Chris Rock’s Rival Girl Scout Mom Responds to His Oscars Stunt: ‘That Was a Personal Throwdown’

03/01/2016 at 11:48 AM ET

Chris Rock
Kevin Winter/Getty

Chris Rock‘s ultimate Girl Scout cookie competitor Linda Dunn has spoken.

After the comedian used his Oscars hosting gig to encourage celebrities to buy treats for his daughters’ troop, the New Jersey mom he called out in the bit says there are no hard feelings.

“Last night Zahra, my youngest called me up and said, ‘Daddy how come we never sell the most cookies? How come Mrs. Dunn wins every year?'” Rock said during the broadcast. “It would mean so much to my little girl if we could beat Linda Dunn.”

“That was a personal throwdown,” Dunn jokingly responded to Access Hollywood. “We have a fun rivalry. Selling cookies is fun.”

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Dunn—whose daughter is in the same troop as Rock’s kids—had not been paying attention to the broadcast when the comedian called her out.


“All of a sudden my phone starts ringing. My email blows up,” the CEO of Odyssey Media and former Girl Scout told the New York Daily News. “Everyone is calling to say Chris Rock just threw down the gauntlet.”

Stars like Christian Bale, Mindy Kaling and even Vice President Joe Biden shelled out some cash for Thin Mints and Tagalongs on Sunday night.

“I want you to reach into your millionaire pockets and I want you to buy some of my daughters’ Girl Scout cookies,” urged Rock. “Are we going to deny my princesses from cookies? Alright, Tina Fey, get that money, girl. Charlize Theron, yes. Matt Damon, yes. Leo, you made $30 million—come on!”

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While Dunn will likely have to settle for second place this year (Rock claimed to raise $65,243—though the numbers are still being confirmed), she’s just fine with that.

“90 million people watch the Oscars,” said Dunn. “You can’t buy that type of publicity for the Girl Scouts. That was a wonderful thing that he did.”

—Ana Calderone, @anacalderone

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sarah on

I didn’t like the Girl Scout thing either.

And they never raised $65,243.

Shelby on

No, 90 million people do not watch the Oscars, at least not in the United States. Early estimates put it around 34 million.

Linda on

Girl scout cookies should be sold by the girl scouts themselves. The parents can and should be there but the girls themselves should do the selling. Not the parents…

Patricia on

How many daughters does Chris Rock have? He keeps saying TWO but over at TMZ it’s a little more complicated. Hope the third little girl isn’t feeling hurt by this stunt.

Don't care what ya think on

Everyone is so concerned about the Girl Scout cookies but what about all the racist bull that was spewed at the Oscars? That’s acceptable right? If a white person did that it would be death by stoning! Give me a break. The only ppl keeping racism alive is the black community.

Christina on

He has stated that the money didn’t even go to his daughters troop but to one in California. And it was closer to $2500.

Molly V on

I am a former GS leader and I LOVED that Chris did this! It was a great spotlight on a wonderful organization that helps girls.

CC on

I thought this was kind of cute. I love that he has a girl scout cookie rivalry with one of the moms lol. I love girl scout cookies! I already bought * boxes and I may buy more. I always freeze them for later in the year.

Why on

I cannot believe the hate in the comments. Do you really have to act ugly about girl scouts? Do you really have to say that since there was a prob with diversity that there cant be fun & frivolity during the program?
Lighten up and live and let live. Jeez



EdyieMae on

It was wrong and classless. Just like the other stunts he pulled. His daughters (even the one he disowns) should go out and sell like the rest of the girls. It was not the time or place for that nonsense. Again, like the other nonsense he shoved down our throats but no one dares to say anything for fear of being called a racist.

Anonymous on

With reference to not being a Kappa, Rock could of just as easily said, “you’re not a Crip”.

LG on

As it is I don’t care for the Girl Scout organization….. way too pushy! and I really don’t think they do much OTHER then sell those darn cookies! Year after year after year!
The Academy Awards were no place for this nonsense!

Abby on

Woah. That’s shady. IIRC, there were reports about a third little girl that had not yet been adopted by Chris Rock and his-soon-to-be ex-wife, but had been living with them since she was an infant…he didn’t want to acknoledge her in the divorce agreement, meaning he wouldn’t have to pay alimony…and now he uses this huge platform to declare that Zahra is his youngest. How nice of him….

lioness on

OMG! I can’t believe what you wrote Sarah. The total was part of a comedy skit and you’re going to knit pick? Chris Rock did an excellent job. As for Linda’s comment. Parents help their kids sell things. Don’t give me that garbage! I am sure in your day to get a school trip or something you had to sell chocolate or whatever and I am sure your parents helped you. Even if you chose to deny it. Parents HELP their kids that’s all there is too it.

Xx on

@Dont care what ya think
And here to the idiotic trolls like you.

Katie on

I thought this was great! Brought awareness to the girl scouts and it was also a nice break from the constant talk of diversity. Isn’t this similar to when Ellen ordered pizza for everyone? People need to stop being so sensitive.

Guest on

@Don’t care what ya think says:
Thank you for showing us how ignorant you are.

Guest on

I don’t buy Girl Scout cookies anymore. They’ve embraced liberal politics. They support abortion through planned parenthood and they support the whole lgbt agenda as well.

Carmen on

It was a joke people! Settle down. It is good publicity for the Girl Scouts and Linda Dunn had her 15 minutes of fame.

Ttocs on

GSC are laden with so mUch SUGAR……why is this entity given so much press..?.perhaps the recipes can be edited to keep all the BS/inappropritae ingredients out….

Carmen on

It was a joke y’all! Linda Dunn had her 15 minutes of fame. The Girl Scouts obtained some great publicity.

whateva on

i was not amused at his last lil jab at white folks with his BLM BS at the end…ALL live matter! so sick of hearing this

Danielle on

The boxes are 5$ each, how did he sell over 13,000$ Come on now.

Andrea on

Wow, all the neocons and racists sure didn’t disappoint in this thread…

Steve on

Cookies?Cookies? Who’s got milk?

BmoreHotness on

Lol @Nadia, what is there to get??? He helped raise money for Girl Scouts at one of the biggest celebrity functions.I thought it was great but it’s funny how everyone loved Ellen with the pizza bit when she hosted the Oscars.

momof3 on

People mag who writes this crap? Do your homework, he jokingly said they raised 65,000, they actually only raised a couple thousand and the girls donated all the money to a California girl scout troop, they didn’t raise money for their own troop which is in New York.

sandy on

I didn’t watch the Oscars- no interest at all.

Candymancan on

@5 pbox, how they get the odd number of 3 at the end.

spowalla on

Damn I bet Camp Fire Girls org was wishing their campaign fell over this time period. I’m all for buying overpriced products from kiddies but what I can’t stand is the ones that park their behinds outside a grocery store sitting on a chair doing absolutely nothing “hands on” to help their effort. It’s just so lazy. We didn’t have that when I was a kid. We got up early on a Saturday morning and trimmed around the neighborhood selling, getting doors slammed in faces, rude replies and plenty of positive ones…all while maintaining a smile on OUR faces. THAT is the learning experience they need.

nanam on

Former leader and cookie mom! So much work for so little going to the girls and their troops! When I did we got fifty cents a boxs! Where was the Chris Rocks and I remember Bruce Willis selling for their daughters troops!
the whole thing left such a awful bad taste in my mouth, not even a mint cookie can make go away

Former 12 year Girl Scout on

@Candymancan… the gluten free cookies are $5 per box, the rest are $4. That is how they can wind up with an odd number.

Myview on

I get asked too often to buy Girl Scout Cookies, candlesticks, chocolates, etc for different school events from people throughout my life. My new policy is that I will only consider it if it is coming from the child themselves. No more parents putting it out at work and requesting that we contribute.

gymluv on

I was hoping he was not actually using her real name, unless she pre-approved it. People can be nuts. I could see her suing for $10 million for public humiliation, emotional abuse and loss of wages for her and her daughter. Glad she sees the humour in it.

Chris Rock sucks on

For all the good he was trying to do, he set back the push for diversity when he made it seem ok to joke about Asian stereotypes…especially using kids in that bit. No, it’s not ok….just the same as it’s not ok to assume all blacks are homeless or on welfare.

WonderWoman on

Aw, isn’t that swell!
Since Girl Scouts donates many millions to Planned Parenthood, sell more cookies, girls, and then we can stop funding PP with my tax dollars!
By the way, GS cookies are GROSS, who eats those things!??

skigirl25 on

Waaa Waaa Waaa….Stop complaining about the Girl Scout Cookies at the Oscars! You weren’t there!
I thought it was a great idea! That was $65,000 that they weren’t going to get… AND for a great cause! —-Someone mention that it wasn’t going towards his daughters troop. What a wonderful thing he did for the whole organization!

Anonymous on

Chris Rock sucks ass

Sarah on

Fact: Girl Scouts donates NO money to ANY other organization, including planned parenthood. ALL earned cookie money, candy, nut, & magazine proceeds stay in the troop or council! All money goes towards trips, events, patches, ect. Proceed money that is in the council goes towards programming for girls that cannot afford scouting!
Selling cookies is in different phases, first they take pre orders; friends, family, and yes, door to door!! After the cookies come in then troops hold cookie booths. So yes, In phase two girls sit at their booths and sell their cookies, most of the time it’s outside, in Feb & March! That’s cold & snowy where we are! And the girls learn tons of valuable life lessons by selling cookies; talking to different people, making change, being proud of their products, accepting rejection with grace when adults say no. Kids that have theses skills now don’t have to learn them as teenagers at their first job in retail or fast food! Girl Scouts = life skills!

marilyn secchiano on

hey Chris Rock!Why did you go and sold the girl Scott Cookie at the Bet Award.

stay with me on

You may find yourself limited to long shots until you can get those passing movements working. It was stated to be easy to assemble and is handy for storing suitcases. Amazon’s Kindle seems to have opened up the battle field.

Asha Quackenbush on

Funny Videos | Do you moisturize ???? Via Jamie Zhu

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