emotional or stress or self confidence issues that drive them to food. Any diet plan can work but the hard part is finding an outlet for those issues while maintaining that diet plan. The ones that have managed to find an outlet have done well and the ones that still are struggling with their stress haven’t. Taj revealed on the show that she is going through a divorce and hasn’t really found an outlet for the stress

Left Eye on

She is such a loser and so hard to look at. She is negative, unwilling and lazy I can foresee her gaining another 300lbs. Lazy!!!

dt on

Taj your HOODRAT just came out! WOW and your a teacher!?!?! You will gain more weight than what you started with guaranteed.Your PATHETIC

Andrea on

It’s a shame because so many people would have appreciated and embraced the opportunity.

Tina on

That girl that quit will NEVER lose weight until she fixes the demons running around in her head.I’m sure if she doesn’t she will struggle with her weight and herself for the rest of her life. It’s so sad to see such negativity in a women

LLK on

Good riddance. Super negative, a total downer all the time. I can see why her relationship failed. Drop the attitude! Cant believe she is a professional person because she acts like a toddler. Her exterior matches her interior.

Tammy on

I don’t know why she was even on the show!! She had a super super bad attitude from the start & didn’t want to listen to anyone!! Well good luck on your own!! So glad she’s gone was sick of hearing her whining!!)

Katrina on

She is such a baby, your coach was trying to push you and all you did was twist it into an excuse to quit, sad.

Anonymous on

Ungrateful, whining b*#^h! So many other people would have blessed the opportunity to be in this competition!

Anon on

I only saw 3 mins of the show and noted that Taj’s trainer discounted her feelings. Some people are whiners….period. However, no matter how a person communicates, as a human, we should never ignore or discount how someone says they feel. Some people, like Taj, will just shut down when it happens because they feel as worthless as the feeling you devalued.

Jams on

Jennifer was right-on stating Taj needs counseling! Extensive counseling! What a narcissist. Jennifer did not deserve to be treated like that – she was just trying to push her, which ALL trainers do. I love that she called her out at the end of the workout! Watch – I bet Taj will try to sue now for “damages”. LOL

Maria on

She had an attitude from the beginning. Her trainer was good and showed that the diet works if you apply yourself. Taj had too much going on, she gave up an opportunity that I would love to have. Good luck

Y Hale on

Very sad that she is still stuck in the warm, comfortable place of excuses that caused the weight gain to begin with. While she thinks she is expressing “independence” she has shown that when things get tough or not what she wants to hear she quits. obviously she didn’t want it bad enough to begin with.

Vincent on

Rockworldwide on

I can only imagine how the very negative and hateful Taj speaks to her students! Her words are cutting, malicious, and belittling. Her behavior was shameful! That was hard to watch. Kudos to her trainer for keeping her cool–that took a lot of patience.

Vincent on

I think her mama had a premonition naming her Taj because I think she will be as big as the Taj Mahal with her neggitive attitde….hahaha

Anonymous on

Taj is a wimpy wimpy wuss wuss

Anonymous on

Wow. Jen the fitness expert really blew it with taj. It was not about what Jen likes or wants it is about taj. Jen failed to connect with her client. Jenn was in the wrong to speak to taj the way she did. Poorly done Jen

MzTeaze on

Taj really does need professional help. There is no plan in the world that will help her until she gets her mindset right.

Catherine on

Taj has issues that go beyond her weight. It is sad to see she cannot accept that she is in her own way. Her anger is so thinly disguised… Therapy is most definitely something she needs. No person who is emotionally healthy would react as she did… Attitude is everything and Taj’s was so so poor!

Denise on

Taj has whined and complained since the beginning. Everything is always her trainer’s fault. We can only hope she leaves the show. So many people would love the opportunity she’s been given. She seems the type to give up easily and throw it all away. Too bad. =(

Anonymous on

Taj you make black women look bad with your stereotypical angry black woman attitude. When you face adversity you just quit? What a poor example you set for your students. You are such a disappointment to yourself.

Anonymous on

Never have I felt such a need to leave a comment about a show. Taj you do need psychological help. You are rude, immature, pathetic. You need to apologize to Jennifer and the other contestants. It was just sad to see you throw tantrums and have pitty parties. Get help you have issues. ABC I hope you screen your contestants better to watch Taj was embarrassing.

Jean on

OMG! Really Taj!!!!!! You had a trainer, coach and dietian and allowed your attitude get in the way! The truth hurts but, sometimes to be successful, you acknowledge the issues, work on them and keep it moving to accomplish your goal.

miracleprayermat on

I’ve read each comment and I think at one point or another we can all look at a time when we were not our best selves. Hopefully it wasn’t displayed for all of America to see on evening television. This has made me realize something I’ve come to realize over the last few years that in life things do get tough but we can’t quit! I was surprised to read the name calling “Lazy Big as Taj Mahal, she will never amount to anything, whiny angry black woman”… On another nameless weight loss show that I also love the contestants do have therapy as it’s hard to deal with change it’s easy to watch and judge. A comment was made about overweight people don’t know how to manage their demons those who did manage have succeeded.I can’t disagree with that point but I also know people who are high functioning alcoholics who are fit and seemingly healthy. Have they managed their demons? I guess you can say they have but they are still not at peace…I’m sure Taj doesn’t like how she portrayed herself on tv or in front of her students but I hope one thing she gets that she probably hasn’t received a lot of in her life is Grace. God Bless you all praying that we all can have peace. -Miracle Prayer Mat.

Anonymous on

What a waste. There were probably thousands if not millions of people who applied and she only complained and seemed ungrateful the whole time. I pray that someone explains to her that seeking counseling isn’t a negative nor should anyone who does/had be looked down upon. Looking back at the show I can only hope she is embarrassed by her actions and decides to change for the better. She also owes both her trainers an apology

rhyenk on

It is very sad to see someone in TOTAL denial of their own demons. Taj is her own worse enemy. She wanted “comfort zones” and a trainer who would baby her and let her give up. Jennifer was helping her FINALLY get some results, and she still couldn’t do better. Saying that she didn’t respect Jennifer, was made up crap, but going off of the deep end when Jennifer said that she probably needed counseling to help her heal, showed the world how ignorant and in need of help she really is. Stupid woman took a spot from someone who would have been grateful for the opportunity.

Crystal on

Taj- from the beginning you stated you been having body issues and your partner wasn’t on the same page as you and didn’t have a stronger network behind you to even catch you!
To receive counseling for overloaded body that includes all parts of yourself- there is nothing wrong with that.
Maybe change was happening too fast and you were scared- I’m not sure.
I hope you re watch the show and read all comments- then maybe you’ll come up with a better outlook. When gander & reflect we can see ourselves clearer. How to really detox everything in your life- it’s hard and you’ll need to make no excuses and move forward.
I hope you all the best in your life.

jan on

I really feel the people who make nasty comments are the ones in need of help.This is why they have different people with different needs on the show ,just like real life they need help in all areas of there life.Maybe the show should have help for the people who needed it as they loose weight.Everyone is different and have different problems in their lives that is why they gain weight sometimes.Belittling her is probably because we have some emotional problems ourselves.Happy people don’t like to push peoples faces in the mud.Try again Taj and don’t give up.It takes time to get over a break up so go easy on yourself for a while.

Tessa Bell on

What is extremely upsetting about her leaving the show before she was finished and not giving another good trainer a chance is that she is a teacher and all those children who see this example are going to think it is ok to quit whatever they start. She is only thinking of herself and I agree with her trainer she need counselling because he attitude is not only hurting herself but everyone around her

Tony on

It was sad to see Taj sabotage herself on national TV. I’d wager that’s a recurring pattern in her life. She seems to have a very misguided concept of what strength is and it’s layered in false-pride and past hurt feelings. She has created a teenage-like “I don’t care” wall to insulate her from being hurt and has probably closed out many of the people who care about her. until they also quit caring; in much the same way she tested her trainers. She’s currently too scared and stubborn to make any real progress from taking help or constructive criticism from anyone. Hope she doesn’t lose 20 more years in “doing it her way” and stuck in the same insane cycle. If her way had worked. she wouldn’t have worked so hard to get selected for the “let us help you” show.

DawnD on

It’s a shame that her negativity is getting in her own way. she might benefit from reading some positive thinking books and The law of attraction.

Jonny on

It takes a lot to piss me off and taj takes the cake for doing it, I’ve been in therapy for years and because of it i can function like a regular human being, screw you taj you a–hole

Get therapy on

Sad bc she could have been a role model for her students. She is her own enemy. She thinks being hard and cold is being strong. If she was able to lose weight on her own she wouldn’t have needed the show. Instead she took up a spot that a grateful contestant could have occupied.

Anonymous on

She’s the typical African American female who lives in FAtlanta. Her kind is a dime a dozen over there. They live in this alternate reality where everyone else has to adapt to. They are self absorbed, put words in people’s mouths and pretend they’re confident. They’re unbearable and very difficult to take.

Anyushka on

This woman is the typical black female who swarm FAtlanta. They’re a dime a dozen there. They pretend they love who they are, they pretend they’re confident and that there’s nothing wrong with them.

Anonymous on

She obviously has a mentality that people don’t accept her, she is so defensive about everything…anytime they try & push her she states they don’t respect her feelings & that she’s not going to apologize for “being Taj” then when she’s not losing the weight she complains they’re not pushing her enough & she’s not going to apologize for “being Taj” !!! Well I wish she wound apologize for being Taj because Taj is a rude, cynical, unpredictable person, who blames everyone else for her issues & tries to justify to herself that she’s in the right.(because people don’t care about her being Taj- it’s like she doesn’t see that “Taj” is her #1 problem). She’s not ready…if you REALLY wanted it, you wouldn’t give up on yourself despite what your trainer said.. You have to love yourself enough to not blame others for your issues. hopefully she’ll find a way to love herself & want to better herself inside & out.

Jen on

All of you saying “break ups are hard” “give yourself a break” are basically enabling her to embrace the same behaviors that got her into her current situation. Look, life throws you curveballs .. You take what your dealt & you make the best of it. That means you actually have to be motivated & believe in yourself. You can take the negative things in your like & use them as a motivator to empower yourself & better yourself. Actually that’s what troubles are, tests of who you are as a person. As of right now she is drop out, a giver upper! Instead of having an attitude of ‘I’m going to use this time as a single individual to discover myself & take care of myself’ she has a pity fit… There are no guarantees … You’re not guaranteed an easy life with a happy ever after drpooed in your lap… You have to work for it, and let me tell you, no other person is going to fulfill you if you can’t first be happy with yourself. So though I’m sure your sympathies and “take it easy” are meant to be helpful… They are not, they enable her to stay weak of mind & in the same cycle she’s caught in… It’s called tough love & that’s what her trainer was trying to do, but she’s still to weak of mind & gave up. That trainer worked hard & spent a lot of time with her, Taj really does need some help … She’s not crazy… But she’s obviously depressed & has suppressed anger … Jennifer was absolutely right & wasnt putting Taj down but really trying to help her. she just can’t see that because she thinks everyone is against her.

Taj SUCKS on

Taj has PRVEN a closed mind and POOR attitude will cause you to FAIL! She deserves what her live will become as she continues to blame everyone but herself for her issues! Taj I hoe you see this you LOSER!

lindseylooft on

I just feel bad for her trainer. She seemed like such a genuine and dedicated person. Taj didn’t want to give back equally, so it’s not a big surprise she felt disrespected! Taj never seemed able to grasp that it was her trainer’s whole job to push her *beyond* her comfort zone — not “respect it.” Being comfortable is how she got to where she is!
Also, thinking you need to be “crazy” to need to self-examine and talk through your problems, no wonder she’s so dysfunctional. I agree she needs help, but those who try so hard to avoid shame rarely ever seek it. I agree with the others that she is likely to gain the weight back, though I hope she can pull it together, as a fellow teacher (teaching demands empathy. Her kids deserve that). I’m hoping were just not seeing her at her best because of the divorce… but not optimistic, as she came into the competition feeling that she wasn’t responsible for her impact on other’s feelings. I’m sorry, but that’s your job as a human being. You can’t control how others react always, but you can care that you hurt them at least! Sheesh

Anonymous on

I think she finally broke down when her trainer denied her water during her workout. They always say to drink water before, during, and after a workout. Her trainer tried to give her a yellow belt when Taj said she didn’t think she did enough to earn it. Also, who needs a trainer that says the “F” word to you?

MLT1234 on

Wow Taj! You’re a teacher who educates students to strive for the best???? Shame on you!

Ryan on

Taj really pissed me off all season, her attitude was garbage and could never be told otherwise. all these trainers dedicated their time into helping these people and giving them insight into a better and healthier lifestyle and all Taj could ever do was sh*t on everyone and make everything about her while using everyone else with ZERO appreciation for anything. I understand Jenn’s frustrations near the end, when you try non-stop to help someone with all your effort and all they can do is ask “when is it over…”, i’d walk the f*ck out on that waste of time; especially by week 7, if Taj is so stupid to think that she’s pushing herself for her trainer and not for herself…thats just maddening. You can’t help someone who doesnt want to be helped. What a god damn waste Taj was, could’ve gone to someone more deserving. Made my blood boil.

Anonymous on

I particularly liked the part where her trainer said she could use counseling to work through issue and she goes on this ghetto gurl rant about her being called crazy. No moron, had you listened to what she was trying to say you would of understood the point she was trying to make. She’s also the type of person were life happens to her and will take no accountability for her actions. Everyone else grew and learned and embraced what was being taught to them except her.

TKirk on

I hear a lot of people saying that he was a whiner, that might have been the case but someone who is an emotional eater is usually an emotional person therefore when her first instructor ignored the signs, it sent her into defense mode from that point on. Jennifer came along and while she was aware that Taj was emotional, she also didn’t do very well with her emotional needs either. A divorce on national TV is hard for anyone and these aren’t stars/celebrities that are cut out for the drama. I hope she finds the help she needs and loses the weight.

Karen on

This woman Taj Robinson was going through a break up with her partner. She was depressed and emotionally tired. But her trainer discounted her feelings and the Trainer said she was sick of Tajs attitude. She could have had a sit down and validated her feelings. If someone talked to me like that…..and she did it twice, i would have felt alone and uncared for. Very unprofessional and no compassion!

Karen on

I would have been called a quitter too whenvi went off my diet hecause of all the changes i was going through. Divorce, breakup, law and financial trouble and moving. I cut myself a break, gained a bunch of weight and started over when I was ready. Ive lost 23 again and doing well.I would not have done well with being denied water either and i would have shut down.bI think had the trainer showed a smidgebof compassion and been positive herself she would have gained her clients.trust. i Think the trainer has a lot to learn about caring for people.

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Candy Rodgers on

Sorry but Taj really does need some professional help! I hope she looks back on this and sees this for herself.

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