PHOTOS: Step Inside the Ultra-Glam Homes of Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian

02/02/2016 at 03:15 PM ET

Kardashians in Architectural digestRoger Davies
Roger Davies/Architectural Digest

Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian are quite close sisters — literally.

Gracing the cover of the March issue of Architectural Digest, the celebrity siblings showed off their stunning homes, which are located around the corner from each other in an ultra-exclusive private community in Calabasas, California.

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Though it’s clear that each sister has her own unique style (and, if you know anything about them, personality), they both used the same interior designer — Martyn Lawrence Bullard — to achieve the dream homes they wanted.

“Our tastes are very specific and completely different,” Khloé said. “When we go furniture shopping, I stand there tapping my foot while Kourtney shows me modern pieces. Then we head somewhere full of exotic, beautiful things and all she can say is, ‘I like nothing here.'”

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Kardashians in Architectural digestRoger Davies
Roger Davies/Architectural Digest

Kourtney’s living room boasts modern vibes with a simple black-and-white color scheme and subtle hints of vibrance. “I am very afraid of color, but when you have kids, you can’t be so stringent. Martyn was able to introduce bright pops in a way I can handle,” she said.

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Kardashians in Architectural digestRoger Davies
Roger Davies/Architectural Digest

Khloé takes a more vintage approach to her living room, with a John Sallibello sofa and ornately embellished Levantine mirror.

Kardashians in Architectural digestRoger Davies
Roger Davies/Architectural Digest

Kourtney’s kitchen is equipped with limestone floors, pendant lights, and, of course, top-of-the-line appliances.

Kardashians in Architectural digestRoger Davies
Roger Davies/Architectural Digest

The pristine look of Khloé’s kitchen is only upstaged by her famous perfectly stacked cookie jars.

Kardashians in Architectural digestRoger Davies
Roger Davies/Architectural Digest

And though their tastes may differ, they both share the type-A gene from the family matriarch, Kris Jenner. “My mom has always had a vision for our houses—she taught us the joy of interior design,” Kourtney said. “My sisters and I are perfectionists because we were brought up that way.”

Shay Spence, @chezspence

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zoe on

khloe looks stunning oh my god

Barf on

You can put all the lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig. #klassless

Chantelle on

Boring. Looks like any generic kitchen from a Walmart catalog.

Lara on

How can you enjoy that type of house with kids? I do like Kourtneys and some things about Kholes(counters and cabinets) kitchens, but other than that it’s way too contribed and looks cold and univiting. The fabric draped on Khloe’s ceiling and the mirror on the fabric wall make me feel like it’s a wedding venue. They are beautiful girls and to me seem like nice people, just to add something kind.

betty on

so, if we are looking at a designer magazine for homes, why do we need to see boobs ??

ausscyn on

Nothing new or creative here. Just move along if you came to see real art in interior design.

amyinoaktown on

Khloe looks totally different…did she get a lot of work done recently? Pretty, but barely recognizable….even the kid is looking up at her saying, “who is she?”

NotCelebritiesGetItRight on

These are not celebrities, you have to have talent first. These are reality tv. personalities with money. No talent, Barbara Walter said to them clearly and they agreed. Famous for nothing at all because unfortunately that what is happening today, it’s sad.

HahahaSoCalledCelebsWanna-bes on

Only live this way because of Kim’s s3x ta pe.

blahblahblah on

Of 11 “top” stories,
9 of them are about the gross

People Magazine, you
big time.

thessa on

I feel sick looking at that “stuff” and realizing where they got the money to buy it. They are nOTHING and no one, but people (reall people! Who ARE these people???) have…funded their…whatever it is. Their…appearances and products and…performances? I just do not get it. Their mother is a businesswoman who does packaging and promoting and spinning; but what do these people do? They are an embarrassment to humanity. No, no, I mean the people who give them ANY money are the embarrassment! at least if you buy a ticket to the circus you see a freak swallow motor oil or something. I guess these people really ARE the modern slicker version of a circus (she has a fear of color? uh, what? Did she run from Lamar?)

GetItRight on

To NotCelebrtiesGetItRight…the definition of a celebrity is someone famous or well known. It doesn’t matter how they became famous or what they are famous for. I could care less about the Kardashians, but based on that definition, they are celebrities.

Jan on

Those homes are owned by NBC/E and are written off as production costs. The IRS needs to sort out the realty tv world…no doubt they are avoiding taxes.

Alia on

Khloe’s house suits her because she’s single (although I thought she would like more color!), but Kourtney’s doesn’t seem to go with her family-type lifestyle. I can’t imagine large white sofas with 3 young kids!! They look very beautiful and comfortable, but I would have picked a different color. That must be their formal living room, though, because I don’t see a TV. So they probably have a TV lounge they spend most of their time in, with leather couches or something.

Irm1956 on

What’s going on with Khloe’s face? Photoshop?

Anonymous on

Wow, Khloe really looks like her dad, Alex Roldan.
The older she gets, the more she looks like him.

turisn67 on

Wow, Khloe really looks like her dad, Alex Roldan.
The older she gets, the more she looks like him.

ridiculous on

those aren’t ‘homes’, they are simply places to show what money can buy….

Ginger on

These may be expensive homes, but they look cold and unlived in. There’s no warmth to them in the least. Give me my cottage style shabby chic any day.

Ke on

Clearly these are not their real homes! Staged and props for a story. This family even brings down Architectural Digest…wow!

jean on

Not every house is a home!

Their face looks photo shopped!

Angel on


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gdolesker on

well it’s amazing that the Kardashians have taken such pride in other peoples work. the articles all originated from architectural digest.
the custom lighting for the home was all designed by my team at ADG Lighting in conjunction with CAmi Forte design, Chris Courts design and Martyn Bullard… All clients of ours, and yet every article works the kardashian angle… Hmmm here is the re-edit

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