Adele and Ellen DeGeneres Pranking Jamba Juice Employees Is the Best Thing You’ll See All Day (VIDEO)

02/18/2016 at 04:12 PM ET

Adele and Ellen DeGeneres take on Jamba Juice…and it’s even more hysterical than you can imagine.

On Thursday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the talk show host enlisted the Grammy winner to help carry out one of her epic pranks. As is typical, Adele was hooked up with an ear piece, with DeGeneres feeding her lines during the entire exchange.

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“One small cup but a large,” she begins her order, confusing everyone behind the counter before letting them know about the Jamba Juice equivalent in Britain called Swishy Chug — which Ellen makes up on the spot, of course — and their famous drink comprised of beets and potatoes.

Next, the singer takes out a pair of scissors Ellen had previously planted in her purse. “Can I chop some off?” she asks, pointing at the wheatgrass on display before snipping off a handful. “It’s really good actually,” she says, while Ellen (and the world) laughs on the other end.

When it came time to pay for her juice order — after, at one point, pulling out a mini bottle of Disaronno from her purse for a quick swig! — Adele dumps everything out of her purse on the counter before asking the cashier: “Where is my money? I need to pay for this, right? I’m a celebrity. Do I have to pay?”

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Watch the video up top to see the full exchange go down — just don’t take a sip from your smoothie before watching, lest you want it all over your computer screen.

—Grace Gavilanes

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Mae on

The funniest part to me is Ellen’s laugh. lol

Chris on

That was funny! Adele is a goodsport.

Carrotthebunny on

Hilarious! It had to be gross chewing on the wheatgrass but Adele did great. Kudos to the employees too. They treated her like a regular customer even though they were clearly giddy with excitement that she was there. They must have thought she was nuts!!

exit82 on

I love Adele and I also like Ellen- but she has always campaigned against
bullying and when she pulls these “pranks” on people- that is exactly what she is doing- I’ve never been a fan of this part of her show- I just don’t think it is funny to put anybody in an awkward position.

Ben on

The prank they will not put on line = Jamba Juice Employees tell Adele we heard you at the Grammys and know that you can not sing live :)~

Dawn T on

I just love Ellen and Adele SO much!! Adele is quite good at that! I can’t believe the folks kept it together behind the counter. Brilliant!

Julie on

@exit82……you’re right, some serious bullying going on, did you see the smiles on their faces. Geez, lighten up, and be concerned about real bullying.

luluastorbooks on

So much fun! Adele is such a good sport and so beautiful too. Adele, wanna read my books? I’ll send a bunch to you. Lulu Astor. Just cause I think you’re mad fun. 😀

cyclone on

You definitely saw the fear in her face when the mic fell and the sound was off. She has never looked that nervous even though she gets terrible stage fright. If I was her I would just blame Justin Bieber and be done with it.

Traci on

@exit82…you can’t possibly think that was bullying!!! It’s people like you making comments like that who have minimized what the word really means. Practical jokes are not bullying. Why don’t you go to a middle or high school and ask kids who have been truly bullied what they think.

M on

You must be fun to be around with!!
Said no one ever.

rubyovertherainbow* on

Love her. She’s so down to earth.

DJ on

Kudos for Adele.After a crumby night at the grammys,she just jumped right into Ellens prank ,and she did a great job.It was so good to see her enjoying herself,without worrying about pleasing the public and just having some real fun….A++++++++to you both.

Johny T on

@exit82 This is not bullying. You need a sense of humor, don’t be so sensitive.

carole on

This is hilarious, had me laughing out loud.

Shaindy on

I’ve always been so impressed by Adele’s ability to laugh at herself. If you haven’t seen it, go youtube the video where she disguises herself and goes and participates in an Adele impersonator audition. It’s utterly hysterical. Even funnier is when the other impersonators begin to realise it’s actually her.

Harper on

My toddler loves Adele 🙂

Cliff on

that was the most inane piece of video I’ve seen in months.

fatalreview on

don’t ya think minimum wage service industry worker get enough mistreatment by entitled celebs? now Ellen is exploiting them for ratings on her show with no compensation and hopefully trying to goad one into reacting to a delusional customer? both Adele and Ellen are promoting themselves using a captive or slave worker to toy with who has to be polite no matter what-this is like teasing the monkeys at the zoo

Chuty on

Did you upload the wrong video?

Surea on

Yeah, it’ll be the BEST thing I see all day – all 5 seconds you showed! LOL… whatever…

Anonymous on

Some people need to lighten up with the bullying comment. All those three workers each got a $1000 visa card. So before you start commenting, watch the episode.

Philnezz on

I like Adele’s sense of Humor and I have always found Ellen to be funny


Kay on

Can there ever be an article where the comment section doesn’t go down the toilet?

The skit was fun, and in no way bullying. And fatalreview…seriously? Relax. I worked similar jobs, and yes people can be terrible. I would get yelled at by rude customers almost everyday for things that were not my fault. I would not however be traumatized if Ellen had pulled this prank on me. The things Adele was saying and doing were strange but it wasn’t like she was insulting them or anything. They were all laughing and having fun at the end, and even got to go to Ellen’s show and got $1,000 each and be on TV and have a fun story to tell people. Sounds like a good day to me.

Justyna on

@Ben you need to go on YouTube and watch her carpool karaoke. She can sing live. As well as her December 14 performance on nbc. She sang the song beautifully.

Kate on

Adele is beautiful, talented, funny, and a really good sport! I love Adele, Ellen, AND Jamba Juice! 😋

Gail on

Adele & Mellissa McCarthy should make a comedy.

Gail on

Adele & Melissa McCarthy should make a comedy.

MrMopps on

After reading some of these comments I have come to the conclusion I really don’t know what bullying really is. I thought when I was called fat, had my books knocked out of my hands, had chewing gum stuck in my hair, has my lock on my locker super glued closed,tripped in the cafeteria and sent my food flying ,given weggies until it actually hurt, and numerous other unmentionables ..that I had been bullied. Now I find out that bullying is actually being pranked by a couple celebrities and given $1000 for standing there and letting it happen. Wonder what was actually happening to me?

Ibby on

“epic prank”…”more hilarious than you can imagine”…”funniest thing you’ll see all day” Thanks, clickbait, I am officially underwhelmed.

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